Hilarious Home Pranks That Will Inspire Your Mischievous Side


There’s nothing like a good prank to bring a family together – even if it’s at someone else’s expense! We’ve scoured the web to find you the funniest and most original pranks for a guaranteed laugh. Maybe they will even inspire you!

Twist, Then Lick, Then – Ewwww!

One sister thought it was a good idea to replace all the Oreo fillings with toothpaste…the squeamish looks on her siblings’ faces when they try to sneak a few snacks will be priceless! Healthy teeth start at home!

The Good, The Bad and the…Dairy?

Young Anthony thought it would be a good idea to stage a little drama in the family’s fridge, and being as creative as he is, he decided to give the milk some character. This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “the milk’s gone bad.” The family was in for a laugh when his dad opened the fridge only to find their milk wearing a hoody and pointing a gun at them with a menacing face. That milk’s so bad, it’s got a reputation!

The Peanut But-it’s-not-there Prank!

When your cousin comes over for a visit and forgets to mention that he’s a peanut butter addict. Going through the pantry without your mother’s consent, he stumbles upon the week’s supply of peanut butter and goes to town on it. Being the crafty addict that he his, he carefully manages to eat his fill and leave no trace of his gorging. The result is a rather funny, well-kept secret that was sure to garner some surprise and a number of disappointed faces – followed by another trip to the store!

Inflatable Intruder

These parents thought it would be a good idea to teach their young son the value of safety by scaring him with this crazy inflatable intruder idea. Mom headed to the grocery store for a few minutes to pick up some groceries. Meanwhile, Dad was secretly outside, setting up the prank that would change his son, Ethan’s, life. With a knock on the window, little Ethan came downstairs and got the fright of his life! He apparently started screaming – which is when Dad stepped in to reassure him. Safety first!

Play On Words

As a tech-savvy generation, we’re always longing for the newest gadgets and latest tech. So when your brother gifts you a well-wrapped box on your birthday, you’re likely to get as excited as Samantha did. However, to her dismay, the iPad she was hoping for when she unwrapped the parcel, turned out to be a literal eye pad. Maybe brother is just trying to say you need to put the phone down and get some sleep at night, sis!

The Best Gift Never!

Sometimes, our intentions run a bit deeper than our pockets. Most of us tend to get excited when we see a large box on our birthday gift pile. Our imagination starts running wild – what oh what could be inside? As the anticipation grows, tearing through layer after layer of wrapping, we rip open the box as Dylan did on his birthday only to find that the box contains a sign reading “Couldn’t afford a present this year, so I got you this box” – thanks Dad!

That’s A Wrap!

There’s nothing like a weekend away with your partner to relax and unwind – maybe rekindle the romance in your marriage. Just be sure you don’t leave an un-monitored teenager at home – with lots and lots of plastic wrap as well! When the Miller couple got back from their weekend away, they found that their son, Kyle, had plastic wrapped the entire outside of the house! All of it! He said he wanted to keep things under wraps!

Shave That Mess For Someone Else!

If you live with someone who shaves regularly, you’ll be familiar with this. There’s nothing more disgusting and annoying than having to wipe up someones shaved hair from the sink after they’ve had their way with the bathroom sink. This poor girl was teased by her boyfriend after she repeatedly asked him to clean up after himself. But, as we all know, boys will be boys. Her request for a tidy bathroom instead prompted this ridiculous response in follicle form!

Toe-tally Disgusting!

Nothing quite says happy birthday better than a tasty looking cake. People have gone to great lengths to make some seriously beautiful birthday cakes in the past – but then there are those who go a step further. This mother clearly had a funny idea in mind when she decided to gift her child with a “Find the Toenail” cake! There’s nothing worse than wanting a slice of your own cake, but being paranoid about the missing toenail hidden somewhere inside. That’s one way to get them to ration it out!

That’s Cold!

Everyone loves an ice cream on a hot summer day. So when dad offers to make some for the family, who could turn him down? But what they don’t know is that dad has been up to his usual tricks and has carefully replaced most of the ice-cream with water balloons! The surprise on everyone’s faces as they lick their way down to what is sure to be a funny and candid moment was probably worth all the effort!

Bread Jenga!

We don’t really know what her brother was thinking when he decided to do this, but the result is absolutely hilarious! Talk about the princess and the pea – but in reverse! This little girl managed to sleep through an entire loaf being balanced on her face! Her brother must have struggled to keep his laughter in while his little sister dozed ever so sweetly as the pile grew higher and higher. No wonder she had dreams of sandwiches for months after that!

Age Is But A Number…

Addressing someone’s age on their birthday is often regarded as a tricky subject. Most people walk on eggshells when it comes to the matter, but the Tufaro family decided to be really frank about wishing their father a happy birthday. Age is just a number, but ‘Holy Crap – You’re Old!” has to be one of the funniest ways to wish someone a happy birthday we have ever seen! It’s the thought that counts!

Laugh Until You Cry!

