These Head-Scratching Images Make No Sense


Take A Walk

Often you’ll find strangers walking through the streets with their pets on a leash, hoping to get some sunshine and fresh air. This man desperately needed to show his fish the urban sights and sounds.

Cleared For Takeoff

When this plane prepared for its voyage, they forgot to check if the tires were caught in any mud. It took all of the economy class to pull the plane out of the muck and get those wheels turning. Today’s flight was filled with a group of little people heading on vacation. No matter their height, together they came together as one strong enough to pull a plane and get their flight finally on its way to somewhere warm.

Prom Night

It’s prom night. You cannot wait to put on your first tuxedo and treat your date to a night of dancing and awkward photos. Sadly, when she doesn’t show up, you must scramble to find someone new to take. “Who” better to take with you than your handy sewing machine. Now when you rip that tuxedo as you tear up the dance floor, you will have the quick fix. Why not capture the start of the night in front of a UPS truck in a ditch?

I Love You, Deer

Not since Bambi and Faline gave birth to twins has the nation been so interested in a deer’s relationship. It is a romance made in heaven. What could go wrong between this woman and this deer? She tried taking in traditional pets but dogs shed too much, and she has a severe cat allergy. Her one attempt with hamsters led to an infestation after accidentally bringing home a male and a female. A deer from her backyard seemed like the only alternative.

Meet The Family

Christmas time is a chance for your whole family to come together for a jolly celebration of each other and the end of the year. It is a time to take those awkward holiday card photos to send to your friends. Don’t have a wife and kids to force into an ugly sweater and take a picture? Follow this man’s lead. Just grab the nearest doll and man’s best friend because that is all family you need.

They Attack!

If you are more confused than these EMTs, raise your hand. Golf is supposed to be a relaxing game in which you take your time slowly meandering through the beautiful landscape of the course. This might be the first round of golf where a golfer is attacked by mutant caterpillars; nothing is relaxing about that. Horror film directors are taking notes figuring out how they can incorporate these massive beasts into their next film. He might want to get this taken care of.

The Bird Whisperer

In a world dominated by humans with the powerful ability of cognitive function and opposable thumbs, our advanced evolution has allowed us to control and bend the world around us as we see fit. One man, however, has found a key to a higher evolution. He speaks to the animals, especially the birds. No longer does he rely on human interaction. Now, it only takes a suit covered in sliced bread to bring this man his power and have an army of seagulls at his disposal.

Who’s The Bride?

Halloween came early for this wedding party. They decided to play a fun little game called “guess who’s the bride?” No matter how many times you look at the picture, you will not be able to figure it out. Is it the woman in the back left corner? She has a wedding dress and veil on but wouldn’t be buried in the back of her own photos. The woman below her has a bigger veil, so maybe it’s her. Is she marrying the clown? Who knows.

Friendly Neighborhood Ostrich Cowboy

On his vacation away from New York with Mary Jane, Peter Parker decided to take his lovely lady on a trip unlike any other. Spiderman could take them to a remote beach with his magical webs and his Stark Industries-made suit. Instead, the wholesome Peter Parker wanted to treat his lady to something outside the box. What says romance more than an ostrich farm? All you need to do is ride one of the large birds for a second, and you can feel the magic.

The Master Yogi

If Darren Aronofsky’s 2008 film The Wrestler taught us anything, it’s that professional wrestlers do plenty of damage to their bodies. The only way to make it through a long career is by taking care of yourself. Plenty of athletes have credited yoga with extending their careers. With his opponent struggling to get up, this guy decided to find his inner chi and settle into some mid-match yoga. He won’t be able to fight from his headstand, but inner peace is not far away.

Heads Up Billiards

Bars these days will do anything to attract a crowd. This establishment felt that adding a pool table could do the trick but quickly found that none of its patrons cared to play. With the pool table already purchased, why buy a separate table for bumper pool. They decided to use their heads. Once word spread about human bumper pool, the place could not keep the crowds away. Be aware; the bar will not pay for any concussion treatments.

Fluff And Fold On The Go

New York City is a place where anything is possible. At any time of the day, you can find yourself involved in any activity you could possibly want (for a price, of course). In your tiny midtown apartment, it is unlikely that you will have space for a washer and dryer or even a place for an ironing board. With this combination taxi and laundry service, you can get where you want and have freshly ironed pants when you arrive.

The Smallest Jacuzzi On Earth

Life in a tiny house made space a premium for this happy couple. No longer could they strut through long verandas to get from room to room nor host a yoga class in their living room. They settled for the economy over luxury. This also meant getting rid of their favorite possession, a ten person hot tub. They loved spending cold nights snuggled up in the jacuzzi and need one in their new tiny home. Their old washing machine made for a great replacement.

Take Care Of Your Kid, You Must

Before the Galactic Empire took control of the galaxy under the power of Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine, Jedi Master Yoda escaped for a quick vacation to Earth. He had heard about this wonderful planet but had never traveled that far within the galaxy. He tried to fit in with these earthlings but felt quite uncomfortable with their style. Nobody wears robes! He thought a matching green stroller might help him blend in a bit better.

Hide And Seek

When children play hide and seek, they know to find a spot which will keep them completely hidden from plain sight. This guy thought he was being cute when he asked to join in on a game of hide and seek in Target. Someone needs to tell him to work on his hiding spots though. He did not even try with this pathetic effort and is destined to become the seeker for the next round.

Rudolph The Cardboard Box Reindeer

There is so much to dissect here that it is difficult to find a natural starting point. Do we first point to the creativity of this young woman to recreate Santa’s sleigh with cardboard boxes and a Rudolph hat or do we question her decision to strap herself in? Perhaps you are more interested in why she is not towing Christmas gifts in her sleigh. Also, whatever happened to Christmas cheer? She looks like she just put down a reindeer.

