These Hilarious Sports Signs Will Have You Crying With Laughter!


Nothing gets your point across like an oversized sign at a sports game. Over the years, sports signs have become an integral part of the sport fans’ experience, providing each and every screaming fan in the stands with a voice to say whatever they want (within reason of course). Once the signs are created, sign-holders must then find a way for their magnificent work to be seen by the whole world. This could mean maneuvering to the front of a big crowd, holding the signs as high as possible, or simply having a sign so funny that it catches the attention of the cameraman immediately. We’ve collected forty of the most hilarious sports signs of all time. They are sure to make you chuckle!

The Ultimatum

This woman’s poor ex-boyfriend was sitting at home when he had to see this come up on his ESPN screen. Apparently, it wasn’t enough for her to simply reject his proposal and accept the tickets. She had to add insult to injury by putting their untimely break-up on display for the whole world to see.

funny sports signs

Then again, it was probably best for the proposer in question to make sure his girlfriend even wanted a ring before offering a choice between World Series tickets or getting engaged. At the very least, he didn’t get rejected in front of the whole crowd.

A Win-Win Scenario

There are some pretty high stakes on the line for these Kansas City Royals fans. Its not every day that a win can result in an adorable new furry friend.

funny sports signs

Hopefully, the players were able to spot the sign and give an extra effort for the sake of a puppy. Judging by the look on her face, it’s safe to say that this fan is confident that she’ll be making a pitstop at the local corgi breeder on the way home.

Carrying On His Legacy

Sometimes, sports fans use their signs to simply inform athletes that they are admired and respected. This hockey fan dedicated her sign to Sean Avery, a former hockey player for the New York Rangers.

funny sports signs

Her adorable sign states that she chose to name her dog after the Rangers star. If Avery was able to look up and spot the heartwarming sign from the ice, he must have been smiling from ear to ear for all 60 minutes of the game.

Hi Mom!

What better way to praise your mothers cooking than a giant sign at a WWE match. Apparently, this wrestling fan’s mother can cook a mean lasagna and he wants the whole world to know, or at least everyone who tunes into the WWE.

funny sports signs

In all seriousness though, any mother would be absolutely thrilled to see a shout-out like this on live television. We just hope the wrestlers were able to focus on the match without thinking about that delicious lasagna!

Wrong Place At The Right Time

This Nickelback fan has been poorly mistaken. While he thought he was in for a nice relaxing evening of enjoying the musical stylings of everyone’s favorite Canadian rock band, he actually ended up on the set of ESPN’s College Gameday.

funny sports signs

While he may have ended up far away from the concert, hopefully he took a photograph or two to remember the occasion so someday he’ll look back at this mishap and have something to remind him of what he really is.

Feeling Pensive

Poor Hunter Pence. The San Fransisco Giants right fielder just can’t seem to get a second of privacy.

funny sports signs

As if it wasn’t enough to constantly be placed under the harsh microscope of the media, answering patronizing questions in post-game press conferences, dealing with the paparazzi any time he tries to go out in public, and reading gossip stories posted on TMZ. Now the man has to worry about the whole world knowing about his strange collections and odd choice of breakfast utensils.


We’ll be sure to hide this photo from this gentleman’s parole officer.

funny sports signs

While we respect his dedication, we can’t help but wonder if drawing attention to the fact that he skipped his court date on his epic sign was really worth it. Especially given the fact most sports games are televised these days, we hope this guy worked his legal issues out in the end, or at least he didn’t commit are serious crime.

Daddy Knows Best

This long-haired Pittsburg Steelers fan dressed in some interesting attire is simply relying on some pre-game advice from his father, whoever he may be. While we don’t doubt that this fan’s dad is a football fan, we are skeptical of his football IQ.

funny sports signs

Of course, every football fan likes to voice their opinion on the play calling. But in general, the fans will either bring their own signs or shout their suggestion loud enough for the coaches on the sidelines to hear.

Penny Pinchers

When planning a weekend trip to catch an away game, or even a night out for a home game, we can’t stress enough the importance of keeping track of spending with a detailed and organized budget.

funny sports signs

These fans chose to set the example for fans everywhere, showing with their signs what it truly means to be financially responsible. While their wallets are certainly smiling from ear to ear, we’re not so sure that the same can be said for the wives of these gentlemen.


