Hilarious Notes From Children You Won’t Want To Miss


Divorced Parents

When parents get divorced it can be incredibly hard on kids. The changes in the household and the altering of a family dynamic can be confusing and alarming. However, this child seemed to be taking the split pretty well and decided to show her father some support. They decided to express how much they missed their father and wished their parents would reconcile. Nevertheless, they later dealt the harsh blow that a reunion was off the cards because their mom disliked her ex!



This spelling mistake is pretty awkward for both the father and the teacher. The caption doesn’t sit very well until you look at the child’s illustration and you realize that they misspelled ‘cook!’ However, the color and shape of the chef’s hat don’t help the situation, but the child definitely had the best of intentions. The phone call home from the teacher to the father must have been pretty uncomfortable. This child’s innocence is quite adorable, but this one probably wouldn’t end up on the refrigerator!


Lunch Box Notes

Parents want the very best for their children, but their idea of a good day might not match up to the hopes of their child. Julian was not at all excited to go to school but when his mom decided to soften the blow of attending class, Julian was not falling for her tricks. He decided to write a harsh statement back to his mom’s kind letter. Hopefully getting his frustration out made him feel better. Sorry, mom!


Or Else!

Christmas is a time for giving back, but this child clearly only had one thing in mind – their gift. The parents should probably teach their child that threats don’t go down well with Santa and if they continued on like this, the only thing the child would be receiving for Christmas would be a lump of coal. To demand a pony and then threaten consequences should they not receive one is not the way to put a word in with the big man.


Mixed Emotions

This message started off incredibly strong, this child clearly knew exactly what they wanted. We can’t help but wonder what it was that made this kid so angry? Whether it involved enforcing an early bedtime, or reducing the amount of candy that they could eat after dinner, this kid knew what it meant to take a stand. Typically, kids can’t stay mad for too long and this one made sure to reinforce the point they still loved their parents, regardless.


Tooth Fairy

It might be a little too early to say, but we think that Annisa is destined to be a strong businesswoman. After losing her tooth, her money was over three weeks late and she was not happy about it. The money-motivated child was not letting go of the debt that the tooth fairy owed her and the overdue fees resulted in quite the stern letter. Not only that, but Annisa was well aware of the going rate for teeth nowadays!


Honest Feedback

Mrs. Mcmahon should have known what was coming when she asked her students to give her their honest feedback. This student did exactly what their teacher asked and told her honestly that she was not their favorite teacher! However, this student chose to break the news in an easy way by dealing Mrs. Mcmahon a compliment first. You can’t blame the kid for being honest, we all have our favorites. We just hope the teacher took it well.


Naughty Neighbor

It is never pleasant to have your neighbor’s dog constantly going about their business in your yard. At some point, it is bound to get too much and force you to take action. As a result, this child decided to take matters into their own hands and teach their neighbor a lesson. There is no doubting that their neighbor was absolutely horrified when he realized the retaliation the child had taken. Revenge is a dish best served cold and this neighbor must have learned their lesson.


A Mother’s Love

Teaching your kids their please and thank yous is very important as they grow up. Brendan carefully thought about what he was going to put in his Mother’s Day card, which was a big part of his life and close to his heart. That is why he chose to thank his mom for making him food every day, so that he didn’t die. By the sound of it, Brendan’s mom is a great cook and she must have felt great to get that feedback.


Fashion Faux-Pas

Starting off a letter with “I love you, but…” is never a great start. You know something bad is coming and you’ll probably be getting the blame. This kid decided to write a letter to mom and dad in order to get their point across that should they be forced to cut their hair, the parents will never be forgiven. We can understand this stress, it takes a while to grow your hair out and being made to cut it against your will is very frustrating.



Frankie definitely didn’t come up with the word by himself, so we have sympathy for the little dude after being labeled a “freeloader.” How can a child be expected to earn a large salary at home when he is just a kid?! Moreover, why is this school expecting their student to be earning money at home? Can’t kids be kids anymore? You can’t get paid jobs until you are around sixteen years of age, so Frankie doesn’t need to worry about earning money now!


