Hit Movies With Embarrassing Bloopers That You Didn’t Notice


It is always funny when you notice a mistake in a movie, especially when it is a famous, award-winning film. Pop some popcorn, because these hilarious bloopers are some of the best of all time.


Nobody can forget the iconic scene in Braveheart when Mel Gibson yelled out “freedom!” rather than giving into the demands of the 13th-Century English king. The movie made over $200 million, despite this blooper where you can clearly see a man wearing modern clothes, including a baseball cap, in the background.

Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan is one of the best war movies of all time. With an ensemble cast featuring big names like Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Vin Diesel, and more, it is surprising that there could be any mistakes. However, there is one scene where Captain Miller was wounded, and he makes his way towards an Ural M-63 motorcycle to lean on it and regain some strength to continue the battle. Here is the issue: this motorcycle was not in production until eighteen years after the movie was set.

Django Unchained

Django Unchained was one of the best movies of 2012. Quentin Tarantino paid homage to the “blaxploitation” genre, with a movie about a slave who is seeking revenge against the people who separated him from his wife. The film stars Jamie Foxx, who was dressed very cool, with a pair of dark sunglasses and a cowboy hat. However, the issue is, that sunglasses were not widely available in the 1850’s, and probably would only be available from doctors offices for special medical reasons.

Back To The Future

Back To The Future came up with many inventions that ended up coming true. Some examples include video phones and hoverboards. The hoverboards are not exactly like they are in the movies, but surely scientists are working on it. One thing they got wrong, though, was during the scene when Marty is playing the Chuck Berry song. McFly is rocking out on the guitar, and everyone is having a good time, but the guitar he was jamming on came out in 1958,  three years after the movie was set.

Lord of the Rings

J.R.R. Tolkien is obsessed with rings (one in particular). However, this movie blooper introduces an unexpected accessory. No, it is not Gandalf’s sword, Glamdring, or his robe, it is what is on his wrist. The wizard is wearing a wristwatch, something that even the most magically inclined could not conjure. Most people did not notice the mistake during the busy battle scene, and the movie series went on to make a whopping $3 billion and get 17 Academy Awards.

Panic Room

In the 2002 film Panic Room, Jodie Foster and a young Kristen Stewart try to survive a home invasion by bad-guy Jared Leto. In one nerve-wracking scene, it seems that Foster is trapped. However, one chance arises- she could light some propane on fire to keep Leto and his goons away from her. Foster and Stewart’s characters cover themselves with a fire blanket and ignite it. The women are only safe because the propane rises up, but scientifically, it would have sunken and burned them up.

Independence Day

In the movie Independence Day, one of humanity’s worst fears are shown on the screen. It is when massive alien spacecraft hover above landmarks like the White House and the Empire State Building, and then suddenly open fire on it with a plasma laser, blowing the whole thing to smithereens. Do not worry, though, as the whole thing is totally impossible- at least geographically. Any New York native can tell you that the Empire State Building is never visible down a long avenue like it is in the film.

The Aviator

Leonardo DiCaprio played genius aviator, movie producer, and billionaire Howard Hughes. His performance playing the tic-ridden, obsessive-compulsive genius got the film nominated for 11 Oscars. They took home five, along with $213 million. One of the particular requests Howard had in the film was for his assistant to bring him exactly 10 chocolate chip cookies. This request would have been impossible to fulfill, for even the best assistant, as chocolate chip cookies were not invented in 1938, and the movie was set in 1928.

Django Unchained

Django Unchained has a blooper that is less a mistake, but an unexpected injury. It happened in the scene where Leonardo DiCaprio’s character goes on a rant, and he gets increasingly angry and impassioned. At the peak of his evil speech, he slams his hand on the dinner table, and blood rushes out of his hand. This is a real injury- not special effects. Since Tarantino did not say “cut,” Leo, like a true professional, kept saying his lines like it was all part of the plan.

