You’ll Cry Laughing At These 35 Hilarious Dad Photobombs


Photobombing means wrecking someone else’s perfectly good selfie with your unexpected presence. There’s something about a serious photo shoot that just seems to trigger the photobomb instinct in Dads. Check out these hilarious pics of photobombing dads in action!

Slippery When Wet

It looks like this is a photobomb gone seriously wrong! Was this dad (wearing what we think is a skimpy speedo) planning on ruining these girls’ pic by striking a pose? We’re not sure what happened here, but in any case, it’s hilarious.

Daddy’s Got Your Back

One of the hardest things for any dad is finally seeing his little girl all grown up. Even though she’s a beautiful young woman, it’s clear that this dad still considers her his baby who needs protection. What better way to make sure his daughter’s date behaves himself than to remind him of what resources Dad has at his disposal? Dad lurking in the background turned this photo from what would have been a beautiful portrait into a funny warning.

Nobody’s Safe

Taylor Swift may be one of the world’s biggest pop stars, but that doesn’t mean she’s immune to the curse of Dad photobombs. Here, Taylor has taken her CD cover and constructed a fantastic selfie for her fans on social media, but her sweet old dad just can’t resist the urge to ruin the photo. It goes to show that all of us, even celebrities, have a goofy dad waiting in the wings who is eager to wreck our pic.


Here, we have a cute young woman in a Santa hat who is taking a great photo for Christmas. Great concept and sure to be a hit on social media. But what’s that leaping in the background? Is it Rudolph? A disgruntled elf? Santa himself? Nope, it’s just her goofy dad making sure her photo is unusable. We give credit to the old man for his energy though – we bet he did the leap several times to make sure.

Spotlight Stealer

Pregnancy is a beautiful and special time in a woman’s life. How better to remember this magical period than with a beautiful photo shoot displaying your full belly? The gorgeous redhead in the picture looks serene and has that special pregnancy glow. But it looks like her husband wanted in on the fun. His elegant arc through the background of the pic, complete with blue scarf, definitely draws our attention away from her and onto him. A spotlight stealer!


There’s nothing wrong with a beautiful young girl taking a nice photo for social media – that is, until her dad sees what she’s doing and decides to ruin a perfectly good picture for fun. We guess this cutie’s dad thought his daughter’s pose was silly, so he decided to strike a similar one of his own in the background. She seems totally unaware of the comedian behind her, which makes this pic even better. We’re guessing it was a hit on Instagram!

Grumpy Dad

There’s just something about seeing his daughter in formal wear with a date that drives a dad crazy. Even though this young lady’s date appears to be a perfectly good guy, her dad is clearly not having it at all. It’s clear from his facial expression and body language that this dad is not cool with his daughter being grown up. They say grin and bear it, but it seems like this dad did not get the memo.

Baring His Beer Belly

This pretty blonde seems to be super excited about being pregnant – she has that special pregnancy glow radiating from her smile. This would have been a wonderful keepsake portrait, but her husband decided he wanted to steal a little bit of the spotlight. In the background, he stands with a serene expression on his face and his hands on his own swollen midsection. Of course, it looks like his big belly is the result of a little too much beer.

Rear Window

Continuing with a major theme from this list, something about daughters in formal wear with their prom dates seems to bring out the worst photobombing instincts in dads. This girl and her guy look cute together, but there’s something lurking in the background in the garage window – yup, it’s her dad, and he’s not too pleased to see his little girl all grown up. Whenever she looks at this picture in the future, she’ll see that her dad has her back – literally!

Dad, What Are You Doinggg?

This girl looks to be around thirteen years old and is taking a playful selfie with her webcam. Sticking your tongue out and doing a peace sign is a typical teen pose in pictures, but it seems like her dad saw a perfect opportunity to spoil the fun. Letting it all hang out, Dad seems totally unselfconscious about his huge hairy belly – he’s even struck a bit of a pose to accentuate it! This now terrible picture has been officially Dad-bombed.

Double Trouble

Something about couples in nice clothes having their portrait professionally taken by a photographer is just irresistible to photobombing dads – and in this case, it’s double trouble! We would have an amazing shot here of two young lovebirds, but of course, both of their dads had to spoil it. Even though they’re out of focus and blurry, it’s still totally clear that they are lifting their shirts and baring their big hairy bellies, flashing the camera. A double photobomb!

Wedding Crasher

Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day. There’s the whole process of finding the dress, then making sure the hair and makeup are flawless, then finding the right lighting for the photographer to capture the special moment…and then hoping that the pics come out well. However, this dad decided to take matters into his own hands during this wedding portrait. The newlyweds look totally unaware of the photobomber behind them, which makes this photo even funnier!

