Hidden Camera Shows What Animals Really Do Away From Humans


Sun’s Out Tongue’s Out

This adorable deer couldn’t help but be intrigued by the camera planted in the wild. Instead of a camera, this deer had other ideas and thought it looked like a tasty snack. We can safely say that the camera isn’t worth the calories, he should give this one a miss.


Bare Necessity

This bear almost exactly resembles the Baloo from The Jungle Book, waiting for honey to come down from the beehive. One small problem is that that is not a beehive and this bear will be waiting a very long time for honey to drop from it. Nevertheless, his determination to jump and reach out for the figure is quite impressive. Bears can be sneaky animals and when they find something they want, they will often get it.


Ready For Landing

This deer had no idea what is about to land on it. This squirrel looks to have timed it pounce perfectly and will land safely on the deer’s back. We can’t help but think that the deer will be nothing less than startled when someone decides to hitch a ride on his back. It is safe to say the squirrel isn’t looking for it’s meal in the deer, so we’re not really sure what its intentions will be.


Nothing Fishy Going On Here

While there is nothing suspicious about an otter munching on a fish, there is something about his face that looks like he is doing something wrong. This cute little guy just wanted a midnight snack and we’re not mad at him for that. Maybe he wasn’t too happy with his choice of fish and he’d prefer a cod or tuna, we’ll never have the answer. Either way, we hope it filled him up.



This picture perfectly depicts the animal food chain. They might be much smaller than deer, but owls often prey on the large animals and are major predators. We can’t help but feel sad for this poor deer that is about to become the owl’s dinner, but there will definitely be a lot of venison to go around and feed its babies too. Alternatively, we’d like to think that the deer got away and lived happily ever after.


Make Me Rawr

Well what do we have here? It looks as if this lion has finally found its mate for breeding. Either that or he is trying to woo her with food and a lot of loving, it’s always nice to have someone to keep you warm in the winter months. Maybe we should avert our eyes to something else and let these two make some adorable little cubs. We’ll check back in a couple of months if the date was successful.


Food Envy

This wolf looks as if he is enjoying the leg of an animal he has just captured but in the background, someone else doesn’t look too happy that the wolf has food and he doesn’t. A word of advice for the little animal, he too will probably become prey if he tries to take that leg away from the wolf. Know your strength little one, you might have big dreams but they will have you end up in a predator’s belly.


This Isn’t Grass?

This deer has an entire field of greenery to feed on but he has chosen our camera to take a lick of. We can assure you that our cameras don’t taste good and you’re much better off finding something in the wilderness. We understand the struggle though, it must get really boring eating leaves and grass all the time. They probably just want something to spice up their meals. We recommend some Sriracha sauce to give your meal that extra kick of spice.

animal- tongue

The Floor Is Lava

We have to give it to this panther, he is absolutely killing it in his new resting place. Not only has he shown those deer who is boss, he has asserted his place as being above the rest, they wouldn’t dare mess with this big guy. On the other hand, if the three animals were playing a game of the floor is lava, it is evident who is winning, these deer need to up their game.

animal- rest

You Got A Problem Bro?

This reindeer was obviously having a bad day and was absolutely fuming when he saw another animal staring at him while he was trying to cool off. No matter where he went, the other animal was staring and the reindeer lost his patience and charged at the animal in question. You know it’s bad when you take out your aggression on a statue, but we’re not going to tell that reindeer it wasn’t real, you can do that for us.


Fight Cub

Welcome to Fight Cub. The first rule of Fight Cub is: you don’t talk about Fight Cub. The second rule of Fight Cub is: you DO NOT talk about Fight Cub! Third rule of Fight Cub: someone yells “stop!”, goes limp, taps out, the fight is over. These cubs are serious when it comes to Fight Cub, waiting for their opponents to destroy but we’ll stop talking about it now because we don’t want to break rule number two.

animal- look

Look Into My Eyes

Honestly this looks like something out of a horror film, like a young woman was stranded in the woods and this animal appeared on screen before it all went wrong. Thankfully that is not how this strong went and it was this animal who was absolutely baffled at the camera. He needs to chill out a bit, it’s just a camera and no need for his eyes to bulge out of his head. It’s not going to hurt you darling!

animal- eyes

Sir, Can You Please Step Away From The Antlers

This guy in camo is doing a terrible job of concealing himself in the wilderness. Not only is the deer absolutely fuming that the man is touching his antlers but the mountain lion in the background is positively salivating at the sight of this human. We would suggest that he steps away before becoming dinner but realistically, he’s probably filled the stomachs of many animals in the surrounding area. Stick to the binoculars next time, buddy.


