The Joy & Importance Of Adopting Older Dogs Is Truly Rewarding


This personal project began in 2012, traveling the country, meeting and photographing senior dogs with the people who love them. The series has been called Project Unconditional because of the absolute unconditional love that dogs—especially older dogs—offer their owner and inspire in return. From the beginning, the aim was to celebrate and capture the power and beauty of these relationships.

Many of the dogs that were photographed throughout the series, were photographed sharing a lifetime with their people, and the love they share grows deep.

Initially, adopted senior dogs weren’t going to be part of the project, but that was simply because the idea only came up afterward. However, more than two years ago the photographer met some special dogs adopted from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco, and she soon realized how much adopted older dogs really do enrich the lives of their owners. Since then, rescued senior dogs and their human companions from across the country became a big part of her project.

Whether these bonds have been formed after a decade together or in a brand new adopted relationship, it’s become evident that our connections to older dogs just offers something very special. This was just the beginning of learning from senior rescue dogs and their adopters.

1. Help Us Appreciate Life’s Simple Pleasures

Older dogs have a humble and calm personality. They have learned to sit back and take it as it goes, and it teaches us to do the same.


2. Experts At Making Friends

Older dogs love to still play around and are open to meeting new people and new dogs.


3. Teach Us How To Deal With Life’s Challenges With Grace

Their humble nature teaches us that we can approach challenges and obstacles with grace.


4. Embrace The Unexpected In Life

They have pretty much seen it all, but there are always turns, ups, and downs in life. They never lose hope and look forward to always having a loving relationship with their owners and owners-to-be.