These Co-Stars Couldn’t Stand Each Other Off-Screen


Patrick Swayze And Jennifer Grey – Dirty Dancing

It’s hard to believe that some co-stars who played our favorite on-screen couples actually hated other in real life. But hey, isn’t that what acting is all about? You might be shocked to discover that, despite their amazing on-screen chemistry, the Dirty Dancing actors were far from flirtatious. Swayze said that Grey was emotional and found her hard to work with. Grey didn’t seem to have the same distaste for him, and they became friends later on.

Lucille Ball And Desi Arnaz – I Love Lucy

The couple was actually married off-screen, but eventually, their marriage collapsed. Arnaz had been a bandleader, always on the road. Ball was worried about his infidelity, so she got him the other lead role on the show to keep him close to home. They had their first child right before the I Love Lucy premiere in 1951, but by 1960 his womanizing and drinking had become too much for her, and the two divorced.

Kirk Cameron And Julie McCulloch – Growing Pains

McCullough was a former Playboy model and Cameron was a religious Christian, so it makes sense that these on-screen lovers clashed on set. Rumor has it that he was so troubled by her life choices that he demanded she be written out of the show. Both actors have since denied this, saying she was meant to be a short-term character. We may never know the truth, but it seems his religious views alienated him from much of the cast.

Joan Crawford And Betty Davis – What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?

This feud is said to be one of the most notorious in Hollywood’s history. It went on for so long that most people forgot how it started. It seems it began when both ladies fell for the same actor, who Crawford ended up marrying. Even after the couple divorced, their feud was fueled by fights over other men, acting roles, and awards. On set, the two reportedly played mean pranks on each other.

Tony Curtis And Marilyn Monroe – Some Like It Hot

The rumors have swirled about this couple. Curtis has claimed that the two were having an affair while filming and that she became pregnant. It was not clear if the baby was his, and Monroe miscarried before filming ended. When they told her husband about the affair, he warned Curtis to stay away, which he did. He also supposedly compared kissing Monroe to kissing Hitler, but the validity and context of this statement are unclear.

Teri Hatcher And Marcia Cross – Desperate Housewives

By the time the show ended, it was clear that Hatcher didn’t get along with most of the cast. It seemed that she particularly clashed with fellow housewife Marcia Cross. Cross got upset during a Vanity Fair photoshoot because Hatcher was front and center, and fighting ensued. Eva Longoria also said that Hatcher was a loner. The feud came to a head when Hatcher’s name was left off a card given with a goodbye gift to the show’s crew.

Kenny Baker And Anthony Daniels – Star Wars

Despite their friendly on-screen relationship, the actors who played the robots never got along through the filming of all six movies that they were in together. Baker claims that Daniels was rude to everyone, but especially him, even referring to him as “little man”- a low blow, considering Baker’s height. Daniels reportedly also dissed Baker, saying he couldn’t act and barely did anything in the movie. Baker says he doesn’t hate Daniels, but has never understood what his problem is.

Archie Panjabi And Julinna Margulies – The Good Life

Although both actresses have denied a feud, there is plenty of evidence to contradict that. Their characters were best friends for the first three seasons, but did not appear in one scene together throughout the last four. When they needed to speak on screen, they would talk over the phone. Fans were thrilled to hear of a reunion in the final episode, but it was later revealed that the two were filmed separately and edited together. Talk about avoidance!

Joan Collins And John Forsythe – Dynasty

The pay gap between men and women in Hollywood is no secret, and Collins has revealed that Forsythe’s contract forced her to constantly earn a few thousand dollars less than him each week. This obviously caused some tension. After the show won a People’s Choice Award, the tension was increased when Collins was handed the award instead of Forsythe. Following this incident, the two didn’t speak for an entire season and Forsythe was never nice to his costar.

Debra Winger And Shirley MacLaine – Terms of Endearment

It’s no surprise that these two strong-willed women clashed on set. Winger played MacLaine’s daughter in Terms of Endearment, and though they fought as any mother-daughter duo would, their fights off-screen were more intense. There’s even a rumor that Winger farted on MacLaine once on set. MacLaine apparently was also not pleased with the younger Winger’s hardcore partying and wild ways. It seems that in real life, these two were not so endearing.

