These Pet Shaming Signs Are The Revenge Owners Are Looking For


Couldn’t Bear The Thought

As a result of this owner’s dog’s decision to chew the face of this stuffed panda, the owner decided to give his pet what it wanted and made it wear the panda suit with shame.

pet 1

Mean Team

We want our pets to have a steady diet. Sometimes though, they will take things into their own hands, or should we say, mouths. It seems like this cat and dog are partners in crime when it comes to the mystery of “where did all my socks go?” However, it looks like the dog is getting the better end of the deal. He seems to have no shame in his sock-eating tendencies. The cat, on the other hand, doesn’t look impressed at all.

pet 2

When One Door Closes

Here’s another fine example of a pet who just isn’t satisfied with the food their owner provides for them. The damage that dogs can cause when they are under duress is quite staggering. Take this dog, for example. He was thoroughly enjoying eating those baby diapers. However, when he ran out of diapers to eat and realized that he was locked in the room, he decided that enough was enough, and that it was time to try and rip a hole through the door.

pet 3

When You Least Expect It

It is easy enough to catch a cold while you’re just walking down the street past hundreds of people. So when you come home after a hard day’s work, you expect to have a relaxed, healthy time at home. However, when you have a pet, that hope goes out of the window. Take this little guy, for example. Imagine lying there, half asleep. All of a sudden, your pet is hovering over you. You expect a friendly lick to the face, when out of the blue, he bursts out with a huge sneeze.

pet 4

Criminal Cat

There is no denying that having a pet can burn a hole in your pocket. First, you have to acquire one in the first place. Secondly, you have to care for them. Regular visits to the vet can cost a lot of money. However, when your cat decides to eat three $100 bills that are supposed to go to the vet, betrayal is an absolute understatement. Imagine coming home from a hard day’s work, only to find out your pet stole from you!

pet 5

Thanks For Nothing

Dogs are known for shooting themselves in the foot from time to time. This is exactly what happened to Trey here, who just wanted to help his owner with Thanksgiving dinner preparations. You’d think that a small dog like Trey would be able to maneuver himself in tight situations, but he got himself into a bit of a pickle when he tripped his “mommy” over and spilled mashed potatoes all over him! In the end, they still had much to say “thanks” for.

pet 6

Hungry Homicide

No matter what species you might be, the likelihood is that you will have a huge appetite for food of some kind. You normally associate turtles as peaceful, modest, eaters. However, it seems like this particular turtle gets hungry, or should we say, “hangry,” very quick! We are a bit worried about this particular pet shaming sign. Is this supposed to imply that he’s a cannibal turtle? Was he caught eating other turtles? Or does he refer to plants as his friends?

pet 7

Baby On Leash

There is no denying the love and attention that goes into the caring of dogs. Much like babies, they need so much time and affection. It seems like this owner failed to recognize the difference between the two, giving this pup his own pacifier. The logo is from the Swedish soccer club AIK Fotboll. So maybe this is how some communities in the Scandinavian country care for their canine pets. Or maybe this dog simply got jealous of the owner’s baby and stole it.

pet 8

Showering With Love

Taking a shower can be a peculiar experience when one has a pet in the household. Some people enjoy bathing with another person. We’re not sure though if this owner was so thrilled when their dog intruded during their most recent trip to the shower. Everything seemed normal, when all of a sudden, the owner felt something touch their backside. They turned around and lo and behold, it was their dog licking them! Maybe he just wanted attention.

pet 9

Holy Cow – A Holy Dog

Ever heard of the term “food for thought”? This usually applies when someone is receiving words of wisdom from somebody else. Whether you are religious or not, there is no denying that The Bible has plenty of food for thought. However, when this person’s pet took a glance at the household’s holy scripture, he literally thought it was food. After devouring the sacred texts, the owner invested in another one, only for the dog to eat that one too!

pet 10

Stool Is The New Black

Parrots are awesome. This is mainly due to the fact that they are able to imitate the people around them. Some of these birds have been known to be fluent in over 2000 words! However, this is diverting from the situation at play. This particular one will not be remembered for its imitating skills. Rather, it will go down in history as the one that would only defecate on the clean t-shirts of its master. We hope it knows how to say “Sorry!”

pet 11

Wet Kisses

Any dog owner knows how much their pet likes to lick things. Whether it be their faces, food or any other object for that matter, dogs sure get around with their tongues! This can be irritating when one just wants to get comfortable on a dry couch: simply impossible when you have this little guy around! It’s almost as if this is holding up the sign without any sense of remorse whatsoever, asking, “what are you looking at me like that for?”

pet 12

Ho Ho How?

