The Private Life Of Sitcom Queen Kaley Cuoco


New Phone, Who’s This?

When Kaley divorced her tennis player husband Ryan Sweeting, she deleted every trace of him on her social media, removed any mentions of him and untagged herself from pictures of the two together. The 21-month marriage came to a very bitter end and they clearly wanted to forget about the whole thing.

kaley- sweeting

On and Off Screen Lovers

Cuoco and Johnny Galeki’s relationship on The Big Bang Theory was well documented leading their off-screen romance to blossom. The couple dated for two years but constantly denied they were together, shutting down any rumors they heard. However, when she dropped the bombshell in 2010, Kaley admitted “It was a wonderful relationship but we never spoke a word about it and never went anywhere together. We were so protective of ourselves and the show and didn’t want anything to ruin that.”

kaley- johnny

Co-Star Clashes

In 2016, there were rumors circulating that Kaley’s co-star Mayim Bialik was furious at Cuoco’s $1 million an episode salary when she was earning just $100,000. Apparently, Bialik went and complained to producers and executives that Kaley’s vast salary was standing in the way of her getting a bigger pay check. Upon hearing the complaints, it was reported that Cuoco became angry that her co-star was trying to get a portion of her earnings, saying she was jealous of her fame and position on the show.

kaley- co star

Strange Addiction

Kaley went on The Ellen Degeneres Show and explained that for years she was addicted to nasal spray. She told Ellen how far the addiction had got, admitting “At award shows, I would have to pick out the right clutch so I could fit my Afrin in, and I’d be under the table snorting it.” When she had surgery to correct the damage the spray did to her sinuses, many people began speculating whether she had a nose job, which she was forced to deny.

kaley- ellen

Tennis Talent

She might be famous for her acting skills but as a child, Kaley was a regionally ranked tennis player. The actress began playing the sport when she was just three years old and went on to compete in many tournaments around the U.S. Although she stopped playing at 16, she was an amateur ranked player at number 54! When Kaley met her tennis player ex-husband, their joint interest in tennis was an important starting point of their relationship.

kaley- tennis

Starting Young

Although her name wasn’t recognized until later years, Kaley started her acting career at age five. She starred in many commercials including six Barbie commercials and Oscar Mayer commercials. At age seven, she won her first major role in the TV movie Quicksand: No Escape with Donald Sutherland and Tim Matheson. Despite getting an early start in her career, she has often said that she had an incredibly normal childhood, having parents that were out of the industry kept her grounded at home.

kaley- young

A Bad Accident

In 2010, Kaley was in a freak accident during her horseback riding lesson. She explained that her horse spooked and she fell off but seemed to be fine but then her horse tried running away and ran over her leg, fracturing it badly. She was still working on The Big Bang Theory at the time and producers were forced to accommodate her by only filming her sitting down or standing behind furniture in order to hide her cast.

kaley- wheelchair

For The Animals

Kaley is an animal lover and is a longtime supporter and spokeswoman of The Humane Society. Her work with the charity led her record a single of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” with all proceeds helping animals. Kaley has dogs herself, a chihuahua-dachshund mix named Petey, a German Shepherd named Duke, and a Jack Russell Terrier named Raquel. Kaley is often heard in interviews talking about how much she loves her dogs and often posts them on her social media accounts.

kaley- animals

Dressing Room Of Dreams

As a result of being the highest paid actress on TV, it is only appropriate that Kaley has a dressing room fit for a queen. In 2015, The Big Bang Theory producers decided to treat their leading lady and give her dressing room a complete makeover for her birthday, replacing the furniture, painting it pink and installing a huge pink couch to match. Kaley took to Instagram to show fans a sneak peak of the amazing room, thanking the designers in the process.

kaley- dressing room

A Bright Star

Despite starting out in the entertainment industry from a young age, Kaley was an intelligent kid and studied at an advanced level in her homeschooling, often getting straight A’s. She might play the ditzy character of Penny on The Big Bang Theory but in reality she is quite the intelligent young woman. She worked hard for her success and it ended up allowing her to graduate at age 16. After finishing her education,  she put all of her focus into acting, swapping papers for red carpets.