Veiled Threats

We feel that we should be a little concerned about little Catherine’s imagination. Perhaps she has been watching some R-rated movies with the older kids that have allowed her thoughts to run wild. We also wonder what someone has done to Catherine that would make her employ assassins to carry out her business. Either way, someone needs to have a word with the young girl about forgiveness and being kind to people. We wouldn’t want to mess with this one!



It is not easy for a child to deal with sickness and death of a loved one. They often only see the light in life, so dealing with this dark reality can be confusing. However, whether he realized it or not, Mitchell managed to make light out of the whole situation by creating this morbid yet hilarious card. The unfortunate recipient of this card must have managed a smile when they saw the words “I am sorry your about to die.”


Dear God

There seems to be a recurring theme with kids writing letters to God in the hope of getting answers to their burning questions. Norma seemed to be intrigued by the appearance of a giraffe and resorted to asking God “Did you mean for the giraffe to look like that or was it an accident.” Norma was quite the insightful child, asking questions like this, but we can’t say we blame her, the giraffe is a rather bizarre-looking animal.


Good For You

Just because something is advertised as healthy and delicious, doesn’t mean it actually is! This child was less than thrilled that her favorite sugar-filled apple juice was replaced by her parents with a healthier one. After trying the new juice, this little girl felt the need to express her feelings of disgust for this new replacement. Her message was loud and clear and her parents ended up agreeing with her opinion! Whether they returned to the sugary juice remains to be seen.


Take It Easy

When it comes to Christmas, kids know exactly what they want, but some are much nicer to Santa about it than others. This kid was already winning brownie points with Santa when they inquired about the well-being of the reindeer. Following this, they informed Santa to not worry too much if he couldn’t deliver their desired gift and that he should take it easy on himself. However, the child came up with a compromise and told Santa to just give him a lot of money instead!


Sorry Not Sorry

As a teacher, it is your responsibility to ensure that the class is getting along and any disagreements within it are solved. Mrs. P was obviously trying to teach Liam a lesson in forgiveness, but he seemed to have gotten the wrong end of the stick. Not only did he deliver Brody the ‘sorry not sorry’ line, he also confirmed that he was forced to write the letter against his will. Liam sounds like a very stubborn individual with a lesson or two to learn.


Spelling Mistakes

Thankfully this teacher corrected her student in his spelling mistakes. This child was meant to write “I roasted marshmallows. It was fun! I played with chalk, wet chalk! I liked it! I got messy! I did not care.” However, the original piece written gives quite the inappropriate recounting of events, surely the teacher got a laugh out of it. This is the kind of letter that parents save and show to their child when they are old enough to understand it.


Poetic Love

This child’s message to mom starts out heartwarming and sweet and then descends to somewhere we didn’t expect. The Mother’s Day card explains that the child loves their mom more than “rainbows, blue skies, and butterflies,” but when the child was later given creative license to make it their own, it took a turn. They decided to write that they love their mom more than cows. The illustration shows a cow and maybe a steak? We’re not sure, but this kid clearly feels strongly about cattle.


True Confessions

Anyone who keeps a private diary knows the comforting feeling of being able to express your emotions on paper without having the opinions or views of anyone else to worry about. However, Carl violated Rachel’s privacy by reading her diary without permission. Not only that, but he also went on to give his two cents on some of the things she wrote in it. Nonetheless, Carl chose to own up to his actions instead of lying about it. Every cloud has its silver lining.


Say What?!

Sometimes notes are most effective when they are short and to the point. This letter proved exactly that and left us in fits of laughter. This child was clearly very confident in themselves to disclose such information, perhaps showing others that it is ok to do the same. We do wonder what possessed this child to open up and describe their bodily functions. This note truly shows that kids have no filter and they will say whatever comes to their mind.


