These Hilarious Billboards Will Have You Crying With Laughter


Billboards on the side of the road serve a valuable purpose. How else would we know which exit to take in order to get to the nearest restaurant, gas station, or waterpark? Billboards are typically very simple, conveying brief and concise messages. While most billboards usually get straight to the point and let us know exactly what we need to know in a couple sentences or even less, some advertisers go above and beyond and come up with creative and sometimes even funny ideas for billboards. We’ve put together a list of the funniest billboards of all time that will certainly take you on a ride. Just be sure to keep both eyes on the road and two hands on the wheel because these hilarious billboards are sure to make you crack up with laughter.

Spoiler Alert

To be honest, it’s probably for the best that the Marley & Me audience knows this information before embarking on this emotional rollercoaster of a movie.


In our opinion, Marley & Me previews did a terrible job of preparing the audience for the tragic and heart wrenching ending. Luckily, one graffiti artist did what the director of Marley & Me wouldn’t. Spoiler alert: bring some tissues for this one because you will definitely be leaving the theater crying like a baby.

These Stools Are A Steal!

Ikea has always been the go-to place for cheap and dependable furniture and practical home accessories. With locations all over the world, they have risen above and beyond any of their competitors.


Great advertising comes with the territory of being the top dog in the furniture business and with their clever ad campaigns, including this hilarious billboard, it’s clear to us that Ikea has earned the right to be considered as one of the best, if not the best, furniture company in the world.

A Winning Argument

When they’re right, they’re right… Which is just about all the time, according to any guy who’s been in a successful marriage.


This injury lawyer is a great attorney not just because she studied hard in law school, interned at a law firm for two years, and managed to pass the Bar exam, but also because she is a woman. As a great woman named Beyonce once said, “Who run the world? Girls.” This lawyer is certainly making Queen B proud.

A Coincidental Correlation

Let’s be real. If you were to see these two billboards along the side of the highway, would you be more likely to visit, get your cholesterol checked and join a gym?

Or would make a pit stop at the next Burger King and buy two delicious bacon or sausage egg and cheese sandwiches between a buttery flaky croissant? You’re already on your way to BK aren’t you? Maybe next time, the folks at will find a better location for their billboard.

The Lesser Of Two Evils

If you ask us, this gym billboard is mildly insulting. But at the same time, it’s hard to argue with their logic. After all, most people would probably prefer to be just called “ugly,” as opposed to both “fat” and “ugly.”


While joining a gym may be a great way to get in shape and solve health problems related to being overweight, a plastic surgeon might be the only way to overcome the second obstacle listed on this Fit4Less billboard.

Original Gag-ster

Some billboards give really sound advice to address problems that you’ll never actually face. For example, somebody actually has a pretty methodical solution if one is ever attacked by a mob of clowns, which, let’s face it, is never going to happen.

billboards 1

It’s pretty simple, you just “go for the juggler.” We have a feeling that they were making a pun on the word “jugular.” There’s one thing we’ve learned from this billboard: it was made by an expert on useless puns.

Time For Some Humble Pie

If you think about it, this billboard actually makes a lot of sense. However, when the original creator of this golden phrase wrote it, we’re pretty sure they didn’t mean “Fall,” as in, the season.

billboards 2

It’s a literal fall. You know, when you fall over? This is simply another case of a billboard writer who thought too hard about his message. The end result wasn’t funny, it wasn’t particularly intelligent and now, we’re sad that we wrote about it.

Stop Clowning Around!

The clown puns just keep on coming! There are some jokes that only clowns will laugh at. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is one of them. Clowns are seriously enigmatic individuals.

billboards 9

As so many are overtly conscious about making others laugh, they set themselves up for failure. As a result, you have characters like the Joker, who are so hell-bent on amusing others that they end up going insane. Here’s some sound advice – don’t be a clown.


You would think that the Rotary Club of Accra-Legon would know better than to create a distraction for drivers by putting up a giant billboard along the side of a busy road.


It really makes no sense that they would put up a billboard to raise awareness for distracted driving. Maybe next time they’ll just follow the lead of the local pawn shop and air some low-budget commercials on the public access television station at 3 in the morning.

Too Soon

Thomas B. Dobies Funeral Homes & Crematory took the slightly insensitive route with this hilarious billboard.


