35 Of The Most Ridiculous Hipsters You’ve Ever Seen


Originally found exclusively in cafes in Brooklyn, sipping organic kombucha from mason jars and munching on vegan, gluten-free, artisanal donuts, hipsters have now become a pervasive part of our society. Not only that, it seems that with time hipsters have evolved into something stranger than we ever could have imagined. Love them or hate them, they definitely provide us with some great entertainment.

Those Glasses, Though

Is this girl trying to be Mickey Mouse? Harry Potter? We’re not sure, but either way, she is definitely nailing this hipster look.


Hipsters are known for being frugal and making do with what they have, as demonstrated by the now mainstream mason jar trend. But this guy has taken frugality a bit too far. He’s turned his classic hipster beard into a bowl for his instant ramen. It’s a bit much, but he definitely gets props for creativity. Not to mention, he definitely looks like he’s thoroughly enjoying his one dollar, portable meal. Let’s just hope he keeps his dishes clean!

The Poet Hipster

If there’s one thing that’s worth wasting your money on, it’s definitely a poem from the lonely, bare-footed, hipster girl sitting in the park. She may not have style, but she sure knows how to write- or at least, she thinks she does. What’s better, she doesn’t even have to be creative enough to come up with a topic for the poem, you get to give her the prompt. She claims to be so original, but she probably writes the same poem ten times a day.

Dr. Hipster

We know hipsters are all about originality, but there’s too much going on here. Maybe this older guy is just trying really hard to fit in with the “cool kids” and feel young again. On the one hand, he nailed the hipster glasses and beard. He even has the essential hipster mode of transport- a bicycle. On the other hand, he looks more like a combination of Where’s Waldo and a Dr. Seuss character than a true hipster.

McLovin That Phone

Hipsters are all about rejecting the conventional, and this guy has definitely achieved that. He’s majorly upped his mirror selfie game with a giant, vintage rotary phone. We bet all the hipster ladies will come flocking after him when he whips out this unique accessory. All he needs now are slightly larger, rounder glasses and a long, bushy beard to complete the true hipster look. Added bonus – this guy is a dead ringer for McLovin from the movie Superbad. 

Mason Jars Are So Last Year

One of today’s biggest trends, the mason jar, can be attributed to the hipsters. They took these jars, which they somehow seemed to just have lying around in large quantities, and started putting everything in them from cold brew and green smoothies to cakes and salads. Now that the mason jar trend has become mainstream, it seems some hipster ladies have found a new household item to use instead. Are lightbulbs the new mason jars? Only time will tell.

Turn Around, Bright Eyes

A giant mustache or a long beard are telltale signs that a man is a hipster. A pair of large, round glasses can give you away too (are all hipsters cursed with bad eyesight?). But what if you don’t want your hipster lifestyle to be too obvious? This man seems to have found the answer. By shaving the hipster look into the back of his head, he can be business in the front, hipster in the back.

The Forever Hipster

Nothing says commitment like a tattoo, and nothing says hipster like a sleek, round pair of black-rimmed glasses. This guy seems to be overly committed to the hipster lifestyle. After all, why bother dealing with the hassle of wearing glasses every day when you could just beat the system and have them permanently printed on your face? Let’s just hope for his sake this look doesn’t eventually become too mainstream for the hipsters, or he won’t feel so clever anymore.

I Mustache You a Question

While women really know how to pull off the hipster look in some ways, they, unfortunately, lack the ability to grow a beautiful, bushy mustache. This woman seems to have found a unique and clever solution to this problem. When she hangs out with the rest of her hipster friends, she can whip out the mustache and blend right in with the crowd. She may get some weird looks in public, but hey- what hipster doesn’t?

Riding Dirty

It looks like this wandering hipster got lost on his way to the desert. Either that or horses, cars, and bikes became too mainstream for him. Somehow, both the camel and him seem totally at ease, as if riding through the city streets on a camel in the most hipster of get-ups is a totally normal, everyday occurrence. While other hipsters are riding around on two wheels, this one’s got two humps, and he’s not afraid to show them off.

The Jesus Hipster

Seriously, what is up with hipsters and typewriters?! What do they constantly have to write about?! This guy seems totally at home rattling off poems or stories or whatever is “cool” to the hipsters now on his old-school machine. But the typewriter wasn’t vintage enough for this guy. He seems to also have decided to dress like he’s straight out of the bible with that oversized scarf and has added just a touch of the ’60s with the flower on his classic hipster beanie.

