The Most Embarrassing TV Bloopers You Never Noticed

It is always funny when you notice a mistake in a TV show, especially when millions of viewers watch it each week. Grab your remote, because these hilarious bloopers are some of the best of all time.

The Returning Red Ribbon

Even a timeless classic like Seinfeld wasn’t immune to errors and bloopers. During season three’s “The Red Dot” we saw Elaine receive a sweater as a present. Upon unwrapping the gift, Kramer takes the red ribbon and places it around his neck as if it were a scarf. When the camera zooms out to show Kramer lying on the couch, the ribbon is gone. Suddenly, when the shot zooms back in following some classic Seinfeld banter, the ribbon returns.


The Self-Shuffling Cards On Frasier

During the season 1 episode of Frasier titled, “You Can’t Tell a Crook by His Cover,” Frasier and Martin are playing cards and chatting at the poker table. In the middle of their conversation, the camera cuts to Frank taking a close look at a bowl across the room. When the camera pans back to the poker table, the cars have mysteriously changed positions on the table all by themselves. We’ll just go ahead and blame this one on the editing room.

frasier cards

The Map Gave It Away

Most television shows are filmed in California, even if the shows are meant to take place in other cities. Thanks to elaborate set designs, it’s usually impossible to tell the difference. However, sometimes you can spot small errors that go overlooked in the editing room. For example, in a season six episode of How I Met Your Mother, we saw Ted pull out a laptop to check an online map. Even though he’s in New York City, the map displays his home location as Los Angeles.

how i met your mother

Melisandre’s Necklace

In season 6 of HBO’s Game of Thrones, we saw the Red Woman, wearing an enchanted necklace which allowed her to keep a youthful appearance. According to the show, the necklace’s powers could only be harnessed while Melisandre was wearing it. However, GOT super-fans probably noticed that in season 4 she looked exactly the same without the necklace. Something doesn’t add up!

game of thrones

Monica’s Mysterious Changing Apartment

Even Friends, one of the most iconic and beloved sitcoms of the ’90s, had its fair share of bloopers. One rather subtle inconsistency involved the mystery of Monica’s changing apartment number. In the first season, we can clearly see that she lived in apartment number 5. However, in later episodes, Monica’s apartment number changes to 20, indicating that perhaps the crew needed to upgrade their set and rent out an apartment on a higher floor after the early seasons.


The Nerds Can Dance!

Even though The Big Bang Theory is supposed to be a show centered around a group of geniuses, the sitcom has become notorious for overlooking several details and failing to identify issues with continuity. For example, in an early episode, Sheldon mentions to Penny that neither he nor any of his roommates ever learned how to dance. But later on in the show, Sheldon is seen busting some serious moves that he reportedly learned when he was young.

big bang theory

Orange Is The New Blooper

Netflix’s hit series Orange Is The New Black is no stranger to mistakes in the department of continuity. However, one slip-up stands out in our minds. During season 4 episode 8, Tiffany is seen speaking to a guard. During the conversation, she asks him to when and where he’d travel back in time if given the opportunity. He answers by saying he’d attend a Judas Priest concert in 1999 to see Rob Halford. Unfortunately, Tim Owens was the band’s singer in 1999, not Halford.

orange is the new black

Walt’s Epic Pizza Toss

In what would become an unforgettable scene, Brian Cranston threw a pizza onto the roof of Walt’s house in an episode of Breaking Bad. While producers never intended for the pizza to land so perfectly, the scene was simply too funny to scrap. The pizza was left for the rest of the episode. If you pay close attention, though, you’ll notice that the pie moves quite a bit from its original landing point, and even ends up with more toppings than it originally had.

breaking bad

Quenching Their Thirst

For the most part, the historical drama Downton Abbey did an incredible job of giving viewers an accurate and realistic look at what life was like in 19th century England. While the crew’s attention to small details was usually one of their strengths, there was one accident they missed. In 2014, Hugh Bonneville and Laura Carmichael posed for a publicity shoot dressed as their characters from the show. Unfortunately, they forgot to remove a modern-day plastic water bottle from the background of the photo.

downton abbey

The Ominous Object In Lost

Fans of Lost have always enjoyed taking deeper looks at the storylines in search of potential conspiracy theories. In fact, fans of the show frequently look back at early episodes to see if there were any details that they may have missed. After fans noticed a swooping black object in the corner of the plane explosion scene in the pilot episode, they began to speculate how this could’ve been relevant to the plot. However, it turns out that it was just a CG effect error.


