These People Who Thought They Met A Celeb Were Sadly Mistaken


When spotting a celebrity in front of you, all you want to do is take a picture and share it with your friends. However, amongst all the excitement at the celeb spotting, some people fail to realize that they have taken a picture of merely a celebrity doppelganger!


It seems that all you need is the facial hair, the nose and the claw to be mistaken as Wolverine. However, the man in this picture is definitely not Hugh Jackman, but rather a guy taking advantage of the mistaken identity.


George Clooney

As one of the most attractive men on the planet, there must have been some real excitement when these guys saw a disheveled looking George Clooney and couldn’t believe they would be getting drunk with the A-List celebrity. To be fair, they have a fair point. The man in this picture does have an uncanny resemblance to the Ocean’s Eleven star, but the odds of finding George Clooney hanging out and getting drunk before a flight with fellow travelers are pretty slim.


Johnny Depp

To mistake a man with long hair and glasses for Jonny Depp is not too surprising and, if we’re going to go by his persona as Jack Sparrow, then looking as though he’s had a drink is not too surprising either. However, just because this man was also rocking the necklace on a night out, he is definitely not Johnny Depp, nor would the extremely famous actor need to be accept hot dogs from random girls on the street.



While this guy does resemble the famous rapper, upon closer inspection, it is clear that this is, in fact, not Drake. Since most girls would probably swoon at the idea of meeting the “Hotline Bling” rapper, it is perhaps with a little-blurred vision that these girls were doing just that… just with the wrong person. We’re sure this guy gets this a lot, however, since his resemblance to Drake is pretty uncanny.


Matt Damon

There is something about mistaking random people on the street for looking like a celebrity, but there it is another thing to mistake a celebrity for a completely different celebrity! This girl got so excited she saw Matt Damon, she screamed his name, got a picture and sent it to her friend. It was only then when her friend showed her that she had actually seen Mark Wahlberg, who holds no resemblance to Matt Damon at all, that she realized her mistake.



No doubt this guy posing to be Bono has in fact gone out of his way to having people mistake him for the singer. After all, there is no other reason to wear those glasses and go with the gelled back hair for your everyday look. Either way, he managed to fool this store worker that he was, in fact, U2’s front singer Bono, and the worker sure looks like his day was made from this moment.


Taylor Swift

‘Sean met Taylor and he doesn’t even know it,’ maybe that is because he didn’t really meet Taylor, and Sean was not the one in the wrong. Even though Sean looks very happy next to this pretty lady, she looks nothing like Taylor Swift. Other than having blonde hair and glasses that she may have rocked as the ‘old Taylor,’ all Swifties would call out this picture to let them know this is definitely not the hit song maker.


Justin Bieber

It seems as though this girl just watched Justin Bieber’s video for his song, “Baby” and thought the now 20-something-year-old looks as he did in his tween days. Whatever her reasoning, she is very, very wrong for her celeb spotting with this person that she believed was the famous singer. While we like to think a fangirl would know better, we think this girl just got way too excited to tell people she met Justin and this guy was more than happy to oblige.


Jonah Hill

It’s hard to even see how this guy resembles Jonah Hill in any way for the excited fan to ask for a photograph of him. Then to go and make it his profile picture on Facebook and be told it’s Bruce from Matilda raises even more questions. In the end, it’s neither of the two actors. Rather, this could be absolutely anyone, who has just agreed to have a picture for the hell of it, and the eager fan would just be disappointed later on.


Jake Gyllenhaal

One can appreciate the excitement over seeing a celebrity, and this guy can’t deny his happiness over meeting Jake Gyllenhaal. However, it is kind of worrying to think how excited he is while also getting it so wrong with this celeb spotting! He really cannot be much of a Gyllenhaal fan if he thinks this guy is the real deal, after all, the hair is a clear give away on this one. Meanwhile, the two men looked like they were having a great time.


Chris Pratt

At the time, he must have been so happy. Upon realizing his mistake, J.J. could fully appreciate his error of thinking he met Chris Pratt by posting the evidence online. While J.J. looks as though he was most concerned for the picture evidence at the time, the fake Chris Pratt, who looks nothing like Chris Pratt, looks very confused by the matter and was probably thinking ‘this guy has got it so wrong.’ He would sure be right if so!



This one is more understandable. Since Pitbull likes to often hide behind a pair of shades, it’s hard to differentiate the singer from just another bald man rocking similar style sunglasses. Whether he has chosen to do this because he’s been told he holds a similar resemblance purely to his choice of style, or it’s a common style found amongst men, it doesn’t really matter. Judging by the look on his face, it seems he was very pleased to accept the picture offer with this young lady.


Calvin Harris

This one really takes the bullet, since this guy in the photo looks absolutely nothing like Calvin Harris. From his hair to his choice of glasses and his whole demeanor in the photo, there is no reason to have believed such a thing. Meanwhile, if this girl had known Calvin Harris from Skrillex, then she would have had more luck with getting it right with this photo. Unfortunately, this girl is none the wiser when it comes to the internationally famous DJs.


Tyler, The Creator

This mistake is so tragic and unforgiving that it is more troubling to figure how this girl got it so wrong. She is standing next to the very famous and recognizable Will Smith…and thinks she’s met Tyler, The Creator. Even Tyler himself must have been dumbfounded when he got the tweet to see that Will Smith had been mistaken for him. Good on Will, though, for going along with hearing about how great Tyler, The Creator’s work is.


Bruno Mars

This girl must seriously not know who Bruno Mars is, considering this guy she has taken a photograph with and posted to be the famous singer, looks absolutely nothing like him. While this guy does have a nice smile and thick black hair, he does not resemble the singer in any way and is probably just going along with it for the sake of a picture. Wonder if the girl has come across the “Uptown Funk” video and figured it out yet.


