Man Discovers Strangest Looking Creature Inside Derelict House

A man went to visit his 82-year-old relative who had moved to a retirement home. However, he was informed that the elderly man had left behind a house full of stuff. Upon exploring the derelict home, the man discovered something truly shocking.

What On Earth Is That Thing?

When Paul Russell went to his relative’s home to retrieve some of his possessions, he was in for a huge surprise. He descended into the dark cellar and eventually stumbled across the most peculiar creature he had ever seen.

creature 2

Like A Horror Movie

When Paul Russell was asked about his horrific experience, the only thing that he could compare the creature to was one of the Xenomorphs from the Alien film franchise. “It was almost like a horror movie,” he said. Needless to say, Paul was in a state of shock when he first laid eyes on such a unique looking creature. The thing appeared to have multiple legs and it was covered in dust. Curious as to what it could be, Paul took it to a vet, only to learn the shocking truth…

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Helping Out An Old Friend

The horror story began when Paul Russell found out that an 82-year-old relative of his was now living in a retirement home after suffering from Alzheimer’s. Originally able to take care of himself, the old man’s family believed that it was best for him to move into a nursing home. However, they didn’t realize that moving the man out of his home would create such a bizarre domino effect. It put a shocking chain of events into motion…

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He Left His Cat Behind

When Paul’s relative ended up moving to the nursing home, he was forced to abide by a very strict rule. He wasn’t allowed to ever have pets on the premises. This was extremely sad news, as the elderly man had a 17-year-old Siamese cat who he called Siam. As a result, the man had to leave Siam behind. This is actually a photo of a cat that Paul fostered at one point. He is also a big cat lover.

creature 26

The Elderly & Their Pets

Studies have shown that those who own pets in their elder years can maintain a fairly low blood pressure. It also directly correlates with lower stress levels. However, there is also a downside to being an elderly owner of pets. With older age can come greater difficulties to care for yourself. This can be detrimental to the pet’s wellbeing, and as far as Siam was concerned, this ended up being a problematic situation. That’s where Paul stepped in.

creature 1

Completely Helpless

When Paul visited his relative, he was informed by the nurses that the 82-year-old wasn’t able to take care of himself in any shape or form. As a result, he was also unable to look after his cat. Having only been in the nursing home for a small period of time, no one had gone to the man’s home to check up on Siam. As the old man had struggled to live alone for such a long time, it was believed that the house he lived in was in a terrible state.

creature 27

Paul Wanted To Help

Not only was the old man’s house in a poor condition, but so was his cat, Siam. The man informed Paul that the cat had developed health issues. Consequentially, Paul knew that something needed to be done to ensure that Siam’s health wouldn’t deteriorate. With a number of other cats to his name, Paul and his wife Jill decided to take Siam under their wing too. So Paul wasted no time and went over to the man’s derelict home.

creature 16

Home Invasion

So off Paul went to inspect the elderly man’s neglected home. Upon arrival, Paul didn’t suspect the house to be in such a bad condition. The driveway was pretty tidy, the front lawn had recently been mowed, and it certainly didn’t look like an uninhabited house. However, when he got to the front door, he noticed some signs that this house had seen better days. After unlocking the door and stepping inside, Paul was in for a number of surprises…

creature 25

Absolute Mess

Walking through an entrance full of dust, Paul began to realize that this was definitely a home belonging to a man who lost control of the place many years ago. Based on the piles of boxes full of stuff and random pieces of junk scattered around the house, it looked like someone had tried to move out of the place but never got around to it. Then, Paul stumbled across the biggest clue that he actually wasn’t alone…

creature 28

Where Did All Those Scratches Come From?

After perusing through the ground floor, Paul noticed some peculiar marks on the walls in the lounge. There were multiple scratches. It didn’t take long before Paul assumed that the scratches had been caused by the elderly man’s 17-year-old cat, Siam. Despite this obvious clue, Siam was nowhere to be seen. He looked all over the place; in the lounge, the kitchen, the garden, the bedrooms, and bathroom. Despite this, Paul didn’t give up.