kaley- smart

A Different Penny

Before The Big Bang Theory went to air, producers were testing out different formats of the show and altering in response to their audience. Originally, Kaley’s character Penny was a much more provocative, inappropriate girl named Katie. When the test audiences specified that they didn’t like Katie and didn’t respond positively towards her, producers decided to rethink and go for something more appropriate and family friendly. Following this, Kaley was cast as Penny and the rest is history!

kaley- upset

Feminism Controversy

In an interview with Redbook Magazine, Kaley was asked if she considers herself a feminist. She replied “Is it bad if I say no? I was never that feminist girl demanding equality, but maybe that’s because I’ve never really faced inequality…” Her comments caused outrage when they were published with many people questioning her morals. She responded to the criticism saying that they twisted her words, she then exclaimed, “Look at me. I bleed feminism.”

kaley- feminism

Sucker For Surgery

Kaley has never denied that she has surgically enhanced her assets to achieve the look she desired. In 2014, she said in an interview that she suffered from low self-esteem due to her small chest and when she was given the option to get rid of her insecurities, she took it. Kaley said she wanted to balance out her body and look more in proportion and womanly. She went under the knife at 18-years-old and to this day said it was “the best decision”.

kaley- cuoco

Failed Engagement

After their romance blossomed, Kaley and then-boyfriend Josh Resnik became engaged in 2011. Kaley’s romance with the addiction specialist was kept out of the press as much as they could which is why when Kaley confirmed that she was no longer engaged the following year, it came as a shock. While the split rumors were never addressed, many speculated if her romance with co-star Johnny Galeki had anything to do with it. However, due to her intense privacy regarding her personal life, we may never know.

kaley- josh

Older Than Her Years

Due to Kaley acting from a young age, she gained more experience than many of her co-stars in TV roles. In the series 8 Simple Rules, Kaley worked alongside Amy Davidson, who was six years her senior. However, the producers gave the role of the older sister to Kaley, believing she fit the role better than Amy did. In her stint on the show, Kaley became incredibly close to all of the cast and said they all made a big impact on her life.

kaley- 8 simple rules

Cyberbullies Affected Her

In 2014, Kaley admitted that she became obsessed with what people were saying about her on the internet. She explained that it really affected her life, saying “I’ll read something from someone in Indiana who’s like, ‘She looked disgusting in that dress,’ and it’s going to ruin my night.” From this, Kaley began questioning if she needed to change her look to conform to how people wanted her to look. Despite the fact she knows she shouldn’t listen, she admitted she can’t help herself.

kaley- sad

Hollywood Walk of Fame

The success of  The Big Bang Theory resulted in Kaley being recognized as a leading TV actress. In 2014, she was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Kaley was overcome with emotion and said “It’s heartwarming to me to be recognized for something that I feel like is so a part of me. It’s like my arm. It’s always been me. There’s nothing else I’ve ever known and there’s nothing else I’ve loved so much.”

kaley- walk of fame

Strong Woman

Kaley has always been a leading lady on-screen and she confessed that her personality is no different off-screen either. She said that men are often intimidated by her and she usually has to take charge in the relationship. Kaley has had her fair share of relationships throughout her time in the public eye, perhaps this led her to develop thick skin and not let a man dictate her life. The beautiful actress is highly sought after and could have her pick of many men.

kaley- strong

Prom From Hell

Due to Kaley being homeschooled, she never had the chance to attend a high school prom leading her childhood friend and fellow actress, Ashley Tisdale to step in and take her as her date. However, the experience was far from enjoyable for Cuoco and even though she opted for a simple black dress to avoid attention, she was still mocked. Recalling mean girls comments, “‘Oh, you think you’re so classy you couldn’t wear a prom dress? Do you think you’re at the Academy Awards?”

kaley- prom

Musical Talents

Kaley may have opted for a career in acting but she also has quite an amazing singing voice. Her hidden talent was shown when she recorded a song for the Humane Society but that was about the end of her public singing career. Kaley also has a passion for playing drums, noting that she finds the activity therapeutic. She explained that when she begins playing the drums after about 10 minutes she can completely lose herself and go into another zone.

