These People Are Really Not Pleased With Their Neighbors


In 2014, Nicholas Stoller directed a film starring Seth Rogan and Zac Efron that hit a little too close to home. Neighbors was a delight from start to finish, depicting a war between a young couple and the college fraternity next door. Of course, neighbors bicker all the time in reality. We love to find a flaw in our neighbors’ actions. In some cases, we make sure that our neighbors know what they did was wrong. It might start out as a passive-aggressive remark and eventually become a kind reminder. When that does not work, more aggressive methods are necessary. The following people had had enough of their neighbor’s shenanigans. They knew that a comment would not be enough. They needed to leave a note to detail the crime. Some of them even injected some humor into their notes. No matter how funny or sarcastic the note is, the message should not go ignored. These people really felt that they needed to admonish their neighbor for their wrongdoing.

Welcome To Jurassic Park

Before heading out to work, Tina decided she’d had enough of her neighbor’s stomping around.

She was certain that a Tyrannosaurus Rex lived upstairs. She likely wants her neighbor to become extinct.

A Free Tip

On this street in the suburbs of Maryland, mailbox art has become a new trend. One house, however, has decided against joining the trend and leaves their rusty old box on the street.

The neighborhood council was not pleased with the single holdout and decided to give them a tip on how to proceed. They remembered that it is always better to give good news to soften the blow of bad news. Hopefully, they take the hint and join the fun.

Swimsuit Optional

It is dangerous in these parts of town. A swimming pool thief has been snatching up everything from pool noodles to kiddie pools.

Fortunately for the neighborhood, there is a grandpa seeking vengeance for the disappearance of his granddaughter’s pool. Grandpa Jack is ready for whatever trouble comes his way. He is hoping that the thief stole all of his loot in an attempt to learn to swim. If karma (and Grandpa Jack) has its way, he won’t be Michael Phelps anytime soon.

Not Walking On Sunshine

Every morning when Tobey heads out of his house, he hopes to be greeted by a face full of sunshine and a calm breeze in his hair.

On this unfortunate morning, the only thing he sees outside of his home is a pile of dog poo. Tobey is an artist so felt he needed to put his creativity to use with a little time to spare before heading to the office. His daughter’s chalk set was all he needed to get the message across.

Nipping A Bad Habit

Nicotine addiction can be a crippling habit which takes an immense amount of time to kick. Roger has been trying to get Mr. Cuddles to quit smoking for years.

Mr. Cuddles would constantly pick up any spare cigarette butt he could find to maintain his habit. Roger had taken his carton of bogies, so he needed to find whatever he gets his paws on. Roger has had enough and decided he must warn the neighbors about Mr. Cuddles’ addiction.

Linda Blair, Is That You?

With little hope, Patty turned to the only people she trusted to help her daughter. Poor little Valentina was seemingly haunted by demons and Patty had had enough of it.

She sought out a priest to expel the demons from her daughter. Unfortunately for the downstairs neighbor, the bed used for the exorcism had not been used for years and creaked like crazy. Patty was ashamed to disturb her neighbors, but really just wanted her daughter back.

On The Front Lines

Note to non-video game players: in the moment, the video game means the world.

This neighbor is lucky that the guy next door realizes how loud his video game playing can get and is able to apologize in advance. It’s not every day that a gamer has some self-awareness. All he can do now is head down to the convenience store and grab some earplugs. If not, he can just knock on the door and join the fun.

Big Brother Is Watching

Apartment 1460, you have been put on notice. Every move you make is under surveillance. You think that you can get away with not throwing out your trash? We know that it is not a matter of convenience.

Remember that we are watching your every move. If you make one wrong step, we will be there to leave passive aggressive notes on your door. Do not want us watching you? Try acting like a considerate neighbor and throw out your trash.

I Can See For Miles

One thing that is important to remember as a homeowner is that whatever you do inside your own home only stays in your home if the windows are closed.