American Sniper

American Sniper tells the story of Chris Kyle, a legendary Navy SEAL sharpshooter, who was portrayed by Bradley Cooper. One scene that took place in the United States had Chris cradling a baby. Many audiences noticed the baby was limp and lifeless, which makes sense, because it was a doll. Working with children and babies is complicated and expensive, so they used a doll. However, you can see Cooper using his thumb to make the baby move. It takes away from an otherwise great movie.

Rumble In The Bronx

Jackie Chan’s character comes from China to visit his uncle in the big city, to help in his grocery store. However, soon, he gets into a fight with a gang when they try and steal from the store. The angry gang goes after him, and we see Jackie’s martial arts skills on full display. Chan also did his own stunts in the movie, and unfortunately landed funny during one of them and broke his leg. The rest of the movie, he wore a massive sock that hid his cast.


In the freaky horror/thriller movie Gothika, Halle Berry goes from doctor to patient in a mental institution. In one scene, she and Robert Downey Jr., who plays another psychiatrist in the institution, get into a physical altercation. Downey Jr. got a bit too into the fight and ended up fracturing Halle’s arm. This halted production for almost three months, giving Halle time to heal. Robert apologized for not knowing his own strength, saying “it was an accident, I’m sorry if she’s still upset.”

The Lion King

People have a lot of ideas about hidden messages in Disney movies, and there have been rumors that these messages were put in on purpose. However, one thing you do not expect in animated movies is accidental bloopers. With total control of the images, how could there be any errors? Still, apparently, the animators are just human. You can see it when you look at the eye color of Nala, Simba’s best friend. From scene to scene, Nala’s eye color changes from blue to green.


When it comes to Braveheart, the drama is timeless, and rings true to today’s audience. However, historically, there are many issues, especially when it came to wardrobe. The movie was set in the 13th century. This means that the English soldiers would not have been wearing matching uniforms. Back then, soldiers just wore whatever they could find. Only the wealthiest people had armor. On the Scottish side, Gibson’s character wears a kilt, which actually did not become popular for another 400 years.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

This mistake is unbecoming of a movie that made $879 million. It is an error that even student films do not have. There is a scene in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets where Draco Malfoy is surrounded by a gang of Hogwarts students, and you can see, through the crowd, a cameraman on a knee. Luckily, fans of the franchise are so dedicated, that they are willing to forgive even the most glaring of errors. Still, Hollywood should do better than this.


In 2004, Hollywood decided to re-tell the classic story from Homer’s epic poem The Iliad in the form of the Brad Pitt film Troy. Pitt portrayed Achilles, and with the help of veteran Director Wolfgang Petersen, the film made a whopping $500 million. One huge blunder seen in this image is that a plane flew over the warriors a dozen centuries before the Wright Brothers walked the Earth. Later, though, it was revealed that this picture was manufactured by some people in an internet photoshop contest.

The Matrix

One of the toughest things to do in the movie industry is to film a reflective surface, because you always run the risk of having the cameraman on the screen. Here, although it is technically a blooper, we can see that they did their best. Looking closely, the camera is hidden in a leather bag, that has a bit of green paint on it, that is meant to look like Lawrence Fishburn’s tie. The distorted carnival-like mirror makes it easy to miss this blooper.

Forrest Gump

One of the most heartwarming movies of all time is Forrest Gump. Even they, however, have several bloopers. One of which concerns the history of the omnipresent company Apple. When Forrest and Lieutenant Dan find success in their shrimping boat business, Lieutenant Dan invests their profits in “some kind of fruit company.” Of course, Forrest just did not understand that it was not a real apple, but the computer company. This was back in 1975, though- a time where Apple Inc. simply did not exist.

Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman brings together Richard Gere, a businessman, and Julia Roberts, a businesswoman (so to speak). Their characters’ relationship made for one of the most famous romantic comedies of all time. There is one pretty glaring continuity error in the movie, though. Julia Roberts’ character is seen munching on a croissant for breakfast, but then out of nowhere, it morphs into a pancake. Still, this did not prevent the movie from making tons of money and becoming a cultural staple.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Jack Sparrow dressed like any other pirate- with a bandana covered head plus a three-cornered hat. Not only that, he clearly cared about having his hair nicely braided and decorated. This picture shows that he also preferred brand names. Interestingly enough, he chose Adidas over Nike or other competitors. Even with this mistake, Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl earned Johnny Depp an Academy Award nomination, and earned the studios $654 million at the box office.