While it may seem like a funny joke to tourists driving down highway 6, it’s probably not as funny to that family who needed to arrange a funeral for their poor Grandma Agnes. In all seriousness though, what kind of person decides on a funeral home for a deceased loved one based on a billboard? Like most things, you’re better off just googling it.

Momma Knows Best

Hilarious billboards are fun to come across, but there is really nothing quite like an interactive one – especially if it means you can pass along an endearing message to your mother!


This girl obviously knows how to seize an opportunity when it presents itself, and we bet her mom was ecstatic to receive a personalized message from her beloved daughter.

You Can’t Just Steal Catchphrases!

We get the impression that this phrase is trying to teach us the virtue of patience. Within the framework of the phrase, the first mouse was killed after trying to retrieve the cheese from the mousetrap.

billboards 4

That meant that the second mouse could swoop in and have his dinner. That’s all fine and dandy. However, you can’t just take classic phrases and write them on your billboard! Make up your own puns and phrases or we’ll never drive down this road again.

Void Of Nothingness

We hate to burst your bubble, billboard writer, but it sounds like you didn’t actually go to the Air and Space Museum. Instead, we have a feeling that he might have actually gone to space.

billboards 5

But hold up one minute. There are things in space, such as stars and other planets. We’re in space. On so many fundamental levels, this billboard message is way off the mark. We have come to a decision that puns should be illegal.

That’s What It’s All About

Anyone who has suffered from addiction knows how difficult it is to walk away from their deepest vices. Addictions can wear someone down and prevent them from having a positive, productive life.

billboards 6

However, if one overcomes their addiction, they can be incredibly proud of themselves and consider it a huge achievement. Take this guy for example, who was at one point in his life, obsessed with doing the Hokey Pokey. Some dances are just too fun to stop.


This Adam fellow clearly knows what he’s doing. He may be 32, unemployed, and still living in his parents’ basement, but you’d be hard-pressed to find another guy on the job search with this kind of drive and ambition.


Who needs resumes and Linkedin when you’ve got a billboard? It’s a true testament to Adam’s work-ethic that he spent his last 500 pounds on a billboard in an effort to get hired. If you ask us, it really shows initiative.

Snap Back To Reality

Some people seem to be more comfortable in the dream world. Ever watched the movie The Matrix? That’s all about being blinded by the truth after living in a simulated universe all your life.

billboards 7

Let’s face it; the real world is overrated. And the writer of this billboard knows this fact all too well. We never said it would be easy, we just said it would be the truth. So if you suspect that you are in reality? Keep dreaming.

We Are Anti-Billboards

Whoever keeps writing these billboard messages needs to get out more and find a way to communicate without cheesy puns. The most frustrating thing is that we haven’t actually learned anything profound about these messages.

billboards 8

None of them actually say anything true, meaningful or logical about the world we live in. They are simply there to make us chuckle a little. But we have a message for Mr. Billboard person: If you keep writing these terrible messages, you will be pun-ished!

Jesus Loves You

Religion can offer people answers to lots of important questions regarding our existence on earth, why we’re here, and what’s waiting for us on the other side. However, there are certain questions that religion fails to answer.


This gentleman’s question is just one example of the countless questions we should actually be asking. Other answers you may or may not be searching for include “Does Jesus care if I recycle?”, “What is Jesus’s favorite color?”, and “Is Jesus a vegan?”

Family First

The Family First initiative missed their mark with this billboard. They were trying to convey a message to parents to make an effort to leave work at a reasonable hour and spend some time each evening with the family.


However, this is what they ended up with- a disturbing sign telling parents that their children might have some cannibalistic tendencies. We doubt that this billboard was successful in getting the mothers and fathers of America to get home early for dinner.

Plenty Of Room

Vegetarians and vegans definitely will not approve of the next billboard on our list. The Saskatoon Restaurant wants you to know that they care so much about animals that they’re always willing to make some room on your plate for them.


Apparently, there will always be a reserved spot for any tasty animal right next to the mashed potatoes. It wouldn’t surprise us the least bit if Peta chose this Saskatoon Restaurant as the location for their next animal rights protest.

The Time Has Come

Silberman’s Fitness Center is tipping the scales with their latest billboard advertising campaign. That holiday weight effects everyone differently.


