The Most Hilarious Pet Collar Tags Owners Have Created


Every dog owner knows that their dog is a member of the family and perhaps their best friend. That is why you want to ensure you have things under control if they ever happen to run off. The best way to do so is by giving them a personalized collar, but these owners have had more fun with them than necessary.

Everyone Loves Compliments

Every dog owner will say they have the best dog in the world and give them their undivided attention. The same should be the case if they get lost it seems…


I Have A Loving Home

This furry friend has a wandering soul and sometimes needs to get out of the house for a little ponder. Humans, however, sometimes jump to the conclusion that this pet pooch is lost or has been abandoned, so they call the adoption agencies to see how they can help. The owner finally had enough and is letting passersby know that this animal is in good hands, they just needed their space. In no time, they would have made their way back to their loving home.


Adopt Don’t Shop

Trust Drake to give us some inspiring and meaningful lyrics, giving us all something to resonate with on a daily basis. When he sang ‘started from the bottom, now we here,’ it seemed to really speak to this pet owner who rescued his dog from the shelter. As it is a beautiful feeling to be able to adopt a pet, he is letting the world know, the dog has finally made it, and that is something we can all inspire to get to.


Not Giving A Woof

Look at this buddy, sitting there, thinking about life, definitely not bothered by what commotion is going on around him. He has found his spot, and that’s it, he is just like a king on his throne. No doubt he is a worshipped member of the family, but he is letting everyone know that he is not one to give a woof, and why should he? After all, he can do just about anything he wishes, and everyone will watch in awe.


They Just Want To Be Like Us

You’ve probably heard of Smelly Cat, but have you heard of Adventure Cat?. He’s the number one cat on everyone’s wanted list because he can perform like no other. While you may think to speak to the owner about hiring him for your next big bash, you should think again. All inquiries for Adventure Cat go to his personal email, which we are sure he checks in between eating his canned tuna and drinking some milk.


A VIP Pooch

When you are a very important person, why would you spend your time speaking to people when you can have someone else do it for you? That is why you would probably say ‘have your people call my people,’ so whatever needs to be done, get done. In dog terms, they do not really have a choice when it comes to calling anyone and, if lost, they really do need a person to call their owner regardless of their VIP (very important pet) status.


Honesty Is The Best Policy

Everyone has their own thing they are into, and, while it may not be to everyone’s taste, sometimes you’ve just got to own it. Just like the proud owner of this pet tag, there is no denying the truth since he is caught red-handed every time he goes on a walk to the park. Dogs are known to smell out fear, but if another dog passes his way, you know what, he is going to have to sniff out the competition.


Everyone Knows An Ugly Crier

Kim Kardashian managed to make money over her crying face, but that does not mean people thought it was a good look. Now, imagine someone having lost their beloved dog and feeling completely helpless! That is not a face you want to encounter nor wish upon anyone, so the right thing to do would be to call that owner immediately. Even the dog will sense the fear in their owner’s eyes when they’ve been apart for so long. We just can’t have any of that.


The Baddest Pooches On The Block

When you own a pet, you can really let your creativity run wild. You can dress them up as your favorite character for Halloween and give them a name your heart desires. Then there are these dog tags, where one owner has decided to turn his dogs into the hero and villain of the household. His characters in his new animation are JoJo “Destroyer of Worlds,” who is constantly against Mack “Protector of Worlds.” We wonder who will win the fight.


You Have Been Warned

Most owners will probably provide contact details on their pet’s tags for emergency purposes – after all, their dog does not know how to call them if they are ever lost. However, when you have the choice of tags yourself, you can really just write anything you want. This owner has clearly stated the obvious for anyone who may encounter their pet animal and their tag but is also giving them a heads up that their new furry friend is sure to lick them.


Sometimes You’ve Got To Take The Brunt

You may take thousands of pictures of your pet, show them off to all your friends, and claim you have the best dog in the world. But, behind that cute furry face, you know they can sometimes be uncontrollable around the house, meaning material objects have had to be kept to a minimum. So, it is time for the dog to own that, and explain to passersby that he may be the cute house pet, but he has to take ownership of his wrongdoings.


You Can Call Me Waffles

Well if this dog doesn’t just melt your heart, then we’re not sure what will. His name is Waffles, and to let others know of his chosen name, his owners decided to use a picture of waffles for his dog tag. Sometimes it’s best not to clearly write the dog’s name in case someone finds them when lost. This way, the owners are commemorating his name with a picture version instead and taking their chances if other people catch on.


Do I Look Bothered?

His face kind of says it all and that is probably why this was the final choice of tag descriptions his owner decided for him. While he may be a friendly pup, which means no harm, he certainly does not look like he is having a good day but does not care at the same time. From how he is sitting, to the angry look in his eyes, he seems like the type of dog who doesn’t want to be bothered and gives zero woofs about it.


Just Need Some R And R

We all get to that point in our lives when we just need some time to ourselves, to give our minds a rest from the hardships at work or our complicated relationships, and go out for some fresh air. If humans feel this, then why shouldn’t our pets? After all, they have spent all day wandering the house, going up and down the stairs, to their food bowl, to the couch, and just need some time away. Let them wander outside, clear their minds, and feel refreshed.


Unexplainable Decisions

It seems the owner of this tag was putting their minds into the scenario of their dog getting lost when purchasing this. If their beloved dog were ever to go missing, they would feel heartbreak and loss, while also feeling very emotional and confused. Confused is the particular emotion resonating in this dog tag since the worded embroidery does not seem to make much sense. “So Lost Wow Very Call” is not a sentence we can really explain, nor know what was meant by this.