Spy Kids

This 2001 flick is about two siblings who discover their parents were leading a double life as spies. When mom and dad are taken captive by the bad guy, they step up to the plate and become spies themselves to rescue them. Here, early on in the movie, you see Carla Gugino, who plays Ingrid Cortez, the mom of the spy kids, at her vanity mirror. Filming reflective surfaces is always a danger. This time, you can see a cameraman in the right-hand mirror.


Deadpool was Marvel’s much anticipated 2016 film that ended up taking the world by storm. It was so popular and financially successful that a sequel is already slotted for 2018. Despite having a budget of almost $60 million, the filmmakers made a rookie error. They had a continuity error in a scene where Deadpool is in a dumpster, covered in trash, without his swords and dejected. Then, suddenly, as he is climbing out of the dumpster, his swords magically re-appear.

Jungle Book

The Jungle Book is supposed to be set in the wilderness, but the film was not shot on location. In fact, the whole thing was done on a soundstage in Hollywood. As you can see, a lot of what happened in the film was added in later with computer graphics. In one scene of the movie, there is CGI rain, which is so unrealistic because of how the water does not splash on Mowgli or the creatures in the jungle.

Star Wars

The Star Wars character who was ridiculed the most, even more than Jar Jar Binks, was not one person, but the Stormtroopers as a whole. They famously always missed their target when firing their blasters. There was one awkward moment above the rest when this specific stormtrooper bumped his head into a doorframe when trying to find Luke, who was stuck in the trash compactor. This blooper was noticed by many, including the producers. They included a homage to this movie mistake in the prequel films.


This movie blooper might be one of the most infamous of all time. It happens in the chariot race scene in the Colosseum. Although horses were used in the film, the chariots themselves were not powered by their muscle movement alone. This becomes clear when, in the chaos of the fierce competition, a chariot tips over and reveals what is under the hood. You can see some shiny metal that is actually a gas canister, which has no place existing in ancient Rome.

The Princess and the Frog

It should be easy to do wardrobe for a cartoon character, as an animator can put on any color and any style easily. Also, most cartoons do not have that many wardrobe changes. However, there is a wardrobe issue in The Princess and the Frog; Tiana cannot seem to decide if she wants to wear earrings or not. At first, we see her gold raindrop earrings adorning her earlobes, but then suddenly, she is without them! Perhaps she lost them in the cracks of the couch.

Fast and the Furious 7

Paul Walker played Brian in the Fast and the Furious movie series. In Furious 7, Brian is in proximity to a house that blows up, complete with a huge fireball and booming sound. However, there is a movie blooper here that perhaps only explosives experts would be aware of. The issue is that the windows of the surrounding houses and cars were totally unaffected by the shockwave sent out by the explosion. If it was real, those windows would have shattered immediately.

Rain Man

This blooper is not exactly visible in the film, because it was not visual. It is not really a blooper either, but more of a social gaffe of the part of one of the stars. It happened when Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise were together in a phone booth to shoot a Rain Man scene. Apparently, while in that confined space, which already had very stale air, Hoffman let one rip, making Cruise (and Cruise’s sense of smell) feel uncomfortable and disgusted.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

Many people complain the screen version of a book fails to live up to how they pictured it in their minds. This complaint is especially apparent when details that are so emphasized in the book are changed when adapted for the screen. One example was in Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, where Harry’s mother is shown in a flashback. Fans know that she and Harry share the same eyes. However, Harry’s eyes are blue, and Lily’s eyes are brown.

Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing is a tale of forbidden love that takes place in the Catskill mountains. It has one of the most notable lines of dialogue in movie history (“nobody puts baby in a corner!”), and was a huge financial success, making over $200 million with a modest $6 million budget. When Patrick Swayze’s character and Jennifer Grey’s character are in the car together, you can see a mistake. The car is allegedly moving, but if you look at the gears, the car is in “park.”

