Hilarious T-Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe


Higher Education Could Have Paid Off

Something tells us this blonde hasn’t spent a lot of time in institutions of higher learning. I mean, everyone knows college is spelled with an “e”, not an “a.” But we have a feeling that nobody held this mistake against her.

Grunge vs. Pop Rock

Everyone remembers the classic rock band Nirvana. Famous for bringing gritty grunge music to the forefront of the American rock music scene, they rocked a distinctively disheveled appearance and devil-may-care attitude when it came to fashion. So it’s especially insulting that a photo of the clean-cut pop rock group Hanson have been mislabeled with Nirvana’s name. These bands are basically the exact opposite of each other. Kurt Cobain is definitely turning in his grave over this major T Shirt fail!

Honey, Does This Make Me Look Fat?

It’s the phrase every man dreads to hear: “Honey, does this ____ make me look fat?” Of course, the correct answer is, “No honey, you look wonderful” – no matter how the item actually looks on her. But this girl has brought the fear factor to a whole new level. She appears very fit and has taken away the classic excuse – no, it’s not the shirt/dress/jeans/fanny pack that makes you look fat – it’s just that you’re a pleasantly plump….wait! Come back! We’re sorry.

Beer Goggles

We like a girl who knows what she wants. Also, it’s always hard to pick up on cues – is that cutie over there checking us out, or is she staring at the guy behind us? Is it time to make a move? Her shirt cuts to the chase and explains things to us – she’s out of our league unless she’s got some alcohol in her. We’ll stay away until she’s a good number of shots in. Thanks for the heads up.

You Do Look Familiar…

There’s nothing like a blonde girl with a tiny pink purse and matching pink shirt to take us back to Paris Hilton’s early 2000s glory days. This girl does look like a tabloid starlet of that era – all she’s missing is a Chihuahua. Her shirt confuses us though. Why is she only “almost’ famous? We also don’t know why the “o” on her shirt has been replaced by an owl, but to be honest with you, we don’t really care.

100% Jailbird

Judging from the fact that she’s wearing this shirt in her mugshot, it’s pretty clear she’s a little bit more than 98% naughty. Unfortunately, the fact that this woman is apparently also part angel isn’t enough to keep her from being booked in for the night. This T shirt isn’t a valid alibi and she seems like she’s resigned herself to a long stay in lockup. We wonder what the 2% angel part of her thinks of the fact that she’s in big trouble.


Right from the get go, this shirt confused us. Is it satire? An insult? An honor? Is there some sort of intense political commentary here, implying that Obama is similar to Chairman Mao? Or is this just the work of someone who is a big fan of Chairman Mao and considers it a compliment to depict Obama in his likeness? Unfortunately, we can’t read Chinese so we have no idea what the mysterious characters below the portrait say.

No Passcode Required

It’s crazy what an impact technology has had on the younger generation. There’s no more face to face conversation – they prefer to Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and god knows what else instead of talking like we used to back in the day. They walk around like zombies, staring down at their phones while the rest of us on the sidewalk have to swerve around them. Now, we see how far this tech obsession has really spread. Kids these days…

The Clock Is Ticking

When approaching a girl, it’s always awkward finding out whether or not she’s taken. It seems a little bold to straight up ask her. No ring? She could still be married. By herself? Her gym-addict muscular boyfriend could be lurking just around the corner. Luckily for us, this girl spells out the situation loud and clear. We better make our move fast but judging from the big grin on her face, it doesn’t seem like her boyfriend is that scary.

When Your Shirt Predicts The Future

This may be the first time we’ve seen someone’s life perfectly described by their T shirt. We can only imagine what sort of fun – probably criminal in nature – this guy was having before the cops rained on his parade and busted him. If you’re going to wear a shirt taunting the police, you should probably make sure that you’re following the law perfectly. Otherwise you could end up in an awkward situation like this. Ironic anyone?

Don’t Stop Belieber-ing

We can’t figure out exactly what happened here – did these two majorly lose a bet? Are they accompanying their screaming girlfriends to the concert? Or are they just die-hard Bieber fans? It looks like the guy on the right is attempting his own version of Justin Bieber’s shaggy hair that he rocked in the beginning of his career. The pink hue of this shirt doesn’t help matters. Whatever the case is, we can’t stop laughing at these embarrassing T shirts.

