Female News Anchors Around The World That Never Fail To Deliver


They’re the ladies who grace our television screens to report the news of the nation and the stories going on worldwide. While the news continues to highlight the pitfalls of the world, these women ensure their delivery and grace on television keep viewers watching and entertained.

Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews is now the sideline reporter for Fox NFL, but was previously the co-host of College GameDay on ESPN. With such a presence in the sporting world, she is seen on-air at many sporting events, including the Super Bowl.


Alex Wagner

Alex Wagner used to work as an anchor on the weekday daytime television program, Now with Alex Wagner on MSNBC, but it was cancelled after the network was trying to transition to breaking news and away from political commentary. Originally, Wagner was to host the weekend program, but that never went into fruition and the plans were abandoned. That was not the end of Wagner, however, and as of November 2016, Alex has been the co-anchor on CBS This Morning Saturday.



Samantha Ponder

Samantha Ponder-Steele is our go-to girl when it comes to College Football coverage on ESPN. The ever charming Ponder captivates the audience with her football knowledge and her gorgeous looks. She is currently the host of the weekly television show, Sunday NFL Countdown, but she doesn’t just stop there either. Alongside her Sunday duties and covering College Football, she also does a lot of sideline reporting for football and basketball, and also hosts the TV show Battlebots.


Gabriela Grechi

Another meteorologist keeping her audience updated with all the latest weather reports is Gabriela Grechi. The Italian reporter is renowned in Italy for her amazing forecasts and reliability in getting the weather right across the whole country. For her consistency in getting it right, many would argue that Gabriela is the best meteorologist of all time, and with her impressive proven track record, she makes it very difficult for anyone to try and disagree with this claim.


Jenna Lee

Jenna Lee made a name for herself when she worked for the Fox News Channel and co-hosted Happening Now with Jon Scott. The American journalist decided to leave Fox, and her presence has sure been missed from the reporting channel since her departure. Having made such an impact as a television news anchor, we can only hope that she will make an eventual return to television to give us all an insight into the ongoings around the world.


Ainsley Earhardt

She could win over viewers with her gorgeous smile and stunning looks, but it is Ainsley’s hard work ethic that has made her such a successful news anchor. Ainsley works as the co-host of Fox & Friends, while also known to report for Hannity during her own segment, Ainsley Across America. With such a prominent role secured on the Fox News Network, we do not have to worry about Ainsley slowing down anytime soon, and expect great things from her in the future.



Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly has sure made her voice heard after she stood up to the actions of the President of the United States. Before Trump was elected to run office, Megyn called him out for his derogatory language towards women. While Trump himself was not a great fan of Kelly’s and tried to dismiss her from her role as anchor, Fox News rallied behind her, and she lucked out the most. In fact, she got a great book deal in the end.


Julie Banderas

Julie began her career in Boston, Massachusetts and worked at many news networks before eventually moving to Fox News Channel. Banderas is now a news anchor for America’s News Headquarters and Fox Report Weekend. While she does an excellent job at reporting the news, she is well known for her on-air fight she had with Shirley Phelps-Roper, from the Westboro Baptist Church. This meant that Banderas was not only reporting the news but also garnering international media attention herself!


Natalie Morales

American journalist, Natalie Morales, is best known on the West Coast for her work as an anchor on NBC’s Today Show. In other parts of the country, she is best recognized for her work on Dateline NBC as well as NBC Nightly News. Morales certainly keeps herself busy with her work, but as a fan favorite, the audience loves to watch her on TV, meaning all her hard work is working in her favor and paying off for all her success.


Kimberly Guilfoyle

One lady who did not spark controversy against the President of the United States was Kimberly Guilfoyle. Kimberley was even offered the role of press secretary for Donald Trump when he was elected to office. She did not get the job but a good thing too, because she has remained a prominent television news anchor. Guilfoyle is a co-host of The Five on Fox News, but before taking to reporting the news, she had a career in law as a Deputy District Attorney for four years.


Susan Li

Canadian journalist Susan Li has settled in America to work for the television channel, CNBC. In the past, Susan had work at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and as an anchor at China Central Television’s CCTV International, which was the network’s English language channel. Having worked for many different networks throughout her reporting career, it seems as though CNBC was the best for Li, and it looks as though she will remain there for the time being.


Magda Palimariu

Meteorologist queen, Madga Palimariu, is a Romanian reporter who is sure to never disappoint with her weather reports. Even if storms are on their way, Madga is sure to give you the clear heads up, and she has the talent to get her reports right. She may not be known in America, but in Romania, you won’t find many who have not heard of or don’t recognize Magda. It would be hard to ever replace Palimariu, but right now, she is not going anywhere.



Pamela David

Pamela David graces the Argentinian television screens as a co-anchor on Desayuno Americano. This stunning South American lady has proven to have amazing reporting skills and this, alongside her amazing style, makes her one of the best news anchors in the world. She originally shot to fame after her appearance on the reality show called, El BarTV 2, and, after being signed to a modeling agency, she became a cover model for the Argentine version of Playboy magazine.


Liz Cho

Liz Cho works her magic night after night in speaking of the most important stories from the day and delivers it in her special way which has attracted people from all over the world to tune in and watch. Working as an anchor for WABC-TV, Cho has not just been reading out the news but has also made her way into the headlines herself. In 2016, Cho made news after she pulled over for using her cellphone while driving, and without insurance either.


Charlotte Hawkins

Charlotte Hawkins is a British treasure, and as one of the hosts on Good Morning Britain, there is no missing Hawkins face on a daily basis. If you tune into the breakfast show, you will most likely find Hawkins battling out with co-host Piers Morgan. Unlike others who will lose out in an argument with Morgan, Hawkins does not give him an easy time and is one of the few people who can get him to admit when he’s wrong.