Dallas Buyers Club

This blooper was probably noticed by a big car buff. It was in Dallas Buyers Club, wherein Matthew McConaughey plays Ron Woodroof, a person suffering from HIV/AIDS back when there was very little research done on the infection. Woodroof smuggles in medicines for himself and other infected people. His office has multiple posters on the wall, including one of a red Lamborghini Aventadors. Somebody with a keen eye noticed that this specific model did not exist until 2011, 25 years after the movie was set.

Lord Of The Rings – The Hobbit

In television shows that run for years, the hairstyles and clothing change with the times. Otherwise, though, there are rarely major changes to a character’s look. This is even more so true in movies. This mistake was made with the character Legolas from the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films. In the Lord of the Rings movies, Orlando Bloom’s character had brown eyes, while in The Hobbit series, his eyes had suddenly changed to blue. Was it wizardry that caused the eye color change?

Pulp Fiction

When hitmen played by John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson bust into this apartment, it is Jackson who takes the lead on intimidating them. “Say ‘what’ again!” he taunts, as the apartment’s residents tremble in fear. There is a standoff, until a previously unseen roommate pops out of the bathroom with a handgun, trying to be a hero. He shoots many bullets, only to hit the wall behind the pair. Here’s the blooper: if you look closely, the bullet holes were on the wall before the shots were fired.

Cast Away

Cast Away is one of the most remarkable films, because the production schedule was unique. It was filmed in two phases. First, Hanks filmed the scenes where he was in society with others. Then, the producers paused to wait for Hanks to lose weight and grow a long beard. To survive on the island, Hanks’ character is lucky to have FedEx boxes from the plane crash wash up on shore with him. However, the boxes would have never floated ashore, as in real life they were not waterproof.


As Jack and Rose are falling more and more for each other, Jack, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, tells Rose, played by Kate Winslet, a story that could not have actually happened. Jack reminisces that he and his father would travel to Lake Wissota to do some ice fishing. He told her this in 1912, but the lake in actuality was man-made in 1917 after the construction of a dam. Perhaps Jack had the ability to see into the future.

The Book of Eli

Denzel Washington’s character makes his way across the wasteland of a post-apocalyptic world to deliver a special book- the last Bible in existence. This is not any bible, though. It is written in braille. When watching the film, there is seemingly nothing wrong, but that is because most are unfamiliar with braille. To have all the bible written in braille, it would have been almost 40 books, rather than the one that Denzel carries around. It would have been too cumbersome to be that true-to-life, though.

The Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan, the director of The Dark Knight, is known for his attention to detail. In his 2017 World War II epic Dunkirk, he even paid close attention to how shoes were tied during the 1940’s to make sure everything was as authentic as possible. This is why it was so surprising that he made this mistake in the second installment of his Batman films. The Gotham Times was shown to display a headline misspelling the word “heist.” At least we know Batman’s shoelaces are tied correctly, though.


This blooper takes issue with Russell Crowe’s character’s nickname: “The Spaniard.” Those versed in etymology or history probably noticed that that name could not have existed until the French invited its precursor word “espaignart,” over 1000 years after the movie was set. This is not as glaring as the other bloopers in this film, and the fact that the nickname sounds so cool definitely makes it less of a problem. Indeed, the movie still won highest honors, even with this blooper.


The Battle of Thermopylae famously had the well-endowed Persian army, headed by Xerxes I, fighting to destroy a handful of Spartans. Amazingly, the 300 Spartans did not do too bad against the thousands of Persians. Frank Miller, a comic book artist, was inspired by this story, and he made a cartoon, which was made into a film. The weapons that the film showed included bombs. However, the war was in 480 B.C., over 1000 years before explosive black powder was even invented.


Back in 2002, Tobey Maguire became Spider-Man. This movie has spawned (pun intended) not only sequels, but also many reboots. In Maguire’s first Spider-Man film, it was clear that his character, Peter Parker, was still discovering how to use his powers. He shot webs around his room, trying to get a sense of control and understanding of how to do it properly. By accident, he breaks a lamp, causing a commotion. Moments later, however, we see the lamp back in one piece.