This Celtic’s fan had to think outside of the box for this sign targeting Pao Gasol. The sign claims that Gasol apparently has a long lost estranged brother who just happens to be an alpaca.

funny sports signs

With his signature shaggy hair and scraggly beard, it was really only a matter of time before some clever fan drew up the comparison. Now a San Antonio Spur, Gasol has won two championships and is a six-time all-star, so we doubt he took this sign to heart.

Just A Suggestion

This fan might have shown up to the wrong sporting event. Either that, or he was dragged to the game by a friend who actually enjoys hockey. Either way, it’s safe to say that this might be one of the least fitting signs to bring to a hockey game.

funny sports signs

The Boston Bruins players on the bench don’t seem to be laughing at his subtle suggestion of a less violent sport. If only Happy Gilmore was on the roster for this one.

Free Eye Exams For Refs

This might just be the most creative way to let the referees know that they missed a call. Of course, these fans could have simply informed the refs straight up that they should be paying more attention to the game.

funny sports signs

But where’s the fun in that? This subtle and inventive sign is the perfect way to tell the refs to get their heads in the game. Not to mention, these fans’ are rocking some amazing basketball game attire to really get the refs’ attention.

Brotherly Love

Sibling rivalries can sometimes make kids do ridiculous things. Things like offering your entire piggy in exchange for watching your brother get nailed with a Rangers homerun ball.

funny sports signs

Considering that most professional baseball players are multi-million dollar athletes, I doubt any of them jumped at the opportunity to win this kid’s piggy bank. But still, we admire the effort. It’s interesting to notice how both parents don’t seem to mind at all that one of their sons is publicly bribing a professional baseball team.

Singlered Out

This fan drew some inspiration from a popular viral video from a few years back. In the famous video, a child, fully decked-out in his Halloween zombie costume, professes his love for turtles during an interview on the local news.

funny sports signs

Apparently, Duke’s Kyle Singler has some striking similarities to the turtle-loving zombie kid, as these fans decided to perform some photoshop magic on an unfortunate photo that was captured of the player and blow it up onto a giant hilarious sign.

The Les Than Ideal Beverage

In case this reference in unfamiliar, we would be happy to do some clarifying. Zima was a somewhat popular refreshment that was only available for a brief period of time in the 1990s.

funny sports signs

It has been described as a clear carbonated citrus wine cooler and over the years gained a reputation as an undesirable beverage and became the punchline of numerous jokes, many of which had to do with the fact that Zima was far more popular among women than men.

Long Lost Brothers

This has got to be the worst way to reunite with an estranged sibling.

funny sports signs

This fan, who also happens to be the brother of NBA great Dirk Nowitski according to his sign, decided to surprise the Dallas Maverick power forward by interrupting him in the middle of a game and whipping out this masterpiece of a sign. He even threw in a cringe-worthy smirk to go with it. We can only hope that the family reunion wasn’t too awkward after this strange incident.

It Is What It Is

We could’ve sworn that CBS stood for Columbia Broadcasting System. But this Denver Broncos fan seems to think otherwise. Perhaps she was struggling to think of something clever and all the good ideas for signs were already taken by her fellow sign-holders.

funny sports signs

She was left with two options. Either show up to the game with an unoriginal cheesy sign, or improvise something clever and ironic to get a few laughs. She went with the latter and it definitely worked for us.


Fans really love to go after Hunter Pence. This time, A couple fans from Kansas City spotted a look-alike of the San Fransisco Giant from an unlikely source and they couldn’t resist but share their discovery with the entire ballpark and whoever else happened to be watching the game from home.

funny sports signs

Maybe during AMC’s annual Home Alone Marathon, these fans made the connection between Marv, the burglar, and Pace, who every opposing fan in the MLB seems to love to hate.

Friendly Fire

This clever fan came up with an incredibly original burn. The only problem with his insulting sign is that it was directed at his own team.

funny sports signs

As sports fans, we need to stick with our teams through the best of times and through the worst of times. Whether the Toronto Maple Leafs go 82-0 and make a run at the Stanley Cup, or lose every game of their season, the true fans should remain loyal and supportive no matter what.

