These Hilarious Detention Slips Will Take You Back To Misbehaving At School


Kids can often get in trouble act school, whether it’s from talking in class or distracting others, teachers want to have peace in their classrooms.  These students took misbehaving to a new level, resulting in some hilarious detention slips being handed out.


Religion is something that is taken very seriously and many people can be overtly offended by the smallest of comments. However, when Paige decided to joke around with a bible, a detention slip was immediately handed her way.


Blame It On The Movie

There are many movies today which have some iconic lines but can be taken out of context when used in everyday life. This is exactly what happened to Mark when he was frustrated with his teacher but used his creativity to call his teacher out in the most jovial way possible, using the famous line from Will Ferrell Christmas classic, ‘Elf’. Unfortunately, his teacher could not see the funny side of it and sent him straight to detention.


Blind Spot

With all the hormones floating around at school, many incidents with boys looking at girls can occur. It takes a teacher to tell the young kids how to act and behave in a school environment. In this incident, young Mason was reported to have done something a lot less than gentlemanly and was caught out for it. The act was so obvious that he knew he couldn’t cover up the whole story so he seemed to have fabricated it. At least he didn’t lie about the everything!

detention- dress

The Great Escape

How many of us have looked at the big windows during a boring class at school and dreamed of running towards it and jumping out for freedom? Andy just saw his opportunity and took it, leaving the teacher and the rest of the class absolutely shocked. Lucky for him, the window seemed to be close enough to the ground for him to land on his feet and start running. How he found out he got a detention slip remains to be uncovered.

detention- window

Cultured Kid

There are many things a child should be called out at school for but being cultural and appreciating furniture is just not one of them. However, we can see Timothy may have an appreciation for the hilarious line in the movie The Hunger Games, and decided it to use it in the classroom. We’re not sure he would know what mahogany is if it wasn’t for the hit movie in 2012. Nevertheless, he shouldn’t be punished for protecting school property.

detention- mahogany

“F” For Fail

Pretty much everyone has been in a situation where you are dreading the moment your teacher gives back your exam paper and you have to break the news to your parents that you failed. This one student had that exact feeling when he saw his grade but rather than screaming from inside, he let it out for his teacher and the rest of his class to hear. He probably got a scolding from his parents for failing the exam and cussing all at once!

detention- hell

Boys Will Be Boys

Although its no surprise that a bunch of school boys were searching naughty images on the Internet and showing their friends, it’s a rookie mistake that they got caught and they needed to be more sly about it. While the boys probably should leave this to their own personal time and not on school property, they are just doing what every young boy does, in the quest through puberty. We just hope that they cleared their computer history.

detention- boobies

Cat’s Distract

There are many things that can distract kids in a classroom, both inappropriate and appropriate, but this one seems to be much more on the safer side. Perhaps this school goer had a likening for cats and wanted to share it with the rest of the class but it was definitely enough for the teacher to lose their attention from it. While we don’t think that looking at cats constitutes a good reason for a detention, maybe the teacher was having a rough day.

detention-cat pictures

Pondering Pugs

While Michael was commended for finishing his work before all of his classmates, his actions afterwards landed him in quite a bit of trouble. The teacher recalled how he took a school laptop without permission and started to use it inappropriately. While some would assume the ‘inappropriate pictures’ the teacher mentioned were something totally different, it turns out that Michael was looking at pictures of pugs. Maybe he should have asked before taking a laptop but the whole thing seems adorable and innocent to us!


The Legend of Troy

This detention slip does not need much of an explanation but we feel really bad for Troy in this situation. The three words written on the detention slip sound painful just to read. Although we’re not sure if there were any more repercussions for the bully who ‘thumped’ Troy, we hope he was given some medical attention if it was as hard as it sounds. Despite this, we hope Troy was ok and wasn’t damaged too much!

detention- troy

Hide and Go Poop

This detention slip is something that we’d expect to come from an elementary school however, the reality is quite different. This slip was given after a teacher found herself hearing a conversation between a group of boys about their plans for the rest of the day. The male high school students were discussing an idea for a new game named “Hide and Go Poop”. The teacher decided to stipulate that the contest included a “poop contest”.

detention- hide and poop

Straight To Azkaban

While there are much worse things you can call a teacher, this student got in a lot of trouble for referring to their teacher in Harry Potter lingo for a non-wizard. Perhaps the teacher thought of themselves as magical and was a big fan of the Harry Potter series which is why they were so offended. However, this student got away with it pretty well and just received a detention when he could have been sent to Azkaban.

detention- muggle

That’s What She Said

Although inappropriate, the reason for this student, Richard Avis, receiving a detention is actually hilarious. Avis found a golden opportunity to turn a perfectly innocent question into a horrendously rude response. The witty statement “that’s what she said” is a common phrase used internationally and is an almost certainty to have people laughing. Better yet, the teacher also wrote on the detention slip that Richard makes these references all too often! It’s clear who is the joker in this classroom.