That’s Awkward

In this photo, we have, yet again, a young woman and her date in formal wear for prom. The redheaded date, with an electric blue tie that matches her dress, looks pretty harmless to us. But obviously, her dad sees danger. It’s not clear exactly what he’s doing back there – is that supposed to be a noose? A weapon with which to threaten the teenage boy? Or is he simply doing a typical goofy dad pose to ruin the photo? Who knows?!

Baby Bump Bomber

It’s a blessing to go through a pregnancy at the same time as your sister – you can have someone who understands the mood swings and late night cravings and won’t think you’re crazy. Usually we say the more, the merrier, but in this case, it seems like dad was a little jealous of the two pregnant women’s time in the spotlight. It’s obvious that these two had no idea what kind of mockery was going on right behind them.

Bold Belly

The old quote goes: “A thing of beauty is a joy forever,” and this picture almost embodies the saying. But a photobomb has ruined what would’ve been a perfectly great photo. This beautiful girl in a magenta dress immediately catches our eye – but what’s going on just behind her shoulder is what really intrigues us. It seems like dad has decided to epically photobomb this pic by sticking his hairy beer belly right up against the window while making a super goofy face.

When Dad Feels Left Out

It’s every girl’s standard ritual before going out – line up against a wall with friends, capture how great you guys look all dolled up before messing up your hair and makeup while dancing, post to social media, and let the compliments roll in. However, these girls’ pic has been epically photobombed by one of their fathers. What could have been a perfect pic has been contaminated by the presence of one grinning goofball peeking out from around the corner.

Creeper At The Cake-Cutting

The cake cutting is one of the best moments between the bride and groom at the wedding. After the tensions and stress of planning and the actual ceremony, feeding each other the wedding cake (and sometimes shoving each other’s playfully into the slices) is a moment of comic relief. But this dad just had to add his own spin on the moment. His face framed by a light up neon glow ring, he’s the center of attention.

Santa’s Little Helper?

There’s nothing more romantic than getting in the holiday spirit and picking out the perfect Christmas tree with your boyfriend. Here we have two young lovebirds, all bundled up for the winter and looking like the spitting image of holiday cheer. But what’s that lurking in the background? It seems to be a Dad, hell-bent on destroying a perfect Christmas card photo. He also appears to be doing the “dab” dance move, making this major photobomb even worse.

Daddy’s Here, Too

Weddings – everyone is decked out in their finest threads, trying to look picture perfect for the photos that are going to last a lifetime. This is also a favorite photobombing spot for dads, like this gentleman, who couldn’t resist wrecking what would have been a super cute photo. The only saving grace in this photo, however, is that judging from her dress, she appears to be a bridesmaid and not the bride. At least the blushing bride is safe, for now.

Prom Pic Punisher

The prom picture – an eternal reminder of your senior year in high school and your big debut into the adult world, usually while wearing a suit with an unfortunate turquoise tie or, for girls, some bedazzled disaster. But there’s just something about taking a photo in formal wear that is absolutely irresistible to dads. Maybe he didn’t like seeing his baby girl all dolled up. Who knows what motivated him? But what’s clear is that this dad has totally ruined the pic.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dad

This dad photobomb is significantly less obvious than the previous ones on the list. It takes a while to spot the dad lurking in the corner, a smug smile on his face as he knows he’s effectively ruined what would have been a great selfie to put on social media. The attractive young couple is the center of attention at first, but they are quickly overshadowed by the haunting image of this photobombing dad hovering in the background, chuckling and satisfied.

The Scent Of Photobomb

We’re used to seeing glamour shots of celebrities with their kids in glossy magazines, cooing over their children and saying how being a parent has been the best experience of their lives. But sometimes, the reality of parenthood, well…stinks. And the unintentionally photobombing dad in this pic is the perfect example of this. In the foreground we have three women taking a cute selfie, looking picture-perfect for social media. But this major photobomb takes us right back to reality.

Major Distraction

As the phrase goes: “If you got it, flaunt it!” And that’s what the attractive young woman in this pic is doing. She’s got the pose down and looks like a bikini model on the sand. This would be a great pic, but what’s that lurking in the background? It’s an epic dad photobomb that renders this pic totally unusable for social media. The pudgy joker in the background has become the center of attention rather than the gorgeous girl.

Hello There!

