Epic IKEA Fails That We Can All Relate To


We all love IKEA – walking through the perfectly put together rooms in the store, testing out the furniture, and grabbing the pieces from the warehouse that you hope will make your home look exactly like the models. But unfortunately, we know this isn’t always the case. Check out these epic IKEA fails that are all too familiar.

You May Want To Stand For This

Just when you thought you could finally invite dinner guests over and give them somewhere to sit, you were wrong. With this failed chair construction, everyone would rather opt for the floor.


Lord, Why?!

Looking up into the heavens and screaming ‘why, why, why?’ and perhaps a few expletives, is certainly not going to put this shelf together. With a piece of furniture in one hand and a screwdriver in the other, this guy was ready to go. However, it seems having all the right tools and equipment still doesn’t help when it comes to putting together IKEA furniture. Nope, this one looks like it was going to be an all-nighter – that’s if he doesn’t throw the whole thing back in its box.


This Box Will Do

Why try and set up the office chair, if the box the chair comes in does the job just as well? That must have been the thought process in this guy’s head when he had his final college paper due in a matter of days and didn’t have the time to figure out how to put his IKEA furniture together. Of course, his parents bought him the chair initially to make sure he was comfortable while writing the paper, but as a college student, he knew better.


A Whole New Idea

Forget the office chair from IKEA, this guy wants a standing desk. He knows the fuss that goes into getting the chair just right to be comfortable for a days work, so he opts for standing instead. However, when he orders the standing desk, he is left with just a regular desk – shock! Of course, he’s got a busy day ahead of him and doesn’t have time to call IKEA to complain, so he just takes a tile out of the floor instead!


Need A Lie Down After All This

There is nothing like getting a new sofa. You’ve tested it in store, it’s the perfect amount of comfort for you, and it’ll just go perfectly in the living room space waiting to be filled. Not too quick, there. What about the part when you have to put the perfect new sofa together by yourself? We all ditch that area in our minds when it comes to our new purchase but, just as this girl soon learns, it is a vital part of the whole process.


Why Won’t This Work?

She’s tried everything. Lying it on the ground, holding it up vertically, and back down again, and still, nothing. It’s 11 pm at this point, and all she wants is to go to bed. But wait! The unfinished cabinet is lying on her bed because she’s now tried the ‘let me sit down on my bed while I make this’ approach. Holding her head in her hand isn’t going to help, but when it comes to putting together IKEA furniture, we’re not sure what else will.


That Shore Is Long

Geordie Shore star, Charlotte Crosby, had so much success on the reality show, she could afford to buy herself a great big, new house. For this new house, she decided she needed to head to IKEA to fill up all the grand space she had. While she drove her brand new, white Land Rover to the store, it did not cross her mind that the furniture will be bigger than her car, meaning she couldn’t even get her new purchases home!


Oops, I Did It Again

We tell ourselves time and time again, do not go to IKEA because we’re just going to get angry when we’re left trying to place all the pieces together. While we’re often left screaming and shouting at the furniture when it doesn’t go our way, this jokester took the different parts and said what we’re all thinking -‘OOPS.’ Those pieces of the furniture definitely do not go there, but if we’re going by their attempt at the drawers, it’s a good thing they stopped trying to get it right.


Life Is Hard

At first glance, we definitely do not think the purpose of this purchase was to lie down on it. At second glance, we completely understand why she is. The frustration one experiences when their IKEA furniture will just not work is second to none. In fact, we don’t believe we’ve experienced frustration anywhere close to the amount we have after a trip to IKEA. We feel you, girl, you just stay right there. Hopefully, an IKEA fairy godmother came to her rescue!


We Don’t Think The Drawer Should Be Wonky

Just when you started to get sick and tired of the ‘clothes chair,’ and thought it was time to put your clothes away in an orderly fashion, you were left with another mess instead. You’re also left with the question – ‘Why should building six drawers be so tricky?’ IKEA is yet to answer this simple question, but for now, many IKEA buyers are facing the same drawer struggle, and wish they stuck to the chair.


Get A Glass Desk, They Said

It is sold as the more formal option and the option that will look more sleek and professional, but buying a glass desk has proven to create a whole lot more difficulties. While it may have held the computer, the desktop, and the keyboard, adding the final touch of a telephone proved to be too much for this glass table. In a blink of an eye, the whole thing shattered to tiny pieces, and it’s straight back to the drawing board once again for this worker.


Same Same But Different

The chair is the same, the code is the same, but there is something just not right with this delivery. That’s right, they’re entirely different heights! While one looks like an appropriate dining chair, the other is ready for the bar. This is frustrating for any consumer who has been waiting for a new set of chairs and is left with this instead. We’re sure IKEA got a fiery email following this purchase, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it happened again.


Oh, The Irony

IKEA offers reasonably priced scissors, which sometimes come in multiples, but there is one massive problem with this – You need scissors to be able to use the scissors… That’s right, the scissors are secured with plastic through their opening, meaning no one can open the scissors without the plastic being cut off. While we can be supportive of keeping scissors safe and secure, ensuring all health and safety regulations are being followed first and foremost, we will never be able to understand how this is logical.


