These Stupid Life Hacks Are Actually Borderline Genius

The internet has become something of a life manual for its user. You can find an article that presents a number of intriguing tips that help make your life just a little easier and more convenient. These tips are known as “hacks,” and on the internet, there is an infinite amount of them. While the inventor had such a clear vision of how they were going to fix the problem in hand, they ended up creating three more problems for themselves in the process. These hacks take the expression “one step forward, two steps back” to a whole new level. Take a look at the most insanely stupid life hacks that were actually very close to being genius.

I’m Just Working Out

Some people invent hacks that they are so convinced will make their lives easier, but they end up failing miserably. With that said, we can’t help but admire the effort and thought we’d celebrate them.

hacks 12

Are you somebody who likes to work out but can’t find time because of your job? Well now, you can do both at the same time, with this state-of-the-art portable office! This means that you can do squats while checking your e-mails.

BBQs ‘R’ Us

Who needs to buy a BBQ worth hundreds of bucks when you can simply steal a shopping cart? Just roll up to your local grocery store, take one of the carts, and voila, you’ll be grilling and serving in no time.

hacks 7

One thing though; unless your friends and family aren’t so judgemental, you might want to BBQ all the food before they arrive and throw it in the bushes. Not everyone likes having their meat grilled on a stolen shopping cart.


We are well aware that news reporters don’t want to get drenched in the rain while they are covering weird, new, and exciting stories. Moreover, they want to look presentable for the public when dishing out the latest news.

hacks 99

However, this is one of those hacks that proves that compromises need to be made. In this situation, the news reporter ended up looking like she was wearing a helmet for a giant astronaut. Well, at least her hair didn’t get wet.

Ever Heard Of A Selfie?

It’s one of the big dilemmas that has plagued many families over the years – how do you get everyone in the family photo and there’s nobody to take the photo?

hacks 11

Well, technological advances have helped solve that problem, such as the self-timed photo option on many of today’s smartphones. Also, there is a little photography technique that a lot of people have mastered in recent times. It’s called a “selfie.” Apparently, this guy isn’t familiar with the technique.

Whatever Heats Ya Pizza

When you don’t have an oven, toaster oven, microwave, or a stove, how exactly do you heat up leftover pizza slices? Because let’s face it, pizza the day after is just delightful.

hacks 9

It appears that this person didn’t just think outside the pizza box; they thought outside of the universe with their whacky heating idea. It looks like a house-on-fire waiting to happen, and this is one of those hacks we won’t try anytime soon. But hey, whatever heats your pizza!

TV Dinner Winner

We’ve heard of floors that are so clean you could eat off of them, but toilet seats?! What do you do when you haven’t got a tray for your TV dinner? That’s right, you do this. Well, this guy does, and he seems to have no shame in doing it.

hacks 25

This is one of those hacks that is actually semi-logical. Don’t worry guys – this guy happened to have a spare toilet seat that he had never used before – it’s completely sterile!

Golden Holder

Look guys, if your hacks fulfill their purpose, then who are we to judge? With that said, surely there is something to say for a hack not just doing its job, but also looking the part.

hacks 5

OK, so people might not be as fussy about the car’s interior as opposed to how it looks on the outside. However, we would rather just get a normal cup holder. What if you want to tape your car door back onto its hinges while you’re driving and drinking coffee?

Human Porcupine

Some hacks can also help us when we are out in a public. For those people who take public transport to and from work every day, they can probably relate to this young lady.

hacks 24

She is obviously fed up with the unnecessary amount of physical contact she has with strangers while on the train. So what do you do? That’s right, you dress yourself up as a human porcupine. It works for our spiky rodent friends, and apparently, it works for us too.

Just Hanging Out

We’ve all been there before. It gets to a point when somehow, you end having way too many coat hangers. One day, when this person arrived home, they opened the closet and there were 200 of them.

hacks 8

The person wasn’t even using half of them! So they took one of the hangers and put it to, for lack of a better term, “good use.” There is an alternative solution; donate your hangers to charity and buy a legit toilet paper holder.

“Wide Screen” TV

When you get back from a hard day’s work and all you want to do is kick back and catch up on your favorite TV shows, comfort is the main priority.

hacks 20

It appears that this person was so tired that they couldn’t even turn their head to watch their actual TV. So this was how they solved the issue, using their glass coffee table as a screen and playing the show through their phone. Aren’t hacks supposed to make life easier?

Interesting Teacup You’ve Got There

Hacks can also help improve the things you eat and drink. However, this doesn’t appear to be one of them. When you don’t have a legitimate container to pour your tea into, you know you have some serious problems.

hacks 1

But they had a pepper, so it’s all good. We’re not the biggest fan of pepper-infused tea. Maybe that’s because we’ve never tried it before. There’s also a chance that we will never try it in our lives, because it sounds disgusting.

So Shady

When you are on vacation in a place that has a hot, sunny climate and you know that you burn easily, a bucket hat is just not going to cut it. It also doesn’t help that you left your 50-factor sunscreen back at the hotel.

hacks 17

Also, you don’t want to lie around in one place; you clearly like to be active while on vacation. So this is what you do folks – plant an umbrella in the back of your shorts and enjoy the walk!