For some of us with slow metabolisms, it can take a bit longer to shed those extra pounds. Luckily, the trainers over at Silberman’s gym came up with this clever new billboard which serves to remind all of us that it’s never too late to make a few small lifestyle changes and achieve that beach body we’ve all been dreaming of.

Take The Good With The Bad

Ordering takeout over the phone at Asian Buffet might be a quite the challenge, and it might even test your patience. But once your order is placed, the Oriental food is so tasty that its worth those few frustrating minutes on the phone.


Luckily, their billboard provides not only a phone number to call but also an accurate location in case you’d prefer to speak to someone face-to-face when you order their delicious wonton soup, chicken with broccoli, or pork fried rice.

How Did You Two Meat?

Nothing beats enjoying firing up the grill for a nice Sunday barbecue with your significant other.


Whether your meat of choice is a burger, chicken, sausage, or steak, a perfectly cooked slab of meat is sure to put a smile on your face and bring you closer to the ones you love. Just take a look at the adorable couple in this Sask Pork billboard. They are clearly madly in love with each other, and it’s all thanks to delicious pork.

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

We still can’t truly wrap our heads around this billboard. Is it an advertisement for child cosmetic surgery? Is it meant to raise awareness about the bullying problem facing American school children these days?


Maybe this billboard is actually meant to be a work of abstract art, with its meaning is up for interpretation. In any case, we can all agree that the bowl cut on the kid in the middle is far from ugly. We would even say that it’s beautiful.

One Big Mistake

This is the most ridiculous billboard combination we’ve ever seen. Seriously, it makes absolutely no sense why there would be a Giant Food/Pharmacy right next to a Dicks Sporting Goods.


Any smart business owner knows that if you want to compete in today’s market, it’s best to put your store in the same plaza as stores offering the same products. That’s why Radio Shacks are always next door to Best Buy. We think that the Tiny’s Sports down the street should relocate to Giant’s building.

Sounds Appetizing

Everyone knows that cursive is a useless writing technique that everyone learns in elementary school, and forgets by the seventh grade. In all honesty, cursive doesn’t even save time.


This billboard for Pollo Tropical is the perfect example of why learning how to write in cursive is a huge waste of time. While it’s supposed to convey this restaurant’s delicious “island flavor,” the cursive words actually read out, “This is bland flavor.” We doubt this unfortunate mishap is bringing in business.

Peta Problems

Peta’s latest billboards are part of an aggressive ad campaign aimed at taking down the dairy industry. This sign, in particular, shows a woman disgusted and shocked after discovering how unhealthy the consumption of milk from a cow truly is.


Thanks to Peta we can no longer enjoy a simple bowl of cornflakes without coming to the gross realization that we’re ingesting the bodily fluids of a different animal, causing us to make the face seen on the girl in this billboard.

Because That’s Where Sunglasses Belong

This Ray-Ban billboard is just so welcoming. If we were to see this on the highway, there’s no doubt in our mind that we’d be taking the next exit and heading straight for the mall to get ourselves a pair of over-priced sunglasses.


While some people might say, “You’re just conforming to what society wants by paying an extra 150 dollars for a tiny logo,” we disagree with that statement. We’re actually paying an extra 150 dollars because of Ray-Ban’s hilarious advertising.

Is Violence The Answer?

Just when you think billboards can’t get any more controversial, some one comes up with this gem (pun intended). Some things are harder to fix than throwing money at the situation, but hey… it is at least worth a try!


Whether it’s intentional or not, the ads on some billboards cause those driving buy to break out into laughter. You can always — that’s right, always — count on a good billboard to make long road trips enjoyable.

She Definitely Has His Attention Now…

Poor Emily is probably just invoking the well-established social rule quoting “fool me once, shame on you – fool me twice, shame on me.”


It is obvious she is not willing to reach the second part of the phrase, and this billboard is proof of that. They say “once a cheater, always a cheater,” but maybe this unexpected expense will knock some sense into Steven. Truly, Steven, you should know Emily better than anyone… what were you thinking?!

Point Proven

Apparently, this billboard raising awareness about a serious problem facing the male gender upset the wrong person, presumably a man.


While we certainly do not support any form of vandalism or illegal graffiti, we can’t help but wonder how exactly stubbornness can be a cause of death. Unfortunately for this angered graffiti artist, the only point that his spray-painted words proved was that men are so stubborn that they refuse to accept roadside billboard facts which may or may not be true.