Rachel’s Disappearing Jewelry

During the season 2 episode of Friends in which Ross discovered that Rachel had feelings for him, one shot had fans baffled over an accessory (or lack thereof). During their dialogue, Ross shares with Rachel that he’s getting a cat with his girlfriend Julie. When the camera first focuses on Rachel, there is nothing around her neck. After the camera focuses on Ross and cuts back to Rachel, suddenly she’s wearing a neckless. Then, in the next shot, the necklace disappears once again.


Modern Mishaps

In a season 3 episode of the hilarious sitcom Modern Family, we watched Phil Dunphy conquer his fears and learn how to walk a tightrope from scratch. While this feat sure was impressive to Phil’s family, Modern Family super-fans might find it strange that Phil wasn’t already a tightrope master, especially considering the fact that two seasons prior, he shared that he was already an expert tightrope walker as a result of the time he spent training at trapeze camp.

modern family

Take A Closer Look

Although Homeland may be an award-winning and captivating drama series, Showtime’s thriller also makes our list for one hard-to-miss slip-up. In one episode, we see Mansour Al-Zahrani, a Saudi diplomat played by Ramsey Faragallah, being interviewed in a bright room full of natural lighting. If you look close enough, you’ll notice that the room’s multiple windows cause a glare in the character’s glasses, revealing a reflection of the camera and film crew to fans with a good eye for bloopers.


The Wife That Never Was

In the opening scene of a season 5 X-Files episode titled “Travelers,” viewers saw Mulder wearing a wedding band on his left ring finger. However, the subject of Mulder’s mysterious wife is never brought up again throughout the entire science-fiction series. In a later interview, the show’s creator stated that he initially thought that the idea for Mulder’s wife could make for a potentially intriguing story later in the show, but never got around to elaborating on the topic.

x files

Ross Digs His Own Grave

Sometimes, a blooper or mistake can actually turn into an important part of the storyline. For example, take the time that Ross from Friends accidentally said Rachel’s name while reading his wedding vows to Emily. Believe it or not, this hilarious and cringe-worthy fumble was actually inspired by a blooper from another scene in which David Schwimmer mixed up the two characters’ names. The producers liked the idea so much that they decided to save it for a later episode.


BOB’s Cameo

Sometimes, directors need to stay on their toes and pay attention just in case an improvised scene ends up making for great television. During filming for the pilot episode of Twin Peaks, Frank Silva, a set dresser, accidentally locked himself in a room mid-shot. This resulted in Silva’s reflection appearing in a mirror behind actress Grace Zabriskie, and would ultimately serve as inspiration for one of the creepiest villains in TV history. It also landed Silva the role of BOB, the show’s demonic entity.

twin peaks

Tutoring The Tudors

History buffs have come to know that The Tudors, a historical drama set in England during the 1500s, isn’t exactly consistent when it comes to historical accuracies. One of the many factual mistakes made came in a season 2 episode when viewers saw Mark Smeaton, a court musician portrayed by David Alpay, playing the violin. The problem here is that the violin didn’t even exist in England until the 18th century, several centuries after King Henry VIII’s dynasty.

the tudors

Breaking Bad‘s Broken Timeline

During the fifth season of Breaking Bad, one character makes a reference to the death of Osama Bin Laden. However, fanatics of Vince Gilligan’s iconic series took to the internet to point out that that particular episode was meant to take place in 2010, several months before the news got out that the notorious terrorist had died. Gilligan admitted his mistake and all was forgiven. How could anyone hold such a small detail against one of the greatest shows of all time?

breaking bad

Boy Meets Oncoming Traffic

Correct us if we’re wrong, but Boy Meets World, the classic ’90s coming-of-age show, was meant to take place in the city of Philadelphia, not London. If that’s the case, why does the show’s intro show Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and Eric driving off into the distance on the wrong side of the road? Maybe the production crew simply overlooked the error, or maybe there was some profound meaning behind the brief clip. We’ll never really know the truth.

boy meets world

That Time Monica Wasn’t Monica

While watching episode 5 of season 8 of Friends, you might have done a double take. That’s because at one point, while the camera is panning back and forth between Phoebe and Monica while the two are talking, you see an actress playing Monica at the edge of the frame who’s clearly not Courteney Cox. Most likely, this mixup was the result of a stand-in scene that the producers failed to pick up on while editing the final cut.