The High Top Summer Hipster

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star high top sneakers have long been associated with the hipster. These simple canvas shoes, paired with skinny jeans, were a true sign of a hipster for a long time. But it seems that normal high tops have become too mainstream for this hipster. He’s turned the closed-toe sneaker into a style perfect for summer. While we’re sure his feet can breathe easy in these sandals, we’re not sure they’re such a great look- for him or anyone else.

Hipster Of The Loom

Hipsters are all about irony, and this woman has certainly nailed it. She’s sitting in the service center of one of the most expensive car companies, BMW, and weaving something on her loom. Did we mention she’s barefoot? We know hipsters are all about DIY projects and being frugal, but something tells me that anyone who visits the BMW service center can pay someone to weave for her…and can afford to buy a pair of shoes.

The Beerd

Aside from microbreweries, there may be no more hipster brewer of beer than Pabst. The Blue Ribbon is the classic, cheap, canned beer of the hipster crowd. If you ever find yourself in Brooklyn, you’re sure to notice the abundance of it everywhere. This guy took his hipster look to another level by tying Pabst Blue Ribbon cans into his beard. He may look crazy, but at least he’ll always have a drink on hand (or should we say, on face).

The Ultimate DIY

We know hipsters are all about DIY projects, but there are some things you just need to invest in to get the necessary quality- like a scuba suit. While we have to give this guy props for creativity, we can’t help but think that he must be pretty cold and wet in that suit.  Maybe he’s just trying to show off this scuba trend so he can say he was doing it before it was cool. Classic Hipster.

Outrageously Hipster

Okay, this one has overdone it. From the hipster beanie on his head to the platform high-top Converse on his feet, he really embodies what it means to be a hipster. He’s got the vintage sailor moon sweatshirt, big glasses, weird tie-dye leggings to fit the vintage look, and high socks. He seems like a pretty skinny guy, so we’re not sure what the “meat” socks are about, but we’re beyond questioning the hipsters’ motives at this point.

Water You Talking About?

Well, this is a new one. Boxed water is better? Really? We thought hipsters were all about saving the environment and the three Rs- reduce, reuse, recycle. But apparently, the newest fad in this flannel and Converse-wearing crowd is drinking water from a box. We really can’t imagine how this tastes any different, let alone better, than drinking water from a plastic bottle, but leave it to the hipsters to decide that even bottled water is too mainstream for them.

Rumspringin’ Hipsters

It’s a bit unclear whether these guys are hipsters or newly-released young Amish men, experiencing the modern world for the first time on Rumspringa. But something tells me that’s exactly what these cleverly disguised hipsters want you to wonder when you look at them. They’ve even nailed that hipster irony by wearing those outfits while working on their Apple computer. Now all that’s missing is a horse and buggy in the cafe to really confuse everyone around them.

Wigging Out

We have so many questions. What is up with those shorts? And that belt! Is he trying to be ironic? Or does he actually think that’s how a hipster should dress? Is that his real hair? Is it dyed? Is it a wig? What is the meaning behind that tiger tattoo? Which local craft beer is he drinking in this basement house party in Williamsburg? Are the hipster ladies into him? Someone please track this guy down so we can get some answers!

The Scarf To End All Scarves

You may remember the internet freaking out over this scarf Lenny Kravitz wore back in 2012. I mean, how could you forget? This scarf is practically a rug. Paired with this beanie, it’s also probably one of the most hipster-winter looks to ever grace the planet. Wearing a giant scarf (or is it actually a throw blanket?) instead of layering up with a jacket is probably one of the most thrifty, hipster things to do.

Hold My Hoops

You have got to be kidding me. This is the most outrageous use of a bike lock we have ever seen. We get it, you can’t hula hoop in the park or at a hipster festival without your precious hoop. But we guarantee that nobody is going to steal it. And even if it does disappear, can’t you just find a way to make a DIY hula hoop out of a pipe or something like a real hipster? What a waste of space.

Too Cool For School

The looks on their faces tell you that these guys are better than you and they know it. They’ve perfected that colorful hipster look that will draw attention from everyone who walks by. Forget about boring suspenders, plaid, and Converse- that’s so mainstream now. When these guys walk the streets of Brooklyn, they’re sure to be the envy of all hipsters, especially with that crazy vintage phone. Don’t come calling though, because they’re out of your league.

Oh, The Irony

Well, we all know that hipsters are the masters of irony. And nothing screams ironic like this rebel. He thinks he’s being a good citizen, protesting for clean air. But actions speak louder than words, and this guy is literally polluting the air with his cigarette while he protests for the opposite. We can’t decide if he’s being ironic on purpose to make a point or is really that clueless. Also, since when are those bracelets acceptable to wear again?