Handle With Care

FedEx has been leading the package delivery industry for years. Most people probably can’t even think of the name of three other shipping companies if they tried.


The real reason why FedEx is number one is that they handle each an every package they come across like it was their very own. Whether you’re shipping exotic pets, fragile antiques, or furniture, you can trust that FedEx will get your package from point A to point B safely with zero complications.

A Mattress With A Sense Of Humor

These billboards both came from the great nation of Australia. The left billboard was an original advertisement for DeRucci mattresses, an overpriced “custom-made, body-fitting bed system.”


In case you can’t tell, the billboard on the right is a parody of DeRucci’s pretentious advertisement. For whatever reason, DeRucci assumed that a man with glasses dressed in all white staring into the camera lens leads consumers to believe he’s a credible mattress expert. Luckily, de Koala put them in their place.

This One Will Crack You Up

Nobody likes a moist crack. Luckily, the Crack Team Foundation Repair Specialists have your back. They use the newest and most innovative technologies to ensure that no matter how big the cracks in your home are, they will be filled and remain dry.


If you’re asking yourself, what type of technologies and innovations could the Crack team have that their competitors don’t, stop. These are specialists. Specialists! Crack kills, they say, but heck, everything will kill you these days.


Phuket, Thailand is home to some of the nicest and most picturesque beaches in the whole world.


It’s no wonder why it’s become one of the most popular travel destinations for adventure seekers and those of us simply looking for a break from reality. With Air Asia’s latest deals, there’s no reason to hold off on booking your dream vacation to Phuket. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Call your boss right now and tell him you’re going to Phuket.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Sheets Energy Strips promise a quick and clean source of energy which easily dissolved on your tongue. The company was co-founded by NBA star Lebron James, so you know it must be legitimate.


The beauty of Sheets is that you can take them anywhere you want. James claims that he likes to “take a sheet on the court.” Hip-hop sensation Pitbull is another celebrity endorser of the product. Pitbull states that he prefers to “take a sheet right on stage.”

Is It Too Late Now To Say ‘Hire Me’?

Justin Bieber is the poster boy for angsty teens in the new millennium. The individuals lobbying to keep the legal minimum wage at $7.25 would certainly agree.


They chose to use sad Bieber to get their point across that teens will be “sorry” if we vote to raise the minimum wage. Despite the high likelihood that the minimum wage will, in fact, increase, the folks running are remaining optimistic and have even adopted the new campaign slogan of “Never say never.”

When Tinder Fails

A public service announcement to all the single ladies: If you’re still searching for that special someone to buy you flowers and chocolates come February 14th, Sheriff Tyrone Lewis is still in need of a V-Day date. billboard

He’s so desperate to be struck by cupid’s arrow, that he invested in a billboard to advertise his availability. Apparently, Sheriff Lewis had no luck on Tinder. Rumor has it that the lucky lady who decides to be Tyrone’s valentine will get her very own billboard.

The Cool-Down

Nothing will bring business to an energy efficient window supplier like a billboard expressing concern for the wellbeing of the customers’ wives.


With this advertising campaign, the West Shore Home company utilizes bold, eye-catching letters to appeal to the powerful force that is a man’s survival instincts and his desire to keep his loved ones safe and comfortable. After all, there’s nothing that makes a man feel inadequate like not being able to provide energy efficient windows for his wife.

You’ve Just Been Lawyered

Larry L. Archie might want to re-take some of his law school courses. We certainly aren’t legal experts and of course, we’ve seen enough episodes of Cops to understand that “all suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.”


However, a simple google search of the word “guilty” will reveal that Attorney Archie might be just a little bit misinformed. His billboard might as well read “I know you’re guilty, but for the right price, I’ll pretend I don’t.”

Typical Tennessee Tuesday Night

Once a month, Jeff gets together with his sister, Mary, and the two play scrabble while casually drinking some Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey.


On one particular occasion, the siblings ended up drinking a bit too much and, mid-way through their scrabble game, started a game of Monopoly. When Jeff woke up the next morning he couldn’t recall what happened. After his roommate explained to him that he ended up playing Monopoly, he asked this question, which was later used on a Jack Daniels billboard .