Oh boy, where do we start with this photo!? Firstly, Christmas is definitely in the air (despite a cheeky pumpkin in the background. Looks like some people like to combine their festivals!) We have two theories as far as the sign is concerned. Either, this dog actually hates the festive holidays and his owner can’t spell. Or, he genuinely “ate” Christmas. Look at the floor, there’s a bunch of chocolate wrappers and no food to be seen!

pet 13

Sweet Lullabies

When you think about it, dogs are spoilt rotten. When they are taken in by an owner, they are given an entire home to dwell in. Then you get a pet like Tank, who must’ve watched his owner play on his guitar on many occasions. Bored to death from the same songs over and over again, Tank has grown to use the guitar case as his bed. We are sure that this sleeping arrangement is nowhere near as comfortable as his actual bed.

pet 14

A Free Spirit

It’s a perplexing question: if a dog is covered in fur, is it ever truly naked? According to the writer of this pet shame sign: yes, it can be. This owner is so used to seeing their dog wearing this red collar. By the looks of it, the dog got tired of it and chewed it off. Now it doesn’t work, and as the owner wrote so eloquently, now it’s naked. The likelihood is that this wouldn’t have happened had the dog been given some chewing toys.

pet 15

Stinky Situation

Watching one’s owner go away for an extended period of time must be emotionally distressing for a pet. So when this dog watched their owner go on vacation, they did their utmost to tag along for the flight by smuggling themselves into the owner’s suitcase. Because this didn’t work, they decided to defecate in the bag instead. We imagine that this was so that the owner wouldn’t forget about the dog while they were on their travels.

pet 16

Cereal Killer

This is one of those rare pet shame signs that is actually kind of witty. It is clear that this particular fan of cereals has no trouble devouring all of the food inside the boxes. So, for the owner to refer to the dog as a “cereal killer” is perfectly fitting, especially because there is more than one box at the scene of the crime! This owner might want to consider putting a padlock on the door of the pantry.

pet 17

Winnie The Who?

After looking at this image, we think it’s safe to say that Eeyore got much better treatment from the cast of Winnie the Pooh. This dog had lost all his patience for the sad little donkey. He was so frustrated with the way that Eeyore kept staring at him that one day, he turned around and ripped his eyes out! What sort of friend would do such a thing?! Nevertheless, you can see that Eeyore can still catch a glimpse of his canine friend.

pet 18

Bad Boy

You can’t fool us: there is no way that this dog is a bully. He looks adorable and should never have been taken away from Doggie Day Care. OK, maybe he was a little aggressive to the other dogs from time to time. However, that was only because the other dogs were being mean to him! It was purely out of self-defense. Don’t worry Hitch, we will always have your back and we don’t care what your owner says.

pet 19

Turtle Turbulence

Now, we haven’t spent a lot of time looking under the shells of turtles, but we take the word of this little guy. They say that you should never judge a book by its cover and that looks can be deceiving. Those cliches are cliches for a reason. We’re not sure if this turtle is confessing that it is well endowed or if it just wants to set the record straight before his owner buys him female clothes.

pet 20

Sharing Is Caring

Our pets can be such kind, giving individuals. Then there are some that consider themselves protectors of the people and will do whatever it takes to win the approval of their owner. Then, there are some that are simply hungry. When it comes to cats, the predictable main course is a wholesome mouse. Sometimes though, cats like to present their catch to the person they are around the most, their owner. They probably weren’t so pleased to find the prize in their mouth when they woke up.

pet 21

Poser Puppies

The photobomb. It is a phenomenon that has shaken the world of social media to its very foundations. Everyone these days wants to have a selfie taken of them or a group photo. Then you get those annoying individuals, often strangers, who like to jump in at the last second before the flash goes off. This phenomenon is also apparent in the animal kingdom. Take this group of dogs, for example. It seems like the one at the top felt left out.

