Makeup Expectations vs. The Unfortunate Reality


With the evolution of makeup, we see new trends appear weekly, and we can’t help but want to try them out ourselves. Whether it is learning how to contour or how to wear eyeliner, we are going to have our own go at it. However, sometimes the result is not as expected, and these girls are proving it’s a lot harder than it looks.

Shining Too Bright

When the camera catches your highlighter, you are in for one epic picture. However, that does not mean highlighting your whole face.


Accentuating Those Cheekbones

While most of the Kardashian clan are giving birth to the next generation of reality stars, they are also creating their own makeup empire. After all, they made contouring popular, and every girl is trying their hands on getting that Kim Kardashian West glow. However, even if you were to buy her contour kit, you may not be able to achieve the same look. Contouring takes practice and watching a lot of makeup tutorials before you make it perfect.


Having A Bad Hair Day

Giving your hair a little makeover is always a good idea, and balayage is becoming a popular choice. If done right, then your hair color can look perfect; the way the ombre coloring just subtly intertwines with your natural color and gives it a natural look. However, when done wrong, it can look so, so wrong. Take the example below. This poor girl has been given color block hair rather than balayage, since the ombre coloring starts hair way done her hair, and there is no subtle intertwine.


Eye Struggle With This One

We have to admit that getting the perfect wing with your eyeliner is one of the biggest struggles. However, our outlook is, if you can’t get it right, don’t do it at all. Until you have perfected that wing, and that could take time, perhaps focus on other features of the face. The real problem lies in the fact that we don’t have to just get it right once, but twice for both eyes, and to make it look the same!


Practice Makes Perfect

The ombre trend doesn’t just start and end at hair. Many girls are trying the ombre look on their nails and, as seen in the photo on the left, it could look so magical and majestic. To achieve such greatness, it would require using two or three colors and even a sponge to get the right effect. The girl on the left has this part down, she just needs a few more trials before actually getting the final ombre look right in the end!


Failing At French

Yet another art form which takes practice, the French Braid. To teach yourself how to french braid your own hair, you are going to have to start with having a lot of patience. If you fail to have this, then the french braid is not for you. You may also want to work on those biceps of yours because this is an arm exercise and your muscles will start to hurt after a while. You have been warned, but one day you may achieve similar results to the left photo.


Doing It For The Gram

We owe a lot to Instagram, for it has become a social platform many of us could not live without. As a salute to the network, the Instagram-themed nails would work wonders for your next post and followers would flock to like it. That is, if they looked like the nails on the left. As for the photo on the right, we hope that stays off social media. The polish on the skin and the weak attempt at the Instagram logo gives it all the reason to stay away.


Messy Hair, Don’t Care

A lot of us wish we could just put our hair in a bun and leave the house looking effortlessly chic. However, trying to perfect that messy hair bun look is not as simple as we would hope. As proven by the photo in the right, it’s hard to get the messy bun right without having all lose hairs sticking out from every part of our head. Meanwhile, the girl on the left looks as though she has given her hair a twirl and tied it up, no problem.


Not So Smoking

When you’re someone like Tyra Banks, it is not often you leave the house not looking like absolute perfection. However, the top supermodel seems to have had a rare moment when she tried the smokey eye trend and looked as though she just rolled out of bed. Her eye makeup is far from perfect in this photo, and she doesn’t have the same precision shown in the photo on the left. Rather, this lady worked on the shape of her eyelid and filled it in appropriately.


Flag Fail

To perfect a flag on your nails, it would require quite a bit of tape to get it right. For the British flag, eight lines need to be outlined, and that means that it can definitely not be replicated simply with just nail polish. This little daredevil on the right, however, thought they would try their luck anyway, but their nails speak for themselves. If you want to honor the good old British nation, then perhaps just stick to nail stickers, and no one will even spot the difference.


