Hilarious Airport Moments Captured On Camera



It’s common knowledge that international travel often leads to less than ideal sleeping conditions. You’re either forced to cram yourself into a small seat, attempting to catch a few winks, or your left to try and doze between flights. This woman got creative, fitting her small frame through the armrests that had been deliberately placed to prevent her from sleeping.


Cheeky Lady

Air passengers arrive for their flights armed with all sorts of tools to try and maximize comfort while their spending half a day or more in the air. This woman brought along a travel pillow, as many do, however, it seems that it never occurred to her that placement is everything with a tan colored pillow. Rather than appearing ready for comfort, many unsuspecting passengers kept mistaking her pillow for a bared bottom as they passed her in the terminal.


Is This The Cockpit?

In one of the most bizarre ad campaigns for an airline ever, this company thought it would be a good idea for their pilot, an integral part of any airline company, to sit in front of the engine. At the very least, she thought it was a funny joke, sitting so at ease when in reality she could have been in such great danger. It’s a great lesson for all of us to relax and just enjoy what life throws at us.


Delayed Maturity

It’s no secret that kids are growing up later these days. While the baby boomer generation were often already married home owners by their late 20’s, these days young adults are far less likely to move out and start a family of their own at the same age. This millennial decided to prank his parents by showing up at the airport in his footie pajamas, informing them that he ran out of cereal while they were away. We hope his parents were in on the joke.



As young children find their feet, they learn that they have the power of discovery at their heels. In order to prevent tots from running off and getting lost, this mother purchased two kid leashes. With a whimsical monkey design, it’s the perfect way to trick your little ones into staying close. But these two kids were more than this woman bargained for, and it seems that for these high spirited children, they were not willing to be tamed.


Checked In

Though we may all wonder what it would be like to ride the luggage carousel, especially as you add precious waiting time following your arduous journey as you wait for your luggage to arrive, many are not brave enough to try it out. On the flip side, it would be cheaper to skip the plane ticket all together and just be checked in as luggage. It would definitely be an economical way to afford vacations for the whole family. Just kidding, this girl is just “planking.”


Shining Armor

For those high powered business men crisscrossing the globe for meetings with their very many important clients, having a shoe shiner on hand is an important detail when flying business casual. These two ladies were in for the shock of their life when two cosplayers showed up, enlisting aid to keep their costumes spic and span before the big Convention. For these ladies’ paycheck, we hope they asked for a full body buff, though it might have cut into their Con time.


Passenger Falcons

When you’re royalty, you’re royalty, and that means your subjects will often cater to your every whim. This prince decided it was high time to invest in bringing falconry to his country, and decided that the precious birds should travel in style. Sparing no expense, he purchased a seat per bird, determined to ensure that the natural hunters were comfortable until they arrived at their newly built mew in the palace menagerie. For the other passengers’ sake, we hope there were birdie bathroom facilities.


Time Limits

Airport goodbyes are one of the worst goodbyes a couple can have, especially when you’re in a long distance relationship, and it’s unclear just when you’ll get to see your loved one again. This compassionate airport decided to designate an area just for those such lovers, reminding them to show their appreciation to one another, but only for three minutes or less. It’s a nice way of acknowledging that seeing someone off on a trip can often be an emotional experience.


Check Your Lightsabers At The Counter

These four super fans had the brilliant idea to dress up in a group costume in anticipation of their friend’s return to Denver just in time for the release of the latest Star Wars movie. The group fully committed to the joke, even writing “Vader” on the sign they held up for him, while Vader himself made a grand entrance into the arrivals to the tune of the “Imperial March”. Onlookers were delighted by the hilarious display.


Too Specific

When the cat’s away, the mice will play. This family thought it would be hilarious to greet their mother’s return by pretending that she was just being released from prison. When the young child revealed the “from prison” sign, Mom was not too pleased that now total strangers thought her some sort of prisoner. She even considered turning around and getting back on a different flight, rather than returning to the home she could consider a prison in and of itself.


In No Rush

When you reach a certain age, you often stop caring about social norms, understanding from experience the importance of taking care of yourself first. Granny hopped onto the moving walkway ahead of all these youngsters, and then proceeded to block the entire path forward, figuring that if anyone was really in a rush, they could have just power walked of their own accord. Overall, the passengers behind her seem to be enjoying the joke. Except that one guy in the back. He was not amused.


Business Or Pleasure?