Pickle Party

Tigers fiercely patrol their habitat looking for food to fill their bellies and feed their cubs. Although not known for the vegetable-eating habits nor their advanced pickling techniques, Trisha the tiger is more advanced than the rest of her species. She loves veggies, can pickle cucumbers and has a magic potion that makes them enormous. This is the only spotting of Trisha with her magic pickled cucumber ever. Revel in this phenomenon. Just don’t make too much noise or Trisha will come for you.

Lo-Fi Curling Iron

With little time before her big date, this woman had to rush to get herself together. In the heat of the moment, she knocked her curling iron off a table, and it shattered on impact. The only cylindrical item her entire house was a loaf of bread, and she had no time to find another iron. As her roommate begged her not to ruin tomorrow’s lunch, she brushed her aside and continued her mission. The result was not what she intended, but will have to do.

A Peculiar Pond Party

If you are looking for some off-the-beaten-path Halloween decorations, you might be looking for something like this. Sure, these mannequins having nothing to do with witches, ghosts, or goblins, but they sure make your skin crawl. They would easily be one of the scariest attractions in a haunted house. Are they expected actually to drink their tea? Little girls are known to set up their dolls for tea parties. Perhaps this girl’s parents got her life-sized dolls to have life-sized parties.

Hot Pants

Of the five classical elements – earth, water, fire, air, and ether – it is best not to mess around with fire. While it is possible to contain a fire, we don’t frankly trust these fellas to take their fires seriously. They seem completely lost to the possibility that it may spread and cover their bodies. Sweaters, jeans, and tees are all quite flammable. They might have missed the “don’t light yourself on fire” lesson in school, but hopefully, they remember how to stop drop and roll.

Coca-Cola Claustrophobia

Despite warnings from the health ministry against excessive consumption of sugary, carbonated sodas, this happy bunch is proud to down as many two-liters of Coca-Cola that they can get their hands on. Someone needs to get them on the first flight to Atlanta to see the Coca-Cola museum. Perhaps the museum will let them in for free if they come in costume. For now, they will settle for guzzling as much of this fizzy drink that they can stomach.

Wine And Dine

“Is this seat taken?” asks an approaching golden retriever only to be turned away by the solo lady. She has no interest in entertaining male suitors on this evening. Tonight it is all about her. All she needs is a nice glass of wine and a great ambiance to enjoy a pleasant night alone. After a long week of chasing her own tail, eating dirt, begging to be pet, she needs this time alone for some internal reflection.

Pay Your Respects

Losing a family member is always a trying time. Tony the Tiger lived an incredible life which saw him become an international superstar as the face of Frosted Flakes. Tony’s first cousin Lonzo had no idea that Tony had passed away from natural causes until the emergency animal medical team took him out on a stretcher right past his cage. All Lonzo can do now is pay his respects and starting putting funeral arrangements together.

The Crepe’d Crusaders

Breakfast in this household is like nothing you have ever seen before. Mom not only makes you finish every bite, but also turns the meal into a cosplay adventure. Each morning, before the food is served, every family member is responsible for wearing their food and presenting a character for a morning skit. Crepe day allowed everyone to make a mask of their future breakfast. Bagel day led to some creative hats. Mom probably still regrets the oatmeal day skit.

Is The Surprise Inside?

With a name like Fat Duck Surprise, management has the mandate to surprise its customers every day. When the manager forgot to bring in a simple surprise, his boss threatened to fire him if he could not keep up the gimmick. With his job on the line, he put together the greatest surprise yet for both the customers and his boss. Early in the morning, he drove his van through the front door. If his boss looks inside, he’ll find a personal surprise – his resignation letter.

Sing Us A Song You’re The Shirtless Man

Looking to book a wedding singer for a Middle Eastern-themed wedding? Here’s your guy. His keffiyeh head covering seems to be made from a towel, but still helps him fill out the character. Egyptian Pavarotti has a vocal range that will leave you begging for more. You might also plead for him to put his shirt on, but he is unlikely to break character. Hopefully, he impresses you more than he did the lady to the left.

King Of Camouflage

Life on earth can be quite complicated and devastating. In major cities, one can easily feel lost and just blend in with the masses. There is one solution to those feeling down on themselves. Take command of your destiny. Don’t get sucked into the masses, proactively disguise yourself in plain sight. A little camouflage goes a long way. If you are unhappy with your disguise, you can take lessons from this champion. No one has noticed him here for eight years.

The Fast And The Furious

Move over Vin Diesel and Paul Walker –  there’s a new crew cruising down the streets. No need for muscle cars like a Dodge Charger, these understated vehicles have been dodging law enforcement for years. With no license plates, these vehicles are not street legal and blend as they ride down sidewalks. Who’s going to bother an older couple zipping by on a motorized scooter and a rocking horse? If they need to high tail it, he’s ready to crack the whip.

Who Are You Calling A Hoarder?

Bicycles are a useful device. Whether in a city or a suburb, a bicycle can help you easily and quickly navigate around. Perhaps you are a biking enthusiast and have different bikes for various situations – a mountain bike, a road bike, a BMX bike. You could also be like this family and take home an entire warehouse’s inventory of bicycles. Not only do they have a bike for everyone in the house, but they also have one for every child ever.

Princess Leia’s Stunt Double

Doing stunt work for Carrie Fisher is no joke. Those side buns do not hold their shape naturally. They require constant hydration to stay firm. Who knew that an Asian man was behind Princess Leia’s greatest stunts? Someone needs to remind him to remove those bottles before he gets back on the set to film the final Star Wars film. It would be quite odd to see Han embrace Leia with water bottles in her hair.