We’re Not “Fans” Of This

Unless you haven’t replaced your computer in the last 20 years, most laptops and desktops these days have built-in fans to cool it down when its heating up. However, even the best computers’ fans have been known to stop working.

hacks 3

This is what happened to one unlucky individual. Thankfully for them though, they like to conjure up valuable life hacks and knew exactly what to do in their moment of desperation. Or, you can throw away your ancient computer and buy a laptop.

Game On

There’s nothing quite like going to watch your team play at their home field. The advantages include an incredible atmosphere, fantastic views of the action, and feeling the tangible effects of the game in play.

hacks 21

So when you take your phone out of your pocket and start watching the game through its camera lens, you’re kind of defeating the purpose, right? You could’ve easily had the exact same view at home, kicking back with a couple friends and watching the game on TV.

Netflix & Zero Chill

You’re desperate for your own high-quality entertainment system. However, a flat-screen TV, all the movies and shows you ever wanted, and quality surround sound don’t exactly grow on trees.

hacks 6

You’re going to need to save up a little to invest in all of these great luxuries. Or, you can take that TV you’ve had for the last 15 years, hook it up to your laptop and your $40 speaker, and don’t forget to stick the TV to the wall with duct tape.

Stack Hacks

When it comes to home living, it’s not just about what furniture and tools you have at your disposal; it’s also how you use them. If you live alone and happen to have a complete set of chairs, then why not do what this guy did?

hacks 18

Apparently, he couldn’t afford a dining table or a desk. So he took his surplus chairs, flipped them upside down, and used them as platforms for his coffee table. Voila, you’ve got yourself the ultimate makeshift working desk.

Time For A New Clock

Sometimes, hacks are there to help us make the most of a bad situation. When your clock stops working and you throw a brick at it in a fit of rage, you need to cover up the fact that you destroyed it before your partner arrives home.

hacks 19

So what do you do? That’s right, you draw the piece that you broke off on a piece of paper and stick it in place. Then you realize that you destroyed the battery holder…

Balancing Act

Just because some hacks are the works of geniuses doesn’t mean that they look good. You want to charge your phone, but you don’t have a platform to place the phone on while it’s charging.

hacks 4

So this guy thought of an ingenious balancing act – tie the laces of one of your shoes to the charger and place the phone in the shoe. Then he realized that he needed to leave the house. He only has one pair of shoes…

No Wet Pages Anymore

So many people enjoy reading a book while relaxing in the bath. We don’t personally enjoy such a pastime, but if you do, then good for you.

hacks 10

However, we think it’s safe to say that 99% of people who do read in the tub have got some pages wet at least once in their lives. So this person came up with one of the most useful stupid hacks on this list. It’s foolproof, especially since you won’t be walking your dog at the same time.

Problem Solved

It’s one of those hacks that has been replicated on numerous occasions by both members of the public and some of your favorite TV characters. This particular hack is aimed at three types of people.

hacks 13

The first ones are those who don’t know how to sew. The second ones are too lazy to go take their clothes with holes to a tailor. And the third ones can’t find the time to throw them away and replace them with new clothes.

Bacon Juice Protector 4000

Anyone out there who likes bacon (and that’s a huge percentage of the population) knows that frying bacon can be tricky, especially when they crackle and the grease starts to jump everywhere.

hacks 16

You get some of that grease in your eye and you’re going to have an uncomfortable afternoon. That’s where this genius came into play with his neat invention. However, he might want to take a step back. He doesn’t want to get the box to close to that flame…

That’s Crutch!

Some of us have no choice but to walk with a pair of crutches. For those of us who only have to use them for a limited period of time, we have found something you can do with them, instead of throwing them in the attic.

hacks 15

Stand them up against each other and voila, you have a nifty stack of shelves! However, what happens when you break your other leg? Either you dismantle your beautiful shelves or buy a new pair. What’s it going to be?

Dunk Game Strong

There is nothing quite like cookies and milk. Without a doubt, it is in the upper echelon of things that go well together. However, it takes years of practice to dunk one’s cookie in their milk for the perfect amount of time.

hacks 14

Dunk it in for too long and the cookie will get soggy and fall in the cup, and that’s not fun whatsoever. This dunker decided to give himself a bit of a challenge, using chopsticks.

Facing The Music

What happens when you break your car’s side-view mirror? It’s not as if you can just drive without them. They are essential for those notorious blind spots!

hacks 23

When you’re funds are running low and you can’t afford a replacement mirror, have no fear. Just take one of your least favorite CDs (we recommend anything by Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande) and if you look carefully enough, you might just see your reflection. It’s ironic, seeing that many road accidents are caused by music…

Disco Wrong

When you are in the mood for some Bee Gees and all you want to do is sing “Night Fever,” we think it’s time to get out the disco ball and turn your living room into a party hall. One thing that could help rotate the ball is an electric screwdriver.

hacks 22

Little did the inventor know that it only had one ferocious speed. As he turned on the power, the disco ball span at a 120mph, flew off the handle and blew a hole through the wall.