Camp Woes

Camp can be hard for kids, as they are away from their parents for weeks on end. It doesn’t make it any better when kids fall ill or have some kind of issue. Poor little Josh had a rather uncomfortable situation in the first few days of camp, which prevented him from running around. Luckily, he was starting to feel better and could rejoin activities. As for the comment about his friends hating when he says “eggs,” we’re not sure what to say about that.


Who’s The Boss?

There are two ways to view little Owen’s letter to his mom. On one hand, this guy knows exactly what he wants and will go to great lengths to get it. On the other hand, Owen’s mom needs to teach him a lesson on manners and being spoiled, showing him that in life you can’t get everything you want by demanding it, or you’re setting yourself up to fail. Yes, Legos are awesome, but Owen would struggle too much if he fired his mom!


Stay Strong

Being separated from your family while away at camp can result in some homesickness and separation anxiety. However, parents also find it hard to let their child go away for weeks on end, and these parents found it particularly hard, leading their child to tell them to “stay strong.” Nonetheless, this child seems to be a little dramatic when it comes to discussing missing her family. Let’s hope her last letter did get lost in the mail and her parents didn’t ignore her!


Pay-Per -View

Kids don’t seem to understand that pay-per-view means that the charge goes on their parents’ card. Well, young Hannah found the urge to watch plenty of Spongebob Squarepants episodes, which resulted in giving her parents quite a pricey bill. When they found out about their daughter’s expenses, they were not too happy, leading Hannah to write an apology letter. The little girl kindly offered to use her pocket-money to pay for it, but 25 cents probably won’t cut it.


Beware Of Toilets

There are many cases where you just can’t understand what children are thinking and where they get their ideas from. This child chose to write a letter to their building which read, “Important Notice: Every toilet in the building are possessed. P.S. Give the doorman a hotdog.” If these statements had any truth to them, management should probably get involved in dealing with the issue at hand. As for the hot dog, that message seems to have come from the doorman himself!


Be Sure To Write Home

Kids writing funny letters home from camp happens more often than not, and here is yet another. This child felt it was important to write home and inform their parents they were not dead. Perhaps just by writing home, they would realize that their kid hadn’t passed away? The camper also used the letter as an excuse to request more magic cards being sent over to camp. Maybe this is their way of telling their parents they are ok.



Some kids are smart enough to know they can use bargaining chips with their parents. Emily was one of those smart kids and knew that if she wrote a letter informing her parents of her decision to run away and the timings of everything, they would come rushing over to her. Perhaps this letter led Emily and her parents to negotiate for her to stay by resolving their argument. We hope she stayed home in the end!


Smarty Pants

There are two ways to look at this. Either this kid didn’t study for his test so decided to write something stupid, or he decided to call his teacher out and was quite funny in doing so. Having said that, you can’t say that his answer was wrong, it just isn’t the one the teacher was looking for. We hope this was a one-off for this student, otherwise he might not have advanced in school.



Older siblings can terrorize their younger siblings constantly and this little girl was no exception. She was brutally honest when writing a letter about having dreams of telling on her little brother, as evil as it sounds. Not only that, but she expressed that if she could have a superpower it would be to be invisible so that she could tell on her brother. Honestly, this girl needs to have bigger dreams and leave her poor, little brother alone.


Oh, The Suspense

Reading the first couple of words in this son’s letter to his father is enough to give any parent a heart attack. However, as you read on, the son reveals he is “just ciding” (kidding) and it was all a rouse to scare his father. Either way, if he was planning to run away, leaving a letter before he left would probably ruin his carefully crafted plan. Either way, it’s lucky that this guy was joking around.


Tooth Fairy Tease

Julia knew exactly what she was doing when writing this letter to the tooth fairy. She seemed like a very considerate little girl by cleaning her fallen tooth prior to leaving it to be collected by the tooth fairy. However, as you read on, it is clear that Julia had plans to earn big money this time from the tooth fairy. You have to give it to her, she did kind of earn a couple extra bucks for pre-cleaning the tooth!