You Are Not What You Wear

Everyone knows what a chick magnet is. It could be a super cool sports car, or a cute puppy. It could even be a smooth guy who’s good at talking to women. What’s usually not a chick magnet though is a teenage boy on a sofa in his parents’ basement. However, this guy has decided to publicly declare his chick magnet status with this bold T shirt. Judging by his female companion’s facial expression, she’s equally surprised by this statement.

It Might Take A Lot Of Drinking…

So we’re all familiar with beer goggles: the idea that when we’re drunk, we might see people around us being more attractive than they actually are…not that we’ve had personal experience with this. Basically, after a couple of rounds, even an ugly duckling can look like a supermodel under the fluorescent neon light of a Budweiser sign. This guy is simply cutting to the chase with this T shirt, and judging by the girl next to him, his strategy might be paying off.

Thanks For The Warning

Before we get disgusted by this lady’s choice of tacky T shirt, I think we actually have to thank her. Too many times we’ve been unexpectedly ambushed by others, whose emissions caught us totally off guard and we had no chance to move away from the danger zone. Hey, this lady is making sure it won’t be a “silent but deadly” situation where we end up nearly choking to death with no warning. And remember: “he who smelt it, dealt it.”

Rhythmic Fail

It’s a common phrase in popular music: “Clap your hands!” We clap to show our satisfaction with a performance, or to encourage others. A positive and upbeat message for a T-Shirt, and one we support. However, crapping your hands is obviously something one wants to avoid. Clearly, this shirt is the victim of a major translation error – we’re sure the wearer doesn’t want to encourage those around him to crap their hands, as that would just be terribly unpleasant for everyone.


It’s a tough life when you have tons of women trying to beat down your door to be with you. What’s the solution for this difficult problem? A T shirt of course, which explains to the common woman that despite your amazing good looks, they shouldn’t even try to get your attention. The truth hurts – you have no chance with this stud of a gentleman because he only dates models. Dry your tears, ladies. There’s plenty of fish in the sea.

Warning Not Heeded

We all have that one dumb friend who was always being rushed to the emergency room in high school – whether he tried to jump off a roof into a pool, or got frustrated during a beer pong match and ended up smashing the table with his hand – we all have had shenanigans that resulted in injuries. This kid, however, at least owns it. You just have to imagine what the doctor in the hospital, and what his parents, thought of his unfortunate shirt choice.

Just Dumb It

Much like our corporate overlords advising us to either “Just do it” or “think different,” this shirt has clear instructions to whoever reads it. “Think less, stupid more.” However, it seems like the message got lost in translation, as the shirt is basically advising us to turn off our brains and make bad decisions. But this shirt, for all of its flaws, is accurate about cause and effect. Usually, when we think less, we do end up doing stupid things more.

Death To Minnie

Deadmau5 is a popular electronic music DJ from Canada. Known for performing while wearing a giant mouse head that obscures his face, he also uses a mouse logo that’s so similar to Mickey that he’s been sued by Disney. His music is great, but that doesn’t mean that we are anti-other mouses. We all love a trip to Disneyland, but this guy seems vaguely threatening. He definitely chose the wrong shirt to wear to his meet and greet with Minnie Mouse.

Geography Fail

All of us have our weak subjects – for some of us, it’s math. For others, it’s foreign languages. But there’s no excuse for this dumb mistake. The continent depicted is clearly Africa, but the label above it says “Asia.” Whoever came up with this shirt should have made sure to check a globe before printing. But even if the shirt had said “Africa,” It’s still a pretty bizarre concept for a shirt. What are you trying to prove – that you know basic geography?

Joy, Deep Fried

There are many things to criticize about this dumb shirt. It’s a total fail when it comes to spelling (“hamberger” instead of hamburger). We have major grammatical issues here – “I feel happy when I eat a him.” (????) But the silliest thing about this shirt is that it says “hamberger” when the shirt clearly shows a big box of French Fries. The difference between a hamburger and fries is sacred – how can you mix these two amazing foods up? It’s just disrespectful.

Joke’s On You

Usually, neon pink isn’t a color that we associate with the manliest of men. Seeing a guy rocking pink might be something that would make us giggle. However, this senior citizen beat us to the punch – he’s telling us that he has the last laugh. Apparently, he has borrowed this shirt from our girlfriend – but that doesn’t make much sense either, because why would she have a shirt that has this message on it? It’s an infinite loop of confusion.

