These Hilarious NFL Photos Will Make You Fall Off Your Seat


What A Mug

Football is one of the greatest sports, reliably producing some of the most hilarious pictures we’ve yet seen. When Jay Cutler joined the Broncos, he was a promising quarterback. Unfortunately for the Broncos, he never delivered. An episode of South Park hits this on the mark when Stan says to Cutler, “Nice to meet you! I mean you kind of suck, but my dad says you might be good someday!” Despite his lack of skill, his faces are some of the best in NFL history.

Having A Gay Time

Sometimes two unrelated things come together at the right time to produce a beautiful result. The cameraman thought he was capturing these two Indiana Colts in a tight embrace after they put points on the board, but just then the Saint’s Randall Gay passed into the frame. What are the chances Gay would display his surname at the right place and at the right time for the camera? Actually, something like this probably happened nearly every game he started in for the Saints.

Second Year In A Row

If this list seems saturated by Browns signs, there’s a pretty good reason. This team hasn’t had a winning season in years. Year after year, the Browns are reliably horrible. In Cleveland’s credit, fans do seem to make the best of it, always coming to games with a hopeful smile on, despite the reality that they will probably lose. This poor fan appears to have come to terms with the stark world he lives in, with his partner next to him emphasizing how truly miserable the situation is.

Taking On The Rams

This young Rams player chose the wrong path and collided with referee number 53. Big mistake. This is a referee that won’t take any shenanigans and is letting the players know it. After his counterpunch took down the Rams’ wide receiver charging right at him, he proved to the teams that even if their players are younger and stronger, he’s still tougher. The referee brushed it off like it was nothing. Maybe he should have chosen boxing as a profession instead of becoming an NFL referee.

Nothing To Be Ashamed Of, Tom

Tom Brady is unpopular with many because of all the teams he’s knocked out on his way to his impressive five Super Bowl wins and eight appearances. Out of all of these teams, perhaps the one that hates him most is the Buffalo Bills. The Bills are the only team to make it to the Super Bowl four times in a row and lose every time. Coupled with the fact that they are forced to play in the Patriots’ division, these Bills have reason to insult Brady.

Contradicting Calls

For those unfamiliar with the sport, this picture demonstrates exactly how bad the officiation can be in the NFL. Thankfully, the organization has wised up and implemented reviews of footage in real time as part of the officiating apparatus over the years. This ensures the calls on the field are as accurate as possible, something that couldn’t be said before the age of replays. While we don’t envy the head referee trying to make sense of the situation pictured below, we certainly can laugh!

Is This Seat Taken?

Tight end Jason Witten retired from the Dallas Cowboys after 15 years of outstanding performances in the NFL. Surely a future Hall of Famer, you would be hard pressed to find another picture that best represents his years there. It appears that he chose then and there to sit down, much to the dismay of the defending Eagle. The two teams are also vicious rivals, which makes the image just that much sweeter for Cowboys fans commemorating Witten’s retirement.

Jerry Jones Jeer

This skillfully-timed photograph should have won a Pulitzer Prize. On the left, Philip Rivers sneers at Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones after defeating his team in a preseason game. As the game plainly didn’t count for anything, it makes his hilarious face even funnier. Jones doesn’t seem to notice, which makes the snapshot all the more impressive. The teams don’t meet often because they are in different conferences, but it doesn’t appear to have been lost on Rivers that the last time the Cowboys defeated the Chargers was in 2005.

Can’t Say It’s Not Deserved

These Jets fans knew how to take the burns to a new level at this matchup with the Eagles. For those who are too young to remember, Michael Vick used to be an Atlanta Falcon. He was selected to three Pro-bowls there, thanks in no small part to his groundbreaking rushing prowess. He fell from grace, however, after it was discovered he was running a dog fighting ring and served time in prison. On his return to the NFL, he was welcomed into the Philadelphia Eagles but (deservingly) disparaged by dog lovers everywhere.

Party Zone!

Sometimes things line up just right to emphasize the irony of a given situation. Looks like this Colts fan is all partied out as the game isn’t going in his team’s favor. The TV broadcaster didn’t get the memo, however, and put an advertisement for Bud Light’s Party Zone right over a broken man who just watched his team drop the ball. What makes the whole thing much worse is that he really looks like he came prepared for the party!