Lost Love

Young love is so innocent and adorable and this young boy finally plucked up the courage to ask his crush, Ashley, to be his girlfriend. However, Ashley was forced to inform her admirer that she was already with another boy named Kyle. While this would have been devastating news, Ashley then followed up her statement by giving her relationship with Kyle a two-month timeline and letting this boy know that he was next in line. Not long to go, buddy!


Another Holiday

Sometimes, kids say insightful and smart things, and adults could not agree more with them. When Ginny came up with the idea to put an extra holiday in between Christmas and Easter, she wrote a letter to God, proposing the idea. Honestly, it was a genius idea and genuinely something to consider. Think about how much the holiday season would be extended and people’s moods would be uplifted! We’re still waiting for an answer on this one, big guy!


Not For You!

Someone call the snack police! This family member was fed up with raiding the cookie jar either to find it empty or with all the good cookies gone. As a result, they took matters into their own hands and wrote a letter calling out the brother and the mom. We’re sure that the mom finding the letter and seeing she has been labeled to have a “problem” was less than happy about it. We can’t blame the kid for wanting yummy cookies, though.


A Dog’s Life

Some kids dream big, but others are more logical. This young boy saw the life of a dog and knew it was the lifestyle he wanted. Think about it, dogs get fed, take naps all day, snuggle with owners, run around with their friends, and have no stress. It sounds pretty ideal, so we can’t blame this little guy for wanting a piece of that. However, we don’t want to know what happened when he found out that his dreams would never become a reality.


Make It Rain

If you asked an adult what their dream is in comparison to a child, you would get polar opposite answers. It is, therefore, no surprise that this child wrote, “My one wish is…for it to rain tacos.” As bizarre as it sounds, if you’re a fan of Mexican food, this idea sounds pretty great. Unlimited tacos every time the skies opened? Amazing! In addition, you could cure world hunger by doing this. Two birds, one stone.


Brotherly Love

Sometimes kids come out with very insightful and thought-provoking comments and little Larry was no exception to that. By the sounds of it, Larry has listened intently in his Bible study class and some of the teachings of the Bible have left a mark on him. After thinking about it, Larry decided to pen a letter to God and gave the convincing argument that perhaps if Cain and Abel had their own bedrooms like him and his brother, they would not fight so much.


Father-Son Day

When this father promised his son a ‘father-son day,’ his son was realistic and knew what it meant. His father was known for enjoying a long snooze and the son didn’t want to sacrifice their special bonding day for that. He took matters into his own hands and wrote in a letter, “Dad, remember, Father and son day, not father sleeps on his bed day. Understand.” The message was accompanied by an illustration of the two of them playing and the father sleeping. We hope it worked out!


Scary Clowns

People with clown phobias should divert their attention from this. Little Autumn had quite a vivid imagination when she decided to write about clowns stealing people’s souls. We’re not sure how she came up with the concept and what her motivation was, but it is rather terrifying. Imagine being alone in the house and finding this letter, it would probably leave you feeling quite uneasy. Someone needs to tell Autumn that clowns are nice and funny!


Camp Rocks

We have seen a lot of letters sent home from campers, but this one is by far the grossest one. When parents tell their children to write home, we’re pretty sure this is not what they want to receive, but this little boy seems quite excited about the things he had been doing and seeing. However, his parents can be happy that he didn’t use his own toothbrush to dig for worms, but we feel sorry for the other boy who gave him his!


New Skills

When this mom opened a letter from her son at summer camp, she was probably less than thrilled. This kid was evidently influenced very easily and this was clear in his request for a rifle at home. We’re not sure why this camp is letting kids fire rifles, it doesn’t sound very safe. The mom can look forward to her son teaching his brothers of his crazy antics. At least he said her spaghetti was better than theirs!


Making Friends The Easy Way

While this child made a good friend by kicking her in the face, it is not something that we would recommend others try. This girl’s parents are in for a long road when it comes to teaching their daughter to make friends. If this worked once for her, it wouldn’t be surprising if she went around kicking others in the face, expecting them to become her friends too. Maybe stick to sharing toys or running around to develop friendships in future.