Standing United

Back in 2016, the former Chicago White Sox pitcher, Chris Sale had to serve a five-day suspension following an incident where he destroyed several of the team’s 1976 throwback jerseys.

funny sports signs

Sale justified his actions by claiming the vintage jerseys were “uncomfortable and unorthodox” with an unnecessary and bothersome collar. This fan decided to offer his support and stand with the suspended pitcher by sporting a shirt that’s at least three sizes too small and giving Sale a much-needed shout-out.

Sleeveless In Seattle

No these Seahawks fans weren’t simply referencing their favorite hit single by The Weeknd. They genuinely could not feel their face at this frigid Sunday afternoon game. True football fans know how to cope with the elements no matter what.

funny sports signs

These fans showed up to the game fully layered up and decked out in winter gear from head to toe. But even with their jackets, hats, gloves, scarves, and goggles, these dedicated fans almost lost all sensation above the neck.

C’s Get Degrees

Really kid? This is how you want to break the news to mom and dad that you’re failing economics and potentially letting your tuition go to waste? Maybe next time try a more traditional approach like a phone call or even an e-mail.

funny sports signs

While this fan’s parents definitely didn’t appreciate the humor in his unique sign, we certainly did. As the old saying goes, “Grade Point Average is only temporary, but a hilarious sports sign will live on for eternity.”

Run Forrest Run

Calling out college is one thing, but Forest Gump is off limits. He may not have been a smart man but he sure knows what football is.

funny sports signs

What the Tom Hanks fictional character from the 1994 film may have lacked in intelligence, he more than made up for in heart, tenacity, and work ethic. We’re almost positive that if Gump was an actual football player for the Crimson Tide, he would have given Johnny Manzel a run for his money

Eating On The Go

What Chase Daniel does when he thinks nobody is looking is Chase Daniel’s business and his business alone. This football fan’s hilarious sign was truly uncalled for.

funny sports signs

During days of constant on-air broadcasts, it can sometimes be hard to find the time for a proper meal. Who is this fan to judge Chase Daniel for making do with whatever quick snack he has on him at the moment. While this sign may condemn Chase’s strange eating habit, we commend it.

Poutine Pride

You have to admire the courage it takes to go after Vladamir Putin.

funny sports signs

This bold Canadian hockey fan chose to make a sign that both praised the delicious Quebec dish of french fries, cheese curds, and gravy while at the same time managed to deliver a subtle jab at the current President of the Russian Federation. While this fan’s sign may have been voicing some disapproval of Putin, it’s hard to focus on politics while our mouths are watering over the thought of that poutine!

Look At This Photograph

Since when is it considered an insult to listen to one of the most powerful voices of our generation? The way we see it, Will Muschamp can listen to whatever music he pleases.

funny sports photos

Plus how can you hate on the “Rockstar” singer, Chad Kroeger, who was able to lock down the beautiful pop rebel Avril Lavigne? As a message to Will Muschamp, we would just like to say that you are truly a hero. Please don’t ever change your taste in music.

Working Hard And Hardly Working

Any time political leaders are brought up in sports signs, things are bound to get interesting. These Brazilian soccer fans whipped out this masterpiece of a sign during Brazil’s game against North Korea at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in Jahannesburg, South Africa.

funny sports signs

It’s clear to anyone who sees the photo that these guys are definitely not from North Korea, which prompts the question of why the late former leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea would even care about their sick-day.

A Real Go-Getter

Finding work in today’s job market can be incredibly challenging for recent college graduates. Sometimes, you need to get creative and think outside the box if you want to set yourself apart from the thousands of other job applicants.

funny sports signs

This James Madison University student and football fan wins some major points for inventiveness, sharing a blown up version of his hilarious resume for the entire college football world to see. We were certainly impressed with his accomplishment and hopefully, employers were as well!

Proud Of The Pick

These different takes on the ESPN initials never get old. Whichever fan thought of this funny sign deserves credit for originality. The hilarious joke targeting sports broadcaster and football analyst Lee Corso was an instant classic.

funny sports signs

The sign was so amazing that Corso himself took notice and decided to feature it in his show, proudly displaying it in front of his chest while seated at his desk. When asked if there was any truth to the signs accusation, Corso had no comment.