The Barnes family forgot this little fact and let all of their business out into the open. We feel bad for the walker, jogger, and bicyclist that did not realize that the Barnes family were nudists. It is best for the public’s health if the Barnes’ keep their blinds drawn.

An Unlucky Thief

Timmy Tonga thought he was the most clever kid on the block. He never listened to anyone and took pride in his insubordination.

After weeks of ripping old women’s purses, a group of local kids decided to give him a shot of joining their crew – the Too Cool Crew. The final step of his initiation was to steal an Amazon package. Timmy scoured the neighborhood until finding one in his apartment building. Unfortunately, he handed them a ferret water bottle. Alas, he now has no crew.

What Sound Does A Dog Make?

Every day for six months, Frankie and Freddie endured the constant barking of the dog next door.  To make things worse, the family next door brought home another dog which barks more than the first.

Each day seems like a never-ending nightmare of barking. Finally, Frankie had had enough. She tried to leave subtle signs like a pile of bark in their lawn, but it went unnoticed. Freddie decided she was being too nice, grabbed a sharpie, and let them have it.

Thank You For Your Service

There are few better reasons for a celebration than welcoming a friend or family member back home from their military service abroad.

They protect our interests in ways we cannot comprehend. The least we can do is throw them a party. Sometimes, we just get a bit carried away with our celebration. A simple note is a nice way to let your neighbors understand the situations. They always appreciate being called a terrorist and will certainly empathize with the cause.

Welcome To Earth

For the last nine months, Serena has been dealing with a stomach so large that she can carry a child in it. Since that is exactly what she has been doing, her husband Jeff has done everything he can to keep her comfortable.

Unfortunately, in the middle of dinner one night, Serena’s water broke. With her contractions too close together, she decided to have the baby at home. Her neighbors will just have to deal with her uncontrollable shouting.

The Laundry Room Troll Toll

Alan is the guy in your apartment building that everyone hates. Alan decided that he is a superintendent for the building without actually having that responsibility bestowed upon him.

He thinks he makes the rules for the building. Someone should tell Alan to get thicker floorboards. No one wants their laundry not to smell clean. They use scented detergents because fresh laundry smells better than flowers. Someone should tell Alan that they are going to discard of him.

On A Mission From God

Josh thought that moving to the suburbs would relieve him of the crazy people in the city. Alas, he found that a large Jehovah’s Witness community lives nearby who knock on his door each night during dinner time.

Josh usually keeps his emotions in check, but nobody messes with his sacred dinner time. For the first time in his life, he left a threatening note. If push comes to shove, Josh will defend dinner time at all costs.

You Can’t Catch Me

Myrtle and Bert have received the New York Times at their home in Kansas City, Missouri for over four decades. Myrtle’s favorite weekly activity is sitting in her armchair and reading the Sunday Times.

For the last three months, some neighborhood jerk has stolen their paper before they can retrieve it. Myrtle left a harshly worded note, only to be rebuffed by the creative thief. After reading the note, Myrtle realized the thief was right – she should use less vulgar language.

Cat Calling

If Rina sees this note, she will be quite upset. She found a lonely kitty shivering on a street corner during the rain and felt the only thing she could do to help was take the kitty to the pound.

Little did she know that the cat belonged to her neighbor Kathy. Kathy and Rina never got along well, but Rina never would do anything maliciously. Rina found Kathy’s note to be so condescending that she broke into her house and brought her other cat there too.

Ready, Aim, Fire

Brett was one of the best high school football players in the state of Mississippi and almost had a shot at the NFL before a knee injury cut down his career.

Still disappointed by his injury, Brett rarely gets a chance to relive his past glory. When his neighbor’s dog kept pooping on his lawn, Brett decided a simple threat could do the trick. Even though it’s been a decade since he played competitively, he has pinpoint accuracy when throwing everything.

The Kid Has Spoken

While “The Girl Who Lives In 346” sounds like an ABC sitcom, she is actually a very serious student with a very serious problem. She cannot stand her neighbor upstairs.