Thanks For Nothing

When giving a child a present, it is important to get them something that they can’t use against you. This child hit the jackpot after being presented with a squirt gun. We can just imagine the evil smirk on Scott’s face when he unwrapped the gift. Nevertheless, Scott was thoughtful enough to write a thank you letter for his new toy but went on to write that he was excited to use the toy against the gift giver.


Unconditional Love

What child likes doing chores? The answer to that question is none, with the exception of some having OCD about being clean and tidy. Almost every child has heard the annoying words “Go clean your room,” from their parents, and it is usually met with a lot of complaining. This child knew that they had no bargaining tool when it came to cleaning their room, so had to threaten the love for their parents instead. Safe to say it probably didn’t work.


Green Emotions

Some people find their calling in life at a very young age and waste no time in doing what they are meant to do. This child was infatuated with nature and was well on their way to becoming an environmentalist or advocate for the preservation of nature. After their findings in nature were disregarded by someone watching television, they decided to create this letter to give a harsh warning. We think this child’s parents should hold out on telling them where paper comes from!


Feel Better

Being sick when you were a kid seemed much more simple than it is now. The vast majority of stomach upsets would be solved by a simple trip to the bathroom and this student wanted to give that same advice to their teacher. Upon hearing that Mrs. Clark hadn’t been feeling too well, they decided to give her trusty advice with an illustration to match to cure her. Mrs. Clark was clearly loved and appreciated by her students!


Know What You Want

Kids have become incredibly tech-savvy in recent years and this one was no exception. Instead of giving Santa a normal list like many other children do for Christmas, they thought they would make it much easier for the big guy to find the correct presents. By copying the exact URL for the gift they wanted on Amazon, this kid was well on his way to getting his dream gift. These parents are in trouble if their child knows how to use Amazon already!


It Was Good While It Lasted

Teaching manners to your children is one of the most important things when they learn to talk. As a parent, you want to ensure your child is treating people with kindness and respect so they grow up to be thoughtful human beings. This child was doing the right thing in writing a thank you card to his grandparents after receiving a present. It’s just a little awkward that they forgot what to thank them for!



This poor kid felt so embarrassed after being accused of something he didn’t do that he decided his only option left was to pack all of his things in his Micky Mouse backpack and leave town for good. He left this note behind to let the person who blamed him for the indecent know that it was all their fault. Rumor has it he bought a studio apartment and is now living with his two cats on the Upper East Side.


Dennis The Menace

Out of all the things Peter could have prayed for, he chose to pray for the most critical issue in his life at the moment. Every year, Peter goes to summer camp, and every year, Peter has a great time. The only problem Peter has with camp is a bully named Dennis. If Dennis weren’t at camp, camp would be perfect. That’s why Peter decided to write to the man upstairs and ask for some help ensuring that Dennis goes somewhere else this summer.


Learning Is Fun!

This kid couldn’t be happier to be learning math in school finally. He loves math so much that he does it everywhere. He does math in his room, in the kitchen, at school, in the bathroom, on the playscape, and in the park. He even does math during recess while his classmates are playing on the jungle gym. He does math so often that his parents have begun to worry that he’s developed some strange kind of math addiction.


I’ll Miss You

Everyone reaches a point in their lives when they’ve simply had it with living under their parents’ roof. For young Christian, that point came early. At just eight years old, Christian decided that the time had come for him to move out and get his own place. The only problem was that he had no job, no money, no car, and no furniture. He quickly decided that his best option was to move back to his parents’ and stay young for as long as possible.


An Honest Apology

Cameron had a bad day at school last week. While he was playing with his friends at recess, the kids got into an argument and things escalated quickly. Needless to say, Cameron’s mom wasn’t too happy when she learned what transpired on the playground. After talking with another student’s mother, Cameron received this apology letter a day after the incident. Luckily, he accepted the apology and the two kids have returned to being close friends with one another.


Cheering For Daddy

This kid loves to cheer on his father. He routes for his dad when he plays his weekly pickup basketball games, when he plays squash with his friends from work, and when he plays board games in the living room. He even cheers on his dad when he mows the lawn! Last week, this kid discovered a new activity that his father partakes in and began cheering him on to victory the same way he does for everything else.