detention- thats what she said

Number One Target

This detention slip confused us a lot because it seems that a student was a victim in this situation and then got in trouble for it. Apparently, one student volunteered to be the target for a paper spear to be thrown at him. Perhaps he thought his offer was kind and generous gesture however his teacher did not agree and thought he was encouraging bad behavior. The young student should probably think twice before volunteering for such an act again.

detention- target

Student Knows Best

There are always instances where the students can be more knowledgable than their teachers. This teacher was so caught up with his class that he didn’t realize he was making a crucial mistake when teaching them distance measurements. One of his pupils repeatedly called him out on the mistake and he denied the admission. The teacher later realized his mistake and instead of telling the pupil he was right, he couldn’t take the embarrassment an instead gave him a detention.

detention- kilometer

Batman Of Gotham

Many kids are inspired by superheroes in this day and age with their power and abilities proving mesmerizing to the younger generation. Jacob was clearly one of those kids and took a particular likening to Batman and his place of residency. After finding inspiration from the blockbuster comic movie, Jacob was said to have stood on numerous objects around school and stating how he was protecting Gotham City. Not only was he referred to a coordinator but he was also given instant detention!


Fire, Fire!

Some kids hate school so much that they dream of burning it down so they can go home and not have to study. One naughty child decided to attempt to make this dream a reality by playing with fire in the science lab in an attempt to burn it down. While we wonder whether this kid needs a little more than a punishment, in the form of a therapist or an anger outlet, the idea that he had such intent to burn it down.

detention- set fire

Bieber Fever

Justin Bieber is a international superstar and heartthrob with an army of fans who call themselves ‘Beliebers’. Their dedication to Justin is consistent and they try and turn as many people on to him and can end up bashing others that don’t like him. One true Belieber was clearly having a Justin admiration day and decided to draw portraits of the pop star in class while singing his hit songs. Her inner aggressive ‘Belieber’ also came out when a Justin hater approached her.

detention- bieber

Lyrical Genius

Some kids have natural musical abilities and love extra curricular classes including music while others do not. Dannie was evidently one of those kids who have other things on their mind when they are forced to partake in guitar lessons. Instead of sitting quietly and trying to learn new chords on the guitar, Dannie decided to shout profanities to other kids in the class in an attempt to distract them from their own musical abilities and progression.

detention- booty


Sometimes, kids just feel the need to act out in class and distract their fellow students along with garnering attention for themselves. Collin was clearly feeling a little restless and wanted to act as the class clown on that particular day so decided to throw his lunch across the room. Moreover, Collin took it a step further and decided to scream the famous phrase You Only Live One (YOLO) across the classroom to the pure delight and hysterics from the rest of the class.

detention- sandwich

Twerk It

Student can develop dancing abilities from an early age in the hope of making it big and earning a lot of money from their body shaking skills. This student clearly felt that way when it came to dancing at homecoming, believing her skills were worthy of payment rather than a free show. The reason for the detention was said to be disrespect but were not sure that the person she was talking to was wholeheartedly upset by the situation.

detention- twerk

The Staple Prank

There are many standard pranks that go around schools, some more innovative than others but this student decided to take the more old school original route. Elijah apparently took it upon himself to get a laugh from other students but stapling their clothing together so that when they stood up they couldn’t detach from each other. We hope the victims saw the funny side of the prank and that no one hurt themselves or ripped their clothes!

detention- staple

Puberty Problems

When students hit puberty it can become a really awkward stage in their life with their bodies changing in new ways and developing mood swings and hormones. One student decided he had had enough of his newly grown beard but just couldn’t wait to get home to trim it. This lead him to sit in class, shaving his beard off with all the hairs flying everywhere. This whole idea is pretty disgusting and hygiene lessons would go a long way.

detention- beard

WWE: Student Edition

In most cases, not all of the students in a class will get along, which can lead to some heated interactions in the classroom. One student may have taken it to a new level when he encouraged another student to “come at me”. The incident descended into yelling and caused a total ruckus in the class so it was not surprising that the teacher gave out detention slips for their behavior. As an added element of misconduct, the student also ripped his top off.

detention- bro

Superman Revealed

Kids often have wild imaginations as they are told from a young age that they can be whatever they want. One child took this quite literally and decided that he wanted to be comic book hero Superman, so stood up in class and took off his shirt to reveal a Superman T-shirt underneath. While the prank was pre-planned, we’re not sure what provoked Anthony to do such a thing. Perhaps he was just trying to find his Lois Lane.

detention- superman

Baby Jesus

Some kids feel closer to their faith than others and this was evidently the case with young Marissa. She decided to disrupt the class and announce that she was actually the reborn Jesus. Although she seemed to have respected and felt immersed by her faith, she then decided to start hitting another student with a bible which seemed to disregard her religious beliefs. Maybe a visit from a Priest would have done Marissa better than getting a detention.