kaley- drums

Losing John Ritter

Kaley’s TV dad on 8 Simple Rules tragically died of an aortic dissection in 2003 while he was filming the series. Due to the on-screen relationship between Ritter and Cuoco, the two naturally developed a close friendship off-screen too. His death really affected Kaley and she said it was one of the biggest loses of her life.  She often spoke about his kind-hearted nature and his ability to constantly make her laugh. She stated “I just adored him.”

kaley- ritter

Media Relationships

Kaley was often seen rebounding quickly from her ex’s but after her engagement to Josh Resnik was called off, she was seen dating a high-profile actor. Kaley was photographed holding hands with Man of Steel star Henry Cavill. Their relationship bizarrely lasted just two weeks leading many to question if it was just for the press, seeing as they were both represented by the same people. After the relationship ended, Kaley said “I had no one following me until I met Superman”.

kales-henry cavill

Cursed First Home

When Kaley married Ryan Sweeting in 2013, they snapped up Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s first marital home in Tarzana, California. The 8,000 square foot, seven bedroom home was regularly featured in Khloe and Lamar’s reality show on E! but when they split, they sold it. Kaley and Ryan’s marriage lasted almost 2 years while Khloe and Lamar’s union lasted around four years. Many question whether the house was cursed seeing as both couples that resided there did not go the distance.

kaley- house

Kaley Vs. Crew

There were rumors surrounding Kaley’s actions on the set of The Big Bang Theory which were said to be increasingly frustrating the cast and crew. Sources were quoting saying that the crew are growing tired of Kaley’s mood swings on set and that she can lose her temper at any moment. Although no one from the show confirmed the claims, it appears they have calmed down as there are no signs of a rift on the sitcom.

kaley- crew

Blonde Beauty

Kaley’s beautiful looks led her to being given many awards by leading magazines. In 2011, she ranked #13 on Maxim magazine’s list of beautiful women in the world, posing for a gorgeous photoshoot to accompany her new status. That same year, she was given a similar award by FHM Australia with people beginning to see her as a beautiful woman, not just a young girl on a sitcom. Kaley’s body confidence led her to pose in risqué photoshoots, wearing barely-there clothing.

kaley- sexy

American Flag Controversy

Kaley patriotically posted a picture on Instagram of her dogs  standing on an American flag  on the 4th July which received massive backlash. Many users were quick to put down the actress for putting their flag on the ground. In response, Kaley wrote a lengthy apology which partly said “I have the utmost respect for my country. I am a proud American in every sense of the word. I understand the American flag stands for our freedom and represents American heroes, past and present”

kaley- dogs

Leaked Photos

Kaley was among a number of female celebrities who were victims of the Apple iCloud hacking, having their personal photos released. Kaley found out her photos had been leaked through a Google alert which led her to email her family to let her know her photos got out. Speaking about the situation, she said “It was a really bad situation,” but she decided to “take it into my own hands and made a joke about it, because what else are you going to do?”

kaley- leaked

Starstruck For Rachel

Many people are huge fans of the iconic sitcom Friends, and Kaley is no different. In fact, she was such a big fan of the show that she became incredibly star struck when meeting Jennifer Aniston. At an NBC tribute party for director James Burrows, Kaley was introduced to Aniston and became incredibly overexcited. She told Seth Meyers about the moment and admitted she wanted to ask her for her phone number but she just about managed to resist.


Hidden Talents On A Horse

Kaley has mentioned that horseback riding is her passion, explaining that “It’s become a very important part of my life, very serious.” Kaley’s hobby became more serious when she began competing in equestrian competitions, impressing the judges and audience. She revealed that she competes under a fake name to stop the paparazzi from taking pictures of her on her horse (ironically named Poker Face), as it spooks the horses and can seriously affect their performance.

kaley- riding

The Upside Down Cake

Kaley maintained that she wanted her wedding to be anything but traditional and when she designed her wedding cake, she certainly had this in mind. Kaley informed the wedding planners she wanted there to be chandeliers everywhere so they took the idea and ran with it. From this, they came up with the idea of creating an upside down cake that had a chandelier sitting on top of it! After the pictures were posted online, the upside down cake trend became in high demand.