Betty White And Bea Arthur – Golden Girls

White’s positive attitude clashed with what Arthur’s son described as her “attitude that it was fun to have somebody to be mad at.” White even says that sometimes, if she was happy, it would make Arthur furious. The two women had very different acting philosophies and tensions grew out of this and other factors throughout the years. However, some believe that the feud started when White won an Emmy before Arthur, even though all the Golden Girls eventually won.

Richard Dreyfuss And Robert Shaw- Jaws

Unlike most rivalries on this list, Dryefuss and Shaw clashed on-screen and off. Just like their characters, they constantly fought. Shaw would go out of his way to make Dreyfuss feel uncomfortable. He would make fun of his weight or tell him to mind his mannerisms, which would make Dreyfuss self-conscious and affect his performance. Oddly enough, Dreyfuss said Shaw was kind to him in private, just not on set. Maybe he just wanted to stay in character?

Bill Murray And Lucy Liu – Charlie’s Angels

Although Murray often plays detached characters, he takes acting very seriously and expects his fellow actors to be very professional. He reportedly once turned to the three angels and told Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz that he understood why they were there, but then turned to Liu and said “But what in the hell are you doing here? You can’t act!” Liu, of course, was furious, and physically attacked Murray. He did not return for the sequels.

Richard Gere And Sylvester Stallone – The Lords of Flatbush

Don’t remember seeing Richard Gere in the film? That’s because he wasn’t in it. Although Gere was originally cast as Chico, he didn’t last long. Stallone didn’t like Gere’s attitude on set, and he roughed up Stallone too much in an improv fight scene. The last straw was when Gere forced his way into Stallone’s car during lunch and spilled his sandwich on the interior. Stallone gave the director an ultimatum, and Gere was fired.

Faye Dunaway And Roman Polanski – Chinatown

Dunaway was a handful, but we think most people would take her side in this battle. Polanski reportedly treated his co-star badly, doing things like plucking a stray hair out of her head when he thought it was in the way of a shot. He also didn’t let her take bathroom breaks, so one time she peed in a cup and threw it at him. She has since said that the way he treated her bordered on harassment.

George Takei And William Shatner- Star Trek

Neither of these trekkies is very fond of the other. Takei claims that Shatner had a big ego and would try to make everything about himself on set. Shatner admits that since Takei only came in for a couple days at a time, he never tried to get to know him, since he was busy. Shatner also became angry when he wasn’t invited to Takei’s wedding in 2008, but Takei claims he invited his co-star and never received a reply.

Dustin Hoffman And Meryl Streep – Kramer vs. Kramer

Nowadays, Streep would never take what Hoffman dished out during the filming of this movie, but she was a newcomer to Hollywood back then. Hoffman would use method acting techniques to get into character and slapped Streep across the face during the filming of her first movie scene ever. He also taunted her with things he knew about her personal life to get a reaction out of her, claiming it was to improve her acting.

Leonardo DiCaprio And Clair Danes – Romeo + Juliet

Sometimes personalities just clash too much, and that’s exactly what happened with DiCaprio and Danes on the set of this ’90s classic. Even though she was young at the time, just 16-years-old, Danes found her 22-year-old co-star annoyingly immature. He played pranks on set and was always goofing around. On the other hand, DiCaprio found Danes too uptight and reserved for his liking. When they weren’t filming, the two mostly avoided each other on set.

Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling, And Tiffanie Thiessen – Beverly Hills, 90210

This 90210 feud was as steamy as the ladies themselves. Back in the day, there was a falling out, in which Thiessen claimed she was hurt by her costars. When Spelling split with her husband Charlie Shanian, it added to the tension, since Thiessen was good friends with Shanian. The feud made headlines again recently when Spelling and Garth appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race and took a dig at Thiessen. It seems this feud in never-ending.

Ryan Gosling And Rachel McAdams – The Notebook

The Notebook was one of this generation’s greatest love stories, but it was all an act. The two got into screaming matches and Gosling even demanded to have another actress brought in to read his scenes with off-camera. This prompted an emergency therapy session where the two had it out and fixed their issues just enough to continue filming. While they later went on to date, it’s no surprise that their relationship didn’t last.