I Shouldn’t Be Here

Dogs can get distracted by the simplest of things; a bird can fly past, and they will run as fast as they can to try and catch with the feathered creature. It can be a hard task for an owner to catch up with their pet, especially when wandering in a park or forest which would allow the dog to go in any direction. This owner is letting others know that his pet is not a stray dog wandering the wastelands alone and should call him immediately.


Sometimes It’s Not About Finding Yourself

As the saying goes “Not all those who wander are lost…” since they are, in fact, exploring the world for discoveries and life lessons. While dogs may wish to go out on discoveries, theirs are more for bones, food, and cats, in particular, and close to home. As for life lessons, they would have just learned what their owner taught them. Therefore, if you find a dog wondering, they are certainly not looking for new experiences, but are most likely lost.


K9 Zombie Unit

It seems that someone has been watching too much of The Walking Dead and thinks his canine is the answer to the zombie takeover, but we like where his head is at. The “K9 Unit” have never been ones to disappoint, and with the baddest canines in town, zombies should be afraid. Their response team is almost second to none and will be there in a heartbeat…which is more than can be said about the zombies, who should be running far, far away.


Dog Is Man’s Best Friend

They say a dog is a man’s best friend and that is because of their loving nature and genuine commitment to their owner. What song better resonates with this than Rick Astley’s, “Never Gonna Give You Up.” He’ll never desert you, never let you down, and never give you up as his owner. A dog is loyal, compassionate and dependent all at the same time. He may run around, which goes against the lyrics, but he needs the owner as much as the owner needs him.


It’s Hard To Catch Up

The owner of this pet pooch was sick of catching up with his dog only to find people thinking he was a stray and in need of help. Quite the opposite, in fact. His loving owner would often let him run around the park on their walks, but because he was so fast, it would take a couple of moments before catching up with him. It was time to make a change, however, and prevent the concern in peoples’ eyes.


It’s Good To Show Your Emotions

It can be hard and frustrating sometimes when you can’t communicate verbally with your pet. Are they hungry? Are they sad? Do they need to go outside to take care of business? It’s a hard task to follow and only after some time do you pick up on traits to know what means what. After some time, the proud owner of this dog knew that if his dog started to twerk, he was a happy little pup, and he was letting everyone in on the news.


Just Look At This Face

When you look like you’ve been pampered and lead quite the luxury lifestyle, you probably feel like you can do just about whatever you want. Maxwell is just the type of dog who thrives off this and lets the world watch in envy. He’s used to getting all the attention when out and about and, while his owner thinks he is catching peoples’ eyes, he should know he is very, very wrong. However, Maxwell has probably helped his dating life improve.


Always Follow Instructions

A good parent is someone who knows what is best for their child, and the same goes for an owner of a pet animal. When being responsible for another living creature, it is important to keep them safe, even when they are not in your company. As seen in this dog tag, the owner has informed anyone who may have found her animal to keep the pup happy with a belly rub and in the meantime give his mom a call.


At Least He’s Not A Liar

They can give you the puppy dogs eyes over and over again, and you just can’t help but be in love regardless of all their wrongdoings. That is not to say that they will not repeatedly eat the furniture, make a mess, or forget to tell you they need to go outside. If anything, it keeps things interesting, but what’s important is that they own up to it. This dog’s owner was a huge Harry Potter fan and thought the line from the movie perfectly described his rowdy dog’s behavior.



It would be seriously dangerous to get too close to a lion, and chances of getting up close and personal for a photo like this would not end well. However, if this kitty wants to believe it is a massive lion, then you know what? So be it. Sometimes you just need that extra bit of confidence to go out into this big, scary world. While others may not see you in the same way as you do, it is important to always be your unique self.


Not Sure Who Is Lost Right Now

Yet another confused owner who was not sure what to go for when choosing their pet tag. While you may expect the pet’s name, their name, and contact details in case of an emergency, this dog tag is in a league of its own. “Much Dog Such Lost Very Wow” does not resonate into anything with us, but perhaps this is a code that only the most powerful can crack. Although the sentence altogether has thrown us off, it is the use of “Wow” we are particularly struggling with.


The Pawsperous Pup

If you’re a Star Trek fan, you’ve most likely seen all the films, been to the conventions, got the toys, and quoted the lines. If you are a real Star Trek fan, you’ve ensured your dog is too. “Live Long & Pawsper” is this owner’s punny take on his favorite quote. This is sure going to win over his friends next time they come over for their Star Trek themed barbecue, where they re-watch one of the 13 films.


Whoever Smelt It, Dealt It

It has long been known that dogs and cats cannot always play best of friends and, while they are both popular house pets, sometimes families choose between the two. The end result is getting one of each and hoping for the best. If they think that it is an easy task, the two furry pets are sure to prove this wrong. With the cat most likely running off at the sight of the dog, they shoot themselves in the foot by not being able to fight their case.


This Is My Couch

Sometimes pets can get a little too comfortable in your homes and all of a sudden the couch becomes their couch, the bottom step becomes their step, or your bed becomes their bed. While you claim to love them with all your heart, since they are the “best animal in the world” and “can do no wrong,” this could be really, really annoying. So perhaps taking the passive-aggressive approach of labeling their collar with their most annoying habit is the way to go?


A Dog With A Talent

It seems Otis has a habit of running away and his owner is having a tough time calming him down. Rather than making it into a big deal, he’ll use it to be creative in saving him when lost. While Otis may just look like a soft, brown ball of fluff, he is actually a talented escape artist who is known for his great work. Having done it multiple times, he has racked up quite the reputation and proves to be good at his job.