Hilarious Airport Pickup Signs Captured on Camera


No Commander? Go Commando

Naturally, these kids were incredibly excited to be reunited with their mother. So they decided to remind her as soon as she came back that they “r out of underwear.” We don’t think the next sentence was necessary.

airport 101

It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere

As you can see, this old man’s one of the most romantic individuals that you’re going to find at the airport. Not only did he surprise his love with cute little sign, it was merely to support his pop-up bar. Apparently “National Margarita Day” is an annual tradition in this couple’s household. So it makes sense that this hopeless romantic refused to let his wife miss this “drink-tastic” holiday. So if you want inspiration for a romantic welcome, look no further.

airport 102

Cereal Killer

Some things just never change. You put your baby in a pyjama onesie laden with penguins, thirty years happen in the blink of an eye. Lo and behold, your son is a baby in a fully grown man’s body, still doing immature things. Or, maybe he just took his onesie with because he decided to stay at the airport overnight. At any rate, there’s one thing is that remains a certainty, this hungry man was out of cereal.

airport 103

With F.R.I.E.N.D.S Like These

If you haven’t watched an episode of Friends in your life, where have you been for the last 25 years? Any seasoned pop culture aficionado is familiar with the term “Princess Consuela.” The truth is that if you haven’t watched the hit sitcom, then you’re simply not going to get this airport sign. The likelihood is that this guy and his partner who is about to arrive are big fans of Ross, Rachel, Joey, Chandler and Phoebe.

airport 104

Trust No One

There are some things that just don’t need to be announced in public. This particular airport sign is a classic example. It looks like this lady is welcoming a loved one home after completing rehab. However, if we were them, we’d probably want to keep that information between family members only. Our word of advice: next time you’re welcoming someone back from rehab, maybe consider that they don’t want the public to know. We appreciate the sentiment though.

airport 105

Never Liked That Couch Anyway

When one goes away for a significant period of time, there is no denying that one’s dogs are going to show signs of significant anticipation for their owner’s return. However, we didn’t realize that some dogs can get so excited that they could eat the couch. Apparently, this was the case when this particular individual returned home to discover that their sofa was in fact, missing. But we’re going to the let the dogs off on this one, they’re just so adorable!

airport 106

Dad Jokes

When Darth Vader (spoiler alert 40 years later) revealed to Luke Skywalker that he was actually his father, no one watching could believe this stunning revelation. So imagine how Rebecca felt when she returned from her vacation to find out that Darth Vader was also her dad! Maybe she’s just a big Star Wars fan and her dad wanted to greet her appropriately. Or, maybe he’s the Star Wars fan and is in the process of turning his daughter to the dark side of the force.

airport 107

Size Matters

Look, we agree that it is absolutely heartwarming when one’s children are independent enough to come to the airport and greet their parents from a long, exhausting flight. But this doesn’t take away from the fact that people need to understand the sign that’s being presented to them. Either these kids didn’t realize that they used the word “we” twice or, maybe they were just trying to add dramatic effect to the sign: “Hi Mom, only we…WE would do this.”

airport 108

Zero To Hero

We know what you might be thinking right now: these two can’t possibly be a couple. They seem like two very different people from completely different backgrounds. However, you should never judge a book by its cover and ultimately, it’s not all about looks. As you can see, this lucky lady was running out of money and was wondering where her sugar daddy could have possibly gone to. So we guess that all is well with the world now.

airport 109

Nothing But The Truth

When we first saw this airport sign, we feared the worst for the man who was about to touch down. However, we then noticed the tiny smirk on the face of the man holding the sign. We’re pretty convinced that this nothing more than some cheeky in-law banter. These two brothers-in-law probably get on really well! At least, we hope they do. Otherwise, this situation could actually be pretty awkward…This image goes to show that nothing quite compares to family.

airport 110

Serve And Protect

Now, we doubt that this baby is old enough to remember the one hit wonder by Carly Rae Jepsen “Call Me Maybe.” In fact, we’re pretty sure that this baby hasn’t even learned to speak yet, never mind having the ability to the read or write an airport sign. However, there’s no denying that this baby’s returning father would be familiar with the song lyrics and the heartfelt rendition on this sign. But maybe Harper did just meet her father, who just came back from duty…

airport 111

Says It All

Sometimes, it’s not what is written on the airport sign, but the thought that counts. However, it can be problematic if the returnee can’t read the sign. Nevertheless, we believe that the happy parent returning to their little girl will recognize her instantly. It’s funny because in this case, the unreadable sign makes this moment even cuter than it already was. We have to take our hat off to this little angel, who just took the concept of cuteness to the next level.