Airport mishaps come in various shapes and sizes. Sometimes they get your meal wrong, sometimes your flight is delayed, and sometimes they lose your luggage before an important business trip. This man was so pissed about his lost luggage on his return flight that he chose to turn up in only his undies, just to show the unsuspecting airport staff the consequences of their negligence. Others may have thought it was a joke, but this guy was serious business.

Airport Security Inspection

Organized Security

The nonchalant Italian attitude regarding living life and having fun has carried over even to airport security. One scrupulous passenger glanced behind him only to notice something bizarre on this employee’s computer screen. No, they weren’t vigilantly checking luggage, or visa validation, they were passing the time playing solitaire. Then again, who wouldn’t get bored checking passport after passport. At a certain point, even the most exotic passports lose their novelty. So play on! We all deserve to have some fun at work.


Multipurpose Luggage

Any parent who’s ever traveled with children has realized just how difficult it can be to maneuver with both their luggage and a stroller. After all, you can only fit so much in the strollers storage space, and it generally requires two handed operation. This family opted out of that difficulty by choosing luggage over their child’s ease, but she had the last laugh when she fell asleep. Never one to balk at a challenge though, Dad got creative and schlepped her on his suitcase instead.


Traveling Light

There are many hypocritical young people these days who deride modern technology, while still attached at the hip to their smart phones. Finding the hardships of the past quaint, some are trying to balance innovation with the past. These two hipsters had no qualms about toting around heavy typewriters, however cumbersome they may have been, if only for the brilliant effect it had on their writing. There’s nothing like some fresh ink and a roll of paper for getting those creative juices flowing.


Red Light, Green Light

Regional airports, tucked into the midst of a small island are often short on space, so this one city decided to compromise, intersecting its runway with a main thoroughfare, without realizing of course that landing planes can be a hazard to everyday drivers. Unfortunately, they don’t have the resources to reroute either the avenue or the runway, so they’ve been making out like a drawbridge or train crossing, constantly forcing drivers to halt for indeterminate amounts of time whenever a plane is landing.


Place All Cuddly Objects In A Bin

New mothers know how hard it can be to juggle life with a baby. This mother needed a safe place to put her little one down where he couldn’t crawl away while removing her shoes for a security check. The baby at least looks happily occupied, giving mom the moment she needed to breathe and take care of business. Hopefully, the baby doesn’t resent her later when he finds out she dumped him in a security-check bin at such a formative age.


Flying To See Jenny

It’s hard to tell if this yet another cosplayer, though Forrest Gump cosplaying is a new one for us, if it’s Halloween, or if this guy just coincidentally has the same fashion sense as Forrest. It’s unlikely to be the latter, given the specificity of his haircut and his sneakers. The only thing that would have made the picture more complete is if he were careening through the airport in a last minute attempt to catch his imminently departing flight.


Choking Up

Mokie’s story is classic tale of the former frat boy seeking spiritual enlightenment in the farthest reaches of the world, or in his case, Boston. This small town boy from Edmonton went on the trip of lifetime when he did an exchange semester at a foreign university. Though he enjoyed his time there thoroughly, his two best friends had been highly anticipating his return. To celebrate, they made this sign and a blow up cut out of his head from their favorite picture of him.


Proposed Itinerary

When the realization that you want to spend your life with someone hits you, sometimes it doesn’t matter if the scenario is highly romantic or not. It just matters that you let your partner know just how important they are to you. So when this guy went to the airport to meet his longterm girlfriend, he just couldn’t hold himself back anymore. He had missed her so much while she was away, he got down on his knee right in the terminal.


Sparking An Idea

These rapid charging stations that safely lock your phone up as it fills the battery has been a helpful innovation for the vast majority of the population who rely on their smartphones. But they didn’t anticipate that some customers may have alternate charging needs. In this case, the object in question doesn’t appear to be either a phone or a tablet, so the crafty owner took matters into his own hands, sharing the socket with the charging station.


What A Welcome

This guy wanted to do something nice for his wife, figuring she could use the reminder of just how much he loved her. So when he went to pick her up from the airport, it seemed like a good idea to dress up in a suit and bring along a sign reading, “Smokin Hot Italian Chick”. For both of their sakes, we hope she appreciated the gesture, and the couple went home happy to see one another again.


Terminally Grounded

For many travelers, their worst nightmare is to be stuck in an airport because all flights were grounded due to a storm. If you’re not in your hometown, it often means scrambling for a hotel room or making due with whatever resources you have on hand in order to make yourself as comfortable as possible. In the case of these two travelers, they knew there would be no hope of getting any shut eye unless they could manufacture some darkness. Thank goodness they found these boxes!