This mother was clearly annoyed by the idea of having strange children rock up to her door on Haloween and decided to make sure that they never bothered her again. We’ve all heard of candied apples before – but candied onions? Well, on Haloween, the poor trick or treaters were definitely in for a trick when they were offered what looked like a tasty candied apple, but turned out to be a candied onion! This brings a whole new meaning to “laugh until you cry.”

Arachnophobes Beware!

Huge spiders? Uh…no thanks! This clever kid decided to prank his mother who is a sworn arachnophobe. Even the very thought of spiders freaks her out! So her son decided to play this cruel and rather funny trick on her with nothing but a cup, a pen, and some creative thinking! They often say that the thought of something is worse than the thing itself, so we can only imagine how paranoid his mother must have been when she saw this!

All I Want For Christmas Is…

We all love running down to the Christmas tree early on Christmas morning and unwrapping our presents as children. There’s nothing like the joy that comes with finding the surprise under all that wrapping paper. But when the presents are done, what would you do if you found this in your fridge? These kids thought it would be a funny idea to give their parents a surprise of their own this Christmas! Merry Christmas Mom and Dad!

Off Limits

Teenagers can be really fussy about having their room cleaned. They like their privacy and often enjoy the comfort of their own mess. So when mom keeps threatening to tidy up that mess in your room if you don’t, you simply have to take extra measures to secure your privacy! This young man had the ingenious idea of using string to create a maze of “lasers.” Too bad this probably took more time and effort than simply cleaning his room would have!

Revenge Is Best Served Cold…And Plastic Wrapped!

Fred had been asking his wife to stop making him ham and cheese sandwichs for work every day, claiming that he was tired of tasting the same old thing every day. After a while of nagging his wife, she had an idea. She simply left the plastic on his cheese and let him figure out the rest from there! What a nasty surprise for Fred at work that day! I suppose the motto is – make your own lunch if you’re not happy with your wife’s!

Clean As A Whistle!

Tom had been visiting his parent house for the weekend when his dad asked him if he could clean the car for him. Being a grown man, Tom didn’t like the idea of having to do chores for his parents but obliged nonetheless. When Tom asked his father how clean he wanted the car to be, his father answered “Clean as a whistle!” This gave Tom an idea and he decided to make sure the car was not only clean, but also whistled!

What’s For Dessert?

When Aidan and Callum came to visit their mom for April fools, they were the ones expecting to fool her. After their prank had been carried out upon arrival at her home, the family settled down for a meal. When it came time for dessert, their mother excused herself for a few moments. While they were talking and reminiscing, she was in the kitchen – cooking up some revenge! It seems that no one is safe on April Fools!

Freshly Brewed

There’s nothing like a fresh cup of warm, home-brewed coffee in the morning to wake you up and stir the senses. The very smell of fresh coffee woke this woman up early in the morning. Tempted by the delightful odor she followed her nose into the living room of all places. What she found shocked her! Her husband informed her that this was, in fact, the correct traditional way to brew homely Italian style coffee. They say coffee is good for the soul – although I think he misinterpreted that!

Filet de Carton!

When Josephine asked her husband to do the cooking for a change, he put his creative skills to the test. The result was nothing short of pure gastronomic genius – a dish that could easily rival any of Ainsley’s or Ramsay’s! To make Filet de Carton, simply cut-up one cardboard box, crack two eggs and dip the cardboard into the egg. Then add a liberal coating of breadcrumbs, fry for 5-10 minutes and voila! Filet de Carton! An internet delicacy!

Family Photo Gone Wrong

There’s nothing like hiring a professional photographer to take your family photos and portraits. If you’re collecting photos for your famiy’s album, you might as well get them in crisp, high-quality detail to ensure that you and your family look the best when your future selves review them. The Williams family didn’t expect to capture this magical little mishap when baby Todd had a little accident on his dad’s head. A truly priceless moment!

David Hassel-how?

When you know your sister has a crush on someone like David Hasselhoff, it pays to show her you care. This annoying younger brother decided to plaster pictures of the famous TV star all over her bedroom. Like seriously, it looks like someone detonated a David Hasselhoff bomb in there! We don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like this and the results were obviously hilarious! Definitely one for the family album and worth a good few laughs!

My Ch-Air Cannon!

Dad’s office is his own personal sanctuary. It’s closed off from the kids and should be treated with utmost respect at all times: direct orders from the big man himself. Unless, of course, your kids are a couple of highly skilled and creative pranksters! The result of their tomfoolery – a surprise that is certain to give Dad the fright of his life! Laughs and shouts were guaranteed after this amazing air-cannon prank. Good thinking kids!

Don’t Worry – I’ve Got You!

DIY is one of the greatest pastimes a man can have. It’s healthy and creative and puts a man’s energy to good use around the home. But always be sure to have a good and capable partner help you out when doing your DIY, as you’re most likely to need a helping hand at times – especially when it comes to using a ladder. These two dads thought it would be a good idea to try some experimental ladder techniques – you can only guess what mom was thinking when she took the photo!