pet 22

You Had One Job

A dog’s kindness can often be its weakness. This seemed to apply to the following pet. When a robber came looking for an opportunity to steal some loot, this beautiful hound thought it was a visitor coming to feed him. So without hesitation, he let him in and before he knew it, he was gone with half of the house’s belongings. Sometimes, you just have to be a bit fiercer, and chase that man in the mask down the street.

pet 23

Warm Welcome Home

You know what they say: the odd couples are sometimes the best ones. It seems like this saying doesn’t apply in this situation. From day one, this relationship was bound to end up in disaster. The dog was hungry and saw this little hedgehog as just another piece of meat. Little did the owner’s canine pet know that the hog was covered with sharp quills, which would end up piercing him all over. Sometimes you just have to live and let live.

pet 24

Morning Aroma

In this dog’s mind, maybe pooping in front of his mommy’s alarm clock isn’t disgusting at all. Maybe it’s his way of helping her wake up just a bit more urgently. Look at those eyes! They couldn’t have meant any malice. One thing is for sure, dogs are creatures of habit. We just hope that for the owner’s sake, that this cutie doesn’t make this little gesture a part of their daily routine. Sounds like it’s not the first time though…

pet 25

Pretty Pampered Pup

One of the most charming and frustrating things about having a dog around is this: Whatever you put in front of them, they’re going to think that it’s either a) food, or b) a toy. In the life of a canine pet, nothing else matters. In fact, nothing else exists! Food and toys, that’s all. It kind of sounds like the life of a child! So when this dog tried on mom’s lip gloss, we think that maybe they mistook it for a popsicle…

pet 26

Offering Charm Instead

Here’s another classic example of a pet that didn’t know the damage that it was causing. We like to think that dogs love their neighbors like they love themselves. However, when you have a family living next door that worships the Buddha, it’s difficult to know whether the intruding dog realizes the importance of the food next to the sacred statue. For all we know, the dog probably thought that the food was for him. After all, what is “dog” backward?

pet 27

Picking Sides

It’s a strange outcome. This dog only likes to chew shoes that fit the left foot. What on earth could this mean? Is this dog superstitious? Who knows. Maybe after years of shoe-eating, this beauty came to an epiphany: “You know what, the ones that look like this actually taste better than the ones that look like that.” In all seriousness though, if you’re facing the same problem, just put all your left shoes away in a box…

pet 28

No Pain No Gain

It’s heartwarming to think that these two consider each other brothers. At least, it’s nice to think that the owner thinks this! For all we know, the dog may have sat on the cat on purpose. But hey, that’s just our cynical side talking! We like to imagine that these two are like two peas in a pod and that any harm that one inflicts on the other is either a result of playing together or from a genuine accident.

pet 29

Creepily Staring And Releasing

To be honest, we can handle the staring. In fact, whenever a pet constantly stares at a guest, you can’t help but feel like that charming animal is staring right into your soul. It’s almost as if there’s some sort of unspoken spiritual connection that is binding everything together. We wish we could say the same about the farting. However, we’re going to go out on a limb here and say that most people consider this gross.

pet 30

Outrageous Obsession

Addiction. It can come in many forms, and it has destroyed many lives. This is one particular addiction though that we did not know existed. Also, we didn’t realize that a dog would like the taste of a cat so much. Hey, at least this little pooch is coming clean about his obvious problem. Whether or not he overcomes his addiction is yet to be seen, but we sure hope that if he does continue to lick the cat’s butt, it will be in moderation.

pet 31

Recycling Isn’t For Everyone

If there was ever a dynamic dog duo, it would be Bailey and Hamilton. These two buddies do everything together. Whether it be sleep, eating, running around chasing other dogs, you can rest assured that these two will be attached at the hip. So when their owner saw the coffee grounds spread across the kitchen floor after being knocked out of the trash, obviously both had a part to play. These scavengers are bound to cause more mayhem soon.

pet 32

Are You Gonna Eat That?