A Supernatural Slip-Up

It’s pretty surprising to us that this next one made it to the final cut. In the first season of the WB’s Supernatural, we saw a slip-up which actually happens pretty frequently among actors but is usually picked up and reshot right away. While filming a scene, Jenson Ackles, who plays Dean Winchester, accidentally refers to his co-star Jared Tristan Padalecki by his real name instead of Sam. For whatever reason, the producers failed to notice this very obvious mistake.


Quick Draw

During the first season of Game of Thrones, we watched as Prince Joffrey struggled to lead after taking the throne. In one episode, Barristan Selmy was suddenly released from the king’s guard. Refusing to go down without a fight, just about all of the king’s knights drew their swords. While no further violence ensued, the tense moment was apparently enough to scare one of the guards, who can clearly be seen fumbling with his sword, making for a rather funny blooper on the episode’s final cut.

game of thrones

Better Call A New Set Designer

Better Call Saul, the prequel to Breaking Bad, tells the captivation story Saul Goodman, the man who would eventually become Walter White’s attorney and partner in crime. According to the Breaking Bad timeline, Better Call Saul was meant to take place in the year 2002. If that’s the case, why is there an AT&T logo which wasn’t introduced until 2005 in the background of this shot? If we had to guess, we’d say the producers simply didn’t notice.

better call saul

No Need To Break In

During the second season of FX’s popular series, Sons of Anarchy, we saw Opie use a slim jim to break into a parked car. While break-in experts will tell you that his technique is correct, when you look at this scene closely, you’ll notice that the crew may have missed one very small yet very important detail: The car door is already unlocked, which would obviously eliminate the need for Opie to break in in the first place.

sons of anarchy

The Inconsistent Cup

For Friends fans who pay incredibly close attention to detail, one moment in season 2 episode 4 most likely had you doing a double take. While sitting in the Central Perk Cafe, Ross is talking to Rachel about not rushing into romance. As the camera pans back and forth between the two of them, a coffee cup in the background suddenly changes colors from red to green, and then back to red again in the next shot of Ross.


You Do The Math

Netflix’s popular series Stranger Things sure did an amazing job capturing the goofy essence of the 1980s era. However, producers missed a few key on-camera mistakes. In the first season’s finale, Nancy tries for the second time to shoot the mysterious creature. Viewers can count out at least eight consecutive shots fired without any shot of Nancy reloading. This makes no sense because she was holding a revolver that could only hold a maximum of six bullets at a time.

stranger things

The Gameless Gameboy

Fox’s hit show Malcolm in the Middle was one of the most relatable television shows of the early 2000s. The series served as the launching point for the careers of actors like Frankie Munez and Brian Cranston. While the show certainly was successful, it featured several bloopers. Here’s one example: In two different shots, we see characters playing on their Gameboys. If you look closely, however, you’ll notice that neither Reese nor Dewey have a game cartridge in their device.

malcolm in the middle

Cirque De So Close

It’s not easy to use a television series to recreate an entire era. Just ask Matthew Weiner, the creator of Mad Men, a show set in the 1960s. In one episode, the character of Joan references a reservation at the Le Cirque restaurant, a famous dining spot in New York City. The only problem was that Le Cirque didn’t even open for business until 1974, roughly a decade after the Mad Men episode was supposed to have taken place.

mad men

Ted And Tracey’s Love Story Makes No Sense

During a season 10 episode of How I Met Your Mother, we saw the birth of baby Penny, along with Ted sporting a wedding ring on his finger, meaning he was already married to Tracey. However, if you take a closer look at the HIMYM timeline, you’ll notice that Ted didn’t meet Tracey until 2013 and didn’t propose to her until two years later. This means that there’s pretty much no way that Penny could have been born in 2015.

how i met your mother

Never-Ending High School

The first season of That ’70s Show takes place in 1976. We quickly learn that Jackie is a sophomore, while the rest of the gang are all juniors. If this is the case, why does it take five years for them to graduate? Did they really spend seven years in high school? Sure, you could argue that maybe each season lasts less than a year on the show’s timeline. But that would still fail to explain why there’s a Christmas and Halloween episode in every season.

that 70s show