Saying It Straight

We understand that trying to recreate the soft Korean brow look doesn’t work for everyone, but this girl on the right has taken it to the extreme. Her eyebrows don’t even look like eyebrows anymore, and rather two straight lines tattooed above her eyes, which may so be the case. It doesn’t have quite the same natural effect as the girl in the left photo is fortunate to be showcasing, and this look would not be up there in our makeup trends for 2018.


Piecing It Together

You are going to need time and money to achieve this look, and we’re guessing this girl didn’t have either. The intricate detail of the puzzle nails can certainly not be done by yourself, and it’ll be no different from your first to your tenth try. With the black outline on each piece, and every puzzle piece a different color, this is going to have to be done by a professional. If you don’t have time for that, we suggest a new nail look.


Beauty And The… Not So Much

With the new release of Beauty and the Beast, everyone was getting ready for the film. Shops were filled with products related to the Disney classic, and makeup artists were trying their luck with Beauty and the Beast designs. As seen in the photo on the left, the rose famous in the film has been beautifully drawn on the corner of the girl’s eye and has great detail. When attempted to be replicated as in the photo on the right, the same amount of detail was absent.


Not Quite There Yet

Using different colors and tones on your eyelids can create a beautiful design. However, the same result is not going to happen by just getting different shades of eyeshadow and placing them underneath each other. If you watch any makeup tutorial, you would know there’s more to it. You have to use different brushes, blend the eyeshadow and have great precision. The girl in the left photo has achieved this superbly, while the girl on the right has some more learning to do.


Painting Is Not For Everyone

Van Gough’s painting is famous all over the world, and it is hard enough to emulate when you have full focus on a canvas. To then try and do it one hand at a time on your nails, seems next to impossible. We don’t doubt that a professional working closely and paying attention to detail will have better luck, but we are not going to try and do this on our nails anytime soon. Perhaps choosing a different design will have a better effect.


Feeling The Burn

We all feel better with a tan. The vitamin D from the sun does wonders for our body and skin, and we achieve that healthy summer glow. While many of us may opt for other ways to get that same glow during the winter season, there are always precautions to take before letting that heat get to your face. While it would be nice just to get a tan instantly and look like the girls on Instagram, this can’t always be the case, and we must be careful!


Sometimes The Simplest Things Are The Hardest

While this is no tricky artwork on the nails, the girl on the right has trouble just painting her nails. She goes one step further by trying to achieve the ‘party’ nail which has proven to be a big thing these days. However, she struggles to get this right, having simply put some glitter over her already poorly painted nail. We would understand if this was her first attempt at trying to paint something intricate, but considering this is a simple paint job and she failed miserably, we are speechless.


This Raises A Few Questions

Filling your eyebrows in is part of many girls makeup routine, and it should always be made to look as natural as it possibly can. Take the photo on the left, the eyebrow is perfectly shaped and filled to perfection; whereas, the photo on the right, is screaming all sorts of wrong. The shape of the eyebrow looks as though this girl has raised her brow and it has got stuck like this, and the color she has used to fill her brow is way too dark.


This Is Not French

When in doubt, it is always good to go for the classic French manicure. Perfect for any event and will match perfectly with your outfit on any day. Reason being, the French manicure is clean and classy so is always a safe option. Somehow, when tried at home, the classic take on the French got lost in translation, and the white polish ended up on the cuticles. We can’t say we’ve ever seen a take on the French manicure like this nor understand how it came to be.


Sparkle And Shine

Everyone likes to add a little sparkle and shine to their look at certain times. However, many people may avoid using glitter because of the mess it causes while trying to put it on, as well as all around your bedroom. Nevertheless, if glitter is going to spice up your overall look, then it is a must. If you get it right, you can instantly feel a million dollars. If you get it wrong, it may look like you’ve poured the glitter pot over your eyelid.


Do My Eyebrows Look Big Like This?

Cara Delevingne can take the credit for the thick eyebrows becoming a popular trend. While the British supermodel knows how to work those eyebrows while strutting herself down a catwalk, many others don’t have quite the same luck. As seen in the photo on the right, the girl just didn’t know when to stop when it came to filling in her brows for that thick look. Just looking at her makes us want to get a wipe and scrub her ‘eyebrows’ off!