Doodie Free

Travelers are increasingly insisting on bringing their pets along on their vacations with them. Like doggy daycare and pet spas, airports are realizing how important it is to build infrastructure for these pet parents. There are a lot of benefits to adding pet relief areas, as the sign calls it, namely fewer incidents of pet waste strewn about the thruways of a busy terminal. Now pets can also go in style, complete with a patch of astroturf and a fire hydrant.


Well, That’s Reassuring

Flying out of Domodedovo International Airport in Moscow can be quite alarming when you look out of the window only to discover a crashed plane sitting in the adjacent forest. The downed jet is the remains of Dagestan Airlines Flight 372, whose engines failed shortly after it departed another local Moscow airport, Vnukovo International Airport. As the pilot attempted to land the plane in freezing rain, he missed the runway just a bit, fracturing the plane into three pieces on impact.


It’s Personal

There are many ways to give personalized gifts, with photos of the receiver often printed on household items, such as mugs. This guy’s well meaning family thought it would be a sweet gesture to print his face on his luggage, both personalizing their present and ensuring that no one else would ever mistake is bag for their own. They may have been better off had they gone with a photo of the family dog instead of this awkward vacation photo, however.


Nunderneath The Robes

Being selected from random security screening is never fun, but it must be extra humiliating for a woman of the church. The agent had to work double duty patting down her nun’s habit for hidden weapons, just in case the nun was not really a nun but someone posing as a nun in order to slip through security undetected. It looked like this sister knew she had nothing to fear and just trusted in her faith to pull her through.


Rolly Davidson

While a motorbike may seem like a more convenient option for city dwellers, it often comes at the cost of storage. Sure, it seemed like a good idea to do an airport pickup on the bike, but this couple was forgetting about the necessity of having a space for luggage. Rather than giving it up as a lost cause, they decided it was a good idea to just let the suitcase wheel behind them. We hope they and their possessions made it home safe and sound!



There are many ways to entertain yourself and others during a long airport layover. These two b-boys figured they may as well get some practice while they waited to board their flight. To the delight (and horror) of onlookers, they performed this whole routine without even breaking into a sweat. So nonchalant was their stunt that the guy sitting down was able to be a sturdy base for his friend and continue to make headway on his vacation reading.


Make Yourself At Home

When faced with interminable waiting times, it’s important to think of your physical and mental comfort first. While other passengers were in agony after having to spend hours on their feet waiting, one guy cut to the chase and got comfortable on the ground. Even if the floor of the airport is particularly dirty, he was probably more comfortable stretched out on the floor in line than he would be until he had ultimately reached his final destination.


Many Hands Make Flight Work

Reality television has truly become a monster of its own making. While some of the weirdest reality show concepts come from Japan, America is sure giving them a run for their money. This photo was taken from a show titled Man vs Beast  in a stunt where producers decided to see who could pull a DC-10 plane faster, an elephant, or 44 little people combined. In an event now memorialized on the internet, the elephant won.


The Grinch Of The Airport

It’s easy to understand why airlines ban a number of items from the skies, including any sort of dangerous weapon, but including in those guidelines are also liquids in quantities above a certain amount, due to their potential to be misused. This restriction would therefore include large snow globes, though a blanket ban seems unnecessary. For those familiar with durian, a fruit native to southeast Asia, then you know how easy its pungent smell permeates the air. We’re sure passengers appreciated that rule.


Not Taking Any Chances

The lengths passengers go in order to ensure their personal comfort in flight is usually standard. We can’t really blame this guy for wanting to use his noise cancelling headphones, plus a neck pillow and eye mask, as all can help contribute to a more pleasant flight experience, especially when you’re intent on sleeping throughout the flight. What makes this guy stand out is his insistence on using a respiratory mask in order to keep the airplane cooties away.


In Plane View

The lengths people will go to be Instagram influencers has reached new heights. Though most popular internet presences require careful cultivation, this Brazilian pilot, Daniel Centeno, takes selfies to a new level. Of course, it became apparent almost immediately that there was no way the stunt could have been real, as beautiful as it is, given his perfectly perched sunglasses and coifed hair. Users quickly figured out that the striking image is photoshopped, but Daniel’s popularity hasn’t waned.


I Saw The Sign… And It Was Illegible

Kids often take inspiration from their surroundings, attempting to copy what they see on TV and in movies. This little girl really wanted to greet her grandparents at the airport like she always saw others do, and she needed to complete the look with a sign of her own. Though she hasn’t quite mastered the art of letters yet, this youngster’s sign was touching just the same. Give her another year, and “grandma” and “grandpa” will almost certainly be legible.


