These People Are Having A Really Bad Day


We all have those days where nothing seems to go our way. The following people really found themselves on the short end of the stick. To make matters worse, these awful moments happened to be caught on camera.

Aloe, There!

From looking at this picture, one would be inclined to assume that this man somehow fell tragically into a large pile of cacti. Of course, how this happened remains a mystery, but the sheer number of needles that are stuck into his body looks pretty painful.

Rollercoaster Of Nightmares

Those who avoid rollercoasters often fear this exact situation. They’re climbing up a completely vertical stretch of rollercoaster track. For those who seek thrills, it seems harmless enough, it’s just the prelude to the real denouement as the car flies back down the other side, twisting and turning its way home. Until the car stops, however, and you’re still sitting there, staring at the sky. The rescue by cherry picker truly must have been the cherry on top of a harrowing experience.

Swimming In Soap

Cleaning up your kitchen after a long day is never the most exciting chore. However, the situation becomes considerably worse when you suddenly find your dishwasher spitting bubbles at you. As his minuscule kitchen becomes carpeted in foam, he sits, defeated, head in hands. To make the situation worse, some uncharitable soul in his household thought the situation warranted documentation. We could call this a case of kicking a man when he’s already down. On the bright side, his floor will certainly be squeaky clean afterwards.

Take A Seat

High school is a trying time no matter what happens, as ever-changing teenagers are forced to transform in front of their peers. Given the flux of the social order, one small mishap can affect you for years to come. This poor girl is likely more worried about being laughed at for an extended period of time after falling through her chair. She may have lived it down more easily had she laughed along with her classmates, but no one can blame her for being embarrassed.

Happy Burnday!

People often don’t stop to consider the inherent danger of birthday candles. Considered sweet and innocent, too small to cause problems, in reality, they’re a secret menace. When densely packed together, even little birthday candles form a sheet of fire that must be scrupulously blown out. This woman failed to consider that her hair might be swinging into the flames. Despite the raging inferno on her head, it seems she didn’t notice early enough. Hopefully, she was ok, even if her hair was just a little shorter than before.

Eggsistential Crisis

This man looks rather nonchalant about losing what appears to be half or more of his egg shipment. We’re not sure what caused this mishap, as any experienced “eggs”-porter would know how to transport pallets of filled egg cartons without dropping the majority of them. It’s unlikely this man got to keep his job after messing up so badly, unless he had a really good excuse up his sleeve. Looks like brunch today will consist or oatmeal and avocado toast.


Well, this woman certainly isn’t Little Miss Muffet, as she continues to relax with a horrifyingly large spider on her arm. That creature is large enough that there’s no way should wouldn’t have felt it as it crept up her arm, inching closer and closer to her face. If this woman isn’t scared of massive spiders, all the more power to her. We can’t say that we wouldn’t have run screaming around the pool the moment we noticed it.

Lady In Red

Poor grandma. She was out for her daily walk and just needed to sit for a minute. The newly painted bench was calling her, as the bright red color was designed to do. Unfortunately, this tired lady didn’t see the signs taped to the ground advertising that the paint was wet. We can’t blame her, considering that it’s generally suggested to walk around with your head up. At the very least, she was lucky to be wearing a top in the same color as the bench.

One, Two, Nooooo

Parents always dream of having those perfect family portraits in motion, where you and your children are gleefully smiling while clearly being nurtured by your parents. For one family, they seemed to be a little too enthusiastic when it came to joyously swinging their children by the sea. It was dad himself who shared the picture with the world. He took care to note that the tumbling toddler landed on his back and was completely fine in the end.

Heavy Load

Some mishaps are unavoidable as the laws of physics work their magic while onlookers standby, helpless. When this truck lost control and began running up the hill, it was only a matter of time before gravity made the situation a whole lot worse. One worker may have run out to investigate the situation, only to find that weight of the bricks had broken through the back of the truck and were spilling out over the road. The bewildered men are assessing a situation they likely can’t fix alone.

Buzzing Away

It seems these bees were ready to move to a new home and latched onto this nearby car. What exactly sparked their desire to use this car for transportation is something we may never know. If there were people inside, they may have been afraid to leave, though it remains to be seen if the critters can fly as fast as the car can drive. However, if the owners came back to find that their car had become a beehive, they probably turned tail and ran.


There’s a reason it’s important for parents to teach their kids caution around nature, as you never know what you’re going to find. This adventurous soul must have felt particularly pleased with himself as he intrepidly stuck his head into that tree. When his forehead was attacked by a startled porcupine, however, he hopefully realized his folly. People who work with animals know how to put them at ease even when they’re a stranger exploring their natural habitat. This guy, not so much.

Splash Zone

After a heavy rainfall, it’s usually a good idea to stand back from curbs, especially when you see a puddle on the side of the road. While this wave of water caused made such a splash that it’s hard to believe this wasn’t a calculated move, it’s likely that the unsuspecting driver didn’t realize how deep the water was. The car is very obviously sinking down into a deeper hole than expected, but that doesn’t make it any better for the person who nows finds themselves soaked.

Dude, Where’s My Car?

It looks like this poor woman was the victim of an unexpected sinkhole. At the very least, it’s a good thing she was able to get out of her car quickly enough. However, watching your car slowly be consumed by muddy water is probably not much further down the list of horrifying things that can happen. We’re not sure if the car will be salvageable once retrieved, but if we were her, we’d get out of that area, and quickly.

