Man Buys Storage Unit For $1,000 & Can’t Believe What He Finds Inside

Is That What I Think It Is?

You know you’re a fan of Storage Wars when you decide to record yourself unboxing an entire storage unit that you just purchased. After spending $1,000 on a storage unit full of unknown contents, this curious man found something extraordinary inside. Having has a reasonably successful storage unit buyout a few months prior, Sean Callaghan was hellbent on searching for more precious valuables. However, he and his friends couldn’t believe what they were about to find on their second attempt.

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Little Help From My Friends

Sean Callaghan filmed every little moment of his two storage unit searches with a bunch of friends and posted the entertaining Storage Wars-esque episodes on his YouTube channel ItsYeBoi. After finding some big surprises in his last outing and making a nice amount of money from his findings, Sean was hellbent on going one step further and turning over an even bigger profit than the first time. All he needed to do was open the storage unit and have a look…

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Moment Of Truth

There Sean was, with his key in hand. After the previous owner failed to renew the lease on the storage unit, Sean and his friends swooped right in and were the first to spot that it was up for sale, including everything that was inside. After smashing the locker and lifting up the garage door, the crew’s first impression was pretty low-key. Nothing instantly stood out or appeared to look particularly valuable. However, upon closer inspection, they found a number of items that made this purchase more than worth it…

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Did He Copy Storage Wars?

We know what you might be thinking – it seems pretty clear that Sean Callaghan stole the idea from the popular reality show Storage Wars. Despite how similar his episode may have looked, there were some considerable differences. Most importantly, Storage Wars episodes usually revolve around a group of people auctioning for each item within a storage facility. As far as Sean was concerned, all of the contents that he was looking at were his. He wasn’t at war with anybody.

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Sean Was Inspired

Look, Sean wasn’t going to deny the comparisons between his unboxing episodes on his YouTube channel and the much more famous Storage Wars. In fact, at the beginning of his first episode, Sean said the following: “We are doing Storage Wars essentially on this channel.” However, he also admitted that he wasn’t competing with his friends. All the contents inside that storage space would be his. Sean’s plan was to take whatever he thought was the most valuable and send them to a pawn shop for inspection.

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It Wasn’t The First Time

In order to understand the grit and determination Sean had to turn over a profit for a second time via a storage facility, let’s take a look at his first attempt, which he tried a couple of months ago. With his friends, Sean was ready to try something he had never done before – open up a storage unit and try and make a profit. However, there was something that Sean and co. did a little differently at the beginning of that first attempt…

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Auction Time

During the first attempt, there was a chance that Sean might not have been the guy who purchased that storage unit. At the start of the episode, one of his friends conducted an auction. Whoever came up with the highest bid would own the entire unit and everything inside of it. For a few minutes, all of Sean’s friends came up with bids and the value was going up every few seconds. However, when Sean put in a $1,000 bid, no one else could improve on it. Lo and behold, the unit was his.

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What Did He Find First?

Giddy with excitement after winning the auction (which was most likely staged, in all honesty), Sean took the key, opened the door, and jumped right into the action. Upon first glance, it seemed like Sean and his crew had stumbled across an absolute goldmine. With so many mysterious items that were pretty old, it was clear that he stood a very good chance of making a profit from that $1,000 purchase. Almost immediately, he found something that looked truly special…

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Precious Minerals

Sean and his friends didn’t require any mineral guides to know that these two precious rocks were worth a considerable amount of money. Not only were they pretty for ornamental purposes, it was also revealed that they were carved specifically that way to work as fancy-looking bookends. At the bottom of each bookend, it said that the original retail price was $118. Sean instantly noted that this meant that they were probably worth more now after being previously purchased all those years ago.

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Lots Of Old Tech

It wasn’t just precious stones and valuable memorabilia that Sean and his friends found during the unboxing. They also discovered a number of old-school gadgets such as one of the very first Apple Mac laptops, as well as a really old view camera produced by Sharp. Sean also found VHS tapes, floppy discs, and CDs. It was as if a segment of the evolution of technology was stored in this special unit. It was at this point that Sean decided to consult an expert…

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What Did The Expert Think?

A couple of weeks after unpacking everything at the storage unit, Sean got in touch with antiques expert Chad who has his very own pawn shop by the name of Treasure Town. Chad agreed to take a good look at a number of Sean’s most noteworthy items and promised to give him a reliable value for each of them. However, Sean would be in for some big surprises, as some values he predicted were much lower, while some ended up being much higher…

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Useless Tech

When it came to the gadgets of yesteryear that Sean had unearthed, Chad only had bad news for the YouTube personality. As far as he was concerned, these devices were completely obsolete for the most part and wouldn’t fetch much money. He valued the Sharp camera at a measly $10 and the keyboard was even less, at eight bucks. Despite this huge setback, there were still a number of items for which Chad would fetch more money than anticipated…

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Back To Square One

So here were Sean and his friends, back with another storage unit and a new key. They were desperately hoping that they would find something more interesting than their first attempt. “So today we are back with another storage locker opening, You guys loved the first one,” Sean said. He had previously seen the interior of the storage unit at face value but, in his words, “I actually have no idea what’s inside of it, as with last time.”

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Give Us A Like!

Before he opened the unit, Sean promised that he would buy a third unit if he got enough likes for the YouTube video. “Not only do we have this unit, but this unit right here,” Sean said. “This one is also going for sale so if you guys want me to buy this unit when it goes for sale and do another one of these videos I need you to smash the thumbs up button. If we can get over 25,000 likes on this video, we’re copping this one and coming back with part three.”