The Patriots’ Tom Brady is one of the greatest players to play the game, having led his team to more Super Bowls than any other quarterback in the game. While this understandably makes him one of the most despised players in the league, the deflate-gate scandal didn’t help his popularity. The NFL suspended him after they found evidence that proved he was complicit in Patriots employees deflating balls so they would be easier to catch. After Brady appealed the suspension, a judge overturned it because he deemed the evidence insufficient to implicate Brady’s involvement.

First To Be Worst

The most tragic team in the NFL over the past two decades are the Cleveland Browns. The last time they had a winning season was over 10 years ago, so fans figured the least they could do is hold a record for being the worst; at least then their names would be in the books. However, as this Lions fan points out, the Browns can’t even be the first in losing. In 2008, the Lions became first NFL team to boast a 0-16 season, a feat the Browns only managed after 11 straight years of losing seasons.

Getting Over A Breakup

Not all of these images are directly related to the game, but that doesn’t make this sign any less hilarious. Cheating is never the right thing to do, and so when his ex-girlfriend publicly shamed him at the Green Bay Packers game, this guy got exactly what he deserved. The biggest winner is her friend, who got a free ticket to see the game after it became clear the boyfriend was not going to be present to see the competition.

The Truth Comes Out

For some reason, Jay Cutler is just one of those NFL players fans love to hate. It wasn’t until this sign, however, that we realized that Tony Romo is just as fun to poke fun at. There are many similarities between the two: both have decent quarterback ratings, for example, but neither has ever won a Super Bowl. While similarities such as these have been long overlooked, it took a Philadelphia Eagles fan to point it out. Indeed, they are a very special breed.

Good Ol’ Goodell

Plainly not the most popular of figures in the NFL, everywhere Commissioner Roger Goodell goes he is accompanied by jeers and boos from angry fans. He is hated by many for siding with team owners instead of promoting long-ignored player safety considerations, but this New Orleans Saints fan likely hates him for swiftly punishing the Saints with the toughest sanctions on a team ever, for a deplorable bounties program that rewarded Saints players for injuring opponents. Saints fans felt unfairly punished after their team’s rise in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, which devastated their city.

Repeat Performance

Maybe we’re being too harsh on Jay Culter, as he probably is the best quarterback the Chicago Bears have ever had. That being said, this isn’t the type of face the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger wears when he’s tied at the fourth quarter with 20 seconds left on the clock. There’s still time for a winning play, but Culter looks completely incapable of leading his teammates to victory. Maybe that’s just the difference between a winner and a loser; We’d choose number seven over number six any old day of the week.

Rocky Mountain High

While the rest of the Denver Broncos stadium appears to have bundled up in the cold Rocky Mountain winds up in Mile High Stadium, this fanatical fan is showing off his team spirit by wearing a barrel. We hope he didn’t get hypothermia dressed like that! It seems like a sure way to die of exposure. Maybe he’s keeping warm by screaming into his megaphone because his hat and gloves are certainly not enough to keep out the cold.

Finding Johnson’s Johnson

Thursday night was a very special evening for Andre Johnson of the Houston Texans. While he thought jumping into the crowd to celebrate would be fun, he got much more than he bargained for. Most of the other fans in the bleachers seem to be celebrating appropriately, the blonde woman on the left looks like she is ecstatic to get the opportunity to explore his nether parts. Johnson is the best receiver the Texans have ever had, so maybe she’s just trying to thank him for helping the team out.

Why, Of Course He’s A Steelers Fan

It’s been assumed that God is indeed a Steelers fan, as they have had more Super Bowl victories than any other team, six to be exact. Perhaps this year the Steelers will finally climb their stairway to seven rings, but only if they listen to the advice of the big guy upstairs. If you’re from Pittsburgh, the three words you’ve probably heard more than any others is “run the ball!” and their biggest fan has the same advice.

The Futility Of It All

The Browns have never won a Super Bowl but they remember well the last time they won an NFL Championship in 1964. Year after year since then, they have dropped the ball when they were doing well. After decades of struggling to win a Super Bowl, despite being in the running very often, team owner Art Modell moved the team to Baltimore and changed their name to the Ravens. Cleveland would retain a team that inherited the history and reputation, but since then they have only had two winning seasons.