Every pet owner has been there before, especially when dogs are involved. If food is in the vicinity, your hound is bound to be lurking in the shadows, crying out for some leftovers. Or, they might just come up close and sneeze on the meal, hoping that you will just give it to them out of pity. To be honest, we prefer having the option of listening to the dogs’ cries and then deciding whether they deserve food or not.

pet 33

Too Fashion Forward For You

Despite their reputation, dogs are surprisingly creative. They love taking the most mundane objects and transforming them into something with a new purpose. This dog chose to take the cover of a sofa armrest and make a poncho out of it! We’re not so sure how aware of Native American cultures this dog actually is, but it’s nice to imagine that he was comfortable dressing like his owner. Despite the mischief, he looks incredibly cute.

pet 34

Drunken Doggie

Ellie looks so ashamed of what she did. It looks like she may need to go to AA after her recent endeavors. It serves her right for eating 12 chocolate liquor bottles! The idea of her projectile vomiting after getting so drunk is absolutely stunning. We imagine that this is the day after. That look on her face screams out, “I’m so hungover…” We hope that the owner is sympathetic to Ellie’s situation. Just lock up that liquor to avoid another banana skin!

pet 35

The Force Is Strong With This One

The owner was so oblivious to Dublin’s terrible act of murder that they disregarded the fact that he’s actually called “Darth Dublin.” After killing Master Yoda in cold blood, it was obvious that this Dark Lord of the dogs was impervious to Jedi mind tricks. For all we know, The Emperor hound twisted poor Dublin Skywalker’s mind and turned him to the Dark Side of the Dog Force. Maybe he will redeem himself one day.

pet 36

She Had It Coming

It seems like this owner’s pet knew the severity of his actions as soon as he tore the head off Dora the Explorer. You can see the strong sense of guilt on this dog’s face. He knows he has destroyed something beautiful. A symbol of hope and exploration for many kids around the world. All he had to do was play calmly with his toy. Now, this image is all over the internet. What a tragic turn of events.

pet 37

They Call It Puppy Love

Here is another example of an odd couple that just works, at least, for one half of the relationship. This dog seems to like humping the cat and wears the pet shame sign with pride. However, his feline partner doesn’t seem to see the funny side of it and is giving the dog the evilest of stares. Sometimes, in a relationship, you have to make compromises. However, this isn’t one that the cat is willing to make.

pet 38

Urine Trouble!

Everyone approaches Christmas in different ways. Some love it and some hate it. Then there are some who have no idea what is going on. This normally applies to babies and animals. Like this dog, for example. Poor thing. He didn’t understand what all the fuss was about and needed a spot to pee on. So he saw the sparkly Christmas tree and decided to pee, which happened to have the family’s presents at the bottom of it.

pet 39

Italian Chick

This is just a hilarious situation to imagine; we’re not even going to sugarcoat it. When a chick starts parading all over your dining table and stealing your spaghetti, you might be disappointed at first. However, it won’t take long before you have no choice but to sit back and laugh at the events transpiring – a chick is stealing your spaghetti! Despite its comedic qualities, somebody might want to call up the chicken Godfather to whack this traitor!

pet 40

All You Can Eat

Doing something to warrant a pet shame note is one thing, but to eat it afterward takes audacity to the next level! Although this parakeet looks like a friendly pet and wouldn’t be able to stomach too much food, you’d be surprised how much it can actually eat. As you can see, it has already been taking numerous chomps out of the note. Let’s not forget the reason this note existed in the first place – he destroyed his mommy’s keyboard!

pet 41

Party Of Five

This appears to be one of the more charming pet shame signs on this list, and it was nine months in the making. This cat must have had some fun nights on the farm she lives on. However, there seems to be one particular night that changed her life forever. After many months of guilt and shame, she finally gave birth to a litter of adorable kittens. Although no one knows who or where the father is, this new mommy looks reasonably content.

pet 42

Expensive Taste

These days, technology makes the world go round. Many families find it difficult to balance their pets with their ever-growing presence of technology. Dottie certainly was not in her family’s good books when she took an iPad and an iPhone and basically devoured them. Now, we are sure that she didn’t actually eat the devices, but she must have caused some serious damage to them if Mom and Dad decided that she deserved a pet shame note.