Nothing To See Here, Folks

The deer might not be phased at all by the hidden camera, but it seems that the raccoon is absolutely fixated on it. He has never seen such a thing in his life and he is in total shock. It’s as if he’s been caught out by the police for stealing, that naughty little raccoon. In all seriousness, he’s definitely hiding something, raccoons are too sneaky to be trusted. He’s probably using the deer as a distraction for his plotting.


Sick Moves, Bruh

We didn’t know that deer break dancing was a thing, but apparently it is! This guy was showing off some major moves on the dance floor and putting the other deer to shame. They just knew they couldn’t move like their friend, and refused to even watch the last part of his routine. It’s a bit selfish if you ask us, he put a lot of effort and practice into it, those deer are being sore losers.

animals- deers


Earlier in the day, these wolves had lost one of their cubs, Alan. They had been searching high and low for little Alan but he wasn’t responding. They had some freshly caught deer that they were going to feed him and grew increasingly worried that Alan wouldn’t be able to survive on his own in the wilderness. He had been learning basic survival wolf skills, but his parents didn’t think it was enough. Here we see three wolves of the search pack calling out for Alan.


Did You Hear The Gossip?

These rodents had a meeting organized late at night to discuss the latest gossip within their community. As it turns out, one of the rodents was dating a raccoon and the news spread like wildfire. The rodent’s parents decided to meet and devise a plan to break the two of them up. This kind of behavior was unacceptable and in the morning, they would give their daughter an ultimatum whether to choose her family, or her raccoon partner.

animals- rodent

Caught In The Act

This bear was caught out by the hidden camera. He was showing off his dance moves as it was too embarrassing to practice in front of his friends as they would question his manhood. He decided to sneak off into the woods at night and bust some moves in private. Suddenly, when he saw the camera, he began to panic and ran away swiftly in the case that anybody caught on to what he was doing.

animals- bears

Going About My Business

This was just an awkward picture and we feel bad for the wolf. He was just going about his business, thinking no one was looking and boom! Cameras start flashing behind him like he was some kind of celebrity trying to escape the paparazzi. We feel for this wolf, he should have the right to go about his business without anyone looking, specifically because he was unaware of the hidden camera. Next time, he should go behind a tree.

animals- wolves

That Wasn’t There Before

This bird looks to be less than impressed at the new addition on his land. He was just walking around one day when he came across the hidden camera that left him dumbfounded. He ended up staring at it for hours. He knew it wasn’t a fish but was it some kind of new animal that he could eat? While we are unsure whether he tried it, we’d like to think he didn’t. Animals aren’t as tech savvy as humans.

animals- bird

Code Red Meeting

There has to be something serious going on with these deer, it looks to be some intense plotting going on. Not only is it a top secret meeting but they look to be doing something very suspicious, hence the stern look on their faces. We’e they planning an attack in the middle of the night? Were they discussing the latest wilderness gossip? This is something that we might never know but we are certainly interested nonetheless.


Champagne Showers

That feeling of popping open a bottle of champagne is like no other. Only the experience can pop bottles without having the bubbly spill all over the place. In this case, this adorable monkey had no idea what was about to hit him. It might have been water instead of champagne, but this monkey looks like he’s up in the club, popping bottles and making it rain. We hope that his thirst was quenched, he looks to be thoroughly enjoying himself, getting refreshed for the day ahead.

animals- monkey

Nice Hair, Deer

This deer was clearly not satisfied with it antlers and wanted something more impressive to look like the King deer. Through placing a bush of thorns on his head, he looks to have achieved the impression that he was longing for. No other deer would dare mess with the king now. He was so thrilled with his new look that he decided to go parading it around the wild, showing it off to any passers by.

animals-deer hair

Rolling To His Broads In Atlanta

This panda clearly heard that his broads that were over in Atlanta were missing him so decided to roll down the hill for a faster way of transporting himself there. How many broads he had in the state of Georgia we’re not sure but they must be worth it considering this panda threw himself down a hill for them. Here, we see him mid roll and we hope his trip was worth it and went without a hitch.


In The Ring

These deers have been having some major beef for a really long time. They finally decided to take their problems to the ring and battle it out instead of all this name calling that was going back and forth. They stood up like the real men that they are and took it head on. While we can’t confirm who won the fight, out money is on the deer with his back to us, he clearly bulked up accordingly.


