Kelsey Grammer: A Story Of Love & Heartbreak


Although he is best known for his success as Dr. Frasier Crane from Cheers and its spinoff Frasier, Kelsey Grammer has had many failures and tragedies in his relationships and personal life.

This Makes Kelsey Angry

Kelsey got a divorce from third wife Camille in 2011. Kelsey is normally very calm, even as his dirty laundry is aired out to the public. But he gets very angry when Camille, “says [ugly things] in front of the kids.” Also, he hated when she said that he “didn’t want [his] daughter.”

kelsey angry

Man Of Faith

Grammer is a man of God, saying, “faith is a wonderful thing.” He notes that both World War I and II were not caused by religion, and that, “some of the greatest achievements ever have been achieved as a result of the Church,” citing as examples the beauty of houses of worship plus the music played inside them. It all started with a childhood of belief: “[He] grew up reading the bible and [he] went to Sunday school all the time.”

kelsey looking up

Originally Not A Fan

Sometimes bands make a song that they don’t care for, but they think is fun, and of course, it becomes their biggest hit. Grammer experienced the same thing when he first saw Cheers. “I actually saw the pilot episode of Cheers and, I’ve never admitted this publicly, [but] I didn’t like it.” Kelsey eventually came around to the character, as he had a chance to switch gears after the end of Cheers, but continued on as Frasier in the self-titled spin-off.


How Much Did He Get Paid?!

The contract negotiation for the 2002 and 2003 seasons of Frasier turned out to be lucrative on a record-breaking scale. Kelsey was making a whopping $1.6 million per episode! Even in 2009, for Hank, a show that was canceled after one season, Grammer made $175,000 an episode. That’s why it was so shocking what he is getting paid for his West End stage rendition of Big Fish. “it’s probably costing him money,” as he’ll be paid the standard union fee of about $700 a week!

kelsey grammer suit

Tries Hard To Be Different

Kelsey Grammer is a contrarian by nature, and it shows in his political beliefs (conservative in liberal Hollywood), but even more obviously in his fashion. His classmate recalled Kelsey dressing inappropriately for the weather: “It would be 20 degrees below zero, and he would be in sandals, cutoff shorts and a Hawaiian shirt.” On an appearance on Late Night with David Letterman, Grammer wore cargo shorts and a varsity jacket, and said, half-jokingly, “I thought I’d spit in the face of the dress code.”

kelsey grammer dogs

Expelled From Julliard

Grammer attended high school at the prestigious Pine Crest school, where his former art teacher said that “he hung out [in the art room] and [they] chit-chatted about a lot of things. He was an average art student and an average student, but his heart was absolutely involved in theater.” Grammar still donates generously, as it’s the only school he’s ever graduated from. After learning his craft for two years at the unparalleled Juilliard School, he was expelled for lacking focus and strictness as a student.


Misses Family Time

If you look online, you might think Kelsey is pretty hip for age 62- he tweets and posts on Instagram. However, he really is more of an old soul with classic taste. He has an appreciation for old-school heroes like John Wayne. Gadgets are not his thing; he complains, according to Vanity Fair, about the fact that, “family time has been overtaken by the temptation of solitary viewing on tiny screens.” Ideally, Grammer believes watching shows is a, “communal effort,” rather than enjoying via phone all alone.

Brewmaster Grammer

During Thanksgiving holidays, Grammer used to travel to Delaware County, in upstate New York, a place that he found was serene and beautiful. The county sadly has fallen from prosperity to being the poorest in the state. To revitalize his beloved happy place, Kelsey has plans to open a brewery there: the Faith American Brewing Company. The name was inspired by his daughter, Faith. The ale that is soon to be released is a far cry from Frasier Crane’s favorite drink (sherry), but the ale supposedly tastes “fantastic.”