pet 43

Oh The Irony

You are not going to believe this. This particular situation is going to cast a new light on the way were look at pet shame signs forever! When this adorable hound saw that his owners had a book that was dedicated to the viral images, he took it as a personal insult to the entire pet community. In an extreme fit of rage and vengeance, he ripped the book to shreds and started devouring it page by page.

pet 44

All Wired Up

Either this pet is an absolute killjoy and doesn’t want his owners to have any fun whatsoever, or, he was just hungry and ended up not getting lucky. This little rodent probably didn’t know any better. However, as a result of his curiosity, he ended up destroying the cables to the charger of virtually every electronic device in this household. It might be time to kick this little guy to the curb. Either that, or bring in the feline brigade.

pet 45

I Feel Pretty

Another curious pet came in the form of this adorable, shaggy dog. One day, he noticed that his owner’s purse was left unattended. Subsequentially, the little opportunist rose to the occasion and went scavenging for food. So, what was on the menu? That’s right, “a tube of bright red lipstick” and “3 $1 bills.” We’re sure it wasn’t the meal this cute little thing was looking for. Also, the owner probably could have made good use of that cash!

pet 46

House Rules

We’re not sure exactly why this dog is only allowed to bite this door before 4pm. Maybe this is the time that his owners come back from work and want the door locked. We believe the reason he chews this door is this: He is so excited for his family to return that it’s a way for him to express his anxiety. Some people bite their nails, while some rip the labels off beer bottles. This guy bites a door.

pet 47

Food Baby

This little pup obviously bit off more than she could chew. Sometimes, when you are absolutely starving, it is difficult to decide when enough is enough. As a result of his desire to eat not just her own food, but also her brother’s, she got the biggest bloated belly ever and was pinned down to her sleeping pillow. Although she will still get as hungry as ever, she might want to think twice about how much food she has.

pet 48

Racist Rascall

This is one pet shame that seems crazy that it could possibly be true. Who would’ve thought that someone’s pet could be racist? It turns out this dog only barks at Mexican people. The only logical explanation would be that due to the dog’s incredibly strong scent, it could potentially detect different races depending on their smell. It sounds bizarre, and we doubt that it’s actually true, but the owner must’ve noticed this while taking their pet out for walks.

pet 49

Distinct Taste

It seems like such a random connection. How on earth could a pop band make a rabbit defecate? The part of this pet shame note that does make sense is the idea that the rabbit would do such a thing on its owner’s lap. This does present the question though: could other bands provoke other reactions? Could Black Sabbath make a cat eat a bat? Or could Britney Spears make a dog hit their owner one more time? At any rate, it’s a crazy idea.

pet 50

Colorful Personality

We are sure that this owner has sugarcoated the reason that this dog is being pet-shamed. Does it actually “poop rainbows?” We strongly doubt it. What we do assume to be true is that the dog has a great time eat up his owner’s crayons. There is no doubt that this could pose serious health issues for the little hound. The idea that the dog’s waste could be multicolored is also possible. Whatever you do, please don’t try this at home.

pet 51

Paw Problems

It’s the type of observation that would drive Captain Obvious insane, but believe it or not: dogs are messy. They knock stuff over, they play with stuff they’re not supposed to. Also, as you can see in this photo, they spill their food all over the place. So we propose an idea: either give every single dog on the planet a pet shame sign for this very reason or leave our canine friends alone! They all do it.

pet 52

I Break It – You Buy It

One thing is for sure – dogs are creatures of habit. If you mix things up in their life, just a little, they are bound to do something unexpected too. Take this sad boy, for example. The moment that his owner decided to do things a little differently in the household, all hell broke loose. He decided to break the blinds. We like to think it’s because he didn’t know how to open them properly.

pet 53

Cloudy Judgement

We doubt that the signs here are painting a completely true picture of what happened. That dog looks way too innocent to be solely responsible for destroying one of his owner’s pillows. We firmly believe that the cat had a huge part to play in this and has threatened his canine roommate to pretend that it was all of his own doing. The cat has a face that screams out, “I am a naturally malevolent character. I am the real villain. Muahahaha!”

pet 54

Curious Case Of The Butter

Dogs always get very over excited when the grocery delivery comes, maybe even more so than the other members of the family. When this cute little guy saw an opportunity to go for the butter, he took it and tried to hide the evidence. However, it looks like his mom wasn’t going to be fooled by his behavior and knew he was the culprit who took all of the butter. We’re curious to know what happened to the fourth stick.

pet shame-1

Pillow Fight!