Over Here Trying To Look Like A Jenner

Kylie Jenner may only be 20-years-old, but she has certainly made an impact in the world of makeup. Now, everyone wants to try and emulate Kylie’s plump lips and get their hands on any of her eyeshadows. Achieving the Kylie Jenner look, however, is not as easy as she may show on her social media pages. Nor does it take just buying one of Kylie’s products to look anything like her. After all, Kylie made quite the transition in her looks, and it didn’t happen overnight.


Don’t Mind Me, Just Painting My Face

Instagram may show off girls who have perfected contouring, and we just feel like we can do the same. The tutorials show, white coloring on the parts of your face where the camera hits, darker coloring where you want to define your face, and then even darker in… well we just don’t know anymore because we can’t seem to get it right! After multiple tries, and looking like we mean business while we do it, it just feels like we are painting our face and we are stumbled every time.


All Things Summer

Getting into the summer spirit is always fun; the sun is shining, we’re all hanging out outdoors, and finally getting to wear our summer wardrobe. What better than to match our nails to this new warm and fun feeling, and follow the summer trend with watermelon nails! It takes a lot of time to achieve watermelon nails as you have to wait for the different coats to dry and use tape as well. This person, however, thought they’d skip all those steps and do it all at once.


Bronzer Disaster

We may not have the skill of contouring down quite yet, but we have had many years of experience using bronzer. This we know should be kept on the jawline and definitely not cover your whole face. After all, you don’t want your face to be a different color to your neck. This girl missed that memo when she was first introduced to makeup, and her use of bronzer has gone too far. We hope she has a few more lessons in bronzer before moving onto contouring.


Keeping In The Lines

Mascara commercials are constantly telling you that their latest product is bound to give you those perfectly long lashes, with extra volume and extra strength that we all long desire for naturally. While we all wish to have those perfect lashes that make our eyes pop, some of us are still struggling to apply it correctly to achieve such greatness. Rather, the mascara goes all around the eyes, our eyelashes become clumped together, and our eyelashes are a far cry away from being perfect.


Stop Making Me Blush

Blusher is another makeup product that is hard to get right. Different people will tell you to put it on different parts of your cheek, it’s hard to assess the right shade for your skin tone, and most of the time, we just look as if we are hot and bothered. While Emma Watson had seemed to hit the nail on the head when it came to her blusher application, not every girl out there is having the same luck.


This Is Not The Color Of Love

Any girl who can pull of red lipstick is one lucky person; any girl who can apply red lipstick in a clean and precise manner deserves a medal. It is the biggest debate of the evening whether reaching for the red lipstick is a good idea – will it get on my teeth? Will it go all over my face when I apply it? This is no easy task, and it is no easy answer because, after all, we can’t all be like Beyonce.


Conceal What You Don’t Want People To See

Concealer works wonders when you just want to hide some of your perfect imperfections. Bags under the eyes, for example, they are ideal, so throwing on a bit on some concealer will do just the trick. However, there’s more than just putting the concealer on your face to let the magic work. If you blend it in correctly, then you are good to go. If you just leave it under the eyes and the flash from a camera captures you, you are not so good.


Always Remember The Neck

Have you ever spoken to someone and just caught a glimpse of their foundation line stopping once it hits their neck? We’ve all been there and even been victim to it ourselves. Just when you think you have your foundation regime down, something is bound to go wrong. Either you are no longer that shade, or you haven’t learned how to blend it in correctly. Rule 101, always remember to put foundation on your neck! You do not want to be two different colors.


Despicable Nails

They are the cute minions from the box office hit, Despicable Me. While minions have become a fan favorite for a dress-up costume, it seems that fans are also sporting the endearing yellow creatures on their nails. When done right, this could impress anyone and, just one glimpse at your nails will put a smile on their faces. When it looks like you’ve just thrown some yellow paint on your fingers and tried to squeeze on a face, it is not going to have the same effect.