The Love Of The Game

With so much competition in modern sports, it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters. One thing we really never see enough of within the community of sports fans these days is sportsmanship and etiquette.

sports signs

Until now that is. This fan is changing the game, one kind-worded, well-wishing sign at a time. His genuine and endearing words of encouragement directed towards both teams. It truly warms the heart to see someone who remembers what sports are actually all about.

Indecent Exposure

Often times, when it comes to sports signs, less is more. This is definitely not one of those cases. For the sake of the other fans at the College Gameday pregame show, we can only hope that this guy’s sign was only half true.

funny sports signs

It’s pretty clear by his facial expression that he is either extremely excited about his lack of clothes, or extremely cold. Based on the winter gear on all the other football fans, we’re guessing the latter.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

This fan must really want to get into the stadium. We’ve certainly heard of fans paying way too much for extra tickets sold in the parking lot before the game but this one is definitely a first.

funny sports signs

Offering a beloved family member for a ticket might be going a bit too far. He doesn’t even specify what kind of seats he’s interested in. For all he knows he could end up handing over his sister for some seat in the nosebleeds.

Hard To See The Point Of This Sign

Rather than writing an insult directed at the opposing team or offering words of support to his own team, this clever fan decided to announce a major problem for the gentleman sitting behind him.

funny sports signs

While we are sure that the fan who’s vision is being obstructed by the sign appreciates the attempt to raise awareness for his situation, we can’t help but wonder if this sign-holder ended up with some nachos and a soda poured on him by the end of the game.

Sporting Support

We’re not even sure that this sports “fan” knows which team he is rooting for, but one thing is for sure: he’s winning. Who says you need to memorize player statistics in order to be a fan?

funny sports signs

This guy is proving to us that you don’t even need to know what specific sport you’re watching in order to be supportive. The message he is conveying is so simple and yet eloquent and we are sure it provided inspiration to whichever team he was watching.

Stating The Obvious

We know what you’re thinking and the answer is yes, this fan could have easily gone with the traditional sports sign offering words of support for his college or some kind of insult targeting his team’s opponent.

funny sports signs

But no, this unique fan chose to take a different route entirely by using his sign to point out his own ethnicity. While his sign may certainly have been creative and original, we aren’t exactly sure what point he was trying to prove.

All The Signs Were There

A man will always appreciate a woman who can be forward and upfront went it comes to expressing her feelings.

funny sports signs

That being said, we’re not sure that using a sign at a Green Bay Packers game is the best way to profess your love and desire to marry the starting quarterback, especially if you’re seated next to your significant other who brought you to the game. Maybe next time she’ll try the more subtle and equally effective direct message on Instagram.

Pence’s Pumpkin Spice

And here we see yet another jab at Hunter Pence. Critics may not approve of Pence’s beverage of choice from Starbuck, but what does he care? The San Fransisco Giant makes 18.5 million dollars a year. funny sports signs

The way we see it he can spend that money on whatever hot beverages he chooses. Besides, what’s not to like about pumpkin spice lattes? They’re the perfect sweet coffee treat for those crisp fall afternoons. Don’t mind the haters, Hunter Pence. Keep doing you.

The Punishment Doesn’t Always Fit The Crime

When the former Boston Bruin Tyler Seguin got sent off to the penalty box for hooking late in the second period of a tie game, he was pretty upset, to say the least.

sports signs

Lucky for him, these supportive fans knew exactly what to write on their sign that could put a smile on the All-Star’s face. These girls decided to send Seguin a message that would prove to him that, no matter how bad things may seem, they could always be worse.

Back Me Up

These fans of David Beckham should probably do a little bit of research on the famous soccer player before they make their next sign.

sports signs

The three lovely ladies featured in this photo were obviously confused about Beckham’s career status, and didn’t realize they were in attendance at a soccer game. They apparently thought that Beckham has some sort of background as a chiropractor or physical therapist. Why else would they be demanding such a strange thing from a professional athlete?

