These Pictures Prove Why McDonald’s Is The Most Unexpected Place


McHusband And McWife

After years of dreaming about your special day, the one you always imagined would consist of walking down the altar alongside the one person you want to spend the rest of your life with, how would you feel if your significant other suggested throwing the whole church concept out the window and having your wedding at McDonald’s? This couple clearly thought it was the best idea they ever heard, and even got the local employees to go along with it.


Happy Meal, Happy Date

Some might consider this a cheap date, but if both are fully committed to making this night unforgettable, then it does not really matter where you are. The two got happy meals and are fully dressed up, as though they think of McDonald’s to be a fancy restaurant. It must have been amusing to watch the two sip on wine (from champagne glasses, have we mentioned?) and using a fork and knife to cut their burgers and nuggets into tiny pieces.


Time To Shine

Struggling to make a name for himself as a DJ, this guy was granted the opportunity to spin some tracks at his local McDonald’s restaurant. The staff was more than happy to let a bit of creative juices flowing as people were munching on steaming hot fries and other delicious treats. We are not sure if the guy ever managed to book any more gigs after this appearance, but the smile on his face makes it all worthwhile.


Potato Party

As it turns out, “potato parties” are common at McDonald’s across Asia. The group pictured below purchased a total of 60 large fries, which is $250 worth of McDonald’s fried potato sticks. The attendees of this gathering, which occurred in Japan, were required to finish all the fries before leaving the restaurant. Considering multiple tables needed to be put together and were fully covered with fries, this is an incredibly hard task to pull off, not to mention an unhealthy one.


Acing Planking

Planking is defined as “mimicking a wooden plank.” By this, it is meant that planking can include “lying flat on a flat surface, or holding the body flat while it is supported in only some regions, with other parts of the body suspended.” People planking in less common and more dangerous places became a trend in recent years, which is why this guy decided to give it a go. What is more interesting, however, is the particular place he chose to plank…


Bad Habits Die Hard

Mommy dearest wanted her kids to start eating healthier, but their bad habits of only being willing to eat fried foods and, specifically, from the famous “M”  branded restaurant, turned out to be a difficult issue to overcome. She tried serving them better quality meat and potatoes that were mashed instead of fried, but nothing seemed to work. In a final act of desperation, she used fresh fruit to carve out a burger and fry shaped combo. She gets an A for effort, that’s for sure.


Wedding Bells, Not Taco Bell

Fast food fanatics know what’s good for them – or perhaps, it would be more accurate to say that they know what works for them. Once you find your favorite quick and dirty burger, there is nothing quite like it. The newlyweds in the picture below found the perfect spot to take their wedding pictures – yep, the same ones they intend on printing out, framing and hanging above the fireplace in the living room – and that is right outside their favorite sleazy burger joint.


Healthy Obsession

Growing up, some kids dream of becoming doctors, and others fantasize about landing on the moon and being an astronaut. It is also very common to aspire to be a successful actor or rock the stage in front of a live audience as a singer. What you often do not hear about is people wanting to land a role of being Ronald McDonald, but for every rule, there is an exception, and this is girl is definitely it.


Pay The Price

A teen from Norwegia, Stian Ytterdah, had a hefty dose of McRegret when he was ridiculed by many on social media for tattooing a McDonald’s receipt on his arm. Cyberspace mocked the boy who had a sketchy excuse for his bad call, saying it was all due to peer pressure: “Some of my mates thought I had been a bit too active on the ladies front recently and wanted to punish me. They said I had to tattoo a Barbie doll on my bum, or the receipt on my arm.”


Horsing Around

It is a bit hard to ignore the man sitting in his matching, light blue jammies and staring dramatically off into the distance in this McDonald’s restaurant, but what caught our eye even more was the guy wearing the horse head mask as he was contemplating which meal his heart was set on. We cannot help but feel curious in the slightest as to why this is not an entire ensemble, but it seems like this guy was horsing around on his own terms.


Dying For Fries

Heading towards your nearest McDonald’s drive-thru, the last thing an employee would expect to see is a skeleton-thin person pulling in. There is an even slimmer chance of a literal skeleton placing an order, which explains the look on this poor woman’s face. She felt victim to a cruel Halloween prank, but since it has grown more common over the years, it is our guess that she was new to the industry and that’s why she didn’t see it coming.


Fry Or Bake, I Want Cake

Those who are true McDonald’s maniacs would eat practically anything as long as it has the trademark M on top of it. Ben was celebrating his birthday, one he was not looking forward to since it was a tiring and difficult time at work. All he wanted to do was take things easy on his one day away from the office. His girlfriend wanted to fulfill his request, but at the same time was not willing to let his special day slide. Then, she came up with this brilliant concept.


Home Is Where The Food Is

A recurring phenomenon has been spotted in many McDonald’s restaurants – people come to dine, then end up taking a quick snooze on the comfy couches or lounging chairs. It could be claimed that since the place is so welcoming, its customers feel right at home to the extent of allowing themselves to take a nap. As much as we praise post-meal breaks and siestas, there is a time and place for everything, and McDonald’s probably isn’t it.