airport 112

Shocking News

We have a message to the man behind this particular airport sign – whatever you do, don’t sound too excited that your girlfriend who has just come back from a round the world trip is back in one piece. Something tragic could have happened! All you have to say for yourself is, “Oh great, you somehow survived.” Not only does he not sound excited upon her return, he’s also surprised that she came back at all. It’s almost as if he didn’t want her to return!

airport 113

Mission Complete

This is another classic example of an airport sign that potentially gives away a little too much information. All this family had to do was take away “from prison” part and this would have been a perfectly acceptable airport sign. Now, everyone at the airport knows that this family is welcoming back their convict wife/mother. People are probably wondering, ‘what did this mother of two do to end up in prison?’ Needless to say, there’s probably some individuals feeling on edge right now.

airport 115

Love Is Gender Blind

Is this another potential case of too much information? Looks like this guy had got over the initial big news that his mother had actually become another father to him. We do forgive him that he still made the mistake of referring to him as “mum.” Or, maybe he wrote the mistake intentionally as a joke. We prefer the idea of the former. At any rate, turning up to welcome one’s parent at the airport is commendable.

airport 116

The Last Time

On first read, this could be interpreted as an utterly morbid sign. However, we’re pretty sure that she was implying that she missed the person returning home. Either that, or she’s just fed up with going to the airport if it’s not for flying to an exotic holiday resort. Instead of writing something direct and warm, she decided to cover up how much she missed her loved one by complaining about having to pick them up from the airport.

airport 117

Wanted – Alive

You remember the classic song by Mariah Carey, “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” right? Well, it seems like that song was the inspiration behind this cheeky airport sign. However, the writer flipped the lyrics and turned it into a “wanted: dead or alive” sort of situation. Let’s face it, no one wants to be away from their loved ones during the festive period. And it seems like this couple is no different. ‘Tis the season, after all.

airport 118

Hate That I Love You

Boys will be boys, and this crew seems to be staying true to the tough love stereotype amongst many male social circles. We are sure that deep down, this group of friends were desperate for their buddy to come back home. They probably thought it would be funny to act like they didn’t miss him at all and so they decided to be macho and refuse to show their true feelings. At least the gang are back together again.

airport 119

More Than Friends

This could mean one of two things. Either, this guy who’s waiting for his friend Tom at the airport thought it would be funny to see how he reacted if he pretended to propose to him. The other possibility is that this guy is genuinely in love with Tom. So in that case, we consider the gesture to be very romantic! If the latter is true though, we’re wondering, where is that ring? Tom will be expecting you to get on one knee…

airport 120

Know What You Want

There are too many things that are wrong with this image. Firstly, who goes to the airport to “pick people up?” Why not go to a normal place to talk to women like a bar or a social club? This just seems strange. We’re sure that there are some women out there who would find the gesture somewhat romantic. But the majority would probably find a man dressed up like one of the Men In Black to be pretty creepy.

airport 121

Adopt, Don’t Shop

We’re pretty sure that these three individuals aren’t actually orphans, or “orphanz” as they wrote on their airport sign. These are simply three siblings who are waiting patiently for their parents to return from their much needed holiday away from them. It goes to show how much of a positive impact these parents must have had on their kids. They’re still coming to meet them at the airport in the thirties! Soon enough, this happy family will be reunited once again.

airport 122

Subtle Welcome

This is probably the last thing you’d like to see when you’ve just got off a long, 10-hour flight: seeing a picture of you pulling the silliest of faces and a sign showing that you’re best friends can’t even spell your name right. That’s right, we think there’s a good chance this guy’s name is actually Monkie, and they just missed out the “n.” Or maybe it’s Mookie? Or if it is Monkie, maybe that’s just a nickname.

airport 123

All For You

There are some things that are simply best left said in private. Surely Sarah’s friend could have waited until they got in the car to discuss how they’re going to handle her chronic diarrhea. And it’s not just other people that are going to find out about Sarah’s situation, but absolute strangers. Passersby who are probably never going to see Sarah again are going to tell stories about the time they walked past that awkward airport moment.

airport 124

Put The U In Cute

Sometimes, you just need to get straight to the point. Enough of these cryptic messages that can be easily misconstrued. Here, this person decided to cut to the chase, open their heart and tell their loved one exactly what they thought of their face. And by the looks of it, it seems like they are a fan. They say that honesty is the best policy, and when it comes to our closest, most trusted companions, this could never be truer.

