Hilarious Pics From Comic Con That’ll Have You In Stitches


Comic Con is the perfect time to proudly let your freak flag fly high. It’s the perfect setting to show off your hard work on your costume, or make an obscure reference to a character where people will actually understand what you’re talking about. Check out these hilarious Comic Con costume pics!

Hipster Disney Princesses

Dressing up as a Disney princess is one of the safest choices for a woman going to Comic Con – the costumes are premade and readily available, it’s low effort, and everyone will instantly recognize what character you’re playing. However, the downside is that these costumes show a lack of creativity and are just straight up boring. These clever girls decided to put their own unique twist on Disney princesses by portraying them as “hipsters” replete with signature catchphrases – so not mainstream!

Chewbacca’s Angels

Chewbacca isn’t typically thought of as being a pin-up sensation, but these three ladies look like the spitting image of Chewbacca’s Angels. Their unique pastel take on everyone’s furry Star Wars beast is a pleasant surprise from the unusual uninspired and drab Chewbacca get-ups. These wooly Wookies don’t look like any Wookies we’ve seen before. Although they may be pink and other traditionally feminine colors, they are still ladies that we definitely wouldn’t want to mess with!

More Lemon Pledge

One of the most overlooked characters on Family Guy is Consuela, the maid. Less raunchy than her foul-mouthed counterparts, she tends to be in the spotlight way less often than Peter, Stewie, Brian, and even Meg. But this girl has decided to give Consuela her overdue moment in the sun. Accessorizing perfectly with a replica baby Stewie ready for a bath in the sink, and of course, her signature item she’s always requesting more of: Lemon pledge.


Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston walked around for almost the whole day at Comic Con with this hyper-realistic mask bearing his likeness (as the character Walter White.) Nobody suspected that underneath the mask lay the actual man behind the role! Breaking Bad has officially reached cult status and fans were over the moon to see their favorite teacher gone bad actually attending the convention with them. No word on whether or not Saul Goodman was also present.


Will Ferrell is best known for being the lovable goofball star of comedy flicks such as “Old School,” “Wedding Crashers,” and “Step Brothers.” So it may have come as a big, fun surprise when he showed up in some serious cosplay to promote his upcoming film “Megamind.” Although Will Ferrell only provided the voice of Megamind, since it is an animated movie, he still managed to nail Megamind’s look and seemed like the real-life version of the cartoon.

A Bit Squirrely

Squirrel Girl is an often overlooked female comic book character, much less in the spotlight than her counterparts Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy. She’s always been cast aside and only played minor roles in various comic books. Her most recent appearance was on UGO Network’s list of “Women We’re Ashamed To Be Attracted To.” So we’re happy to see that this dude decided to finally give her a well-deserved moment in the sun at Comic Con.

Fiona, Warrior Princess

Everyone knows and loves Shrek. One of the best things about the movie is that Princess Fiona, upon finding her true love, remained big and green, and didn’t assume a more traditionally beautiful form (bucking the common fairy tale trend.) This creative young woman has decided to do up Fiona as a traditional Scottish warrior queen, complete with plaid kilt and battle axe. We definitely wouldn’t want to mess with her! Her original take on Princess Fiona works perfectly.

Prince Leia

Princess Leia is one of the most popular costume choices, whether for Halloween or for cosplaying at Comic Con. Her slinky white dress with a slit is simple, easy to replicate and attractive while still leaving something to the imagination. And her trademark twin buns make her instantly recognizable. However, this hairy dude has a new spin on Princess Leia we’ve never seen before! Whatever the case is, he sure is rocking that galactic princess look pretty well!

If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

So, we definitely give this guy points for his extreme confidence. “Slave Leia” is a look that’s usually attempted by only the most fit and toned ladies, and even then it’s always a daring choice. However, this guy clearly doesn’t care what the haters think and is embracing his sensual side in this revealing costume. They say “if you’ve got it, flaunt it” and we can’t fault the guy for flaunting the killer curves he was born with!

Blue’s Clues

It might seem like an unusual choice for a cosplaying outfit at Comic Con, but the show Blue’s Clues has definitely reached cult status and with the advent of the Internet, is basically syndicated on YouTube and has sparked countless memes. So it’s not that strange that this dude decided to dress up as Steve from the beloved series. Maybe it’s childhood nostalgia or a highbrow reference to some meme. We’re not sure, but he pulled it off perfectly!