Something Doesn’t Look Right Here

Who needs a third drawer anyway? Especially when it doesn’t act in accordance to how it should be, it doesn’t deserve to be used. Well, perhaps the buyer would disagree with this statement since they specifically bought these drawers with the intention of using all the drawers available. At least they had the strength after their failed building to take a picture because a lot of people would have admitted defeat and never looked back. We hope they somehow discovered how to put this drawer in place rightfully.


Take a Back Seat Has Never Been So Literal

When one of the comfiest IKEA chairs turns out to be one of the least, you know you are going to be disappointed. The crack in the right leg, and the way the chair is reclining where it shouldn’t be, is sure to be a consumer’s nightmare. Anyone over the age of 15 sitting on the already broken chair is bound to worsen that crack in the wood, and before they know it, they’ll be lying on the floor. That was certainly no one’s intention.


Just When You Were Hoping For A Good Nights Sleep

We can’t say we’ve ever tried it, but sleeping on a slanted bed cannot be all that comfortable. After all, after a long day, everyone is longing for their bed and a good night’s sleep. We fail to see how anyone can get one with a bed such as this but are left wondering if the owner of this bed just accepted defeat on this one since the bed is all made up! After their long day, they may have just made do with what they had.


Anyone With OCD, Look Away Now!

Just looking at this piece of furniture is making us nervous, so we can’t imagine how the people who have to look at it every day feel. Why would a package for a shelf come in two different colors? It is as if the person wrapping up the delivery thought it would be a funny twist to combine the white and black pieces together, and hoped no one would notice. Well, we’ve certainly noticed, and we can’t stand to look at it!


When An IKEA Item Helps Another IKEA Item

From other pictures in this list, it has been proven that IKEA bed posts are not all that reliable. So much so, that the person who took this picture has decided to forget about using one altogether. Either that or they could no longer deal with the strain of trying to put it together. Their genius thinking? To just place their mattress on their already well-built IKEA drawers, which they can only pray will remain steady when they lie on their mattress.


Even IKEA struggles

Oh, the irony. Just when we thought IKEA was trying to hide the fact that their furniture can be almost impossible to put together, they go and prove that they’ve known all along. How else but to show their advertisement for their assembly service in the completely wrong order. This advertisement is just a reflection of just how hard it can be to put IKEA furniture together, and how wrong it can look when you don’t put the pieces in their right places.


Can You Handle This?

There is no questioning the fact that handles should always be on the outside of anything since, after all, you need them to help you open the drawer, cupboard or door. How both handles on this product have somehow ended up inside the drawer is beyond our imagination. While IKEA does provide a chest of drawers which are opened from its sides, if there are handles on a product, they should always be on the outside, otherwise, the user is going to have trouble opening it.


A Bookshelf Isn’t For Books Apparently

We’re not entirely sure if it was the books or the box of tissues that was the final straw for this bookshelf but, either way, it was having none of it and decided to take a tumble instead. How ironic is it that a bookshelf is not strong enough to hold books, though? After all, we would certainly imagine that the best place to keep books is on a bookshelf. At least the broken shelf missed the glass teacups, and they have remained safe through this ordeal.


Obviously Back Issues Aren’t A Thing Anymore

We’ve all experienced those terrible office chairs that have given us more back issues when we leave the office than when we first walked in. However, we can’t say we’ve experienced such a chair as this, which just screams back pain at first sight. We just want to tell the woman in the photo to push it back and get it to its normal position but, of course, she would have thought about that one herself. Rather, the chair is just stuck in this awful position.


Slide To The Left

You spend hours categorizing your records in alphabetical order, according to the genre, and what year it was released, and then your IKEA shelf can’t handle the weight and decides to slant all the way to the left. Certainly not ideal, and certainly not what it is what meant to do in the first place. It is now time to find a new shelf that can handle all these records, and make sure to keep it all in order in the meantime!


A Bed Or A Huge Litter Box?

Why is it that IKEA beds cannot get it right? They’re either slanting to theside or made to look like a box, neither of which the buyer would have wanted when purchasing a bed. Once again, however, the person sleeping in this bed has just accepted this result and left it how it is. With his blanket and pillow ready on the bed, it will appear that he sleeps in this mis-built bed. We all know the IKEA struggle, so we understand why he’s leaving it.


Just Put One Foot In Front Of The Other

While he looks slightly confused as to what he’s doing, he seems to continue to put the leg of the table on the completely wrong side. We get it can be a confusing task, especially when you’ve waited until late at night to get this done, but regardless of how tired we are, we can see this is all wrong. Perhaps it is best to leave this until the morning when his head is a little more clear for assembling tables.


If You Don’t Succeed… Just Throw It Away

While most of these images have shown buyers to have left their mis-built or broken IKEA purchases be, this buyer was having none of it. When the going gets tough, apparently the tough don’t get going, they just throw away whatever is troubling them. While they don’t put the pieces back in the original packaging, they throw the box on the street for good measure. Passersby will see just how the table should have looked in case they choose to take on the challenge themselves.