Underwear Or Topwear?

Fashion trends come and go, and since we have yet to receive a call from the stunning Heidi Klum asking us to be guest judges on Project Runway, it is hard for us to judge which fads will soon fade and which are here to stay. The girl in the picture below decided, in a bold statement, to spark a new trend by placing underwear on her head. She probably hoped this would catch on, but reality turned out to be quite disappointing for the aspiring designer.


Try The McBrows

In the age of social media dictating what is hot and what is not, a trend started by beauty expect Huda Kattan. She shared a picture of herself creating an unusual look – using a pencil brow, she drew an M-like design, thus replicating McDonald’s iconic golden arches. To hide her natural eyebrows, she took a concealer and foundation and applied a heavy dose of both on her face. Huda commented on her invention, saying: “I’m really loving this, this is definitely the peak of the eyebrow trends.”


Burger King Buyout

A gang of 15 men dressed as Ronald McDonald clowns flooded a local Burger King branch and started teasing the staff to the amusement of the fast food store’s customers. “It was an 80’s weekend so they had dressed like this to go out as part of the fancy dress … It was really funny. Everyone just got it straight away. The whole restaurant was laughing along with them. The cashiers laughed along with them and carried on doing their jobs,” said Nici, a nearby observer.


A Con Man Called Coning

Urban Dictionary defines the term ‘coning’ as “the act of buying an ice cream cone through a drive-through and grabbing it by the ice cream itself, not the cone.” This is also commonly referred to as the new planking, as it too is a social trend of mischief that took over social media. Workers in fast food chain restaurants all over the country were stunned to see people take a perfectly good ice cream cone and deform it in such a way.


Ronald McDonald, The Convict

Guangzhou law enforcers, who are widely referred to as chengguan, were spotted demolishing a Ronald McDonald statue outside a McDonald’s restaurant. Apparently, the statue had repeatedly violated regulations: “Putting outdoor advertisements on a pedestrian walkway is a hindrance to pedestrian traffic and also a tripping hazard,” said the chengguan. The statue had its ankles broken, and then confiscated the entire thing, but not before explaining that if McDonald’s was willing to admit its wrongdoing and pay the fines, the mutilated “Uncle McDonald” would be returned.


Ketch-Up Or Stay Behind

This guy was not willing to wait for an MTV show host to show up at his house and announce his car was about to get a complete makeover, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. He stocked up on red and yellow paint, printed some Ronald McDonald stickers and the trademark McDonald’s logo and got to work. It seems he was happy with the overall look and the way it turned out.


Marketing At Its Finest

We are not sure who put the least creative and most crude person in charge of switching up the interchangeable sign outside this McDonald’s branch, but they most likely should have chosen someone with a little bit more experience – or at least a person who is more enthusiastic about the food they serve inside. Perhaps the guy ran out of letters and tried to make do, but we hope he didn’t lose his job over the poor decision to write that message.


Yaba Daba Doo!

McDonald’s definitely does not serve the Fruity Pebbles cereal that features The Flintstones characters as spokes-toons, but that did not stop this bunch from rolling over to the burger hotspot. It would have been funny to watch the one woman dressed like Wilma Flinstone ask for a drumstick from the McDonald’s employee, and he probably would have played along, considering how amused he looks at the whole situation. He even stopped what he was doing just to take a picture of them.


Must(ard) You Do That?

Ronald McDonald has been situated outside McDonald’s branches all over the world since before we can remember. The statue became a symbol of the franchise along with the notable golden M, and so people started a trend of taking pictures with it. Some were highly inappropriate and of content that was very much R rated, but some, like the picture below, were harmless and meant to ridicule Ronald’s odd stance. Hey, all publicity is good publicity.


Fish(net) Burger Meal, Please

As many other franchises, McDonald’s also does not have a dress code. At least, not one that its customers are aware of or care about. Since the place welcomes all kinds of unique individuals into its restaurants, this man felt no shame as he barged in those glass doors and let his assets be put up for display as he made his usual order of a fish burger meal, to go along with his fishnet stockings.


The McCherry Awaits

Drive-thrus are meant for cars – anyone who has ever tried to walk up to a drive-thru window, place an order and was refused service found this out the hard way. However, there is no unspoken rule about being on wheels that keep spinning thanks to a whole and very literal kind of horsepower. This particular McDonald’s branch in South America, where a lot of central America’s rules of conduct simply do not apply. We hope they didn’t get shakes, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride!


Grand Opening

The women in the picture below may simply be sitting down to rest, but considering the fact there were many other vacant benches in the area, it does not seem likely that it is a coincidence they positioned themselves right outside McDonald’s. Maybe they were after a wild outing that consisted mostly of drinking and wanted that deep-fried flavor to sign off on the night, or perhaps this was their place of comfort, where they felt most at home.


