The Most Jaw-Dropping Moments In Jaime King’s Life

While she has suffered from quite a lot in her life up until now, 2018 seemed to be a whirlwind of adventure for the 39-year-old actress. On top of that, King loves a bit of controversy, seen by her saucy uploads to Instagram and allowing her children to feel gender-fluid.
From uploading provocative images, to suffering an attack on the street with her child involved, to enduring an injury on set and being hospitalized for days, King has had a rocky 2018. For those who are unsure who Jaime King is, you certainly will know now. For those who do know who she is, this article will reveal things you never knew. Check out the most interesting highs and lows of Jaime King’s life.

Not So Simple Life

Former model turned actress, Jaime King, has had her fair share of appearances. Yet, the numerous scandals in her private life are what have caused eyebrow-raising attention.

Jaime King has anything but a simple life, with only this year being in the public eye on numerous occasions. She suffered an injury which hospitalized her for days, an attack by a man on a skateboard, and revealed exotic pictures of herself to Instagram. Check out all the jaw-dropping moments in King’s life.

You Are Not Alone

A few years ago, King spoke out about her struggles with fertility. Telling her social media followers that they are not alone, the then-35-year-old described her eight-year-long battle to try and conceive, labeling her story as:

“This is the truth about conceiving my son and struggles after.” Since her 20s, King suffered ongoing pain with undiagnosed polycystic ovary syndrome and endometriosis. After five miscarriages, it took nine doctors before she was diagnosed and saved from another ectopic pregnancy.

Feeling Broken

King felt ashamed every day that she was not able to carry the thing in life that women’s bodies were made to carry. She felt she was “broken.” 

The Hart Of Dixie star revealed to the world that after five rounds of IVF, 26 IUIs, most with no outcome, and years trying to conceive, she managed to give birth to her first son, James Knight (after 26 hours of brutal labor). The difficulty did not end there and King suffered from many physical symptoms as well as postpartum depression.

A Bizzare Attack

Earlier this year, the 38-year-old actress was parked in the upscale Los Angeles neighborhood of Beverly Hills when a man on a skateboard jumped on her parked Mercedez-Benz and started smashing in the windows.

At the time Jaime was out of the car, however, her friend and four-year-old son James Knight were inside the vehicle. Glass was believed to have shattered over her son and Jaime was left distraught. Reporting to officers after the crime, King was seen visibly shaken and crying.

Protecting James Knight

It was reported that when the suspect jumped onto King’s car and smashed the glass, some struck her child who was inside the vehicle.

In an attempt to protect the child, King’s friend got out the car to then have a can thrown at her by the suspect, striking her arm. The 47-year-old suspect, who appeared to be homeless, fled the scene but was captured by police nearby. It’s safe to say 2018 was not a lucky year for Jaime. What could get worse?

Injury On Set

2018 didn’t get any better. While on set filming for a Netflix show, Black Summer, Jamie suffered an injury which caused “lots of broken and torn things.”

She spent three days hospitalized and was left with a cast on her left arm and her thumb completely wrapped up. Uploading a post of her plastered thumb to Instagram with a lengthy caption, King jokingly wrote, “Thumbs up!” Although she enjoyed filming for the new show, she would “prefer my body to be in one piece.”

Troubled Ex-Boyfriend

At 16-years-old the actress posted an image of herself taken by her late boyfriend Davide Sorrenti.

The photo was taken when she was a skinny fashion model with torn clothes surrounded by photos of famous people who died from substance abuse, such as Kurt Cobain. Her Italian fashion photographer boyfriend was known to be addicted to illegal substances and later died of a kidney ailment, thought to have been brought on by his actions. This was also a time she began to get into trouble.

Celebrity Godmother

In 2015, Jaime gave birth to her second son, Leo Thomas. She later announced none other than pop queen Taylor Swift to be his godmother. Jaime is delighted and sang her praises when asked about Taylor as a godmother, “She’s amazing. She’s great!”

Jaime said, “As she is with everybody around her.” It was revealed Taylor made a generous donation to the hospital which saved little Leo’s life. Yep, that’s right, Jaime had problems with her second son too.

Little Leo Thomas

Just this year, King opened up about her youngest son’s heart condition.

The mom-of-two explained how her son was diagnosed with Transposition of the Great Arteries – a ‘complex heart issue’ – when she was 22 weeks pregnant, which meant he had to have open heart surgery as soon as he was born in order to survive. She revealed to fans on social media her now 14-month-old son is “doing amazing.” She shared how traumatic the experience was and how much post-traumatic stress disorder she had afterward.

A Racy Post

If we had not already mentioned, 2018 has been an interesting year for King. After posting a racy image to Instagram, she was seen here wearing a blue sports bra and matching leggings checking the reaction and comments.

The 39-year-old had posted a topless photo of herself, urging women to pleasure themselves. She wrote, “For all the women out there- sometimes you need to feel yourself the way other people won’t.” She continued to say, “To know your touch is to understand.”

The Responses

While checking the responses on her post, she receieved a great deal of encouraging comments alongside humorous ones. 