Not One For Coffee

Most people need their morning coffee before starting their day, but one thing that certainly doesn’t need any coffee is this particular coffee table. In the photo, the table doesn’t even have anything on top of it, and it has still managed to split in half. Imagine what would have been if a cup of coffee was placed there any earlier. All we can imagine is one stained carpet, a few broken glasses, and a very angry buyer who no longer has a coffee table.


A Messy Split?

This perfect split down the middle of these shelves looks as though they are part of a divorce settlement. While the husband gets the one half with the picture of his beloved pooch and favorite drinking glasses, the wife gets the picture of herself and the essential large clothespins. Perhaps this is the complete wrong story, and the shelf could not handle the weight of the newspaper which led to a dramatic split in half. Either scenario, we’re sure no one was happy in this current moment.


Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

Forgetting to measure your mattress could be troubling when ordering your bed frame. In a moment of panic, going bigger is always better, so at least the mattress will fit on top. However, it may get to a breaking point when you find yourself continually rolling over onto the bed frame thinking there’s more to the mattress. Also, something always won’t look right in the bedroom and, of course, you want the perfect Feng Shui for a good night’s sleep.


Round Baby In A Square Hole

Many adults can think back to their childhood and remember the time their loving parents bought them their own kitchen. These days, they’re equipped with all the latest gadgets and technology, you would think it was a real kitchen. What they definitely do not come with, however, is a screaming baby. It looks like this young child got too ahead of themselves and wanted to get inside the sink before the kitchen was put together completely. Rather than helping him out, his loving parents see it as the perfect photo!

Even IKEA Can’t Stand Its Products

If there is anyone that should have the most faith in IKEA, it should be IKEA itself. They should be able to whether anything that comes their way and prove that they’re not the reason for people on the brink of having a breakdown. However, when IKEA trollies don’t even have the strength to carry their products, what makes them think anyone else is going to? This should be a clear warning when in the store to leave immediately before experiencing those epic fails of IKEA.


The Point Of No Return

You would think putting ten slabs of wood together would be a simple task. After all, most products are symmetrical, so once you have half done, you know exactly how the other half should look. It seems as though the supposedly simple task of putting ten slabs together is not as we expected. As a result, only a third has been completed, and the rest of the pieces have just been left. It was probably for the best because it would have collapsed as soon as books were placed on it.


For Those Remotes That Need That Extra Breather

At first glance, it would look like something here is not right. At second glance, it would seem that there should be four drawers instead of three, but who’s counting anyway? Rather the unit has worked as a TV stand, the TV is on, and the rest will be dealt with another time. Once again, football season takes prevalence over whatever else could possibly be happening in the surrounding areas, so the missing drawer will be dealt with at the end of the season.


They Knew That Wooden Block Would Come In Handy One Day

They say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but it seems the same saying goes if the product is, in fact, broken. While IKEA may have failed to deliver the goods that were expected of them, this is just another example of a buyer making do with what they’ve got. With plans to stay home all weekend and watch the football, they are going to need that couch. Perhaps once football season is over, they will focus on getting a new couch.


Nearly There

It seems they’ve got the gist of this one, but something still is just not right. While a stool can come in handy to reach those out of reach areas in the home, it probably wouldn’t be safe to try and attempt it on this one. This looks like a classic example of trying to DIY and hoping it all falls into place eventually. Sadly, that wasn’t the case and, as tradition goes with IKEA furniture, they probably got so fed up they didn’t bother trying to fix it!


When All Else Fails, Sleep In The Living Room

For some reason, IKEA does not sell the whole package of a bed. Rather, every item is sold separately, so you have to remember to buy the bed frame, the mattress, and the bed slabs. When this IKEA hopeful went to buy the bed slabs, he bought the wrong size (that is another reason why this is all so problematic), and there was no way his mattress would be secure on top of the frame. The end result? His living room became his new bedroom.


Tip Me Over And Pour Me Out

While previous posts of broken shelves have fortunately shown no broken glass, this one is the complete opposite. This time around, the IKEA shelves could not handle the IKEA kitchenware and decided to prove that going to IKEA was the worst possible idea for this homeowner. Just from looking at this picture, it is the perfect example as to why you should not rely on IKEA to hold some of your most precious and valued glass. You’re better off keeping it far, far away from any IKEA shelves.


Something Isn’t Right Here

While they are part of the very few to have IKEA shelves assembled correctly, they have a whole other issue on their hands. We can understand how you may have got the wrong bed slabs for a bed frame, but we fail to see how you could get the size of the bed frame completely wrong for such a small room. Even when putting the pieces together, we wonder if they thought this was seriously going to fit in this small space.


Ready For A Landslide

A table can come in handy for so many reasons, especially in the office. However, something looks seriously wrong with this IKEA Bekant Standing Desk, and not a table a worker would desire. In fact, this standing desk has no use at all, since everything would just fall off the moment it is placed on top. We think it is time to disassemble and reassemble this one before workers begin to believe they are not worth receiving a functional desk.