Burrow Down

Back in 2011, Vancouver Canucks forward Alex Burrows found himself in the middle of a controversy when he was accused of biting the finger of Boston Bruin Patrice Bergeron during Game 1 of the Stanley Cup final.

sports signs

This fan decided to use her sign to stand in solidarity with the Canucks star, sharing her message with the world that maybe biting isn’t so bad after all. In the end, Burrows was not suspended for his alleged actions during the Stanley Cup.

Throw The Flag!

These football fans decided to make a clear and blatant reference to Brett Favre’s infamous and embarrassing 2010 scandal from back when he played on the New York Jets. The girls featured in this photo really made an effort to add insult to injury.

sports signs

Some people would argue that it was a well-deserved punishment for Favre to look into the stands and see signs like this one as he approached the end of his twenty year long career in the NFL.

Numbers Don’t Lie

The New York Yankees are truly the ultimate villain in the world of Major League Baseball. Some baseball fans would even consider them to be a dynasty. These Toronto Blue Jays Fans would beg to disagree.

sports signs

Using some interesting abbreviations on their awesome sign, these girls posed for a photo with a security officer. The sign itself, which proclaims the Blue Jays’ superiority over the Yankees in a roundabout way, might be a bit confusing at first but we think it gets the point across.

A Fair Question

This Washington Capitals fan is noticeably bothered about the way in which the refs have been calling this game. She was so upset, in fact, that she decided to voice her disapproval in the form of a sign.

sports sign

While we are unsure why she felt the need to bring the ref’s significant other into the equation, we admire her commitment to her favorite hockey team. We just hope that, next time, she’ll find a nicer way to share her feeling about the officiating crew.

Wieters For The Win

Professional baseball catcher, Matt Wieters played on the Baltimore Orioles from his rookie season in 2009, through the 2016 season. During his eight years in Baltimore, Wieters earned himself loads of well-deserved admiration and appreciation from fans.

sports signs

His loyal fans were a true testament to the hard work he put in day in and day out. This particular Orioles fan is displaying one of the many supportive signs that Wieters would see in the stands during just about every home game.

Writer’s Block

This next sign is a classic example of poor preparation. This fan remembered everything he would need to enjoy the game- warm clothes, food and beverages for the tailgate, a big sign, and a marker to write something on the sign.

funny sports signs

The only thing he forgot was what he wanted to write on the sign. While he briefly considered simply copying one of his fellow fans’ signs, in the end he decided to accept defeat and this was the result.

Quadruple Burn

As one of the best hockey players in the world, the young Sydney Crosby is no stranger to taking some verbal abuse from opponents as well as fans of opposing teams. It’s not every away game, however, that the young phenom takes four disses in one.

funny sports signs

Whether he’s called out for being afraid of the dark, his sub-par swimming skills, his Harry Potter house of choice, or his social media habits, Crosby takes everything in stride and lets his game do the talking.

The Best Kind Of Revenge

This fan thought coming to the Monday Night Football game would be a good way to get over her recent bitter break up. She was feeling great, looking forward to catching the game with her girlfriends.

sports signs

Just as she was heading out the door, she got a text from the previously mentioned ex. Rather than respond to his text, this fan decided to take a detour to an arts and crafts store on the way to the game to make this hilarious sign.

Splitting The Uprights

These girls really love football. More specifically, they love kickers. So much so, that they brought a personal invitation to the Friday night game for their team’s beloved kicker to come practice at their own private football kicker facility.

sports sign

The indoor facility is state of the art, and provides athletes with the world’s strongest steel goalposts, wind and weather simulating technology, some of the most-experienced kicking coaches from all over the globe, and an endless supply of perfectly pumped footballs.

Two Burns For One

Some fans can be absolutely ruthless with their signs. This Alabama fan dished out two aggressive insults with one awesome sign.

sports signs

First, she went after arguably the greatest NFL quarterback of all time when she called out Tom Brady for his infamous 2014-2015 Deflategate scandal. Then, she sets her eyes on her real target, Alabama’s opponent, as she uses Brady’s semi-deflated balls to compare and call out Ohio State for having an easy schedule. It was the ultimate double burn.

The Apple That Fell Far From The Tree

This father-son duo brought their A-game to this Boston Bruins game. The Bruins happened to be facing off against their heated rival the New Jersey Devils. Apparently this man’s son doesn’t quite understand the concept of being a fan.

sports signs

In most circumstances, a son will follow in his father’s footsteps and typically choose to follow the same teams as his father. This kid decided to break the status quo and root for the Devils, who never seem to have any fans in Boston.