Fellow actress Kate Beckinsale was among many to drop in with a hilarious comment, joking that she just got arrested at Katsuya for following in King’s perverse footsteps. Another commented, “Beautiful! Love that!” while others referred to her comments relating to beauty and being shameless saying, “Love this. Love you. Women empowerment! Yes!” While the outcome was mainly positive, a few found the post to be “awkward.”

If You Like It, Wear It

In 2016, Jaime launched her own gender-fluid clothing line for kids and has encouraged “any boy that likes our dresses to rock them.”

Attending the Incredibles 2 premiere in Los Angeles, King demonstrated the spirit of inclusiveness hitting the red carpet with her four-year-old son, James Knight, both wearing dresses. The boy rocked a pink gown paired with Star Wars themed R2-D2 sneakers and an over-the-shoulder handbag. The Sin City actress revealed that son James had even chosen her outfit for her.

No Judgement

King’s clothing line is an attempt to destroy all gender stereotypes and allow children to explore their identity naturally.

King was raised by a mom who never judged her for her gender-fluidity growing up as, although she had “a stronger leaning toward men,” she was attracted to everyone. Inspired by her own mother, King wanted to raise her family with the same dynamics. “My son loves pink. I look at him and he’s not one way or another,” King says.

Keeping It Safe

Jaime can be known for taking risks and she did just that while attending a family dinner at a steakhouse. The star was accompanied by her husband Kyle Newman and sons James and Leo.

So when opting for a safe and boring dungaree outfit, Jaime decided to put a spin on the item by going topless underneath. Jaime baredit all with no shame, complimenting the dungarees with a pair of Birdies slippers and tattoos on show display too.


Imagine your daughter-in-law being Cardi B. While certainly an unlikely pair, Jaime King’s son has admirations to one day marry the love of his life, Cardi B.

The 39-year-old posted to her social media a video of her adorable son and asked him “What do you want to say to Cardi B?” Jamies responded, “I love you.” King followed up with, “What else do you want to say?” and James Knight exclaimed, “I want to marry you.” Unfortunately for the 5-year-old, the rapper is a bit out of his age range.

Wide Open

Jaime opened many eyes when she decided to spread her legs wide open for an Instagram snap. King made headlines after she posted an unusual picture of herself in a floral print bathing suit spreading her legs for the camera.

In front of her was a fashion book. The model and actress expressed she was ready for a vacation as she posted lyrics to the Lana Del Rey song, “Summer Bummer,” in the caption. This picture came soon after her horrific attack in Beverly Hills.

Shattered Dreams

Back in 2007, King married the love of her life, Kyle Newman, at a park in Los Angeles. The union remained low-key as King planned an “intimate and relaxed” wedding.

At the time, she was quoted saying, “I want at least three children.” However, dreams were shattered when in 2015 she was interviewed again and said, “I had a nightmare the other day that I woke up pregnant with three children, so I think I’m going to hold on that for a while!”

Survivor To Mother

Back in 2013 when Jaime was happily married and due to give birth to her first child, it was hard to believe that almost 20 years previous she was battling addiction.

After arriving in New York, trying to make it as a model, Jaime was sucked into a world of substance abuse and health issues, along with her boyfriend at the time, Sorrenti. She was only 15-years-old when she began using substances as her appearance became very fashionable. Following the death of Sorrenti, Jaime entered rehab.

From Omaha To New York

When speaking out about her past she said, “When you first go to New York after living in Omaha your whole life, you realize how sheltered you are.”

This is what stirred the model to party and get into trouble. She was missing flights and messing up jobs. But Jaime realized she needed to make the decision whether to sink or swim and she chose the latter. Jaime did not give up hope as “successful girls do not do that.”

I Like The World

With all the heartache from her pregnancy and after, Jaime King loves to show off her children to the world. Her older son, James Knight, pulled the heartstrings of people all around the world on his fifth birthday party.

As James blew out his purple glittery “5” candle, he said to the camera, “Um … I like the cake and I like the way … how the world is.” Jaime shared the video to Instagram, captioning her love for the birthday boy.

Time To Be Brave

After watching Lady Gaga’s moving performance during the Oscars in 2016, Jaime King confirmed that she is a survivor of abuse in a Twitter post. She wrote:

“‘Thank you @ladygaga – I finally felt a true healing from years of abuse as a minor in the industry. Time to be brave.” The next day she posted a message, which she titled “survivor,” revealing the abuse she suffered from only 12 years old. She thanked a number of people who have supported her including her husband for “loving me whole.”

Comeback For Miu Miu

The popular 90s model turned actress has recently gone back to her roots. The mom-of-two is the latest face of Miu Miu, joining models Samantha Archibald, Iesha Hodges, and Lily Novashot in the house’s Autumn 2017 campaign.

Since switching to Hollywood after the turn of the millennium, Jaime focused on movies, starring in Pearl Harbor and Star Wars. Her feature in Miu Miu was her first time modeling again since her last campaign in 2006 when Jay-Z asked her to front an ad for Rocawear.

Launching ColourPop

Joining the many other celebrities who have launched their own makeup line, Jaime King released a line with ColourPop.  King chose to partner with the brand because one of her friends had some products and she was amazed by the quality. 

She even sat on the floor and compared it to the quality of the rest of her collection. She revealed the makeup is for everyone, “I want it to be for the girl next door, I want it to be for transgender kids…”