Kim Cattrall And Sarah Jessica Parker – Sex And The City

Rumors of the tension between these two actresses have been swirling since they started filming and were brought back into the spotlight again recently. Apparently, Cattrell became jealous when she found out that Parker made more than she and the rest of the leading ladies. It’s rumored that she threatened not to do the movie if her salary wasn’t increased, which delayed production of the first Sex and the City movie.

Will Smith And Janet Hubert – The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

If you watched Fresh Prince, you probably noticed that the actress who played Aunt Viv changed after season three. This is due to the feud between Hubert and Smith. Hubert has said that Smith was young, inexperienced, and let his ego get to him. She left the show after becoming angry when Smith wouldn’t help the rest of the cast with salary negotiations. Smith claims that Hubert wanted to take over the show.

Julia Roberts And Nick Nolte – I Love Trouble

This on-screen couple despised each other in real life. They hated being around each other so much that they ended up filming most of their scenes separately with stand-ins. Apparently, she thought that he was sexist and misogynistic and often called him out for it. In return, he purposefully annoyed her. Nine years later, in 2003, Roberts called him “a disgusting human being” and he also said she was not nice. It seems some feuds never die.

Charlie Sheen and Selma Blair – Anger Management

Seems the stars of this show needed some real-life anger management. Many members of the cast have stated that Sheen, who was both a producer and star of the show, was often late, forcing them to wait hours for him to show up to work. After he heard that Blair was complaining about his work ethic, he fired her via a series of angry texts in which he called her some horrible names.

T.R. Knight, Patrick Dempsey, And Isaiah Washington – Grey’s Anatomy

This one is a complicated triangle of hate and drama. Isaiah Washington used a slur against T.R. Knight, forcing his co-star to come out of the closet publicly. This got Washington abruptly fired from the show. But insulting Knight wasn’t his only crime. What many people don’t know is that he used the slur during a physical fight on the Grey’s Anatomy set with his other co-star, Patrick Dempsey, during which he grabbed Dempsey by the throat.

Jim Carrey And Tommy Lee Jones – Batman Forever

The night before two were set to shoot a big scene together, they were eating at the same restaurant. When Carrey went over to say hi, Jones began shaking and said “I hate you. I really don’t like you.” A shocked Carrey asked what the problem was, to which Jones replied, “I cannot sanction your buffoonery.” Maybe Jones was jealous of his stardom, but we may never know why he hated Carrey so much.

Shanen Doherty And Alyssa Milano – Charmed

The two actresses starred on the show together for three years before Doherty left the show, supposedly because of her fighting with Milano and creative differences with the show. It’s unclear if she was fired or left the show on her own, but Milano has said that there were definitely some rough days on set. But luckily the feud has been laid to rest, since Milano came to Doherty’s aid when she was battling cancer.

Joan Rivers And Johnny Carson – The Tonight Show

In the ’80s, Rivers was a permanent guest host alongside Carson on The Tonight Show. The two had great chemistry, but when Fox offered Rivers her own late-night show, Carson cut her off. He refused to speak to her at all after that and banned her from ever appearing on The Tonight Show again, even after she left The Late Show. Jay Leno even upheld this ban out of respect for Carson.

Debra Reynolds And Gene Kelly – Singin’ In The Rain

Kelly co-starred in and co-directed the film. He worked Reynolds nearly to death. She was only 17 at the time and had no dance experience, so she had to work hard to keep up with him. She said that he always criticized her and was never encouraging. One four-minute-long song and dance routine took 15 hours to film, and he still dubbed over her dancing with the sound of his tapping and used the first take.

William Baldwin And Sharon Stone – Sliver

The film was a flop, rushed to production to ride on the tails of the success of another movie by the same writer. But maybe the actors’ feud had something to do with its failure. Stone taunted Baldwin, even biting his tongue so hard during a kissing scene that he couldn’t speak normally for days. He allegedly told a crew member that she had thin lips and “okay breath.” Sounds like they would have gotten along better without kissing scenes!