Well Technically…

This Boise State student was sick of hearing the same recycled insults targeting his school. There are only so many times one can hear chants that “Boise isn’t even a state!” before something needs to be done.

sports signs

So he decided to make his rebuttal in the form of this epic sign. His sign cleverly calls out the hypocrisy involved with calling out just Boise State, when there are so many other schools whose names make just as little, or even less sense.

Still Searching

Whenever Colorado University Buffaloes takes on their in-state rival Colorado State University Rams on the gridiron, you already know that there will be lots of heated exchanges, aggressive chanting, and clever signs from fans on both sides.

sports signs

It appears as though Colorado University came out on top for this round, with these girls teaming up to deliver a knock-out blow. They even incorporated matching costumes into their insult onslaught against Colorado State. Better luck next time Rams. This one goes to the Buffaloes.

Parking Problems

For those of us who didn’t grow up in a city, parallel parking was never a necessity. Poor Hunter Pence has been getting a lot of heat these days from fans of opposing baseball teams.


While most of the signs he sees are in good fun, this one might cross the line. After all, it’s really not his fault that the driver’s ed course he was enrolled in as a teenager never went over the basics of parallel parking.

Say Cheese

Every now and then, you just need to proclaim your love for cheese on national television.

sports signs

When this sports fan’s father told him that he’d be going to the big game this weekend, he knew it would be the perfect opportunity to let the whole world know how passionately he feels about cheese. Whether it’s cheddar, Swiss, American, feta, mozzarella, gouda, or provolone, this kid is absolutely obsessed with cheese and wants the whole world to know!

Beards Out For The Boys

We all know that growing facial hair isn’t a competition… unless you are this Royals’ fan, that is. He’s has put in years of hard work, trimming, and fine-tuning his perfectly sculpted beard just for this very moment.


As a Kansas City native and avid hater of Hunter Pence, this gentleman put everything he had into this sign which lets the world know that his beard is better than Pence’s. Hat’s off to this guy.

Mr. Right

These lovely Florida Gators’ fans seem to have a bit of a crush on former quarterback and Heisman trophy winner Tim Tebow. And what’s not to love? Tebow has always been known as a well-rounded and wholesome athlete.

sports signs

While these girls may border on obsessive when it comes to their infatuation with Tebow, we aren’t so sure that their boyfriends care for him in the same regard, especially after seeing what their girlfriend decided to bring to the Saturday afternoon game.

The Agony Of Defeat

The Cleveland Browns have had a rough go the past few decades. As a matter of fact, the Browns have only been able to put together three winning seasons since 1990. It’s safe to say that Browns’ fans are pretty tired of losing.

sports signs

The expression on the faces of these frustrated fans says it all. Keep your heads up, Browns fans. Just remember that it’s always darkest before the dawn and that anything is possible if you have a little faith.

Meet And Greet

These hockey fans want to meet their two favorite players after the game for some autographs and hopefully a photo or two to remember the occasion. For an unknown reason, they chose to make the location for the meeting behind the rink’s zamboni.

sports signs

Perhaps that is where they will be able to find the best possible lighting for their camera. After the game, these loyal fans waited for three and a half hours before they could meet their favorite players.

More Than Just A Fan

She may not look it, but this Sidney Crosby fan is actually one of the most well-respected professional hockey stick testers in the NHL. She knows exactly how to test a hockey stick for durability, flexibility, and strength.

sports signs

Her hockey stick testing skills have allowed her to live out her dream of traveling the world and testing the hockey sticks of some of the greatest players of all time. She’s tested the sticks of legends like Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemiex, and Bobby Orr.

The Model Husband

This father-to-be truly understands the importance of priorities. Yes, some might say that when your wife is nine months pregnant and about to go into labor, it may not be the best time for a baseball game.

funny sports signs

They might even call him irresponsible. What these close-minded haters don’t appreciate, however, is this fan’s dedication and devotion to his team. In reality, they should be praising how considerate it was of him to include a heartfelt message to his pregnant wife on his sign.