A Close Second

This student wanted to show his two favorite teachers just how much he appreciates them, so he decided to write both of them heartfelt letters explaining how he feels. For his favorite teacher, he wrote, “Dear Mrs. Smith, You are my favorite teacher and I love you. Thank you for being you.” For his second favorite teacher, he might have been just a bit too specific, writing, “Dear Rachel, you are the 2nd best teacher ever. Love you.”


True Words

Joseph might be young, but he was certainly on to something when he wrote the statement “It takes balls to be a dad.” His words are not only accurate figuratively but, in terms of the biological reference, they were also very literal. We’re almost positive that Joseph’s father will never forget these poignant words from his son. It spoke volumes about his father’s character and care for his children. He’s a number one dad in Joseph’s eyes.


Decisions, Decisions

This note is the perfect example of what dating was like before applications like Tinder and Bumble took over. Trying to find a girlfriend to take to the movies was nearly impossible. First, you had to gather up the courage to write her a heartfelt letter professing your love for her and find the perfect time to slip it into her notebook without any of her friends seeing. Then, you had to wait for her response and pray that she didn’t choose Brad.


Baby Brother Woes

This spiritual child felt the need to write out her wishes to God, but when they didn’t come true, she didn’t back down. Welcoming a new child into the house can be frustrating for kids when they come to terms with the fact that the attention is not going to be on them alone anymore. They must learn the meaning of sharing when a new bundle of joy comes along. Joyce asked for a puppy and got a baby brother instead, we would be kind of mad too!


Mommy’s Favorite Thing

Kids are very observational and being taught to tell the truth from a young age can often backfire. When asked what hobby this child’s mom enjoyed, they were a little too specific. We can’t blame the mother after all, who doesn’t enjoy a nice glass of  wine after a long day?


Love Hurts

If you thought getting broken up with via text message was bad, you’ve clearly never received the “happy anniversary but I want to break up with you” letter. This kid broke up with his girlfriend in the most savage way possible by reminding her of their one-month anniversary and ending the relationship in the same exact note. At least he had the decency to include the line at the bottom, which reads, “It’s really hard to do this.”


Caring Just A Bit Too Much

Donovan was doing a good deed when giving a soldier a Valentine’s Day Card to let them know that he was thinking of them. The message started out so well until Donovan went down a dark path and wrote that they would probably never see their family again. Someone must have been teaching the little boy the harsh realities of being a soldier, but he took it a little too far. Let’s hope this soldier had a happy ending with his family, after all!


Brutal Bear

This kid put a lot of thought into their poem and illustration. The purple bear standing next to Bob perfectly depicted the poem, but we have to say we never expected it to end up like this. It started off with a rhyme, and was so pleasant until this kid decided to take a turn with his creative writing and claim that Bob attacked the bear! He must have quite the dark imagination, but hey, some of the best writers do!


Scrambled Sentences

Considering the instructions on this sheet of paper, the kid didn’t exactly do it wrong, they just did it in an alternative way! They must have some older brothers to be able to come up with these words at such a young age, but it definitely gave the teacher some entertainment. Of course, the correct answer would have been “My goat is in a pen,” but the student made it so much funnier. We hope his parents saw the funny side.



Some things happen in the past which can be confusing and unexplained, but children think about them so much more than adults. Jonathan was clearly infatuated with dinosaurs and spent a lot of time thinking about the repercussions that would have occurred had they not gone extinct. After careful consideration, he decided to write a letter to God, praising him for his work with the dinosaurs in order to save America. He makes a valid point if you think about it.


True Love

Brooke really knew how to make her mom’s day by writing this loving letter. Brooke wanted her mom to know how much she loved and appreciated her, and that no one else could possibly replace her. However, Brooke could have been a little less aggressive when she admitted that if she had a different mom she would “punch her in the face.” Nonetheless, the thought was there and this is a card that Brooke’s mom would probably cherish forever.