Helping Hand

As a mother, it is your duty to help your children in the early stages of their life so they can grow up to be independent young adults with a clear understanding of life. This mama bear was just doing her duty to help her cub when he needed a lift. This is what life is all about, helping one another and caring for your family. We love seeing animals displaying their love and protection for one another.


Bite Me

This bird hadn’t been fed in days and he was absolutely starving. He was so close to catching a fish to eat but it suddenly slipped away from it’s mouth and the bird continued to starve. However, we don’t really recommend taking a bite out of a camera, it’s really not going to give you the nutrients you need. Fly away big birdie, go find something else to eat, this is very expensive to replace.


Well Excuse Me

Aww, this deer is just so adorable we just want to show him some love and affection. The cute thing just wanted a midnight snack and an evening stroll when he was snapped by this hidden camera. He should be able to graze in peace so it’s not surprise that he looks absolutely startled by the foreign object placed deep in the wilderness. He should probably head back to his mother, he is too young to battle predators.

animals-deer stare

About To Pounce

This wild bull has absolutely no idea what is about to take him down from behind. The glare of the cheetah’s eyes in the background are absolutely piercing and it is seconds before that bull is about to become dinner. We can’t help but feel for the poor guy, his facial expression is so innocent and he has no idea what is creeping up on him. This photo perfectly captures the food chain of animals and proves size doesn’t matter.


Bear Dance

This bear clearly thought no one was looking when he decided to bust out his best dance moves. He even went far enough to use the tree as a prop as he danced up against it, shaking his furry body. Perhaps he was practicing for his audition for the wilderness dance competition, he wasn’t about to let the deers beat him. He danced away like he didn’t have a single care in the world and we hope he enjoyed himself.


You Wanna Piece Of Us?

These deer are absolutely fuming. They were about to go up against a rival deer gang and were getting all riled up before their locking of heads. The saying that there is strength in numbers couldn’t be more true as this gang were truly intimidating and ready to give the other deers a hard time. We’re not sure how it all ended, but if we were a part of the other gang we would apologize for any disturbance caused.


Mine Mine Mine!

Meerkats are some of the most inquisitive animals out there as they sit up on their hind feet looking into the distance. Therefore, when a camera was placed in their habitat they couldn’t help but jump all over it, questioning what it was and if it was going to do anything to them. The two meerkats in the background however could not care less about the foreign object and stayed behind going about their business.


Two Weeks Till Ballet Recital

This deer had to sneak out in the middle of the night to practice for his ballet recital that was coming up. As he practiced the perfect plie, he couldn’t help but think that if he was caught, he would never be able to live it down. His friends would ridicule him for being a lover of ballet but nothing was holding back from his true passion. Ballet was the only way he could express himself in the wilderness.

animals-deer stand

Omg I Love Honey

Just the mention of honey has this bear salivating. He loves honey so much that it’s all he thinks about, all he talks about. Unlike other bears, he doesn’t feed on other animals, he eats mostly plants and of course his favorite honey. He has been a vegetarian for many years and considered going vegan until he found out that honey was not vegan friendly, so immediately scrapped the idea. He decided to stick to being a vegetarian.


Lick It

In this photo, we see a deer couple straight after a huge argument. The female deer was absolutely furious with her mating partner and decided to give him the silent treatment. However, the male deer was not having it at all and decided to shower his female companion with lots of kisses and affection to try and change her mind. Despite all of his efforts, the female deer is not budging and will remain angry with the male for weeks on end.


To The Left, To The Left

These raccoons decided to join forces to go looting other habitats in the wild. Usually, you see raccoons being the scavengers that they are going it alone, but when they realized that it would take more than one raccoon to steal the best things, they agreed to team up. Don’t underestimate them, they executed this plan perfectly and by jumping on top of one another, they were able to steal all the other animals most prized possessions.


Hitching A Ride

We have finally discovered the true meaning of a piggy-back ride. We’re not sure what the intentions of this raccoon are, but he is a smart one. He has made this wild boar his slave, he now owns him and the boar will obey the demands of the sneaky raccoon. It is a very convenient situation for the raccoon, he gets to stay away from predators all while being carried around the wilderness. Everyone should strive to be like this raccoon, he is our spirit animal.


That’s Not A Nut?!

When this squirrel saw some colored nuts in the distance, his furry tail shot up in excitement and he began shaking, “colored nuts?! OMG!! Am I dreaming” the little guy thought. As he ran over to the mysterious nuts, he was disappointed to find out that they were not magical nuts, they were empty easter eggs. “Darn it!” He thought but then went to look inside and found some naughty little treats that he’d never had before. It was a happy day after all.