kaley- chandelier

Addiction Rumors

With Kaley’s divorce from Ryan Sweeting taking everyone by surprise, rumor started to surface around the reason behind the split. It was reported that the main catalyst which led Kaley to end the relationship was Sweeting’s alleged addiction to alcohol and pain killers. In 2006, Sweeting was arrested for a DUI and possession of substances with intent to sell and continued to have a problem using thereafter. Apparently, he never managed to kick the problem, leaving Kaley with no choice but to leave him.

kaley- addiction

Highest Paid Actress

Due to her highly beloved role as Penny and the success of The Big Bang Theory, Kaley saw a major rise in her salary on the sitcom. Kaley’s salary per episode was reported to have topped $1 million which led her total earnings in 2016 to be $24,500,000. Kaley was beaten to the top spot by Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara who recorded earnings of $43,000,000. However, while Kaley’s earning came purely from her TV role, Sofia Vergara’s were mostly from endorsements.

kaley- salary

Movie Career

While Kaley is predominantly known for being a television actress in a popular sitcom, she has attempted to make the transition into films. Although the movie’s themselves have not been blockbusters, they have certainly heightened her profile in the industry. In 2014, she starred in Authors Anonymous followed by The Wedding Ringer and Burning Bodhi in 2015. Kaley’s most recent movie role was slightly different as she lent her voice to the children’s film Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip.

kaley- wedding ringer

Cuoco For Cook

In 2017, following a tough divorce from Ryan Sweeting, Kaley was spotted at the Golden Globes with her new love, Karl Cook. After months of speculation surrounding their relationship, they finally confirmed it. The two met at a horse show in 2016 and share a love for riding, leading them to be inseparable ever since. Ironically, they share the same last name as Cuoco translates to cook in Italian. Her friends have given Cook the seal of approval, seeing how happy and in love they are.

kaley- karl cook

Prenup Protection

In her marriage to Ryan Sweeting, Kaley was the breadwinner and had a huge net worth. For this reason, they signed an iron-clad prenup so she could protect her millions earned from her sitcom. During their divorce proceedings, Ryan did not see a big settlement of his ex-wife’s $45 million fortune but instead walked away with $165,000 and Kaley was kind enough to pay the $195,000 bill for his two personal trainers. At least he got something in their 21-month marriage.

kaley- prenup

Double Life

With many rumors surrounding their divorce, some reports stated that Kaley was actually the one turning to alcohol, not her ex. A source told a tabloid magazine that the actress was putting on a front, explaining that “She’s really good at painting this perfect picture for the public, when in reality she’s falling apart.” Apparently, Kaley was dealing with her split in an unhealthy way, going out partying and drinking constantly but her reps were quick to shut down these rumors.

kaley- alcohol

Teasing The Fans

On The Big Bang Theory, Kaley’s character Penny was never given a last name until she married Leonard. However, fans are still wondering if the actress knew what it was but was told not to say. Kaley followed in other actors footsteps and gave her character an original last name when producers opted not to. At the Comic-Con panel, she said “In my head, I have one, but now I am Hofstadter. So it is like Cher at this point. So, Im not telling.”

kaley- comiccon

Competitive Cuoco

Kaley has always had a competitive edge and it hasn’t stopped with horseback riding and tennis. Kaley admitted she is a ping pong freak and takes it very seriously, she said “Guest stars come to our set and ask, ‘Hey, can I play?’ The rest of us stare at them and think, ‘You do not know what you’re getting yourself into.’ They don’t realize until they start [playing] how so not fun it is to play with us because we get so super-competitive.”

kaley- ping pong

Ink Tributes

When Kaley married Ryan Sweeting, she thought he was everything and more and decided to get a tribute to him in the form of a tattoo. Kaley had a tattoo etched between her shoulder blades which marked her New Year’s Eve nuptials in 2013. While the tattoo had was extremely meaningful to the actress, like many other stars, she knew she had a problem, having her wedding date marked on her body when their union lasted just 21-months.

kaley- tattoo

Tattoo Troubles

After a long thought process, Kaley made the decision to have her wedding date tattoo covered up. Posting a picture of the large butterfly tattoo, she wrote “Note to self – do not mark your body with any future wedding dates. #under30mistakes #donttakeyourselftooseriouslykids” When many of her followers asked about the significance of the design, she honestly replied “The deep, meaningful, larger than life meaning behind this beautiful piece of ink, is….. It covered the last one.”

kaley- cover