You Only Live Once

Sometimes fashion trends look dumb on older people. Some trends look dumb no matter who wears them. We can’t imagine anyone that would look good in this neon, multi-color, embellished mess. The shirt appears to be an original work, with painted alternating bright letters. We admire this guy’s confidence, though. He’s rocking bedazzled shades that match what appears to be homemade studs on the sleeves. He embodies the spirit of the first word on the shirt – You Only Live Once.

Hypocrite Much?

Usually, bouncing around in the back of a pick up truck while only slightly touching the back of the truck for safety isn’t considered very safe. Who knows why this guy has this shirt on – has he just come from a lecture or seminar about safety? Is it part of his uniform? Whatever the case, we can all agree he’s taking a major risk here. This man embodies the spirit of the old saying “Do as I say, not as I do.”

A Good Hustle?

Hustle has entered common use in everyday conversation and “Good things” can be pretty loosely defined. However, the official definition of “hustle” is: obtain by force or persuasion, and used in slang means “a fraud or swindle.” Either way, it’s a word used to describe illegal activities which result in a tax-free payday. We hope this woman isn’t publicly promoting a criminal lifestyle. If one’s idea of a “good thing” is sitting in a jail cell, then this is the perfect shirt.

The Confession

We all know the feeling. You’re swimming, enjoying yourself, when all of the sudden comes that mysterious warm spot in the water. Then, the screaming and pointing as others figure out who the perpetrator is. Nobody likes a pool peer, but this guy is a walking confessional and admits that he is one. Did he lose a bet? Is this just a shirt he wears normally in every day life? Chalk this up to a major case of unfortunate timing.

Time Is Running Out

Following up on our theme of eligible bachelors trying to repel women, this particular man is a little bit different. Instead of preemptively rejecting women, he’s actually trying to shame them. Come on, look at him. Ladies, wake up! You’re clearly missing out on a good catch, and this guy is just trying to help you. They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince, and this guy obviously is the Prince Charming you’ve been waiting for.

The Shirt Matches The Scenario

We’ve all been there – made a hasty decision that seemed like a good idea at the time, and ended up regretting it. Maybe we went to Vegas and YOLOed, only to realize after that what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Maybe we tried to do a sweet trick with our boat while in the Everglades, only to get stuck in the swamp. Whatever the case is, it’s always nice when your shirt perfectly matches the occasion.

Too Much Information

Three simple words. One big mistake. This shirt has a pretty bold statement, declaring to everyone in the vicinity that the wearer has gas. While the shirt may make sense to some – it’s a recreation of the Chevron gas company’s corporate logo – it comes across as more crass and indicative of tummy troubles than the wearer probably intended. Maybe the wearer wanted to say he’s a big fan of Chevron, or maybe he just wishes he owned a gas station.

Lost And Found

We’ve all been there – you’re out somewhere with your wife, maybe at a crowded buffet, and suddenly, you can’t find her. You yell her name, call her cell phone, and even try that newfangled texting thing to get in contact with her, but nothing works. Forget about those tense few minutes spent wondering if you’ll ever see her again. These T-shirts simplify the situation beautifully – you just need to wait for someone to spot your wife and you’ll be reunited immediately.

Some Extra Security

People love to talk about the bad aspects of being overweight. It’s dangerous for your health, they say. But do they ever talk about the major benefits of being pleasantly plump? For now, let’s put aside the increased risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes – you’re much more likely to escape a kidnapping if the criminals can’t wrangle you into their van. Meanwhile, Ms. Skinny As A Feather is easy pickings for kidnappers. Our extra weight is just for safety.

A Message To The Haters

We love a good message shirt – quick, clever, and quirky ones never fail to get our attention. And of course we love a double sided shirt as well, with a meaning on both the front and the back. This shirt covers all of those bases. It’s eye catching and gets his point across: he’s in the club and knows jealous haters are looking at him. But why this particular gentleman went with a belly baring crop top…we’ll never know.

Let’s Call It A Night

We’ve all experienced those rough nights of drinking that seem to drag on and on. We’re tired, we’re inebriated, and we just wanna eat a greasy slice of pizza and make it home to the comfort of our bed. This older woman’s shirt cuts to the chase – and the mixed up phrase shows even more strongly why she needs to be taken home immediately. However, we’re a little worried about why she’s claiming to be drunk in the middle of the afternoon.