Tobey Maguire

To meet the real life Spider-Man would be pretty awesome, no one can deny that. However, to say this man is Tobey Maguire means you’re getting all your superhero facts wrong. Meanwhile, let’s be honest, the guy posing to be Tobey is going along with it purely because he is not going to say no to this guy, as he seems pretty intimidating. This time he was going to cooperate for the sake of a picture and his safety.


Hank Schrader

Although it is safe to admit that the guy in the photo holds a resemblance to Hank Schrader from Breaking Bad, the fact that two people got it so wrong, is what is the saddest part. Meanwhile, after posting it on Facebook to get a reaction from their friends, shows that even their friends cannot identify who the real Hank Schrader is, and not just another bald guy being mistaken for him. Their friends thought it was “awesome.”



Usher may have sung “U Got It Bad” but now he should be telling this lady ‘U Got It Wrong,’ because the guy posing in the photograph is for sure not the singer himself. Perhaps he also had a good voice and convinced her otherwise, but if we’re going on looks, it’s hard to see how Usher comes to mind. We’re assuming that since a nice, pretty lady asked for a picture and the flattered guy had no choice but to accept.



The fact this girl starts her social media post with “I’m not big on rap” makes this post even more hilarious because clearly, she has absolutely no idea. Then to misspell the rapper’s name as ‘Maklemore’ leaves us even more perplexed by what her intentions were by posting this shot. Clearly, she is not a big Macklemore fan, and posing with someone who looks nothing like the rapper, means she was probably just doing it for the Facebook likes.


Bill Murray

These guys and all their friends are proving that you can, in fact, be too young to know exactly who Bill Murray is. Since they have just taken a photo with a man who looks over the age of 50 and has started to lose his hair, it proves that these youngsters have no idea who the actor is. They’ve sure set out to do what they wished, however, by telling their friends to “be jealous.” However, there is no jealousy from this side, just pure enjoyment.


Dwight Howard

These girls were honest when they admitted they had no idea who the star was when they spotted him out and about. When the guy told them to look him up after their photo, he was probably getting a real kick out of it knowing he was not the real Dwight Howard. Best part? The real Dwight Howard commented on the post to let the girls know the truth that it could not have been him since he was playing a game at the time.


Barack Obama

If anyone believes they will meet the President of the United States unexpectedly without any Secret Service Agents around, then they are sure to be mistaken. This guy obviously didn’t think so much about that when he believed he was meeting former President Barack Obama… in a fast food joint. Right… there really are no words for this one, since this is clearly a man in a suit just waiting to get his burger and fries for lunch.


Mike Tyson

So, we see the tattoo, and we get the comparison being made to former boxer Mike Tyson. While we hope this guy has not also bitten someone else’s ear off, nor has his own pet tiger, we do not see any other way this guy could have been mistaken for Tyson. Perhaps these ladies are not such big boxing fans and got a glimpse of the star and his tattoo in The Hangover film, and just assumed this must be him.


Drew Carey

Those who are unfamiliar with comedian Drew Carey may be fooled by this photograph of a man playing poker. Not us though, we know better than to think that this could, in fact, be Carey. So, sorry to burst your celebrity spotting bubble, but you were not playing poker with Drew Carey but, rather, just a man wearing glasses. There is nothing else even to show how this could have been the famous comedian.


Russell Crowe

“The night I met Russell Crowe at Applebees” will one day turn to “The night I met a random dude in Applebees and took a picture with him,” because that is exactly what this gentleman did. While Crowe may not be one to grace a smile for the cameras on a good day, does not mean that this man’s grimace should be mistaken for the famous actor. The grimace could be just because he was not interested in this picture happening, and, why should he have been?


Morgan Freeman

Of course, Morgan Freeman is a Hollywood legend that anyone would have the privilege of meeting such a man. So, rightfully so, these girls thought they were in this fortunate position and made sure to capture the moment. Meanwhile, they obviously cannot know much about Morgan Freeman since this is not the actor himself. While the resemblance may be there, true Morgan Freeman fans, or just most people who have seen his films, would know the difference.


Reese Witherspoon

There is no denying that Reese Witherspoon is a beautiful woman who doesn’t seem to age. However, there is a clear distinction between her and this girl, since this girl looks like she can be no older than in her 20’s. Since Reese has an 18-year-old daughter, we are certain she is a bit older than 20-something. So, perhaps it would have worked better if this girl was mistaken for Reese’s daughter, and clone, Ava, but the eyebrow piercing is a dead giveaway.


Orlando Bloom And Christian Bale

Orlando Bloom and Christian Bale are certainly kind to the eyes, but that is the only similarity to the two guys in this photograph. Although they seem pleased to pose with their “fan,” the two men on the ends of the photo are obviously neither of the two actors they are believed to be. Perhaps when Christian Bale was sporting a long beard, he could have had some resemblance to this bearded man but, then again, no.


Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson may have quite the unusual look, but just because this man has long, black hair and white make-up on, does not mean he is the singer in question. Little did this guy posting the photograph know, because he even tagged Marilyn Manson in his Facebook upload. Marilyn must have got so excited when he saw that Facebook notification that he was tagged in a picture, only to be then left disappointed by the error.


Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has broken records with the release of his three albums, and it’s hard to miss him wherever you turn. With his music becoming so international, his face has become equally as recognizable…you would think. It seems these guys got a bit blurry eyed one evening when they spotted a man with ginger hair and jumped to the assumption that this just has to be Ed Sheeran. Sorry to say, but there are more gingers in the world than just Sheeran!