Homeless Man Gets A Makeover That Changes His Life


Life On The Outside

Jose Antonio was one such person whose outer appearance didn’t match the spirit hidden within. After being offered the chance to receive a makeover, however, he didn’t realize just how much his life would begin to change.

Lost In Himself

For most of his adult life, Spanish native, Jose Antonia lived out his days on the streets of his native Palma. Though Antonia had been trained in a technical field, it wasn’t lack of work that took him to the harsh climate of a life without a home. Instead, he found a struggle with mental illness made it difficult for him to fulfill the daily tasks necessary in order to maintain his usual routine. As a result, he found himself out on the pavement.

A Community Fixture

For nearly 25 years, Jose was a part of the landscape in Palma, as locals frequently passed him by as they went about their lives. They had all taken a liking to Jose, whom they affectionately called Josete. As the years wore on, several of the locals who got to know Jose wanted to help him get back on his feet. Without his knowledge, they began to devise a plan. Until the had the details nailed down, Jose was kept in the dark.

Taking In Small Change

At only 30 years old, Jose lost his home. Though he didn’t have a roof over his head, it didn’t preclude him from continuing to try and earn money. He worked small jobs that paid scarcely, including a stint as a parking attendant in Majorca. The money he earned went towards buying food, but it wasn’t enough to earn him regular shelter. Salva Garcia was a Palma local who was used to seeing Jose on the street. She would be instrumental in changing his life.

Considering The Offer

After 25 years of being homeless, Jose had gotten used to his life. He was now 55 years-old but looked even older due to his living conditions. But after Garcia approached him, he was about to break out of his difficult situation. Garcia happened to be the owner of a hair salon in the area named ‘La Salvajeria’. Garcia suggested something to Jose that would change his life. She offered to give Jose a makeover at no cost.

A New Look

Garcia recognized that Jose needed a  new look if he wanted to find professional success once more. She understood it would take more than a haircut and a shave in order for him to be taken seriously at a job, even if his look shouldn’t have mattered. Garcia offered to cover the costs for his makeover, hoping that Jose would take her up on it. Jose was ready for the change and gladly accepted Garcia’s generosity.

Taking The Step

As the two entered the hair salon, Jose felt a profound sense of discomfort. For 25 years, this kind of high-end establishment had remained out his reach, and he felt very much out of place in such a swanky place. Though he considered fleeing back to the comfort of the street, Jose knew that changing his look would be an important step for turning his life around. He would be shocked just how much of a difference it would make.

Bye Bye Mirrors

Jose stared at his reflection for a long time before Salva started the long makeover process. Before beginning, every mirror in the salon was taken down so that Jose would only see the final results. Jose asked Salva to, “Leave the doors over the mirror open for the moment so I can see myself for the last time like this, then close them to see if when they open again, it’s as if something else really opened up in my life, like a symbol.”

Looking Good And Feeling Better

Jose walked into Garcia’s salon with long gray hair reaching his shoulders and a long and messy gray beard. For the last 25 years, Jose had not cared about his physical appearance. He had much more urgent matters to attend to, like where he would find his next meal, or where he would sleep. Naturally, Jose desired a change. He wanted to look and feel good but had no way of doing this on his own. Thankfully, he found Garcia.

Jose Was Nervous

When Salva first began cutting away at his hair and beard, Jose started to feel nervous and uneasy. Even though he had agreed to the makeover, Jose put very little thought into how the results would actually turn out, and he was frightened of the unknown. Nevertheless, he was hopeful that Garcia’s makeover would open some doors to new opportunities in his life and maybe even allow his to find a job and stand on his own two feet again.

A Lot Of Hair

Salva Garcia, along with her skillful team of hair and beard stylists, put in an incredible amount of effort into Jose’s makeover. Jose’s hair was so long that Garcia and her team needed to pin it onto the top of his head so they could let down more hair as they cut. Jose’s new look was finally coming along, and he was transforming into a stylish gentleman. With just a few more snips, his makeover would be complete.

Some New Color

Because his hair was so gray, Jose had the appearance of a man who was about 20 years older than his actual age. Jose admitted to Garcia that his hair had once been brown, so Garcia and her team of stylists chose to provide some hair color treatment so that Jose’s hair would return to its natural color and help him look younger. The hair-dying process was time-consuming, but Jose trusted that it would be worthwhile for a glorious transformation.