Keep It To Yourself

Maybe he’s a construction worker or a garbage collector. Maybe he’s a real estate agent with municipal contracts. Maybe he’s just super enthusiastic about waste disposal. Or maybe, he’s making a crude reference to his favorite time of the day, after his morning coffee and accompanied by a long reading of the day’s newspaper. It’s unclear what kind of dump this gentleman is referring to…but whatever the case is, wearing a T shirt with this phrase is an epic fail.

Talk To The Hand

We’ve all had those days. We wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and thing after thing just keeps going wrong. We want to put in our earphones and be left alone, but that one annoying coworker is annoying us and talking our ear off. Fortunately, as modeled by this senior citizen, there’s now a T-shirt which perfectly expresses that exact feeling. But judging from this older lady’s smiling face, we’re guessing that she doesn’t really mean it.

Bad Timing

Who doesn’t love bacon? It goes great on everything from macaroni and cheese to hamburgers. It’s also a classic American breakfast staple. So in theory, this I Love Bacon T shirt should be perfectly suited for every situation. However, this is probably one of the few times that the wearer of this T shirt can feel awkward. Maybe the wearer wasn’t expecting to meet a cute piglet on this day. Looks like this little piggy is not having it.

Still Beating You

Usually, runner’s shirts are competitive and edgy: “Just do it” or “Strong is the new skinny.” It’s pretty rare that we see someone working out wearing something this self deprecating. 50, Fat, and Diabetic are all traits we usually don’t think of as positive, and rarely see advertised with pride on a T shirt during an athletic event. But this guy actually has a good point. He looks like he’s keeping a good pace and we need to catch up.


We all remember that mortifying moment as a child – being as tall as most adults’ knees, and running through a crowd, then grabbing a stranger’s hand, confident that it was our parent’s. Then we looked up, and had the horrible realization that it was indeed a stranger who we had approached. This T shirt is sort of an updated version of that – this cow looks pretty confused, as she think she has definitely met the cow on the T shirt before.

100% Confidence

Confidence is key, and this older woman embodies the spirit of the old phrase in the best way we’ve seen for a while. They say if you got it, flaunt it – and while this woman may not have “it” (or at least, our idea of “it”) she definitely doesn’t care in the least. She is 100% sure that she is hotter than you. But the ratio this woman used to come up with this very specific number remains a mystery.

That Escalated Quickly…

This shirt starts off well. It’s the nice beginning of what is presumably a text message conversation between two iPhone users, judging by the bubble style of the conversation. “You’re cute” – aww, thanks! But the crazy train pretty quickly leaves the station with the follow up “Murder me.” What could this possibly mean? We’re hoping that this is simply a case of getting lost in translation, but whatever the situation, this T shirt is definitely a major fashion fail.

Optical Illusion

So, we all go through ups and downs with our weight. Sometimes, we ask our significant other “Honey, do I look fat in this?” Maybe we go through a period of wearing a lot of black, since it’s supposed to have a slimming effect. Clearly, this lady does not care. She’s rocking this T shirt with a more ideal figure, and she obviously does not mind the stark contrast between the airbrushed woman on the shirt and her real legs.

Bold Statement

There are lots of natural highs in life. People have fun dancing, jogging, exploring nature, playing the guitar, etc., without the use of substances to “enhance” the experience. Usually, the message is we give to kids is to pursue life’s natural highs without getting into dangerous territory. However, this guy’s sweater delivers a bold statement saying the opposite. We think this is a simple case of a factory making a mistake and accidentally printing the wrong message – but who knows?

Cool Story, Bro

We are not sure what this shirt is even supposed to mean, besides that the wearer looks dumb. Let’s start off with the horrible puke green color, which hurts our eyes especially when paired with the plastic sunglasses and neon green matching hat (titled to the side, ugh.) Too bad this shirt looks about as cheap as any knock off you’d find at a tourist trap pier boardwalk. But judging from the expression on his face, he obviously doesn’t care.

Hello Biceps

Hello Kitty has just gotten front row seats to the gun show! We are pretty curious about the circumstances behind this pic – did this guy open the wrong Christmas present and end up with a shirt that was meant for his little sister? Was this shirt a gag gift and he decided to embarrass the giver by putting it on? Did he lose a bet? Whatever the case, we’re sure this is not the way most people wear a Hello Kitty shirt.