I’m Not Clowning Around

We’ve all seen Ronald McDonald at some point in our lives. But we never realized that he actually works at one of the chains. It turns out that he works on one of the tills taking orders. We’re not going to lie: we’re pretty let down after finally finding out what he actually does in the company. We assumed that his role would be much more prestigious. One thing’s for sure though, he’s been one of the most consistent performers in the entire company.

mcdonalds 6

The Walk Through

This gang of trouble makers thought it would be perfectly fine to walk through the drive through in this pretty looking cardboard car they made. Who knows why they went through so much effort just so they could collect their meal outside the building. One thing’s for sure though; the manager is not particularly pleased with their silly experiment. Though it does seem that there is a little smirk indicating that he does see the funny side of the unusual situation.

mcdonalds 4

I Found My Burger!

When this guy goes to McDonald’s, he knows exactly what he wants. Did you know that some outlets have a deal called “The Mystery Burger?” For absolutely nothing, you can enter this box of secrets and search for a delectable treat with your name on it. Beware though, there are chances that their may be teeth marks in your prize. But this guy doesn’t seem to mind. This looks like the moment when he thought to himself, “Eureka!”

mcdonalds 2

Laundry Break

This particular customer seems to know exactly how to manage his time. While running his usual Monday errands, he must have thought to himself, “Ooo, what should I do while I wait for my laundry to finish? Well, I’m pretty hungry…I’m certainly craving a burger. I haven’t had one in a while. I know, why don’t I take a trip to McDonald’s. That’s a good way to pass the time. But where shall I put my laundry basket…This will do…”

mcdonalds 1

Time Is Of The Essence

The man approaching this sign must be thinking to himself, “What does it mean, 20 seconds? 20 seconds for what?” We were wondering exactly the same thing. We have a couple of theories. Firstly, it certainly doesn’t take 20 seconds to walk from the sign to the entrance of the restaurant. So, after a process of elimination, we assume that it means that it takes 20 seconds for the workers to make your meal once you placed your order. Adding a new meaning to the term, “fast food.”

mcdonalds 7

The Dark Side Of McDonald’s

If there was one place where you could find Batman being pestered by a Stormtrooper while he’s eating his burger, it would obviously be McDonald’s. This epitomizes the fast food chain in a nutshell – a place that attracts the most bizarre people and a place where people can truly be themselves. A place where Bruce Wayne doesn’t have to worry about people seeing him as the Dark Knight and Stormtroopers can stare at you for no particular reason whatsoever.

mcdonalds 3

Creepiest Photo Bomb Ever

Upon first glance, you must be wondering to yourself why on earth this photo has made the list. It looks pretty normal at first – a bunch of friends from high school meeting up for a couple of burgers and some fries. Then, you look over to the right side of the photo, and bang! Out of the blue, the scariest looking iteration of Ronald McDonald appears just in time to photobomb the gang and haunt them for the rest of their lives.

mcdonalds 5

PC Is Key

The sign may have read “Free Wi-Fi,” but this girl was pushing the generosity of this McD’s branch by placing a huge, old computer screen on the dining table. Forget table manners, what about keeping up with modern technology?


A Nugget For Nugget

Starting her morning shift at McDonald’s, this girl had no idea the first customer she had would be this adorable pooch! Imagine the shocked look on her face as she opened the drive thru window and turned to find the big puppy eyes staring right back at her, she must have been speechless! This is one fun prank to pull, and the beagle in the picture sure seems happy with the bag of goodies he received after successfully fulfilling his role.


Or There Will Be No ‘Next Time’

It is customary to provide children with something that will keep them preoccupied at restaurants. Be it something as small as a short coloring book to big amusement thrills like playgrounds, it does not matter – as long as the kids have something to do, the adults are able to eat in peace. Apparently, this particular McDonald’s joint did not provide anything for infants, so the family of the toddler paid them back by leaving this threatening note.


See Everything

The saying “I have eyes in the back of my head” is used to say that a person has noticed something going on behind him or her. This guy standing in the queue for his favorite burger and shake took the saying quite too literally, which could explain why he tattooed eyes on the back of his slightly balding head. This could be seen as a smart use of available space, or perhaps he wanted to spook children with an alarming back view.


Ice Cream Sandwich

The term “ice cream sandwich” is not exactly open to interpretation, but it seems this McDonald’s employee begs to differ. After a customer asked for the relatively wide-known frosty dessert, he was shocked to receive the following – ice cream inside a burger bun, thus forming a literal ice cream sandwich. It probably ended up being delicious, which is why the customer took a picture holding it and ended up eating it instead of returning it to the confused employee.



As previously said, McDonald’s attracts people from all different walks of life. No matter what social status you might belong to, what age you might be or what part of the world you’re from, there’s a good chance that you’ve ended up in McDonald’s at some point in your life. Even wizards have been known to crave a quarter pounder from time to time. Take this little guy, for example. However, we imagine that he probably went for the Hogwarts Meal.

mcdonalds 8