Blonde’s Are Not Always Having More Fun

It is not uncommon for many girls wanting to change up their hair color now and again. Having highlights put it are the perfect way to give your hair that extra lift. The girl on the left has received highlight perfection since it has blended in with her natural color. Meanwhile, the girl on the right has been given blonde highlights in all the wrong places. Alongside her dark red hair, there is definitely no added lift, but just a hair disaster.


Not Making America Great Again

Everyone can appreciate a good amount of patriotism and, when July 4th rolls around each year, the American flag is sure going to be the nail of choice. That still means making each nail looking as perfect as the next, if not the same. This lesson must have got lost in translation somewhere since the girl’s nails on the right do not look like the American flag at all. Rather, it looks as though she’s gone for red nails, and chosen blue for her thumbs.


The Wrong Type Of Nude

Trying to find the perfect nude shade for your lips can prove to be one of the most challenging tasks on any makeup shop. While we can all envy the girl on the left for her perfect choice of nude, we can all relate to the girl on the right for what has resulted in her barbie looking lips. We could try out different nudes for years before finding the right one but, by now, we would know which is not acceptable to wear when leaving the house.


Striking A Deal With The Devil

Many runways like to sport red eyeshadow on their models, but trying this look at home does not seem to have the same effect. While it can look as though it suits perfectly alongside a more natural look, it can sometimes appear to look as though you’ve struck a deal with the devil. Solange certainly went above and beyond the natural look with her choice of wearing red eyeshadow and, the result, was that she ended up looking as though she was wearing a masquerade mask.


Not Lined Correctly

Once again, Kylie Jenner’s makeup empire has shown girls the importance of wearing a lip liner with their lipstick or lipgloss. With all the Kylie Lip Kits, the youngest Jenner member gives the same shade lip liner as she would lipstick as to make lips look bold and beautiful. Some people, however, have missed the memo that the lip liner has to be the same color as their lipstick and have just used a different shade liner to outline their lips.


All About The Glow

Kim K gets her spray tan done at two in the morning sometimes and, while we would all rather be sleeping at that hour, we do envy that perfect glow she gets. When we try the fake tan at a more normal hour, we don’t have the same luck as the reality star. Rather, our fingers become stained, we miss our neck, and we have streaks of fake tan down our legs. Far from the perfect tanning glow, in fact, and just a great hassle.


Fake It Till You Make It

False eyelashes work wonders for your eyes, and they can transform your overall look. The only problem is, there is a lot of glue involved, and it takes practice before learning how to place the glue correctly and place it on your eyes. However, this can prove to be a messy ordeal, and some girls cannot quite get there. As seen below, this girl has failed in sticking on her false eyelashes and looks to be uncomfortable with having them stuck on her eyelids.

Nailed It

There are many ways you can experiment with your nails, and it can also be considered a great piece of artwork by the creator when done right. However, not everyone has got this artwork down quite so well, and their nails look worse than they did before they began. Sometimes it takes more than just using different colors of paint to make something beautiful, and in this case, a bit more precision was certainly needed; starting with the base color staying in the line of the nail.


You Look Like Kylie Jenner

The Kardashians may not have started this trend but, of course, it was their little sister who made big lips a thing. After months of speculation, she finally admitted she had had some work done to her lips but claimed a bit of lip liner and lipgloss would do just the trick. Cue the million dollar empire that is the Kylie Lip Kit. Girls are flocking to get their hands on the reality stars own lipstick line, just some aren’t quite getting the “Kylie Jenner lips.”


Looks Like You’ve Been Naughty

When Christmas season rolls around, everyone is ready to get into the festive spirit. With Christmas jumpers at the ready and festive lights placed all around the house, the last thing to do is our nails. Based on this picture, however, we think the DIY should be kept to the gingerbread house, and nails should be taken care of at the nail salon. While the left photo makes us want to follow suit, the photo on the right proves we should not be doing this ourselves.