Bad Writing… On Purpose

Despite only being at Juilliard for two years, Grammer was a very well trained actor. Classically trained, he has played Macbeth on Broadway. The character of Frasier Crane was only meant to be present for a few episodes of Cheers, but he was so funny, he became one of the regular cast members. According to a tweet from Grammer, his delivery was so funny, the writers challenge him by intentionally giving him bad lines to see if he could get a laugh with his delivery alone. He inevitably succeeded.

woody and kelsey

Origins Of Sideshow Bob

Beyond his big success on television as Dr. Frasier Crane, Kelsey’s has had major success in voice acting. On The Simpsons, he gives voice to Sideshow Bob, the criminal former sidekick of Krusty the Clown. The particular voice he gives to Bob is inspired by the flamboyant intonations of fellow actor and former boss Ellis Rabb. Kelsey memorized the strange voice and knew he’d use it one day. Finally, it came in handy when he “read the script for Sideshow Bob, [and] said, ‘This is Ellis Rabb.'”

sideshow bob

Father Slayed

About two years after being born in the Virgin Islands, Kelsey moved stateside with his mother, following his parents’ divorce. His father Allen stayed behind in his lagoon-front home. Years later, Allen Grammer heard something strange- perhaps someone trying to break into his house in the middle of the night. He put on a brave face and went to check out the sound. The next thing that was heard was a gunshot, Allen screaming for help, and a second, fatal shot. Kelsey was 13 when his father passed away.

us virgin islands

Sister Slayed

In 1975, the 18-year-old Karen Grammer, Kelsey’s younger sister, was just finishing her shift at the restaurant where she worked. Suddenly, a car pulled up with three would-be robbers, who changed plans when they saw Karen. They made Karen get in the car, and took advantage of her. She was then stabbed and eventually passed away due to her wounds. The culprit is in prison. In a parole hearing for the convict, Kelsey says he forgave the man, but that he should remain behind bars.

Brother Eaten By Shark

Kelsey magnetically attracts family tragedies. In 1980, his two half-brothers went scuba diving in the Carribean Sea. One of them, Billy, never came back up from underwater, and Stephen went to go rescue him. Billy was thought to have been eaten by a shark, and Stephen, in the frantic rush to find his brother, did not resurface correctly. Sadly, this was a mortal error, as it caused an embolism. Kelsey said he lost his faith due to these challenges, eventually getting it back, though.

kelsey grammer

Drinking Early

Kelsey had poor coping mechanisms when he was struck with heavy, seemingly relentless tragedies, one after another. This is because early on, at age 9, he had been introduced to drinking. So, when tragedy did strike, he was already primed to drink. As a teenager in middle and high school, he and his classmates would have, “wild, all-night parties and drank too much.” This led to eventual problems for Grammer, who eventually went to rehab and joined AA.


Second Wife Suicide Attempt

Kelsey’s second wife was a former exotic dancer by the name of Leigh-Anne Csuhany. Despite her being pregnant, the marriage was annulled after only 9 months. The cited reason for the annulment was that Csuhany had, according to Grammer, an “unsound mind.” By order of the court, she had to leave the Grammer residence. Less than a week later, police found her hotel room, where she lay unconscious, having purposely overdosed, trying to end her grief. Eventually she survived, but the unborn baby did not.

Leigh-Anne Csuhany

Legal Troubles

Due to his family tragedies and an early introduction to drinking, Kelsey turned to substances and overused them for comfort. Grammer eventually got in trouble for driving intoxicated and for possession of a controlled substance and was given probation. At some point, he was under house arrest. He violated probation and was sentenced to 30 days in jail. Grammer apologized for the trouble to Cheers producers saying, “I have to go to court. I’m really sorry, and I hope it doesn’t have grave consequences for the show.”

kelsey prison

Abused By New Wife

Even at the beginning of Kelsey’s (short) relationship with former exotic dancer Leigh-Anne Csuhany, things looked bad. The police had to be called after Csuhany physically abused Grammer, seriously enough that he had a black-and-blue bruise on his face. Kelsey did not press charges, and things cooled down enough for them to make up and get married. Even still, Csuhany would verbally abuse him in public, causing him shame. Eventually, Csuhany’s reign of terror got so bad, Grammer had to get a restraining order.