This One’s Going To Hurt

Tigers are one of the highest animals on the food chain and are not to be messed with. It is a rare occasion when they don’t successfully catch their prey but going up against a porcupine probably wasn’t the best option. We don’t imagine that getting pricked in the mouth is very comfortable, especially by a porcupine but it will be interesting to see if the tiger could withstand the pain to get to the meat.


I’m The Star

These wolves were arguing who got to be center stage in their annual holiday card and it appears that someone was absolutely furious with the outcome. When Hunter was picked, Bernard pretended he was ok with the decision, but he was actually devastated. He had been practicing his best poses and grooming his fur daily, he thought he deserved it. When the day came to shoot the photos, his jealousy got the better of him and he decided to photobomb the shoot.


They’ll Never Find Me Here

This cheetah cub had been playing hide and seek with his brothers and sisters and he did not want to lose. There were so many places that were just too obvious, but at the same time, the cheetah did  not want to stray too far from the rest of the pack. His brothers and sisters were all terrified of rhinos, but he was the only one who wasn’t, so thought of this genius idea. He was the clear winner.


It’s Not The Time And Place, Kids

This fox had recently given birth to a litter and she was finding it incredibly tiring to keep up with her cubs needs. Just like their mother, the cubs were extremely demanding and persistent from birth and when they wanted feeding, they would go to absolutely any lengths to ensure that they got it when they wanted it. The mother just wanted to sleep but her cubs had other ideas and decided to latch on mid snooze.


Excuse Me!

Leonard the lion was minding his own business one day, chilling out by the watering hole when his best friend Larry came over and decided to start playing with Leonard. Leonard however, was just not in the mood and after rejecting Larry time and time again, the latter decided to start biting Leonard’s skin. As you can imagine, Leonard was not happy. He turned around and proceeded to yell at Larry, today was not his day and he just needed some peace.


Day Made

Wally was having an awful day. His mate had dumped him in favor of another walrus and he was sympathy eating to get over her, and as a result, he gained a lot of weight. When Wally had realized that he had piled on the pounds, he went into a deeper depression. Suddenly, Wally noticed his exes new walrus showing off in the distance and while doing so, he fell off a rock, backwards, and into the ocean. Wally immediately fell into hysterics.


Oh Deer

It’s mating season, and the deer have decided to make the most of the darkness. The deer have to go about their business to ensure they have a family by the end of the winter months. Procreation is important and the deer are doing just that. It might be an awkward moment to catch via hidden camera but we should respect the deer and appreciate the circle of life. We hope they had lots of cute fawns.


Keep Your Trunk Out Of It

Ernie was in the top ranks of elephants and no one wanted to get on his bad side. One day, someone informed him that another elephant had knocked down one of his favorite trees that he and his family really enjoyed grazing on. This particular vegetation was so delicious and he couldn’t believe that an elephant from a rival heard would dare do such a thing. After assessing the damage, Ernie was furious and began planning his great revenge.


Monkey Business

These young baboons knew didn’t want to live like everyone else, they wanted to live in the biggest, most luxurious tress and wouldn’t settle for anything less. They started a money making business whereby they would sell substances to other animals on the down low, and make plenty of money off it. They were known as the hustlers of the jungle and no one wanted to short change them. It might come as a surprise that giraffes were their biggest customers.


“I Told You To Stop Texting Him!”

These empress chimpanzee’s were getting together as Kesha informed Suzie that she had a lot to tell her about. Within seconds of meeting, Kesha broke the news that she had been seeing her alpha-male Denzel again, after he treated her badly. Denzel had been finding other mates in front of Kesha and Suzie was fed up of her best friend being disrespected. Unfortunately, it was too hard for Kesha to let go of Denzel. This was Suzie’s response to the news.


Slap City

These emperor penguins were in the midst of a fight over their chicks. Arthur and Gloria’s son Noah was getting straight A’s in penguin school, until he started hanging out with Barry and Linda’s son Romeo. Romeo was a bad influence and Arthur and Gloria decided to approach his parents to put a stop to the bad behavior. Instead of agreeing, Barry and Linda went on the defensive and a fight broke out between the women. It got so heated that Linda slapped Gloria across the face!


How Do You Feel About That?

Gary the gorilla had been having a rough couple of weeks. First, his mate had found out he had a baby gorilla with another female and then, his eldest son informed him he didn’t want to eat insects anymore, and being Gary’s favorite food, he was visibly upset. He decided to seek help in the form of a bird therapist and here we see the two deep in one of their sessions. Gary’s mood had dramatically increased since working with the therapist.