Gender Swap

We’re used to seeing Princess Leia and Han Solo as the ultimate embodiments of femininity and masculinity, respectively. Princess Leia is a beautiful galactic princess who needs rescuing by an uber macho male figure like Han. But in this case, we see that this couple has decided to switch things up by swapping their genders. The weirdest part is that personally, we think they look pretty good like this! The guy is definitely rocking Slave Leia’s bikini top.

One Day As A Lion

Disney’s The Lion King is considered an all-time movie classic. Beloved by kids and adults alike, the tale of Simba’s Lion pride, his exile and triumphant return almost exactly mirrors the story of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. One owner wanted to make sure his dog didn’t miss out on the cosplay fun. This pup looks fierce, with a thick mane that makes us do a double take – is that a small lion on a leash, or someone’s pet dog?

Cheerful Joker

The Joker super villain is known for several things: his distinctive Glasgow smile, complete with smeared blood-red lipstick, his green hair, his embrace of cross-dressing disguises upon occasion, and most of all, his diabolical and cunning nature. It’s clear that The Joker is simply bad to the bone, with not an ounce of goodness, compassion or humanity in him. So there’s a stark contrast between the character and this young girl – she looks like she couldn’t hurt a fly!

Storm Pupper

The Storm Troopers from Star Wars are the source of all of our childhood nightmares – mean, with masks rendering them both anonymous and inhuman, everything from their get-ups to their stomping just straight up frightened us. But it turns out that even the most hardcore Storm Trooper has a soft spot for a cute and cuddly pupper – just look at that tender grip! Luckily for this doggie, the Storm Trooper is just a human at Comic Con and not an intergalactic assassin.

LL Cool Vader

Since Darth Vader is definitely one of the most overused costumes at Comic Con, it’s refreshing to see someone put their own spin on his distinctive look. This guy decided to rock Darth Vader’s signature helmet mask combo, but paired with the red, Kangol hat, Adidas track suit and gold chains, it’s clear that this costume is a mash-up of Darth Vader and LL Cool James! The pairing works surprisingly well, so we salute this unusual cosplay!

The Big Superhero Theory?

Everyone loves to see their favorite TV characters dressed up as other people. Hence, the success of crossover episodes where one TV show cast appears in a different series. Howard as a sad Batgirl, Sheldon as a glum Wonder Woman, Leonard as a less than enthusiastic Super Girl, and of course, in the most revealing latex outfit is the unforgettable Raj as Cat Woman (and the only one who looks happy about it). What’s not to love?

Not Quite Gal Gadot

Israeli actress Gal Gadot is the most recent beauty to portray Wonder Woman, coming off the heels of another brunette bombshell, Lynda Carter, who portrayed her in the classic 1970s TV series. No matter whose playing Wonder Woman, one thing is clear – she’s always lean, tough, and gorgeous. However, this hairy dude’s costume is definitely making us wonder a lot. Like, what in the heck was he thinking exactly? We need to Golden Lasso this guy out of our sight.


Sometimes less is more. Legendary comedian Andy Kaufman’s routines were flat and monotone that sometimes people couldn’t tell if he was joking and his routines bordered on performance art. This middle school aged kid seems to have taken a page from Andy’s funny book and made the most literal costume of all time. Not exerting too much effort, he’s simply hung bread from himself and written the name of his character on a piece of printer paper.

You Can’t Escape Love

Ahh, the classic couples’ costume. Loved and hated by many, you’re either thrilled or devastated to hear your special someone suggest that you do a two-part costume with them. Instead of going for the overplayed Han Solo and Princess Leia or Super Mario and Luigi, this couple went an untraditional route and did Indiana Jones escaping the boulder. We salute their creativity and hopefully, they can look back on this awesome photo years from now and laugh.

Kosher Wolverine

Every guy wants to dress up as Wolverine. Whether it’s the classic comic book version with his distinctive yellow outfit, or the modern version as popularized by Hugh Jackman in the X Men movies, clad in just a tank top with bulging muscles as an accessory, every guy wants to rock Wolverine’s claws. This fellow, however, has put his own unique spin on Wolverine and created a fusion Jew-verine character, if you will. We like the creative twist.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Pug

It’s always fun to go to Comic Con dressed up like your partner in crime – whether it’s your boyfriend, girlfriend, or best friend, two costumes that match are always better than one. Which is why we’re thinking this woman decided to dress up her pet pug like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle too. We’re not sure which one of the squad he’s supposed to be, but his sweet pup just looks happy to be along for the ride with his owner.