airport 125


Here’s another classic airport sign that reveals just a bit too much about this couple’s private life. What was this guy thinking? Did he think that it would actually be romantic to reveal to the world that he was forgiving of his partner who had briefly gone astray? It even seems like he’s proud of the move, having taken a selfie of himself with the sign in his bathroom before proceeding to the airport. We don’t think this is going to end well.

airport 126

Rapid Weight Loss

This happy wife was patiently waiting for her husband to return from duty and present her baby to him for the first time. So this little poet took it upon herself to combine her weight insecurities during pregnancy with the joy of their new arrival in this catchy little rhyme. However, we think she looks great after giving birth and we think the returning husband and new father is going to be delighted to hold his baby for the first time.

airport 127

Clan Matters

Some people don’t value family. However, this guy certainly doesn’t fall into that category as he patiently awaits the arrival of “Douglas of the clan McGregor.” This is a family that never forgets where it came from and are bound by certain traditions and beliefs. This airport sign is no-nonsense. All it requires is the words on the sheet and the family crest. We wouldn’t be surprised if these two McGregors reunite in kilts and play the bagpipes all the way home.

airport 128

Blunt Lady

Funnily, there could be many individuals at the airport that day who feel like this little sign perfectly describes them. We wouldn’t be surprised if this young lady had a few strangers coming up to her and asking her if she was referring to them. Surely she could have just written the name of the returnee or even a nickname. No, this pair of friends knows each other so well that “noisy, pale-faced lady” will do just fine.

airport 129

This Isn’t A Grocery

We’re used to giving our spouses all sorts of terms of endearment. Some call each other “honey” and “bunny.” Some refer to each other as “love” or “baby.” But never in the history of romantic names have we heard someone refer to their partner as “Hot Gravy.” Maybe it’s because her man makes a fantastic gravy. Or, maybe she just wants to remind him that they need to buy some ingredients for gravy on the way home. Who knows?

airport 130

But Who’s Counting?

This woman hasn’t just been counting the days for her lover to return home from duty. She’s also been counting the hours, minutes and seconds! She’s even been counting the sheep to fall asleep, so she doesn’t have wait as long. You know what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it seems like 113 days was just so long for this patient lady that she’s put a handful of hearts on her cute airport sign.

airport 131

Question Talker

We always like to see a little bit of ingenuity in sign making. This guy seems to have knocked it out of the park with this simple but fun little innovation. All you have to do is cut a hole in your sign, build your message around it and integrate yourself into the sign! This guy simply wanted to show Taylor and Steven just how excited he was and he seems to have done it in the most heartwarming way imaginable.

airport 132

Two’s Better Than One

Ironically, we have two theories on this one. Either, this excited young lady is living in a brave new world and dating two guys at once. They both went abroad for a business trip and now they are about to reunite with the love of both their lives; the woman they are both sharing. Or, this lady has a gay brother who has been on holiday with his partner and she has a really strong relationship with both her brother and her brother-in-law.

airport 133

Living Up To The Label

This looks like it could come out of the movie Signs. This girl is probably welcoming her brother back from his year abroad. You know how it is, all siblings share a complex love-hate relationship. This girl probably uses the word “idiot” as a term of endearment for her big bro. Ironically, she cleverly flipped the word upside down, poking fun at herself in the process. There’s no denying that these two siblings have a great relationship.

airport 134

A Nerd Ventures Out

This particular sign is a reference to World Of Warcraft. This video game has a huge fan base. However, most of these fans consist of what many would believe are stereotypical nerds. This guy is seemingly fulfilling the stereotype, writing an appropriate sign to greet a guy who he met after playing online. It’s refreshing to see to people who normally would purely interact on a digital platform, finally come together and have a real, tangible friendship.

airport 135

Man On A Mission

The second airport creep on our list looks less Men In Black and more like your stereotypical man in a suit! However, we are absolutely furious with this guy’s audacious sign. Who does he think he is? It looks like he’s even stopped off at Costa Coffee to bribe female passersby with a pumpkin latte. This could be a silly bet between him and his friends. Or, this could be something he genuinely enjoys doing. Either way, it’s weird.

airport 136

Bouncing With Excitement

We firmly believe that this proud dad was waiting for his son, and not the most famous basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan. Look, Michael is a common first name, and we guess Jordan is a fairly common last name. This could easily happen. However, let’s say that this man had his baby boy less than twenty years ago. Michael Jordan was at his peak around this time. Could this man have honored to sports legend by choosing the name Michael?