Under The Sea

Hipsters like things before they become cool and current, and it looks like this girl is the biggest hipster of them all. She couldn’t even handle how current the ocean is. This may be a joke or a costume, but we find it pretty entertaining, and we’re sure the hipsters would agree with her statement. They would probably also dig her crazy hair color and hipster glasses- sure signs that she wants to stay ahead of the trends.

The Pretentious Hipster

Is there anything more pretentious and hipster than pulling up to the Apple store on your unicycle? Or is that technically a bicycle with that tiny back wheel? Either way, it just screams hipster. While they all think they’re so much better than the rest of us, too cool for things like Apple products, they’re secretly as glued to their iPhones as the rest of us. You can try to hide, hipster, but we see you at the genius bar.

The King Of The Hipsters

This man is the ultimate hipster. You might even call him the king. You can find him perched atop his hipster throne, which is a bicycle that daylights as a unicycle and is also a transportation system for his retro sound system. We don’t know what he’s playing on his loudspeaker, but we assume it’s some sort of vintage record. As if this all wasn’t hipster enough, if you take a close look, you can catch a glimpse of his mustache.

Seeing Double

This guy really has the hipster look down. He has a mustache is working on growing out the beard. He has even taken the big glasses to a whole new level. But apparently, he didn’t think he was hipster enough and decided to print his own hipster face on a shirt. Double the hipster, double the fun! While we’re not sure how we feel about this look, we kind of want to know where we can buy a shirt of our own!

We’re Stumped

Seriously, we’re stumped. Who on earth would pay $98 for a tree stump?! For practically free you can go find your own in the closest forest, or even on your neighbor’s lawn. But no, it seems that retailers have figured out that they can make a pretty penny off the hipsters, who will pay an arm and a leg for anything that looks authentic. This could even be made of plaster and they would pay just a much. What has this world come to?

The Most Ironic Typewriter

While most people bring their laptops to cafes when they need to work, this girl has brought her typewriter. She must be a pretty committed hipster to drag that heavy thing around with her everywhere! The best part of this photo, however, may be the irony of the other item she has on the table. While she’s writing on her typewriter, she has headphones in, listening to music on her very current iPhone. That’s what we like to call a poser.

The Nerdy Hipster

This Steve Urkel look-a-like has burst into the hipster scene with a bang. Not only does he dress like a hipster in practically every way possible, he’s got that special touch of a Game Boy necklace to top it all off. Hipsters reject anything current, so carrying around a retro Game Boy at all times is this guy’s rebellion against today’s culture. He may seem like he’s stuck in the ’90s, but there are worse times to be stuck in, right?

Because Dogs Are Too Current

We know that hipsters try to do things that are outside the box and don’t fit with what’s “in” at the moment. We also know that dogs are one the most popular pets to have. You know what’s not a popular pet? Alpacas. You know who has pet alpacas? Hipsters, obviously. We don’t know about you, but we’ve never seen anything like this before. An alpaca being walked through the city streets on a leash by a hipster is certainly one for the books!

Flippin’ Out

This hipster has taken DIY to another level. It seems he has made giant headphones out of flip-flops to go with his larger-than-life vintage sunglasses. It looks like this is purely some weird hipster fashion statement, but we wouldn’t be totally surprised to find out that someone out there has actually taken this look seriously and made a pair of functioning headphones that look like this. These days, it seems there’s nothing these crazy hipsters won’t do.


They say that dogs start look like their owners, or vice versa. By that logic, this little guy’s owner must be a huge hipster. We didn’t know that hipster was a label that could apply to other species, but we guess they don’t like to discriminate! This pup even has the signature beard and mustache combo that is a requisite to get the hipster label. We hope he got a handful of treats for being such a good boy and posing for this silly photo!

The bEARnie

The beanie- a tight, knit cap that is worn by hipsters all year round, not just during the winter. This accessory is an essential part of the hipster uniform. While non-hipsters might wear them when it’s cold outside, hipsters wear them to make a statement- ad this hipster is making a huge statement. Not only is he wearing a beanie on his head, but he also has a matching one for his ear! Weird or genius? We’ll let you decide.

Pimp My Ride: Hipster Edition

Hipsters are all about bicycles; it’s probably their most popular mode of transportation. Maybe too popular for this guy. And we all know that when something becomes too mainstream, the hipsters find a way to make it unique again. This dude made a DIY bicycle out of a police barricade, which he probably stole off the set of some indie band’s concert. It doesn’t look like the most comfortable thing to sit on, but we guess it gets the job done.