These Companies Need To Come Up With Better Spots For Their Ads


Advertising is a tricky business. Your ad must be perfectly positioned with its message as well as with its physical location. If you mess up either, you might find yourself in an unexplainable situation. Unfortunately, these people did not think before they advertised.


When Howard Schultz opened the first Starbucks, he never could have imagined it would become the giant it is today.  The coffee sometimes (rightfully so) receives negative backlash, but this is just an act of self-sabotage.

A Real Quack

Now and then we come across someone with such an irrational fear that all we can do is keep a close eye on them. If you have a friend with Anatidaephobia, you might want to be close by in case their fear of being always watched by a duck gets out of control. If the condition is new, we recommend avoiding this site in finding new information. His or her worst fears will soon be confirmed.

Dead Funny

It is a sunny Saturday afternoon, and you and your friends are looking for something to do. Your normal definition of fun includes doing something with your pals. Rachel recommended taking a walk and figuring something out on the move. The group obliged and your adventure began. Fortunately, it only took a few blocks until you reached a place so exciting that they invited you to join the fun. Unfortunately, everyone else there ceased having fun a while back.

Commit To Defeat

By any metric, America is the fattest country in the world. Due to this alarming fact, dieting and nutrition is all the rage. Whether it’s a trendy diet like the South Beach Diet or Atkins Diet, or you are just cutting out the McDonalds’, dieting is never easy. Sometimes we need to find motivation elsewhere to keep up the good work. Do not come to this display for any guidance. You’ll only end up knee deep in mini donuts.


No matter how common air travel is, there is always something about it that seems inherently worrisome. If you fly often, that anxiety likely disappeared long ago. However, others struggle with a deep fear of flying because they fear the worst. Ads like this will not help quell those nerves. Next time, Turkish Airlines might want to consider putting this ad on the other side of the escalator. It is best to think of planes going up, not crashing down.

Schooled You

By all accounts, smoking is not only bad for your health but also a terrible habit. Once you start, the chances of quitting only become more difficult. School, on the other hand, is a great habit and very good for you. Knowledge is power in life, and we all need more than we have. Clearly, school is so great for you that you must take control and quit immediately. Before long, if you don’t quit school, you might become **gasp** intelligent.

Die Hard

On his road trip from New York to Los Angeles, Pete suddenly became overwhelmingly hungry. As he scanned each street sign for the nearest eatery, he came across a billboard which made him reconsider his own health. He was a big guy and was known for eating tons of sweets while watching his kids play basketball. However, as his eyes scanned the entire sign, he was suckered into a McFlurry and fries. He already has his heart doctor on speed dial.

Can You Hear Me Now?

As “Your Gateway to the Deaf Community,” has all the necessary resources for your deaf-related questions. Interested in keeping up with news related to the hard of hearing? There’s an option for that. Let’s also give John Yeh a round of applause for winning 2009’s Deaf Person of the Year; an award few knew existed. As we continue to scroll, we will eventually get an ad. Verizon might want to check its ad placements next time for sensitivity.

Heart Will Go On

It is nice to think back to the first time you saw Jack and Rose’s relationship bud on a luxury cruise ship and fantasize about how tragic, yet romantic, their last moments were together. Sadly, the Titanic was not merely fiction, but a representation of reality. We hope our ships will float, but occasionally, tragedy strikes. Naturally, there’s no better time to advertise cruise vacations than while discussing a sinking cruise ship. Everyone is eagerly waiting to sign up.

Obeying Orders

A note to whoever put up this ad – words matter. When you tell someone “If it ain’t broke, break it,” you should expect them to follow directions. Now, common sense would say that smashing the glass at a bus stop is not the wisest move. Let’s look on the bright side, though. Once this gets cleaned up, bus patrons can enter the sheltered stop from two sides. At least it is finally up to the fire code.

Recycling Role Model

There is absolutely nothing funny about a mother putting her dead child in a garbage bin. While she might have been young at the time of the incident, there is no excuse for such an act. If she had been to this site earlier, perhaps she would have understood that not everything can be tossed into your recycling trash can. The ad only serves as a macabre reminder of the event and what not to do.

Dreams Come True

After years of attempting and failing to break into the modeling industry, Regina finally got the break she needed. She would be in a national ad for DayQuil and NyQuil. The cold medicine has been making people recover from illness for decades, and she was happy to be the face of it. As she peered through a magazine looking for her nationally distributed face, she noticed the article on the other page. Clearly, a competition for good health methods has begun.

Better Safe Than Sorry

As the weather turns into a chilly winter wonderland, feelings of comfort and romance are likely to set in. The holiday season can be simply enchanting, and you never know what could happen under that mistletoe. It is also the perfect time to catch a cold. Nobody wants a scratchy throat as they sift through the snow looking for a significant other. This store decided its customers needed to protect their health on all fronts.

Helplessly Hilarious

Ah, the good old days back when cellular companies felt it necessary to share the joys of texting with the ancient adults that barely knew how to find their voicemail. While there was a time which this ad would have been necessary to convince adults it was not just for kids, they could have chosen a different message. Kids with physical facial deformities get laughed at enough. They do not need telecom companies urging readers to laugh at them.

Savior For Sale

Religion can be a touchy subject which hits people’s core ideals and causes them to act irrationally occasionally. Sometimes it is out of love. You might love Jesus that you need to let every plane in the sky know it. You also might have found yourself in the middle of an identity crisis. Perhaps you are at a crossroads with Nazareth’s most famous citizen and cannot figure out where to turn in a crisis. Without faith, this person is clearly giving up on Jesus.