Lost In Translation?

We are really, really, really hoping that the unfortunate lady rocking this t shirt is unaware of what it actually says. This appears to be a classic “lost in translation” fail where a factory in another country simply printed a design they thought looked pretty without knowing the meaning behind the words. We hope that’s the case, because the other possibility – that this woman knew exactly what the shirt said when she put it on – is just way too grim.


So while this shirt when fully exposed may be a cute reminder of the cute Will Ferrel Christmas movie “Elf,” when worn with a partially zipped up cardigan, this shirt looks more like a desperate cry for help. Will’s shrieking face poking out from just beneath the collar is a pretty distracting sight that could probably scare a small child or two. We don’t recommend rocking this shirt in public unless you’re going sans jacket and the entire shirt is visible.

Gentlemen Prefer…Blondes?

There’s a popular idea in our culture that gentlemen prefer blondes – there was even a movie starring Marilyn Monroe with that title! But, as we know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While the lovely young woman in the above pic is certainly attractive, I think everyone can agree that she is definitely not a blonde. Why then is she wearing this shirt? Is she trying to make an ironic statement? Or does she just not care? Who knows.

Design Flaw

This T shirt is a special kind of fail and different from the others on the list. This shirt doesn’t involve a dumb or inappropriate message, mistranslated phrase or awkward placement…no, the problem with this shirt is just one big fat design flaw, namely that the color contrast makes it look like the wearer is walking around all day rocking a major wedgie! It literally looks like this unfortunate gentleman has hiked up his tighty whiteys and is unaware of it.

Thank God I’m Not A Cop

Although we aren’t cops, we definitely would give this guy a ticket on behalf of the Fashion Police. This shirt has a lot of bad elements: an unfortunate neon green color with white lettering, which is aesthetically unpleasing, but maybe even worst of all is the fact that this shirt’s message is written in COMIC SANS! We won’t arrest him for being sexy, but in terms of committing a major crime against fashion (and our eyes…) We sure think he’s guilty.

Gangsta Grandpa

“Haters” are a problem for the young people of today, as cyber-bullying and digital disses have become commonplace. This guy has a message to the haters, aggressively saying “Wussup” in a way that indicates he doesn’t care what they have to say about him. However, the wearer looks a little too mature to be hip to the current slang. He also is not a rapper or Internet celebrity, so the chance that he has “haters” seems pretty low.


“Smile, and the world smiles back at you,” goes the old saying. Basically, it means that our attitude affects our circumstances more than we realize. Think positive and good things will happen. When this guy decided to put on a T shirt in the morning that says “This really sucks,” he probably didn’t realize it would become a self fulfilling prophecy. To be fair though, getting arrested does really suck, so his T shirt gets points for being accurate.

Is This A Confession?

As we can tell from this guy’s face, even he knows this shirt was a terrible idea. A bright orange shirt perfectly resembling a jail uniform, plus the big bold stamping of the word “guilty” isn’t exactly the best look when one is being booked in for the night. Everyone’s supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but this guy and his choice of shirt makes us wonder. This dumb T shirt puts the concept of “reasonable doubt” to the test.

I Take It Back

This shirt is just insulting from the get go. Nobody likes being referred to as “little friend”, except for maybe Tony Montana’s gun in Scarface. “I was hasty” is also an unusual phrase, especially when followed up by the major declaration “You are not a duck.,” insinuating that the wearer has called the reader a duck. It’s hard to understand how the mix-up happened. The ellipses after the last phrase, however, implies that the issue is still up for debate.

Making Light Of It

Anorexia is a serious disease which affects millions of people a year. The ill effects and dangers of the condition cannot be overstated. However, this portly tubster has decided to make a joke out of this affliction. Anorexics suffer from mental barriers which prevent them from eating enough to sustain a healthy body – this glutton’s shirt glibly refers to his obese body and, rather than frame his physique as a failure of will power, declares it’s a victory over anorexia.

Wait Your Turn, Ladies

Following up from our last picture, we have another young Romeo with enough confidence to declare “I’m a player” to the world. The fact that he’s wearing a pageboy hat and seems to be sporting a 12 year old boy’s level of facial hair on his upper lip, he is saying that he’s beating off the ladies with a baseball bat. He also seems to be in the middle of Wal-Mart, which I guess is his prime pick up spot.