Pillow fights can escalate quickly and get out of control. This puppy labrador chose to have a pillow fight by himself, but left as much mess as if quite a few people were involved. There was absolutely no opportunity to hide any of the evidence, this dog was well and truly caught. Instead of scolding the little guy, his mom decided to name and shame him, documenting the events in the way that the dog said they happened.

pet shame-2

Bedroom Bandit

These two little dogs were not behaving in a adult manner and their owner decided to call them out on it. Those are two very guilty faces and they know what they have done is wrong. Although one is far more disgusting than the other, they are equally at fault and we can only imagine that they were punished accordingly. We hope this was the last time that they did this and the public shaming was enough to get them to stop.

pet shame-3

The Insomnia Problem

Dogs always want to be close to their owners, being cuddles and loved at all times. This dog was clearly having separation anxiety at night when its owners were asleep, so did whatever it could to get their attention. However, this cry for attention came at a major cost and this naughty dog was keeping its owners up all night with its loud barking and unusual noises. Time to get a dog trainer in, if you ask us!

pet shame-4

One Big Mess

As puppies it is a given that dogs are not house trained and it takes time to teach them where they can and can’t go about their business. This dog had absolutely no excuse when it came to relieving himself in the back of the car. There is only so much space for two dogs in the car, so we’re not sure that the other dog should be shamed for sitting in the mess, it wasn’t really his fault.

pet shame-5

The Innocent Eyes

We don’t care if this puppy chewed his moms iPhone cord in half, there is absolutely no way that we would ever tell this dog off. His eyes are full of life and innocence, and he probably just thought the cord was a toy! If you look this cute, you can pretty much get away with anything. We hope the shaming was as far as the punishment went, there’s no need for this baby to be sad.

pet shame-6

Daft Pooch

It appears that this adorable little hound was barking the classic hit “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk as he drove his stuffed friend crazy. As you can see, Lucky is not impressed at all, having been dragged around the house and played with against its will. The assailant doesn’t seem to care though but has to sit there and take the pet shaming from their owner. “Why do I have to wear this sign? I enjoyed myself,” he’s probably thinking.

pet 1

Game Of Thrones?

The owner of this dog decided to crown him with the throne! This seems appropriate after the hound tore the toilet lid off the seat! What makes this image so priceless is that it is perfectly shaped to fit around his head while he just sits there in shame. Also, the inside of the lid is the perfect place to put a pet shaming sign. One thing’s for sure, the owner can’t expect their dog to fix it!

pet 3

Can I Bite It?

If you are a casual fan of hip-hop, you know for sure that this dog-owner is a diehard lover of the classic group A Tribe Called Quest. This is due to the fact that one of the members of the band was called Phife Dawg, who recently passed away. We speculate that someone named this cutie in honor of the late great rapper. However, it seems like the dog is just as mischievous as the original Phife.

pet 5

Holy Meal

We doubt that this adorable dog knew that it was the crucifix of Jesus Christ that he was trying to devour. At any rate, it appears that the dog knows what it tried to do was wrong and dare we say, sinful. As a result, he has demonstrated his repentance by laying the cross in front of him and show that he can lie there without chewing on it ever again. God bless this dog who has fully redeemed themselves.

pet 7

Bad Role Model

Many kids are lucky enough to grow up with a dog in the household. Babies look up to them in awe and as they grow, still consider the dog to be one of their siblings. So when your pet does something inappropriate, like the dog in this photo, it is natural that your kids might want to copy their canine role model. As a result, the parents have split up the kids and everyone gets the chance to have a timeout.

pet 9

Leaving Empty Handed

After doing her job cleaning at the Jones’, Rita the cleaner was left stuck not knowing where her flip flops had run away too. It did not take long to realize that Finley Jones had decided they would be a good choice for his lunch. Considering no other sizes fitted her, she attempted to make her way home shoeless. To make matters worse, the heavens opened up on her travels. Rita may not be returning to the Jones’ house anytime soon.