The Walking Dead

One would expect a funeral home to have the proper equipment to secure caskets into a hearse, but when this one stopped short in the middle of the street, the employees were in for a big surprise. Given that the hearse is the beginning of the funeral procession that makes its way from the home to the cemetery, the deceased family was probably watching the entire ordeal. It was the last thing they needed on such a somber occasion.

Off With Her Head

When scrambling to catch a bus or train, there’s always the fear of having a body part get stuck in the doors. It’s not exactly pleasant as the mechanized glass grips your limbs, even if it’s lined with rubber. This woman found herself in an even more dramatic situation, as the doors closed around her head. We hope the driver was quickly alerted as it seems like a position that would make respiration difficult. How she got that way, however, is a mystery.

Mummy On The Loose

If this unlucky student weren’t taped to a tree, it would almost appear like a Halloween costume gone wrong. However, this student appears to have been the victim of some terrible bullying, which results in him being tightly bound by an entire roll of duct tape. The security guard can’t seem to keep a straight face as he calls in the incident. That doesn’t bode well for the other students who find themselves targeted by the perpetrators of this stunt.

Trunk Show

The people who make their way to a wildlife safari somewhere in Africa generally do so in order to experience nature in a way that’s up close and personal. As this elephant pets these tourists’ car, the visitors trembled in fear, as they worried whether or not they should try to proceed. The fear in their shocked expressions demonstrates just how unprepared they were for this possibility, as they consider whether or not this elephant could indeed flip their car with his trunk.

Wheel’s Up!

Having your bike wheel fall off in the middle of a race could definitely qualify as a worst day kind of moment. This flipped cyclist was captured at the perfect moment, as his body is vertically suspended above his bike frame. Though in this still snapshot, it would appear that he is simply balancing in a handstand himself, his bent legs show that this is just a moment frozen in time. Seconds later, this guy probably landed flat on his back.

Man vs Cheetah

Well, this certainly looks like a situation that could have very quickly turned fatal. It’s unclear from the photo what set this little cheetah off, but at the very least, it looks like there were a number of animal tamers on hand to quickly get this kitty under control. We hope this man only came away from the brawl with only a few scratches and all of his limbs. He probably learned his lesson about having caution while in the jungle at least.

New Paint Job

Well, this definitely counts as one terrible, no good, very bad day. While getting paint or worse, glue, all over your car might not be akin to physical injury, or worse, totaling your car, cleaning it up is a significant undertaking. This car needs a team of experts in order to make it usable again. Furthermore, whatever project these people were about to do now has to be put on hold. We’re not sure what happened, but the paint managed to reach the front seats too.

Bad Hair Day

This picture encapsulates the fear humans should have of technology. This isn’t even a robot, and she was already an indiscriminate victim. She definitely could have been more careful around an piece of hardware that sucks items into it, but it still isn’t fun to get your hair caught in anything, let alone to have so much of ripped out at once. If we were her, we would probably be sure to tie our hair back before going anywhere near the shredder again.

Sorry, Dad

This dad seems to be in awfully good spirits considering there’s a massive arrow in his shoulder. He was happy when his son decided to take up an active hobby like archery, but he realized just a little too late that he probably should have bought him lessons with a skilled instructor first. Thank goodness for modern medicine, though we’re sure plenty of medieval knights survived far worse injuries by bow and arrow. At the very least, the kid looks quite worried about his dad’s wellbeing.

But First, Coffee

The only thing worse than slipping on ice and falling hard on your bum is spilling your coffee while doing it. Or breaking a limb for that matter. On the bright side, it doesn’t look like too much of this stricken man’s coffee spilled out as he slipped. To make his day worse, on the other hand, it looks like he’s headed for a big puddle of slush. Having your clothes saturated with freezing water is a terrible way to start the day.

Free Car Wash

This is a rather unfortunate place to have parked your car during a snow storm. It appears the parking garage has sprung a leak at a particularly blustery time of year. The frozen cascade is certainly a sight to behold, though the weather must have been truly frigid for it to have frozen like that. We’re not sure there’s an ice scraper around that can handle a frozen waterfall. The owner may just have to wait for the spring thaw before they’ll get their car out.


When considering scary animals, it’s fair that kids may be afraid of big dogs with loud barks, or wild predators like foxes or bears. It’s not entirely certain just how fast this peacock is moving, however, this girl certainly felt the need to run for her life. Despite the bird’s beautiful plume of feathers, showing its tail could have easily been enough to startle the poor child. Hopefully, her parents took the time to show her that peacocks are not so fearsome after all.

Burn Baby, Burn

As fun as sunbathing can be during the summer, the importance of protecting your skin can not be overstated. This woman seems to have let time escape her as she whiled away the hours, baking under the hot sun. Though she likely knew beforehand that her fair complexion didn’t exactly encourage tanning, she lingered under its hot rays anyway, turning her skin a crisp, beet red. We hope that she found some aloe vera at that fancy soap store.

Hippo Chase

You know what they say, never poke a sleeping hippo. We’re not sure what this man did to evoke such ire in this hippo, but it’s clear the wild animal is hot on his tail. Though hippos may appear to be sleepy water dwellers, their reputation is more akin to that of the iconic children’s game. This hippo is hungry and certainly ready for a fight. We hope this man got to safety shortly after this photo was taken.