Elita Lorseca

West Coast viewers are fortunate to have their weather reports done by the wonderful Elita Loresca. Every morning, those who live in Los Angeles can tune in to KNBS channel four to find Loresca reporting on the weather all across Southern California. Showing that she really knows her stuff, she is a keen favorite amongst viewers and is one of the most celebrated weather girls television has to offer. You just need to watch her to see why.


Amanda Drury

The Australian native is best known for her work on America’s television channel, CNBC. Before this, she lived in Singapore for eight years but eventually decided to move. Good decision to do so too, since her face can be recognized by many as her work is broadcasted all over the world, making her an international hit as a news anchor. Fortunately, you do not need to live in the same country as Drury to get a glimpse of her talented work.


Dagmar Midcap

She may have a name you are not all too familiar with on an everyday basis, but that does not mean Dagmar Midcap will not make sure she is a name you won’t forget. As the fantastic weather woman for a local affiliate of NBC, Midcap has managed to rock the airwaves and made sure everyone knows a Dagmar from now on. As a natural in front of the camera, it is no surprise she has become such a sensation in her career.


Mélissa Theuriau

Mélissa is a French journalist and is probably best known in her native country. While she doesn’t work in America, it is not to stop her from being recognized for her talented work as a journalist and as a television presenter. She works for Métropole 6 – better known as M6 – and is a presenter on the show, Zone Interdite (“Forbidden Zone”), a weekly magazine show, allowing audiences to tune in and watch Theuriau on a regular basis.


Ghida Fakhry

Ghida Fakhry made a name for herself when she was a lead anchor on the global news network, Al Jazeera English. Having become an international broadcast journalist, there is no missing Fakhry on the news channels, no matter where you live. These days, she spends her time moderating conferences of high-levels, but with such a successful career behind her, she remains to be one of the most trusted women in the industry and amongst her peers.


Lara Logan

Lara Logan is a South African born reporter who has made herself well known as a television anchor. Logan is currently the chief foreign affairs correspondent for CBS News, and is also a correspondent for the popular CBS show, 60 Minutes. While she has had an amazing career, Logan has found herself involved in controversy in the past. Logan found herself in hot water when she used an untrustworthy source on a story in Benghazi, but remains to be a news anchor to keep an eye out for.


Evelyn Taft

Evelyn is best known for working as the weather girl for KCAL News in Los Angeles. While Los Angeles weather proves to be quite predictable throughout the year – with a whole lot of sun for these lucky West Coast inhabitants – it means that Taft can be extremely reliable when it comes to reading the weather for the news channel. While this perk of the job may work in her favor, Taft can also get credit for being a great news reporter regardless.


Jenna Bush Hager

Jenna may be familiar for her time in the White House when her father was the President of the United States. However, George W. Bush’s daughter has made a name for herself in her own right by becoming a correspondent for NBC News and the editor-at-large for Southern Living magazine. Having achieved her own success, Jenna Bush Hager’s hard work has allowed her to distinguish herself away from her father’s former role and shine brightly and no longer in his shadow.


Ginger Zee

Ginger has achieved top status by becoming the chief meteorologist for ABC News. Having started as the weekend weather reporter, Ginger’s proven appeal and captivating delivery allowed her to jump to the chief job. She had also proven that she is talented in other areas when she competed in Dancing with the Stars in 2016 and came in third place. If weather reporting does not work out for her, she can always try her luck at professional dancing!


Gigi Stone

You can find Gigi working her skills as a news anchor for both ABC’s News Now and World News Now. Gigi proved her worth as a talented anchor when she reported on the Bernie Madoff scandal, winning her acclaim from her colleagues for the professionalism in the job. Gigi has definitely proven that she is a natural in her job and a very skilled reporter. No surprise ABC is keen to keep the talented lady with them.


Courtney Reagan

Jet-setter Courtney Reagan has traveled far and wide for her career, and she has done a great job in everything she has done. Reagan is currently CNBC’s retail reporter and is also known for her work on shows such as NBC Nightly News and Nightly Business Report. Having had many previous roles in anchoring before becoming CNBC’s retail reporter, Raegan only shows progress from each role she goes on to doing, and her progress just expects great things to come.


Christina Loren

Another leading lady giving her wise words on the weather is the beautiful and talented Christina Loren. Those living in the Bay Area are fortunate to be graced with Loren, who has delivered the weather forecasts while showcasing her attractive personality, winning her an array of trusted viewers. Her delivery and grace have made her a beloved treasure in San Francisco, and you are unlikely to find anyone living there not to have heard of Christina Loren.


Robin Meade

Robin Meade proves to be a real triple threat. Before the beauty was showing off her talents as a lead news anchor on Morning Express with Robin Meade, she was once a pageant winner as well. Having won Miss Ohio in the past, Meade also set her sights on becoming a country music musician and released a few albums of her own. Now the multi-talented lady focuses on being a news anchor, and just like her other roles, she does a great job with it.


Yanet Garcia

Another beauty showcasing her talents as a weather woman is Yanet Garcia. Viewers in Mexico can tune in every day to see Yanet on Televisa Monterry giving a rundown of what’s about to come, come rain or shine. There is no denying that Garcia is a natural in the front of the camera, and she is even regarded as one of the prettiest weather girls on television, so it is no surprise people are interested in tuning in daily to hear about the weather!


Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa is surely a name known amongst most, and was the star of the hit television show, Kelly & Michael. Kelly is now the co-host on ABC’s morning show, Live with Kelly & Ryan and gets to attract audiences in daily with her charismatic and charming nature alongside fellow presenter, Ryan Seacrest. The American presenter and actress shows that hard work pays off, having had a successful career in the entertainment business, and becoming a much-loved woman on television.