Brotherly Love

Dogs pee on things to mark their territory or just to pee. But this dog just felt like annoying his brother after he had stolen his chew toys. Looking away from the camera, the ginger dog knew exactly what he had done wrong and why he and his little bro had to endure the torture of the shower. Meanwhile, the little dog was still traumatized from the events of the previous few hours – pee and a shower, it couldn’t get any worse.

Terrible Teamwork

When one pet opens a naughty door, another follows… and then another. After this owner’s cat “accidentally” pushed a plate of freshly baked cookies on the floor, their darling dog decided to eat them up. It was not long before his younger partner in crime caught onto the action and helped swoop them up too. They say cats and dogs don’t always get on, but here we have clear evidence that these three work well together when it comes to cookies.

Becoming Independent

This dog recently celebrated a birthday and felt it was time to be independent. He wanted to show his owners he did not need any help serving his food. After noticing a pie on the countertop, this dog was determined to reach for it, regardless of knowing if it were meant for him or not. Nudging the plate with his muzzle, the pie flipped round falling face-down onto the floor. Attempting to eat the pie, he had no hope of turning the plate around and was sadly shamed.

Sparkling Stools

The sneaky look in this dog’s eyes suggests he knows exactly what he is being shamed for. After eating a bottle of glitter, this tiny pup gave his owners a nice surprise on his evening walk. His owner was most likely extremely worried about what his precious pet had consumed that day. Although the dog appears slightly exhausted from the ordeal too, at least things may have come out alright, if not sparkling! Sometimes glittery things aren’t always what it seems.

Doggy Terminator

It looks like this hound is auditioning for a role in the next Terminator movie. He seems to have Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mean demeanor to a tee, especially after ripping the new $700 Roomba to pieces. The Terminator is all about the potential threat of machines taking over the world. Our theory is that this dog was sent from the future to prevent Roombas from making the world a pristine place. In that case, shame on you doggy! We want a clean world!

pet 10

The Walking Dog

If you have not seen The Walking Dead, then you might not get the following pet shaming sign. Long story short, Rick Grimes is the main character and he is trying to survive a zombie apocalypse, as well as a legion of terrible human beings. Obviously, the dog owner of Jasmine is a big fan and even bought a toy of the iconic TV character. However, it appears that Jasmine either hasn’t watched the show, or just hates Rick Grimes.

pet 8


Another classic case of “if you haven’t watched it, you won’t get it.” In this case, this pet shaming sign is a reference to the hit cartoon show Spongebob Squarepants.  Normally, the answer to the question on the sign is simply – Spongebob Squarepants, of course! However, the photo seems to imply that the dog took Spongebob out of his pineapple home and had him for dessert! What a tragic ending to what seemed to be a pretty funny show! RIP Spongebob.

pet 6

Doggy Diet

When it comes to a dog’s diet, this simply means – eating anything that I don’t trust and isn’t human. This has been clearly demonstrated in this photo. Even though the dog’s owner is adamant that he needs to cut down on certain food items, she ultimately can’t make him adhere to the sort of diet that humans are capable of subscribing to. In a fit of rage, this little hound went in protest, took its owner’s shoe and had it for lunch.

pet 4

Where Did Everyone Go?

One thing is for sure: dog’s love attention. A group of people sitting around a lounge is bread and butter for any hound. So when a group of friends just got up, took the T.V. and left the apartment, this dog’s life was completely turned upside down. Life just wasn’t the same from that point onwards. Ultimately, we understand why the humans did what they did. The dog was probably distracting them from the Superbowl or something of high importance.

pet 2

A Hare-y Situation

This situation, on the other hand, shows two pets who are currently not on speaking terms. They blame each other for getting into trouble with their owner. A massive fight has broken out. The question is though: who started it? Did the dog eat the rabbit’s kale first? Or did he retaliate after the rabbit urinated on his bed? We will probably never know the truth, but the likelihood is that they are both partly to blame for the awkward situation.

pet 55