Even though she is not old enough to drive, she is old enough to know that her upstairs neighbor probably wears weights on her shoes as she walks. It sounds like a gathering of elephants every night. All the girl wants is a good night sleep before her biology test.

Cats Out Of The Bag

It takes an army to keep Trisha’s cats indoors. She needed to purchase military-grade locks to keep them from opening the front door themselves.

Trisha has an army of cats herself and would like to keep them all without any runaways. It is unclear who she thinks is going to open her door beside herself. She has over 20 cats, and no one has been at her house in two years. Trisha just needs to remind herself about her babies.

My Dinner With Andre

On Thursday night, Gilbert invited his good pal Andre over for dinner. Andre has a bizarre issue in which dairy causes his to blackout. At no point did he drink alcohol that night. He simply had too much cheese.

In his unconscious yet awake state, Andre walked out with Gilbert’s computer and without his own cat. His cat tore up Gilbert’s apartment while Andre was in the middle of his dairy overdose. Andre only hopes to repent for his sins.

Bad Mom

Parenthood is a shock to many young couples. They do not realize how much work goes into carrying for another person. Dennis and Carmen are doing their best to figure it out but sometimes forget some major things.

Carmen is especially absent-minded and knows she needs to do better as a mother. She was very grateful for this reminder from an anonymous neighbor. She had meant to go to Baby Gap for a pair of socks and shoes for weeks.

Direct Communication

The easiest way to solve a conflict is by being as direct as possible. When you try to maneuver around the issue, it only causes bigger problems.

All Marcus needed to do was go over to Phil’s house and talk out their problems. Instead, Marcus called the cops and made his own bed. Phil was disappointed with Marcus and decided a prank war was the only way to get through it. The ball is in your court, Marcus.

A Particular Set Of Skills

When Liam Neeson is being brought into a neighborly conflict, you know there is a major issue. Neeson has a particular set of skills which this neighbor will not want to see first hand.

All Liam wants is for his hallway to be cleared of trash. He has already had his daughter and wife kidnapped. He should not have to deal with remedial matters such as trash. Let the man have his peace or face the consequences.

Let The Beat Drop

Meghan Trainor once said, “It’s all about that bass.” It seems as if one of the residents in this apartment complex took that quote to heart, hoping to inject as much bass as he can into his life.

He, unfortunately, forgot that while his life has been turned up, his neighbors do not particularly care for his music. If he does not cut it out soon, his next notice will turn from sarcastically direct to outright anger.


Antoine Dodson is back to warn this neighborhood about the gang of bike thieves going around. This is the most vicious gang in Waco, Texas has ever seen.

They steal bikes so viciously it is advised to keep women and children inside. The thieves cut locks with such power it sends shockwaves throughout the neighborhood which resembles an earthquake. The Quick Cut Crew is too dangerous for civilians even to attempt to stop them. If you see something, don’t say anything or they will come for you.

Everything Must Go?

We all get into situations where we need to either sell our stuff or give it all away. Maybe we’re moving house. Maybe we have to relocate temporarily.

neighbor 7

There could be a variety of reasons as to why someone may be giving their kitchen items, clothes, and expensive valuables away. Unfortunately, one of those reasons is grand theft and sometimes, people don’t know that they’re putting themselves in such a perilous situation. Thankfully, this person’s neighbor is not the thieving kind.

Voice Of A Neighbor

Nowadays, there are all sorts of reality TV shows designed to usher in the next big talent in the world of music.

neighbor 14

You have shows such as The X-Factor, American Idol and The Voice that are perfect for those who have a dream of performing in front of millions. Where does it all start though? That’s right folks, one’s own apartment, and usually, it’s the shower. Unfortunately though, sometimes the walls can be a bit too thin.