Plain And Simple Truth

Total honesty is always the right choice. It is best to let someone know your truest intentions than to hide and deceive. It might be unclear what this company does, but its mission statement is as clear as day. Do not attempt to force them to do anything too challenging. They openly let you know that “if we can’t, we won’t.” Hopefully, they have an office guidelines book which better defines what they can and cannot do.

Abuse Of Power

Even though America has prided itself on inclusivity as a nation of immigrants, immigration continues to one of the most heated topics in the country. On the one hand, we have an ad from the United States Department of Citizenship and Immigration Services which proudly shows off a Filipino-American. Right next door we have a movie poster which eerily contradicts the poster to its left. Do we choose compassion and a fresh start or xenophobia and scapegoating?

Angry Mom Mob Coming

Thanks to the billboard in front of it, Jack, the owner of the Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club, receives daily inquiries into the whereabouts of fathers. Jack likes to explain that he does not force anyone into his establishment; they just enter willingly. Next time he should try saying that to the little girl in the ad. Let’s see if he can brush off the shenanigans of his club to that innocent little girl.

Medal Of Inappropriate

If you were unfamiliar with Medal of Honor, it is a popular first-person shooting video game series. To advertise its newest game, DreamWorks Interactive, the developer, felt an interactive full-page ad would draw in a massive crowd. Not only would ads drape the side of the MSN homepage, but a graphic would then pop up in the middle of the page. It never crossed their minds that the gun in the image would point at a baby’s head. Alas, we have this disturbing image.

Worried Of Westwood

Hospitals are there to save your life in case of an emergency. Imagine going to this hospital in an effort to save your life. Would you feel safe if they were advertising the millions of ways that you can die? You likely would ask for a transfer to another hospital. Do you think any of those ways to die have been tested at Westwood Medical? Is it a semi-autobiographical film about the early days at the hospital?

Racy Ad For Racers

The Dallasburg Baptist Church is a mighty voice in these parts of the woods. They have their finger on the pulse of the area. When Racers decided to put a rather risque billboard up on the outskirts of town, the Church would have none of it. They understood how eyes could wander to the sign and eventually the establishment, so they addressed the issue head-on. There’s nothing like fixing your eyes on Jesus to distract from temptation.

Sporting A New Trend

Fortunately, Americans have eliminated stoning from our long list of punishments for crimes. The Eighth Amendment outlaws cruel and unusual punishment, but other countries sadly are still free to do so. Adultery is an innocuous yet immoral action which should not be met with such brutality. The only thing more brutal than a stoning is an advertisement with cartoons preparing to throw stone-like objects. A reminder to the ad creators: sport is fun and stoning is death by torture.

Don’t Whine, Have Some Wine

Addiction and substance abuse ruin the life of plenty of people across the world. For those with an issue, it is true that there is hope ahead. For those without an issue, a winery seems like the perfect way to spend your weekend. A wine tasting is a great way to take a load off with a few glasses of tasty wine. That being said, the best place to advertise a sponsor is likely not next to a winery ad.

Means To An End

A fishing holiday should be a grand time for everyone involved. It is a low stress and relaxing activity which provides some piece of mind. Sadly, this man “(plunged) to his death” on his vacation. Following the death of a loved one, the last thing you would like to see is a story about his passing. The second to last thing you would like to see is a message which writes out his last words directly below it.

Accurate Representation

We get it – lawyers can be an expensive nuisance. Still, that is no reason to smear poo on the guy, especially when you are not even paying for the guy (he was a public defender). Plus, jury duty is one of the most reviled parts of a citizen’s public life. They deserve more than an unwanted shower of excrement. If you needed a visual of what went down, just look at the ad on this page. However, it likely won’t be pleasant nor made of chocolate.

Brighten Up Your Sundae

McDonald’s has made billions off of depressing situations. Did your car break down? McDonald’s will make you feel better. Did you lose your job? McDonald’s can offer you the comfort of a Big Mac. Did you accidentally get pregnant? Those hormones will rage in no time. Might as well get a headstart and take down as many McFlurries and milkshakes as you can. Now what? Now, you can have that baby bump before the second trimester.

Don’t Be Chicken

A chicken sandwich at McDonald’s was keeping Talia up all night. She dreamed about that mouthwatering sandwich for days. She got to such a place of desperation that she considered eating every McDonald’s billboard that she saw. After seeing an ad for bird flu, however, her dreams of a chicken sandwich developed into a plea to bring back her tasty treat. Talia tried on one occasion to eat the billboard in desperation. McDonald’s had to resort to direct messaging.


Criss-Cross Dressing

Everyone in this ad seems to be having a great time. They have all been modeling together for ages and love every minute of it. Would they think differently about this placement if they knew their legs would be hidden by hosiery? Not only are their bottom halves covered, but it looks like they are wearing the stockings themselves. The guy in the red is clearly onto this ruse. He might want to warn his pals before it’s too late.

My Bad

Sensitivity is not ingrained in everyone. This magazine editor must have missed the sensitivity training lecture in the office. Skin cancer can easily sneak up on anyone in the sun for too long. It can cause greater issues than simply applying sunscreen when you are out and about. While the girl on the right only wants to correct hair color mistakes, her oops seems like a reaction to the page to the left. What a world it would be if ads could react to each other.

Experts Of What?

Let this be a warning to you all: Pool Care Experts are not experts with anything except pool care. They will wreck your car if you trust them with it. Keep your keys to yourself and avoid any instances with the pool care professionals. Rumors have swirled for decades over the sneaky sabotage of pool care experts. They claim it is an accident when in fact they only want to bum you out. Do not let pool care experts into your life.