Absolutely Crazy Things That You Can Only Find In Japan


If there is one country that does virtually everything in its own unique and slightly crazy way, it’s Japan. There is so much more to the Land of the Rising Sun than just sushi, origami, and Godzilla. Here’s some proof!


This senior citizen tried to take his friend on the bullet train. However, the authorities were alerted about the panda-dressed individual who got stuck in the train door. Officials were convinced that it was a real panda, violating their strict no-panda policy.

japan 25

Domo Ari-Gotta Go!

One thing that Japan is world-renowned for is its innate ability to innovate. So many bizarre inventions have come out of this Asian country. Some have been useful, while others were definitely not. We are yet to decide whether or not this toilet motorcycle hybrid is something that we need or even want in our lives. It’s unclear who would feel comfortable doing their business while riding down the freeway. Who knows? Apparently, though, there is a demand in Japan.

japan 42

Pet Peeves

Ever heard of that phenomenon when dog owners end up looking more and more like their canine friends as time goes on? Well, it looks like one Japanese citizen ended up actually becoming the same breed as its pet. The fact that this dog looks like a cross-breed between a Pomeranian and a polar bear is beside the point. We are pretty sure that this dog owner is actually a human dressed up as a dog. At least, we hope.

japan 28

Ramen Jacuzzi!

Ever wished that you could have your meal of choice while bathing in a relaxing jacuzzi with your friends? Well, it seems like Japan is already one step ahead with their genius ramen jacuzzi. Let’s face it; if there was anything that you would like to eat while having a bath, then it would be some pork broth and giant noodles. Heck, why not share the jacuzzi with some friends and you can share the classic Japanese dish!

japan 37

What’s “Useless” In Japanese?

If there is one nation where fashion trends are changing by the minute, it’s Japan. Walk through any Tokyo main street and you will see an array of wacky costumes, colorful dresses, and the most bizarre accessories on the market. Take this group of guys, for example, who all seem to be rocking the most popular backpack out there right now. Every bag has the design of a cute animal and can just about store a pack of tissues.

japan 6


AnimeJapan has been held in Tokyo every year since its establishment in 2014. The anime consumer show, which was held at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center, is a merger of the Tokyo International Anime Fair and the Anime Contents Expo. Hundreds of people gather to attend this big event, and go all out with unique cosplay outfits.

Teriyaki Races

Ever played Super Mario Kart and wished that you could take part in a real-life version of it? Well now, you can! A handful of Japanese cities now provide tourists (and locals) with the chance to choose a character from the popular video game and ride around in an actual “Mario Kart.” However, there are some rules that do apply. For example, you’re not allowed to actually race each other. Also, it is forbidden to throw red turtle shells.

japan 46

Viva Las Tokyo!

There is no doubt that Elvis Presley’s impact as a pop cultural icon has spread far and wide to the four corners of the globe. In fact, there are many people who live in Japan who idolize the King of Rock n’ Roll so much that they are desperate to dress and look like him. While it is clear who this gang of guys is trying to imitate, we doubt that they will get a record deal anytime soon.

japan 19


The Far East is home to a plethora of different faiths and belief systems that large swathes of the Western World are wholly unfamiliar with. However, we struggle to believe that there is a religion in Japan where its deity is a truck. Look, according to a lot of censuses, there are apparently many adherents of the Jedi religion. So stranger things have happened. There is also a chance that this guy might be about to tie his shoelaces.

japan 30

It’s Wine O’Clock Somewhere

Apparently, in Japan, people aren’t just jumping into ramen jacuzzis; they also enjoy swimming in pools full of wine! Why sit at home with a bottle of Merlot when you can jump into a pool full of it and drink until your heart’s content? It looks like this particular pool is a popular spot with the locals. However, we advise any tourists to not get in this pool without any supervision. Even when you’re on holiday in Japan, drink responsibly, folks.

japan 12

Cold Feet

Out of all the wacky inventions that Japan has come up with over the years, we are astounded by one of their most recent ones; the sleepwalking bag. It seems that a large chunk of the Japanese population has a tendency to get out of bed and walk around while sleeping. This is when some clever individual decided to take a sleeping bag, cut some holes in the end, stick his legs out and see the results. Warning: feet can get very cold.

japan 45

Special Delivery!

We live in amazing times. Nowadays, you can pretty much order anything online. With the click of a button, you will have your desired possession wrapped, packed, and shipped thousands of miles to your home. The most recent commodity that a Japanese innovator has seen a market for is pretty simple: women. So, if you are looking to pay for a partner, just hop online and type, “order Japanese woman” and FedEx will deliver her to you in no time.

japan 5

Cutest Third Wheel Ever

When these two work colleagues were told that “bring a friend to work day” was just around the corner, they were put in a pretty awkward situation. Not only did they have the same best friend, but their best friend is a giant walking teddy bear. Despite the early apprehension, the colleagues swallowed their pride and agreed to both bring their cuddly buddy to work. There may have been a couple of raised eyebrows, but all three had a great day.

japan 20

Anything For The ‘Gram

As previously mentioned, Japan is always pushing the envelope when it comes to fashion. One lady believed that the next big thing was to show how long she could hold her breath while still looking good. In order to achieve this, she wrapped a bag around her head, sealed it tight at the bottom and filled the bag full of water and a school of goldfish. It might be incredibly dangerous, but it’s surely worth it, right?

japan 15

The Force Is Strong With This Batter

In Japan, it’s not enough for anyone to compete in the baseball leagues. If you want to get to the top, you have to be from a galaxy, far, far, away. So when Darth Vader and C-3PO got a call about an opportunity to trial in Japan, they got on the next Star Destroyer and flew all the way to Tokyo. Vader was able to channel his inner dark side as an aggressive pitcher.

japan 17

Light Snack

It seems like eating contests are getting bigger every year. The more that you can stick down your throat, the more impressive it is (apparently). However, Japan does it a little differently. They don’t care about how much you can eat. It’s more about how you eat the food that is presented to you. When this young lady was instructed to eat a burger with 12 patties of beef inside, it wasn’t a challenge for her; it was breakfast.

japan 1

No More Rain = No More Friends

When it rains, people go to some pretty desperate measures to avoid it. While many have the privilege of staying at home when the heavens open, some people have to brave the harsh conditions on the way to work. Umbrellas are the natural solution to this. However, one person from Japan went a few steps further, creating an umbrella that not only protects you from the rain; it protects you from everything else too.

japan 32

Stood Up Again!