Sowing The Seeds Of Love

This is one of those notes left by a neighbor that not only highlights the neglect of others but also shows how considerate and kind the writer actually is.

neighbor 16

When this plant pot fell off the ledge, many might have overlooked the destruction caused by the crash and let nature do the dirty work. However, this neighbor’s different and wants their garden and the apartment surroundings to look pleasant at all times. We’re not too surprised by this person’s kindness.

Problems At Hogwarts

This particular neighbor seems to be a fan of J.K. Rowling. Either that or they are actually Harry Potter. We imagine that the former is more likely.

neighbor 17

At any rate, we love that the writer has visualized the mysterious person next door as the hairy, friendly giant, Hagrid, walking around his tiny apartment, always tilting his head in order to avoid hitting it against the ceiling. We get the point though – the guy is loud and annoying.

Van Or Hearse?

Some people can’t help it if they get scared easily. It’s understandable. Some of us are afraid of the dark. Some don’t like spiders. Ok, scrap that, MANY people don’t like spiders (but we digress).

neighbor 15

The point is that this particular person obviously doesn’t like their neighbor’s freaky looking van. Even though we have no idea what the vehicle looks like based on this note, we can imagine that anything with wheels parked in front of one’s house can be somewhat intimidating.

Snakes On The Brain

It’s not an ideal situation for any apartment dweller. Imagine coming home from a hard day’s work and finding this note on your door. You have been made aware that there might be a python hiding somewhere in your apartment.

neighbor 8

Maybe it’s tucked up in your wardrobe, or maybe it’s under your bed waiting to pounce. Or better yet, maybe it’s in your bed! At any rate, the snake’s owner, Nick, reassures his neighbor that his slithering pet isn’t dangerous.


It isn’t rare for one to be woken up by a rooster, crowing at the crack of dawn. It’s normal in many parts of the world.

neighbor 6

Before electronic clocks and mobile phones were around, people often used roosters as an old-fashioned version of an alarm clock. It was their way of knowing that it was time to get up and get on with their day. However, times have changed, and now people want to wake up on their terms and get out of bed when they feel like it.

Everyone’s Connected

It seems like this guy is missing his neighbors already ever since he suspected they were moving out. Or maybe it’s something else that he’s missing.

neighbor 4

That’s right folks. It looks like this particular neighbor has been making the most of the easy access to his neighbor’s Wi-Fi. It’s amazing how dependent people are on the internet these days. As soon as we lose access to a Wi-Fi modem, all hell breaks loose and we’ll stop at nothing until we get it back.

Call Me Never

The writer of this particular note is definitely not the first to cover the one hit wonder by Carly Rae Jepsen “Call Me Maybe.”

neighbor 1

It seems like millions have taken the pop star’s catchy number and tweaked it to make some sort of hilarious message for friends and enemies alike. So when an annoying neighbor decided to park in front of this person’s driveway, they decided to make their frustrations felt in style. We think Carly would be proud.

Nein Nein Nein!

We live in a brave new world where the likelihood is that one our neighbors are kind of different to us. Long gone are the days when everyone in your neighborhood spoke the same language, believed in the same God and even ate the same food. We live in a cosmopolitan society now where every major city is like a microcosm of the earth – full of people from different walks of life. It seems like this person wasn’t prepared for their German neighbor’s home customs.

neighbor 5

Toilet Issues

There’s nothing more frustrating than a neighbor who decides to snatch someone’s delivery before they are given it.

neighbor 3

Make no mistake about, 30 rolls of toilet paper is a lot! Depending on who you might be, that might last for a fair amount of time! So when this person experienced the disappointment of having their Amazon package stolen from them, they assumed that their neighbor would need every single piece of toilet paper for a very, very good reason.

Make Or Break

Having one neighbor express their frustrations at someone else is one thing, but to have the entire building gang up on you is another. This can only happen if there’s a good reason for it.

neighbor 2

The couple in this note must’ve had some extremely violent arguments if the whole building could hear it. Not only have all the neighbors complained about it, but they have issued an ultimatum for the couple – make up or break up. Sounds reasonable.