Trimming The Beard

Because he had lived on the streets for so many years, Jose had fallen out of a regular shaving routine. The hair on his face was long, gray, and unkempt, so Garcia took the time to work on his beard as well. She first applied the same color treatment that she had given the hair on his head. Next, she worked on shaping his facial hair into a stylish and clean look. Jose’s new look was becoming a reality.

Feeling Light-Headed

Chunks of hair continued to fall onto the salon’s floor, and Jose began to feel the weight of his life of poverty literally being lifted off of his shoulders. As a homeless man, it was rare for Jose to experience so much attention from other human beings. He wasn’t even used to people stopping on the street to have a conversation, let alone being provided with an all-expenses-paid professional salon makeover. He was enjoying every moment of it.

Changing Its Shape

The first major change happened to Jose’s once bushy beard. It had previously been dry and brittle, which made it look unkempt. The stylists expertly applied a deep conditioning treatment to the beard, moisturizing it completely and bringing it back to life. Aside from a trim and overall clean up, the stylist also made sure to fully dye the beard. In a matter of a few short hours, Jose’s beard (and Jose!) began to look dramatically different.

The Final Touch

After that, it was time to put the icing on top of the cake. The stylist moved on to the little details that make all the difference – they went to work by trimming every stray hair in order to give him a perfectly sleek jaw line, and Jose even allowed them to give him a shave. Once his hair was completely cleaned up, there still remained an important aspect of the makeover – the wardrobe update, of course.

Emperor’s New Clothes

They say that “The clothes make the man” and in the case of Jose’s total transformation makeover, nothing could be closer to the truth. It was time for Jose to do a final step in his transformation, which meant that it was time to put on some designer duds. As soon as he put on the clothes, he felt like a new person. They say that when you look good, you feel good, and it’s very true for Jose as well.

Facing The Past

This picture shows Jose and what he looked like before his stunning transformation. He was tired looking and seemed way older than his actual age. He had old and worn out clothes that he had been wearing for the past 25 years. His hair was long and shaggy which only added to his scruffy and fatigued look. Take a long look at this picture and remember what he looked like because you will not believe his transformation.

Through The Looking Glass

Even the stylists were shocked by just how well Jose cleaned up. He was a totally new man, who bore no resemblance whatsoever to the craggy homeless man (who was a little bit worse for wear) who’d come into the salon just a few hours earlier. His unkempt and scraggly beard was replaced by a clean-cut, under control beard. However, there still remained an important element of the makeover. What would Jose think of his dramatic transformation?

The Moment Of Revelation

After countless hours of work on the part of the salon’s staff, it was finally time for the big reveal. Jose’s reaction didn’t disappoint – when his new look was finally unveiled to him, his eyes filled with tears and he touched his own face in disbelief. When you’ve been down and out for so long, it’s natural to lose hope. But Jose was moved by the fact that as long as you’re alive, it’s never too late to start over.

Is This Me?

Jose was so overwhelmed by the drastic change that he was a total loss for words. After a few minutes of shock and then euphoria, Jose managed to make a statement. He said, “My God, this is incredible, is this me? I’m so different, no one’s going to recognize me unless I tell them who I am.” His words proved true when his friends and local townspeople had no idea who he was once he stepped out of the salon!

His New Lease

After living as a homeless man for 25 years, Jose realized that he could have had a completely different life this whole time had he not been homeless. His new look gave him this sad reflection, but having seen himself like this, he realized he was being given this new opportunity to turn his life around. It was his new look that gave him hope and, Jose was determined to turn his hope for a new life into something that would become real.

Sun Shining Down

Even with this hope for a new life, Jose could not believe the drastic change he was experiencing. He said, “I have totally changed. It’s not me!” Along with his new outlook, his outward appearance was completely different, and there was no missing this change following the big reveal. His new look gave him a more positive mindset, his posture and demeanor changed, and he was a completely new man. Although overcome with emotion following his transition, there was no wiping the smile of Jose’s face.

Finding His Place

Jose returned to the monument he knew all so well; the place he spent his days smoking cigarettes and listening to tapes on his cassette. This time, however, it was as if he was returning as a different person, with a new outlook on life, and making this spot a place of his past. He was dressed in new clothes, looking somewhat stylish and trendy compared to his former attire, and was now completely unrecognizable. Jose was no longer that same homeless man who sat on that monument every day.