Small Town Man

To escape the pressures of Hollywood life, Kelsey retreats to a simple small town in upstate New York, which he hopes to revitalize by opening a brewery there. His 500-acre residence in Margaretville has six separate houses, a farm, and a pool. It’s a very rural area; a place where time forgot about. Only 600 people live there, cell phones don’t get a signal, and there’s still a video store. Grammer lovingly calls his town a “redneck place”, which he means in an endearing way.


Grammer, Rick And Morty

The first of Grammer’s four marriages was to Doreen Alderman, a dance instructor. On paper, the marriage lasted seven years, but they were in actuality separated for 6 of those 7 years. Out of their marriage came a daughter, Spencer Grammer. Talent runs in the family: Spencer, like her father, is an actress, who appeared in ABC Family’s Greek. Again, like her father, she also does voice overs, most famously, she gives voice to Summer on Dan Harmon’s Rick and Morty.

Kayte Walsh, Kelsey Grammer, Spencer Grammer

Drinking Issues

People around Kelsey tried to support him as he drowned his sorrows with drink. His girlfriend (who he even proposed to) in between his second and third wife, Tammi Baliszewski, tried to help him by, “pouring alcohol down the sink and replenishing the bottles with water. [She] was doing my best to hold him together.” Despite all her help, Kelsey left Tammi for former Playboy model Camille Donatacci. Tammi since then got her Ph.D. and wrote a self-help book.

Tammi Baliszewski

Beauty Queen

In between Grammer’s first and second marriage, he dated Barrie Buckner, a hair and makeup stylist. Out of that relationship, Barrie and Kelsey had a daughter, Kandace Greer Grammer. She goes by her middle name. Greer has always been interested in and passionate about performance and beauty pageants. She won Miss Teen Malibu in 2008, and placed in the top 10 in many California pageants. Recently, Greer had a recurring role as the girlfriend of one of the main characters on ABC’s sitcom The Middle.



Kelsey has been showered with accolades over the years. He has three Golden Globes (two for Frasier, one for Boss), and 5 Primetime Emmys (4 for Frasier, and one for his work with The Simpsons). He even has a Tony award for his efforts in producing the Broadway revival of The Color Purple. Grammer has acted on Broadway multiple times, most recently in 2015 as Captain Hook in Finding Neverland. This time, there was no Tony nomination, and Kelsey said: “nobody’s really laughing — everybody was quite hurt.”

captain hook

Wife Confused

We’ve all heard of that saying when it comes to relationships: “you don’t love me, you love the idea of me.” This apparently was true for Kelsey’s marriage with Camille Donatacci. Kelsey said that he thinks that Camille, “married [him] because I was Frasier.” This is the same confusion that leads to type casting. According to Grammer, Camille liked that Frasier,”was stylish … and just a little gay … [but] Kelsey Grammer is a different story. You got home and Kelsey Grammer was somebody different.”

camille grammer

Current Wife Embarrassed…

Grammer is currently married to Kayte Walsh, a flight attendant who is 26 years his junior. They met while Grammer was still married to Camille, and they began an affair for a solid six months before he broke up with his wife. In an interview with Oprah, Kayte expressed her embarrassment: “I’m not proud of the way we started out, because he was in a marriage.” They have had a daughter and two sons, the most recent being in 2016. Grammer now has a total of seven children.


Parting Gift

Kelsey’s marriage to Camille was a disaster, in the sense that it was, “pretty much over as soon as it began.” Grammer found Camille to be hungry for fame, so he gave her a goodbye gift that he knew she would like. He made guest appearances on her reality TV show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, thereby bringing all the intense drama of their fallout and eventual divorce public. It freed her from needing his name for fame, and so he then could move on to another relationship.

camille kelsey

Heart Attack

During a Hawaii vacation, Kelsey and his then-wife Camille decided to do some paddleboarding. Instead of being a day of fun at the beach, Grammer started feeling pain in his chest and shortness of breath. He was rushed to the hospital, and the worst fears were confirmed: he was having a heart attack. Although initial reports dismissed the attack as a nominal one, later Grammer said it was actually grave; his heart had fully stopped beating for a time. Grammer blames his show’s cancellation for the attack.