Drawing The Line

Finding ways to occupy children during a long flight is always a challenge. It’s a good idea for parents to bring as many entertainment options as possible, from books, to movies, to card games, or even coloring. Unfortunately for this Chinese man, his young child found his passport and thought it would be the perfect canvas to showcase his artwork while he was bored. Dad was understandably not amused, as there’s no way border control would accept such a damaged government document.


One More

If you ever had doubts about how luggage handlers treat suitcases, look no further, because this photo can confirm your fears. Just kidding, these leaning towers of suitcase aren’t the result of employee negligence, but rather an attempt at artistic commentary. This particular installation can be found at the Sacramento International Airport in Terminal A. Ironically, the exhibit was placed through out both departures and the baggage claim area. The name given to this installation is “Samson,” after the biblical strongman.


Good To Keep In Mind

When designing an airport for a small space, it would be good for architects and city planners to remember that runways need to be inaccessible to foot traffic. Unfortunately for the people who live near St. Maarten’s Princess Juliana Airport, the runways don’t have any means to prevent pedestrians from being within range of the blast of a jet engine. The sign was posted after a tourist died from an injury sustained when she was knocked off of her feet by a departing jet.



One little considered hazard of flying is the possibility of collision with other sky dwellers, namely birds. Though airports have all sorts of mechanisms put in place to keep birds away from runways in an effort to keep them from catastrophically flying into engines, the Cherry Capital Airport in Michigan employed a creative strategy all their own. Rather than relying on traps, they have a border collie named Piper on staff. Decked out in his own uniform that’s equipped with ear protection, Piper does a great job.


Runway Traffic

Never fear, this photo doesn’t actually show 70 plus planes departing at once. That would be an incredible safety hazard. But in order to show the scope of just how busy Los Angeles International Airport is, the photographer Mike Kelley took photos of every single plane to depart the busy transit hub. Using 75 of the best images out of over 400, he photoshopped them into a collage to appear to be taking off together. He calls the photo, “Wake Turbulence.”


One-Way To Antarctica

These two little guys are used to showing off. Though many of us dream of show business, partially for the jet setting lifestyle it entails, these two penguins are living that reality. As seasoned performers from Sea World, these two birds know how to behave themselves in public, so their tamer often lets them waddle through security on their own, charming everyone they meet. It’s good to know that some travelers still like dressing up to fly.


Run(a)way Bear

Alaska is well known for its abundance of wilderness. No one moves there thinking they can tame nature, but rather that they can integrate with it. But for the airport, sometimes that attitude gets them in a bit of trouble. In this case, it wasn’t weather that grounded a plane, but a polar bear that had wandered onto the tarmac. Poor guy seems a bit lost. In order to remove him from the area, he needed a dose of tranquilizers before being taken home.


Always Log Out

It’s always a good idea to find ways of having fun when you’re at work. These two baggage handlers found a lost phone belonging to a woman named Jasmine. Before ensuring its safe return, they decided to have a little fun with their new find, taking a silly selfie of the two of them, and posting it to Facebook with a warning not to leave her Facebook logged in the next time she passes through the Newcastle International Airport.


We Talked About This

As if an airport break up couldn’t be worse, Britney was so horrified by the fact that her (ex) boyfriend Simon was still using the selfie stick she had forbidden him from having, that she decided to meet him at the arrivals gate with a sign loudly proclaiming their break up. Not only did all the onlookers get to witness this couple’s break up, they also know that it was over the most trivial of reasons.


Present Claim

Some companies just understand hospitality better than others. For all the excitement that goes into holiday travel, it’s often also extremely stressful, with expensive flights, long lines, and ultra crowded conditions. Spainair wanted to ease their passengers’ stress just a little bit, and presented everyone arriving in Las Palmas one Christmas Eve with a personally wrapped gift. It was a gesture that likely gained them many lifelong customers who couldn’t help but smile, no matter how long or hard their journey, when they saw the baggage carousel.


Powerful Beach Breeze

Maho Beach in the Dutch controlled portion of St. Martin is notable for very different reasons than most Caribbean beaches. Though there may be prettier or more comfortable places to sunbathe, its proximity to the airport makes for some impressive photo opportunities. Travelers often go there with the sole purpose of taking a plane selfie as the aircraft descends behind them in full view of the camera. We hope this beach also has a jet blast warning sign posted though.

Sunset-beach (1)