Double Takes

Even the people that were so familiar with Jose, such as the local waitresses in nearby restaurants, were shocked by his change. Nevertheless, they showed their support, giving big thumbs up and offering their compliments on how good he looked. Jose had gone from a man living on the streets to someone who could be modeling in magazines, and no one would have expected he lived as a homeless man. The man who was once best known as Josette was surprising everyone.

Sporting The Car

When the people of Palma caught sight of this man wearing red pants, they wondered who he could be. No one would have even guessed it could have been the familiar homeless man they had seen the last 25 years. A man was captured saying “No Josette?!” with another joking, “Where’s your Ferrari?” These were just a few reactions given to Jose’s shock transformation since no one could believe it. Even Jose was finding the whole experience hard to believe.

Stranger In Their Midst

When Jose visited his local bar, a bar he had been to many times, he ordered a beer and was given one by the waitress who did not engage in any conversation. Jose later questioned him by asking, “Do you not recognize me?” Looking confused, the waiter stared at Jose for some time before responding, “I do know you now!” Jose was no longer a recognizable face at first glance, and even those who had met him before were unaware when Jose was in their presence.

Ladies Look On

Among all the surprised reactions Jose was getting, many women were left completely speechless from his transformation. They would tell him he is “very, very handsome,” and Jose would respond with “thank you very much.” Everyone who knew Jose before and saw his new look thought the work done on the formerly homeless man was remarkable. It became apparent that a haircut and a change of clothes could make such a difference in someone’s appearance and interactions with people.

Viral Sensation

In the blink of an eye, shortly after Jose’s transformation was posted online, it became an absolute viral sensation. One day, he was a nobody. The next, he was a celebrity. Everyone wanted a piece of Jose. “It wasn’t just a change of look. It changed my life,” he said. As a result of his newfound fame, a company is now financially helping him out. This means that Jose no longer lives on the streets and has now been given a fresh start.

Spanish Hugh Jackman!

Even the people who Jose used to work for were shocked. One local lady by the name of Paola Bocardo was pleasantly surprised. “I’m lost for words,” she said. “Jose helps me to park my car every day. When we saw him after his makeover we didn’t recognize him. He’s a wonderful person and the video is amazing.” Jose has even been jokingly referred to as the Spanish Hugh Jackman. “What I want now is a proper job,” he said. Now he’s a silver fox…

The Ladies Love Him Now

Jose is now on the look for love with his new look. Seeing that no one can recognize him, the ladies out there have no idea about his awesome transformation. One day he was just scruffy homeless man. But now, this guy is looking slicker than your average! Now that he is so attractive and well-groomed, all the ladies seem to want a piece of him. It seems like this drastic change has been just as shocking for Jose.

Congratulations Jose

When a businessman passed through the restaurant that Jose works at, he simply couldn’t believe it. Jose works as an assistant, moving parked cars in the parking lot. The businessman simply couldn’t get his head around how good Jose looked. Overwhelmed with emotion, he went up to Jose and gave him a massive hug. He was just so happy for him and wanted to sincerely congratulate him. It’s not every day that you get to meet the Spanish Hugh Jackman!

Jose Clooney

Seeing that Jose Antonio is nowadays quite the silver fox, he is glad to be able to keep things natural. That’s not all though. Jose shaved his beard, which means he’s looking the cleanest he’s been since he was a child. In fact, it’s not just Hugh Jackman that the locals compared Jose to. They also thought he looked a lot like the original silver fox, George Clooney. When you’re being compared to these types of celebrities, you know you’re doing something right.

Nearly Blind

Jose ended up developing cataracts after being homeless for 25 years. Having such a bad diet, living outside and constantly being out in the sun will do considerable damage to your eyes. It’s safe to say that Jose had it tough for a long time. However, his fortune was about to turn around, especially after receiving a number of surgeries. As a result, Jose now has great vision once again. This now means that he both looks good and can see well.

Homeless No More

As a result of his amazing transformation, Jose’s life improved in a number of ways. He now looks fantastic, he has a part-time job, and now he’s receiving financial aid to improve his quality of life. But probably the most important effect of his makeover is that Jose is not homeless anymore. Now he has an apartment with his very own bed. Now he gets the chance to sleep comfortably. He is currently in search of a full-time job.