grammer heart attack

Hidden Tape

Internet Entertainment Group is infamous for distributing a certain lewd videotape of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson. The group had allegedly lifted a private home video from Grammer without authorization. An irate Grammer sued the company, but he was countersued, with the Internet Entertainment Group claiming they had stolen nothing. Now Grammer makes sure that all the cameras involved in his life are in a studio in Hollywood, and says we should too: “even if you’re just an old slob with a video camera … you shouldn’t do it.”

kelsey grammer

One Big Career Regret

Kelsey Grammer has won many awards, giving validation to his ability as an actor. However, he is a Juilliard-trained classical actor and has specific taste when it comes to roles. Even after thirty years of acting on TV, Kelsey has revealed his one big career regret: he wishes he’d played the title character in William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy Of Hamlet. When asked why, he explained, “There’s no other place to encounter that many emotions and that many things in so short a time.”

kelsey grammer stage

Nazi Control Of Hollywood

According to a book written by Ben Urwand and published by Harvard Univesity Press, Nazis had a grip on Hollywood during the 1930s. He argues that because the studios were strapped for cash during the depression, they would make whatever movie their audiences wanted to see. The catch? A huge market for the studios was Nazi-controlled Germany. Kelsey Grammer echoed this idea, saying the studios, “turned a blind eye,” to Nazi crimes to make money. His Amazon show The Last Tycoon explores the Hollywood-Nazi connection.

Didn’t Care For This Cast Member

On a movie set or a TV studio, sometimes the actors get along (and even fall in love), and sometimes they don’t. In the case of Frasier, Kelsey Grammer was not a fan of a surprising cast member: Moose, the Jack Russell Terrier who played the pet dog Eddie. Grammer loves dogs in general, but, “it takes twice as long to finish a show when the dog’s in it … he doesn’t always get it the first time and we have to stop and go back.”

eddie dog

Bad Investment

Grammer has an incredibly high net worth of $120 million! His divorce settlement with Camille cost Kelsey about $30 million, according to TMZ. With his money, he is investing in a brewery named after his daughter, which is promising. But he has some investments that were less successful. Apparently, he lost hundreds of thousands of dollars investing in windmills, strangely enough. He said it was a “straight loss,” and that although big wind companies do well, but this was a smaller one, and it failed.



Tattoos have been a way to express one’s love from time immemorial. The clean-cut Grammer had never thought to do such a thing… until he turned 57. That’s when he was apparently so struck by his new wife Kayte, he decided to get her name in a flowy font tattooed onto the front of his hip. He got it done at a parlor in Chicago, where the receptionist, funnily enough, did not recognize the multimillionaire TV star. Now it’s Kayte’s turn to get inked.

grammer tattoo

Quit Alcoholics Anonymous

Kelsey has been in legal trouble multiple separate times due to his consumption of alcohol. Further, he put extreme risk onto himself and others alike when he drove intoxicated. Despite going to rehab at the Betty Ford Center and attending Alcoholics Anonymous, Kelsey still drinks alcohol. Daily. Grammer claims to be a “reformed drinker [who] no longer go[es] to AA and [he] still enjoy[s] a drink.” He’s apparently moved on, going so far as saying “drinking is not a vice.”

Controversial T-Shirt

Politically, Grammer is a black sheep in Hollywood, being a conservative in a liberal environment. At one point he said he was pro-choice, but this seemed purely nominal because, in the same breath, he said he doesn’t, “advocate for abortion.” In fact, he and his wife were at the center of a controversy for posting pictures on Instagram of them wearing t-shirts supporting a pro-life organization. Grammer plans to help the pro-life cause by opening a home for women who’ve decided to have their babies.

t shirt kelsey grammer

Shelley Long Didn’t Love Him

Cheers ran for two seasons without Kelsey Grammer’s now famous character, Dr. Frasier Crane. When he first graced the screen with his academic language and high-class taste, he was only meant to be a guest star, whose main purpose in the plot line was to break up Sam Malone and Diane Chambers (played by Shelley Long). Since the audience loved Frasier so much, the writers decided to make him into a main character. Long openly opposed the idea, saying Frasier was going to make Cheers, “terrible.”

beers shelly long