Staying Holy

In a world where the gap between organized religion and secularism grows greater and greater every day, there are more polarizing values in society than ever before.

neighbor 22

So when this God-fearing family moved into the neighborhood, they didn’t realize that there might be individuals and other families who don’t subscribe to the same code of ethics as they do. Ultimately, they’re just looking out for their impressionable little girl. However, they might want to be a bit more sensitive about the issue next time.

The Elephant In The Room

Posting notes on neighbors’ doors is one thing, but the hilarity of the situation shoots up when the note becomes a platform for interaction.

neighbor 20

So when this person designed an image that compared their neighbor’s loud footsteps to that of a pet elephant, they replied with the cheekiest of responses. All it took was a speech bubble coming out of the tusked creature’s behind saying “yes sir,” and the original poster of the note was bound to see the funny side of it – specifically, the backside.

Every Step You Take

There is no denying how prolific The Police have been over the years. By that, we mean the British band fronted by Sting.

neighbor 21

With hits such as “Message in a Bottle” and “Englishman in New York” under their belts, it should be no surprise that some of their most iconic songs would filter into everyday nonsense. Take this note, for example, which borrowed the famous hook from the song “Every Breath You Take” and flipped it to file a complaint about loud footsteps.

A Night At The Roxy

After a wonderful night out on the Sunset Strip, Keisha could not stop talking about the jam-packed Guns N’ Roses show she stumbled into.

She thought it was enough music for the night, but was surprised to hear a performance for the ages across the street.  Keisha was so inspired by the performance that she felt compelled to write a review for the show. The show kept her up all night, with the words continually running through her head.

The Po-Po Know

In this town, only one crime matters – flower destruction. Flower destruction became a massive issue in 1976 after a series of serial flower stompers.

Roses and daisies had no chance of survival, so the Mayor proposed a bill which outlawed flower destruction. It carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison. The Mayor’s office has enlisted the police to track down all the flower-stomping ruffians. Organized flower-stomping crime families have developed. It’s up to the police to protect the public.

Change You Need

After eight years under the Bush administration, Chelsea Greensley decided to get active in politics. The 2008 election was around the corner and she could not wait to get involved.

Chelsea had voted red in every election since her 18th birthday, but something about the Senator from Illinois intrigued her. She decided to go all in on Obama: stickers, pins, lawn signs, etc. Living in rural Alabama, her activism was not welcomed, so her neighbors decided to give her some words of wisdom.

Wash Yourself

Sharing a laundry room invites its fair share of frustration. First, you have to hope that there’s an open washer, and even if there is, there may not be enough for all of the laundry you have to do.

Oftentimes, the room itself isn’t well maintained, so you’ll have to sift through dirty machines with the hopes that your clothes will actually get cleaned. Having your clothes removed from either machine prematurely, after wading through all of that, can be rage inducing.

Ring-A-Ding Ding

The only thing worse than having to wake up early for work is being woken up before you need to be by somebody else.

Part of living around other people often involves some degree of having to deal with hearing them go about their daily life, but when you can hear a neighbor’s car alarm going off without end for an entire night, anyone would be justified in leaving a threatening note. How they’re that heavy of a sleeper is beyond us, but hopefully the note worked.

A Learning Curve

Personal taste in music can vary wildly from person to person. It makes it all the more difficult to tolerate someone who has no concept that others might not want to listen to the same songs.

This aspiring DJ clearly has a lot to learn, at least based on the scathing criticism in this letter. The writer showed a lot of restraint in not including a slew of violent threats. It might also have been helpful, however to suggest the amateur DJ wear headphones.

Hard Feelings

When these neighbors discovered that the people next door were having a party and didn’t invite them, they were irrationally angry. Once they noticed that the couple in 3B was heading inside, that’s when they completely lost it.

Sure, the party was a little loud, and maybe the offending apartment was a little messy, but none of those things could compare to being snubbed by the newbies. After this note though, they’ll never get that desired invite, unless they make amends with some freshly baked cookies.