This is one of our favorite photobombs on the list, just because it’s so silly. It’s a classic dad move – poke your head out from somewhere it’s not supposed to be and grin wildly. These two girls in the foreground on a beach vacation had no idea what was coming when they decided to pose in front of a cool sculpture. This would have been a great snap for the vacation scrapbook – but good old dad had to make an appearance.

God Help Us

Ah yes, another prom pic. Here we have a young cutie clad in purple on her front porch. Why, she looks absolutely stunning – but wait, what is that ogre-like thing peering through the window behind her? Oh no, it’s her dad, and he’s definitely set on photobombing this pic until it’s totally ruined. From his face, we can see that he’s concentrating hard on this goal. Why he’s choosing to show off his ample armpit hair, though, is a mystery.

Will You Photobomb Me?

Dads – they always like be right smack dab in the middle of the action. Here, we have one of the most special moments in a couple’s life – the proposal and engagement! It looks like these two have decided to share this important moment with their friends and family present. But apparently, this dad had to be front and center. We’re not sure if he purposely photobombed here in order to steal the spotlight, but whatever the case, it’s hilarious.

Hallmark Moment Ruiner

Like in the previous photo, this pic shows a couple in one of their most important moments – their engagement. This groom-to-be decided on a very public proposal in Disneyland. However, it appears that he didn’t count on a major dad photobomb happening. The expression on this dad’s face makes it clear that he knows he’s made a major mistake – he’s trying to scuttle out of the frame as quickly as possible, but his intrusion is forever eternalized in this hilarious snap.

Happy Photobomb

You can always count on a Dad to lighten the mood, especially when a super serious, potentially tear-jerking situation is about to take place. This little boy’s dad had been stationed abroad for quite a while, but he came home early and decided to have a surprise reunion at his son’s school. It was picture day, and this dad decided to photobomb his son by standing in the background while he had his class picture taken! A sweet surprise.

I’m Here, Too

This picture starts off simply enough – we have a mom with her two daughters, sharing a perfect moment in the family’s kitchen. This pic would be one for the books, but unfortunately, dad in the background seemed to be a little jealous that the attention wasn’t on him, and he clearly wanted in on the spotlight. He’s distracting enough that we forgot about the three gorgeous ladies in the foreground – all we can see is Daddy-O waving and hamming it up.

Romance Ruined

Ah, to be young and in love – we remember those days of feeling like the only people in the world were you and your significant other. These two lovebirds tried to capture this feeling with a sweet pic together – but unfortunately, they aren’t the only people in the world. We have a photobombing dad, who absolutely cannot resist ruining what would have been a lovely moment with a well-placed wave behind his daughter’s head and a dopey, satisfied smile.

Vintage Photobomb

This pic is an oldie but a goodie. We have a young couple embracing on a porch, looking totally in love and happy to be together. They seem totally unaware that through a glass door in the background, good old Dad is there to make a goofy face and turn a romantic pic into a funny snap. This vintage snap proves that dad photobombs are definitely not a modern day phenomenon – dads have been doing them since photography was invented.

Classic Creeper

Here, we have another vintage pic showing that the art of photobombing isn’t something new that has developed because of social media. We have a married couple shyly smiling for the camera. The couple appears pretty serious, but their son in the background has found a perfect opportunity to have some fun. The guy totally knows that he’s wrecking the pic, and from the self-satisfied smile on his face, it’s clear that he feels he has accomplished his mission.

Daddy Dearest

Here, we have a perfect example of the modern dad photobomb. The boy in the photo is taking a mirror selfie, which we’re sure he’s planning to upload to social media. He’s got the confident pose and cocky smile down. He’s even jauntily angled his fedora in a way to optimize his attractiveness. But his dad has decided to rain on the parade. The quizzical expression on Dad’s face seems to say: “Really? This is how you get girls nowadays?”

Blushing Bachelorette

Here, we have a pretty pic of a girl in a tiara with a sash, presumably celebrating during her bachelorette party. The girl is totally gorgeous, so it takes a lot to steal our focus away from her. But the guy behind her has managed to make himself the sole point of focus in the pic. Something has compelled him to lift up his shirt and bare his ample belly to the camera. His daughter is hiding her face in a menu, mortified.

Serious Stomach

Two cute young women in bikinis would presumably be the focus in this pic, but the dad in the background has totally stolen the spotlight! Our eyes are immediately drawn away from the girls in the foreground to whatever the heck is going on just behind them. This dad seems super proud of his enormous belly, judging from his confident stance. What makes this pic even funnier is that these grinning girls are totally oblivious to what’s behind them.