creature 19

Luring Siam With Catfood

In order to try and lure Siam from his potential hiding place, Paul went to the local store, bought some cat food and poured some into a bowl. He also took another bowl and filled it with water. That’s not all though. Paul then took the cat’s bed and replaced it with new fabrics. After waiting for a couple of hours, Siam still didn’t show up. It wouldn’t take long before Paul started to take some desperate measures…

creature 17

Desperate Measures

Paul was determined to find Siam and give him the medical attention he deserved. He wasn’t going to leave the place without his relative’s beloved cat. So he began to shout Siam’s name as loud as he could. “Siam! Siam! Where are you?!” he yelled. After doing this for a while, Paul then started to scavenge through the many boxes, full of his relative’s belonging, hoping that he would find Siam in one of them. Then, Paul suddenly heard the faintest “meow…”

creature 23

In The Bathtub

“Where on Earth did that sound come from?” Paul thought. As the sound repeated itself, Paul tried to get closer to it and eventually, after he ran upstairs, the sound got much louder. It was coming from the bathroom. As Paul pulled the shower curtain to one side, there was Siam, curled up inside the bathtub. Finally, he had found his relative’s beloved cat. However, Paul then heard another sound from elsewhere in the house. This time though, it shook him to his very core…

creature 14

Going Down

Suddenly, Paul was shaken by the thunderous growl that came from another part of the house. There was no doubt that the noise came from some sort of creature, but it didn’t sound like a cat. At first, Paul assumed that maybe a wild animal had found shelter in the abandoned house. Eventually, he was convinced that the sound was coming from the cellar, and at this point, he made his way into the dark depths. He took his flashlight and began his descent…

creature 21

What Is That?!

What was at first a creepy investigation quickly escalated into something out of a horror movie. A huge creature scurried out from a dark space and scared the living daylights out of Paul. “Suddenly this huge creature darts out from under the bed and runs down to the cellar, and I thought, ‘What was that?” Paul said. Just like that, he ran out of the house, and naturally, Paul was extremely shaken by what had just transpired. Nevertheless, he needed to get to the bottom of it.

creature 6

Help From His Wife

With a little help from his wife, Jill, Paul found the courage to go back to the house and try to retrieve the strange creature. Having already taken Siam back home, he gave the hungry cat all the food it needed and a nice warm blanket. Back in the derelict house, Paul and Jill bravely went into the dark cellar. Then, in the blink of an eye, they frantically caught the bizarre looking creature and locked it in a pet carrier. They went straight to the nearest vet.

creature 7

Scared & Confused

Naturally, Paul was very scared after escaping the house. He didn’t know what to make of what he had just seen. What on earth was scurrying around the house that day? He assumed that maybe it was some sort of wild animal that he had never heard of. Or maybe it was a small creature that was running around with a blanket covering it. However, when the vets turned the peculiar creature upside down, they noticed something extraordinary…

creature 11

Is It A Mutant?

Lo and behold, when the vets turned the creature over, it revealed the head of a cat. Naturally, Paul, Jill, and the team were completely dumbfounded. Had this bizarre-looking cat gone through some sort of extraordinary mutation? Had it been born with multiple legs? Whatever it was, the vet could sense that the creature was in a lot of pain. Getting a feel for its strange limbs, it didn’t seem that they were functioning at all…

creature 12

Unique Case

Everybody at the clinic was simply lost for words. Because they had never seen something quite like it, nobody knew what to do with this strange looking creature. After Googling the bizarre features online, looking for any similar stories, they simply couldn’t find any. There was no available information to help them to help them solve this predicament. “They hadn’t seen anything like that,” Caitlin Lasky said, who is the Western PA Humane Society senior market communications manager.

creature 24

Cut Off The Legs

After a series of discussions about what the next move should be, the vets eventually came to a decision that the only sensible thing they could do was give the creature an anesthesia. The reason for this was because they wanted to see what would happen if they cut off one of what they supposed might be a series of deformed “legs.” So they began the amputation and soon enough, the procedure would take this story to a whole new level…

creature 22

It Is A Cat!

After realizing that the “legs” were very easy to cut off, the vet took an electric shaver and removed them all from the creature’s body. Lo and behold, the removal revealed that it was actually a perfectly normal-looking cat! Although it was incredibly fatigued after being worn down by all the material it was carrying, the cat was pretty healthy, much to everyone’s delight. However, there was still one more loose end that needed tying up…

creature 10

Relative Had A Second Cat

It turns out that Hidey, who Paul endearingly named so since she spent so much time in hiding, was actually the relative’s second cat. Due to his Alzheimer’s, he forgot to inform Paul about Hidey. Also, it turns out that the “legs” were actual long strands of matted fur that had naturally formed over time. The cat had become so overweight that it was unable to groom itself, hence the matting process. So what ended up happening to Hidey?

creature 8

New Home, New Life

Now that Hidey was free to leave the vet, Paul and Jill decided that they wanted to give her a home. That meant that they were now bringing home two new feline friends to add to their already large family of three cats and two dogs. Although Hidey is still taking time to come out of her shell, Paul believes that she is settling nicely into her new home. After everything she has been through, it’s nice to know that Hidey didn’t have to move too far from home.

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