Start With A Bang

Early morning construction is the bane of a city dweller’s existence. You may love living on a busy street, but once the jackhammers start going off at all hours of the day, your fondness for the neighborhood slowly wanes.

When it’s your neighbors who are doing the construction, however, you likely have some more recourse than simply moving house. Hopefully, the guilt trip this woman laid down at the end of her note convinced her neighbors to change their ways.

Support Our Team

In the technological age, it has become much harder to steal another person’s package, given that electronic notifications are usually sent out upon each shipments’ arrival.

Stealing a young athlete’s support cup is a rather toothless crime. It’s made all the worse by the fact that the easy way to retaliate against the perpetrator is likely to be less effective, if they’re actually using the cup for themselves. We hope this oddball was quickly brought to justice.

Good Enough?

If you’re the type of person who gets offended by the way your neighbors choose to design their yards, you might want to think about getting another hobby.

This fed up neighbor had the perfect response to the friendly, neighborhood complainer. When presented with repeated demands to paint his own fence simply because Bob is nosy, this family had the clapped back perfectly. The fence has indeed been painted, but almost certainly, it won’t be to Bob’s liking.

Alternate Means Of Disposal

Every single day, there’s some seemingly normal person who acts in a way that is utterly inexplicable. In this case, the perpetrators were probably having a night on the town, when they realized quite suddenly that they needed to use the bathroom.

As they tried in their stupor to find a place that would have a bathroom, the entire group of them came up blank. That is, until they realized there were several garbage cans gaping open in front of them.

Waving Face

What this woman ever did to wrong her neighbor seems to be a bit of a mystery, though it may have something to do with marrying her husband.

It’s clear her neighbor is not a religious one because she has no issue with coveting her neighbor’s husband. Given that she so unabashedly waved to this man in front of his wife, it seems unlikely that this note will do anything to curb the behavior. We’ve already got the popcorn ready.

Make It A Pizza

After reading this sign, any fan of Breaking Bad very likely envisioned the famous scene where Walt angrily flings an entire box of pizza towards the roof of his house.

The pizza itself escapes its cardboard confines to land squarely in the middle of his roof. Whether Eric was trying to channel that or he thought perhaps his neighbors could use a rooftop colony of mice is unclear. To Eric’s dismay, he was caught before he fully succeeded.

The Offense Of Orange

There are many people who choose to move into a home in part based on the view it offers. Some want a view of a city skyline, others are looking forward to seeing the nearby body of water.

It’s clear that this neighbor didn’t have such high aspirations when he looked out of his window. He only asked that he wasn’t greeted with such an eyesore of a car day in and day out, which lead him to write this note.

Message Through Music

Try singing this note to the tune of Carly Rae Jepson’s breakout hit, the teen anthem, “Call Me Maybe.”

Inspired by the catchy song, this angry neighbor hoped that by making their message just a little more fun, their rude neighbors would be more inclined to oblige with the simple request to refrain from disruptive activities at unreasonable hours. Some may say this neighbor was going a step too far by complaining about 8 am disruptions, but it seems their neighbors were getting out of hand.

A Poop For A Poop

No one likes those people who fail to pick up after their dogs on a regular basis. As any dog owners know, accidents happen, but a responsible owner does their best to be courteous.

Given the inherent similarities between dogs and toddlers, the threat of a toddler retaliating in kind seems to be an appropriate response to continued offenders. After all, they’ll never know if their dog will come home after treading in less than desirable waste.

A Kind Assassin

Rachel is sick of her neighbor and her dog. For months now, she lets the dog poop where he wants without ever considering to pick it up. Rachel has stepped in it numerous times and decided to do something about it.

She brought over all of her excess plastic bags to her neighbor’s house and made sure to scoop a special present as well. Re-gifting is generally frowned upon, but we think that Rachel is in the right this time around.