airport 137

No Place Like Home

Sometimes, airport greeting signs can be just downright cheeky. This lady must have been counting the days for her man to return from duty that she simply couldn’t hide her true feelings when they were finally reunited. We’re sure she understands the huge sacrifice her husband has made for her country during these tough times. But in return, this soldier must accept that he has responsibilities back at home to. So private, prepare to be de-briefed!

airport 138

The Thought That Counts

It looks like this happy dad has finally accepted the fact that his son is gay. Many families struggle to come to terms with a member of their family coming out. However, whatever problems this family has been through seem to be a distant memory and they can now get on with their lives and carry on the good times. Nevertheless, it is probably okay to share this acceptance with the public on this greeting sign in the airport.

airport 139

You Will Live In Happiness Too

Somebody get Willy Wonka on the phone! One of his Oompa Loompas has fled his Chocolate Factory and is doing some jobs at the airport. Maybe he’s been sent by Wonka to greet some winners of the golden ticket to escort them to the secret location. Whoever Chocolate Johnny is, we hope he’s called that because he likes to eat chocolate, not because he’s actually made of chocolate! Otherwise, he might not have made it off the plane!

airport 140

Dad’s Back On The Clock

We doubt that Kaden actually wrote this heartfelt sign. If that was the case, it would make him one of the most intelligent babies of all time. Most babies struggle to walk and talk early on in their lives, never mind write! At any rate, it’s nice to know that sometimes it’s the baby taking care of the parents rather than the other way round. This basically means that the baby is the glue keeping this long distance marriage together.

airport 141

Daddy’s Girl Has No Patience

Nothing can come between a little girl and her dad. Take this little beauty for example. She’s missed her father so much while he’s been away that she is desperate to jump back in his arms. She’s not going to let anyone get in the way once she’s at the airport and if it means being rude, violent and destroying the airport in the process, then that’s what it’s going to take to bring these two back together.

airport 142

You’ve Got Some Explaining To Do

Selfie sticks are a polarizing craze, to say the least. They have sold absolute millions. And although we don’t want to say that they’ve revolutionized the way we take photos, they have certainly made it easier to take selfies. However, there are some individuals who are completely against this tool. Britney is a classic example of this. After catching her partner Simon using the device on his travels, she realized that this relationship couldn’t go any further.

airport 143

Oooo That Smell

We all have that extra-flatulent family member. Families have zero inhibitions compared to regular human interactions. This means that all hell can break loose when two relatives are hanging out. This lady is well aware that he parents are the worst when it comes to letting one (or two) rip in front of her. According to her, their farts smell terrible, and they are actually proud of this. Enough is enough, Mom and Dad – stop the madness!

airport 144

Take A Seat, We Have Some News

In this day and age, where technology is so prevalent, you’d think that it is so easy to share information with people who are on the other side of the world from you. However, when one is in the air, communication can be quite complicated. So when that rare moment occurs when your sister is pregnant and you’re too high in the sky to receive the text, you arrive at the airport to this life-changing sign. Congratulations Matt!

airport 145

It Feels Like The First Time

By the looks of this little lady, she has already been alive for a considerable amount of time. Put it this way, she wasn’t born yesterday. So this means that she has probably had to wait for quite a while to meet her father for the first time. One thing is for sure, this sign definitely would have made her dad tear up. But what would have made him more emotional, his daughter or the sign?

airport 146

Say Hello To Hollywood

Modern Family has been one of the most successful sitcoms of the last decade. And one of the actors most responsible for that is the lovable Eric Stonestreet. He had just touched down in Australia to do some promotional work for the new season when one of his biggest fans presented him with this sign. Being the talented actor he is, Stonestreet played along with it and held the sign while posing for a photo with the fan.

airport 147

Far From Falling Far From Tree

It’s a common saying, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” In case you didn’t know, this means that a child may share many similar characteristics to one of or both of their parents. This daughter/mother combo recognizes just how true they have stayed to this catchphrase. They share so many similarities that the daughter made this apple and tree airport sign to illustrate the timeless bond between her and her mommy. Adorable.

airport 148

Get To The Point

Surely, this goes without saying. When you return to your partner after going away for a certain period of time, the first thing you’re going to do is embrace them and plant a massive smacker on their lips. However, this seems to be a situation that requires some extra cues to put the kissing wheels in motion. We can only hope that the returnee will follow the instructions and not make the ride home and awkward one. Kiss her!

airport 149