I Believe I Can Fly

Being at school for so many hours in the day can leave kids going a little stir crazy, with their minds wandering to bizarre places. Casey’s mind appeared to take some inspiration from superheroes, believing she could fly. However, instead of writing about it or telling his friends, he decided to try and take flight, convincing himself that he could actually fly. When Casey took a massive leap with the intent to fly, he hit the ground immediately, losing his hopes and dreams.

detention- flying

Paper Plane Hazard

What’s better than receiving a detention slip is actually writing one yourself. One student wrote a descriptive analysis of the paper plane he created, calling it “impressive” and “majestic” but later noted that he could have “impaled someone”. Despite his dangerous creation, at least he was trying to fly the paper plane into the recycling bin, showing his care for the environment. Having said that, his sarcastic comments admitting he could have killed someone adds to the hilarity of it.

detention- airplane

Future Activist

We’re not quite sure what Lucas was thinking when he went rolling into the cafeteria on a wheeled chair, it could only possibly end in detention. However, after he was told to return it, he did, but came back in just moments later, disguising himself with a mask and holding a sign in the hope to “occupy the cafeteria”. Perhaps he had been watching many protests online or he just felt very passionate about occupying the cafeteria!

detention- occupy

Tasty Treat

Kids often get bored at school and look for other ways to entertain themselves and to entertain the rest of the class. One kid decided he wanted to do a taste test one day and try out the paint they were using in art class. While it was not the most practical thing to do, many kids have tried and tested the paint, much to their teachers dismay. We hope the young child wasn’t too sick after eating the paint.

detention- paint

Monkeying Around

There are many things that irritate a teacher on a smaller scale but one student decided to go all out in making an entrance in class. Although there seemed to be no uniform at their school, there are certainly things that are not acceptable to wear in class. A gorilla suit is probably one of those things you shouldn’t wear to class in the case of terrifying the teacher and also a guarantee to land yourself in detention.

detention- gorilla

Juice In The Air

There are many things wrong in this situation that would have justified a detention for this student. If you feel like flying juice across the room “like an airplane”, you probably shouldn’t do it during a review. It’s lucky that no one got his because the juice was a serious safety hazard. This student probably should have saved their juice flying for another time. We hope they have learned their lesson but it probably made for some juicy gossip around school.

detention-juice box

Communist Accusations

When some kids don’t get their way they result to insulting the other person who had defied them. When one student asked the teacher if they could watch the Olympic hockey game and the teacher declined, the student started accusing the teacher of being a communist. Not only did they say it once but they continued to repeat it, leaving the teacher baffled at what he had heard. We’re not sure where he had heard this phrase but maybe he was really into politics.

detention- communist

Plug Your Ears

Although it is not smart to use profanity around school, it is even worse to tell the teacher to ignore it. One teacher was furious when a student used a specific swear word multiple times and upon the teacher scolding him not to use that word, he simply responded to the teacher “plug your ears” and then proceeded to walk away from the outraged teacher. We’re not surprised he got a detention for this kind of behavior.

detention- f word

Liar Liar

This student tried his luck in more ways than one by acting out and then totally lying about it. The student decided he wanted to exit the classroom via the window and once he was confronted about the dangerous actions by another teacher, he said that his teacher was well aware of him doing it and happened to be totally ok with it. Needless to say, his acts were not approved and he won himself a detention.

detention- lying

Caught Kissing

What’s more embarrassing that a teacher catching you kissing your crush in school? Probably having it written down on a detention slip which would go into school paperwork. This couple were caught before fourth period in the west hallway having a make out session before class. This teacher went so far to name and shame the girl kissing Adam Landerson in the hope that they would not be caught doing it again. These two might last and go on to tell the tale at their wedding.


Lots Of Squeaking

When students get restless in class they can go on to do as many things possible to distract the other people around them. In this scenario, Joe had a day where his behavior in class was “inappropriate” and just “unacceptable”, as the teacher called it. First of all, chair squeaking can be really distracting when others are trying to work and to top it all off, he appeared to pass gas in the wake of another student.

detention- chair squeak

The Mathematics Tribute

While the shouting in class was probably not the best of ideas, Katie was being a good student, eager to solve the teacher’s math problem. She definitely took inspiration from The Hunger Games as she volunteered herself to solve the problem in front of the rest of the class. Whether she actually knew the answer, or just wanted to get a laugh from the rest of the class were not sure on, but the teacher definitely didn’t appreciate it.

detention- volunteer

Better Duck Down

The reason for detention for this student seems totally legit and the whole situation seems pretty awful. Jace’s decision to strangle another student appears to be quite brutal but perhaps he was an animal lover and didn’t like the fact his classmate had a duck as a pet. Nevertheless, he probably shouldn’t have acted out the way he did and certainly not in front of everyone during show and tell. Sign Jace up for PETA!

detention- duck

Unfair Detention?

We honestly have no idea what kind of school would punish a child for reading a book but the teacher who gave it was definitely having a bad day. Even though it was off task, Brianna’s decision to read a book should be welcomed with so many kids distracting others with paper planes. We feel for Brianna and think this detention should have been revoked, she should be commended for taking up reading as a hobby.

detention- book