Mario’s Favorite Mushroom

This cute girl has her own unique take on the signature mushroom from the Super Mario Brothers video games. The Mushrooms do come in different colors – sometimes red and white spotted, and other times green, but there’s definitely no neon pink mushrooms to be found anywhere in Super Mario world. However, we admire her creativity in making this video game element her own. Most would choose to dress up as Princess Peach or Mario, but she’s comfortable doing her own thing.

Darth Chef

Since Darth Vader is so often played – as a Halloween costume for little kids, to 90% of male Comic Con attendees – it’s especially important to make the character your own. Jar Jar Binks, the irritating Gungan, is widely hated by fans due to his annoying nature, as he was put in the series for kids and it backfired since he’s so darn un-funny. Fans will definitely appreciate seeing him served up as a dish, courtesy of Chef Vader.

Not Quite Milla Jovovich

When Milla Jovovich got her big break in The Fifth Element, she was widely considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her distinctive red hair and white bandage outfit have become popular Halloween staples and a common costume of choice for cosplayers. However, we feel like this guy took it a little too far. They say “if you’ve got it, flaunt it,” but personally, we feel that this guy don’t got it!

Batman To The Rescue

Bruce Wayne is one of the rare superheroes who never had some sort of exposure to radioactive materials or other mutation which gave him super powers – instead, his abilities are all the results of his skills (and his deep pockets!) However, judging from this guy’s physique, he’s not exactly ready to rappel backwards off skyscrapers or crawl hands and knees through tight spaces to rescue trapped people. Maybe his power is feeding the masses – hopefully, that food isn’t only for him!

Wolverine Banana?

We’re not exactly sure what went wrong here, but the results are definitely hilarious. This guy appears to have attempted to dress up as everyone’s favorite X-Man, Wolverine. An easy enough costume and always a popular choice for Halloween or a cosplay convention. However, the crazy train left the station and it seems like he somehow got confused and ended up doing a banana/Wolverine fusion. While we give him points for creativity, the ned result is less than great.

Wolverine Pup

Hugh Jackman ain’t got jack on this bad puppy! Although Hugh is widely considered an international heart throb, we actually prefer the look of this adorable doggie. He seems tickled pink to be donning Wolverine’s distinctive yellow outfit. He seems to be genuinely enjoying strutting his stuff for the adoring masses at this comic book convention. Hopefully, this pupper didn’t end up stuck with Wolverine’s claws, at least for his owner’s sake! One of the best cosplays we’ve seen.

Hulk Fail

The Incredible Hulk is known for his super strength and ripped, muscly body. He’s able to do impressive physical feats without breaking a sweat, and the angrier he is, the stronger he gets – he’s a scary character. This guy’s definitely mastered The Hulk’s signature angry expression, but the physique leaves a little bit to be desired. He still gets major points for all the green body paint, and for going barefoot in order to stay in character.

Can You Hear Me Now?

While we appreciate this couple’s reworking of the classic pair The Joker and Harley Quinn, there’s nothing quite like an ill timed phone call to throw off the whole illusion. We can’t imagine exactly what was so pressing that The Joker had to break character and answer the phone in the middle of the convention, but from the way that Harley Quinn is rolling her eyes and playing with her hair, it seems like she’s not very interested in the chat.

Moana and Co.

While Moana isn’t a comic book, it’s still animated, and we think that’s all that counts for Comic Con. These fans went all out and really committed to making their costumes – which are based on the main characters in Moana – super legit. We love the unity and teamwork in the way that they executed this complicated idea, and we especially love the expressions on their faces in this picture! We definitely give this group costume two thumbs way up.

Tinky, Winky, and…Brain Eater?

Everyone remembers Teletubbies as the best example of children’s TV show characters that are simultaneously cute and creepy. Their laughter can come across as maniacal and bone chilling at times, and their nearly expressionless faces just make us straight up uncomfortable (although kids love them, for some reason.) These fans at Comic Con decided to take the creepiness to a whole new level and come dressed up as zombie Teletubbies, and these costumes scare us for sure!

Loki, Is That You?

Comic Con is, without a doubt, the best opportunity to dress up as your favorite comic book or movie hero. You’d never expect the actor who played him to show his face, especially while in costume. But, to the thrill of these fans, Tom Hiddleston actually showed up to the convention dressed as Loki, who is widely considered one of the best villains of all time. Thor’s evil brother made a very special appearance at this 2017 comic con.