It appears that there is a community in Japan where everyone has the same hairstyle. Whether you are human or a stuffed cat, you’ll look weird if you don’t have a bald strip going down the middle of your head and a ponytail sticking up at the back. For the stuffed cat in this photo, we can only speculate that he had scheduled a date through a stuffed animal dating app, only to be stood up last minute by Miss Elephant.

(Cat) Walk Of (No) Shame

The avant-garde fashion just keeps on coming in Japan. At catwalks around the world, models generally walk up and down in front of an audience, showing off the latest fashion trends with a variety of prestigious labels. However, Japan has no problem letting a cartoon character hijack a fashion event to remind people that life doesn’t have to be taken so seriously! There is a reason that Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world, and it’s not the fish.

japan 21

One Giant Step For Japan

In many ways, Japan feels like another planet. The food is unique. The landscape is incredible. Heck, even the people are fairly eccentric in behavior, and the rule also applies to people’s sense of dress. There are some civilians who like to walk around and act like that they are actually from another planet. Take this guy, for example, who is wearing a legitimate astronaut suit that he appears to have designed back at home.

japan 16

Family Fries

Family. You can’t live with them, but you can definitely have a huge platter of fries with them. This is obviously a family based on the way that each person is glued to their mobile devices. The only thing that binds them together, other than DNA, is a pile of fries. Members of the public are so enamored by this close-knit family that they had to take some photos and videos, sharing with the world clear proof that Japan has a lot of heart.

japan 31

Godzilla In A Pear Tree

Is it really that surprising that the people of Japan celebrate Christmas? As you probably know by now, this charming country loves any excuse to light everything up in bright colors, making any street look like psychedelic ’60s rock album cover. When Christmas came around, one particular mall commissioned an artist to trim a tree to resemble one of Japan’s finest exports – Godzilla. The results were stunning and thousands of people flocked to the mall to see the gargantuan decoration.

japan 35


Although it is believed that the smallest McDonald’s in the world is located in Singapore, of all places, this cute little vendor is a very close contender. It should be made clear though that there’s a good chance that this is just a place to buy McFlurries. For a moment there, we genuinely believed that there was a tiny kitchen inside with four cooks flipping burgers and making fries. However, would you really be surprised if that was actually the case?

japan 34

The Original Panorama

On most smartphones these days, there is an option on the camera app to take a panorama shot. This allows the user to take a 360-degree shot of any given landscape. Well, before smartphone cameras became so mainstream, one Japanese innovator created their own technology to achieve the same goal. Instead, they connected seven disposable cameras together and with the click of a button, she got her own panorama. Classic Japan – preferring to do things the hard way.

japan 9

Hotel Sayonara

There are some buildings out there that have some truly outlandish designs like Spain’s Mind House, Poland’s Crooked House, and The Lotus Temple in India. Then there’s this hotel in Japan. You might think to yourself, “wow, that hotel looks in good condition despite being knocked upside down by a tornado.” However, you’ll be surprised to learn that this bizarre looking building was designed to appear to be upside down. If you are happy to sleep on the ceiling, then be our guest.

japan 3


It seems like Japan has a practical answer to even the most trivial of inconveniences. With the Shinkansen (“Bullet Train”) being such an integral part of so many people’s lives here, traveling to and from work can take up a lot of time in this part of the world. Therefore, a device has been created that helps keep your head straight while falling asleep on the train. However, the helmet is so comfortable that many people have overslept and missed their stops.

japan 27

Essential Headgear

We’ve all been there before. You desperately need to blow your nose but there are no tissues in sight. How does Japan fix this problem? Simple – fix a toilet paper roll dispenser on top of your head. Not only will you always have a clear nose, but you will never be without whenever you visit the little boys or little girls room. Let’s face it; it’s not like you need to see what’s in front of you every time you blow your nose. Right?

japan 43

Can I Have Some Wa-Tabby With That?

Sushi. It’s a food that has a special place in the hearts of many Japanese people and millions of others around the world. So it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to know that some like to dress up their pets as their favorite types of the classic rice dish. Check out this adorable cat, who looks like it’s on its way to a Halloween party dressed up as a piece of nigiri.

japan 22

Sayonara? More Like, Sayo-Never

Everyone has their favorite way to prepare eggs. Some like them fried, others like them scrambled. Some even like to eat them raw (Sly Stallone in Rocky, we’re looking at you). However, the ingenious innovators of Japan are at it again and have taken the hard-boiled technique to a whole new level. Do you want more than one hard-boiled egg? Have no fear. This fascinating country sells its very own hard-boiled egg sausage and they are pretty common!

japan 8

Gotta Drive ‘Em All!

Japan has brought many unique things to the world: sushi, origami, bullet trains – the list goes on and on. However, there is no denying that Pokemon is right up there with the Land of the Rising Sun’s finest exports in recent times. The name of the game is to catch as many powerful creatures as possible. Well now, you can collect minibusses – each one designed like one of the 100s of Pokemon from the game. The most iconic one? Pikachu, of course.

japan 26