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Full Of Strange Stuff

Lo and behold, Sean and co. immediately laid eyes on what could only be considered as a strange-looking collection of items. Not only did all of the items in this unit take Sean and his friends by surprise, but the arrangement of the items was a lot more chaotic than the first storage unit they looked at. Soon enough, it was evident exactly what kind of person had previously owned the contents of this storage unit.

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Clutching At Straws

With so many strange items inside that storage unit, Sean was worried that only the quad and the motorbike would stand a chance of making any money. He knew that he would need to consult Chad once again to get a better idea of what each item was worth. They found some truly random things, such as a white piece of furniture. They even found a fully operational oven, not to mention a bottle of Chanel perfume that Sean’s friend stumbled across.

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Belonged To A Carpenter?

After noticing so many items that had been completely carved out of wood, the group unanimously agreed that the previous owner of this storage unit was, in fact, a carpenter. There were wooden chairs, tables, cabinets, and tons of pieces that had not been used in any final product. There were even wooden objects that the crew simply couldn’t identify. However, there was one particular wooden item that completely took Sean and his friends by surprise…

storage 33

What A Strange Looking Motorbike!

The crew came across a motorbike that, for some strange reason, had wooden furnishings added to it. Naturally, Sean was extremely perplexed. “What the hell were they doing? What is this?” Sean asked. His friend answered him by saying, “They were trying to make it into a swaggy bike…so that he could have…a trunk on the bike.” The moment that they stopped looking at the bike, the crew spotted something even more surprising; something that would take this story to another level…

storage 16

Is That A Quad?!

As if Sean’s day couldn’t have gotten any better. He assumed that the motorbike would be worth more than enough to make back his $1,000 investment. However, after breaking down the huge pile of carpentry, the crew discovered a state of the art quad bike buried underneath. Needless to say, the crew lost their minds and quickly tried to pull the vehicle out of the unit. While they were excited to drive the ATV, Sean noticed something wrong…

storage 17

Can’t Get It Working

After turning the key in the ignition and hoping for the best, Sean and his friends were deflated when they realized that the ATV wasn’t working. “Why doesn’t it work? I don’t get it,” Sean said. For a while, it seemed like hope was lost and the YouTube personality was ready to pack up his bags, call up Chad, and work out the value of everything else. However, there was one final twist in the tale…

Look, I Found The Key!

Sean knew that a quad bike that didn’t work was a lot less valuable than one that did. Therefore, he spent a while looking for something that could be the difference between this unboxing being a small success and an absolute steal. Lo and behold, the crew found another key and when they tried turning it in the ignition, the ATV made a thunderous roar, signifying that it was very much working. Delighted by their breakthrough, Sean checked the value of this model on his phone…

storage 18


After checking the model, Sean typed on Google “estimated value of 1994 Polaris sportsman 400 4×4.” The first price that came up was $2,400. This meant that Sean and his crew were looking at a profit in excess of $10,000 – a staggering achievement for a $1,000 investment and a day’s work. Of course, Sean would need to hit up Chad once again and see how much exactly the contents of this particular storage unit could be sold for. Nevertheless, this was a huge breakthrough for the team.

storage 32

Now That’s A Joyride

Elated by the news, Sean screamed like he was a kid again, and frantically drove around the storage lot with his beloved (and soon to be sold) ATV. After the lukewarm success of his first attempt, Sean was relieved to finally find an item that was of considerable value. After watching all those classic episodes of Storage Wars, he now knew what it felt like to fall on a goldmine when stumbling across the right item. Of course, his YouTube channel benefitted considerably…

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YouTube Personality

It should come as no surprise that Sean Callaghan’s “Storage Wars essentially” episodes would attract a lot of viewers on YouTube. His account, ItsYeBoi, has been attracting hundreds of thousands of views per episode over the last few years now, with the charismatic host covering a ton of crazy topics such as whacky science experiments, collecting valuables, and trying all the new challenges that are trending on the internet. Storage unboxings were just his latest endeavor in a long line of passions.

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YouTube Sensation

Sean Callaghan had already established himself as a popular face in certain corners of the YouTube community. However, his stunning episode ended up taking his profile to another level, especially after the video reached close to 1 million views. In just two days, the video earned a staggering 300,000 hits. “Bet it was like Christmas morning,” one viewer endearingly wrote, while another wrote the following: “I’d fix up and clean the quad and keep it as a toy.” But has Sean taken it to Chad yet?

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Still Made A Profit

In the end, items such as the precious mineral bookends were enough to earn Sean a profit, albeit a fairly small one. Chad believed that the right purchaser would be willing to spend anywhere between $1oo and $200 on each of them. After selling all of the items for a cool $1,600, Sean considered the transaction a good bit of business. Nevertheless, Sean knew that with a bit of experience under his belt, he’d have a great chance of turning over an even bigger profit next time…

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Take Two

Back to square one, and with a shrewder head on his shoulders, Sean and his crew were ready to examine another storage unit that he ended up purchasing once again for $1,000. This time, everyone pitched in with an investment, which meant that this time, Sean’s friends were not just here for show. As they smashed another lock off a garage door and lifted it up, they were ready to bring home a bigger profit than their previous attempt.

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They All Took Turns

While Sean loved riding the ATV around the storage unit because he was so excited about his discovery, he wouldn’t be the only one who celebrated. His friends were just as integral to the work that had just been put into unboxing the garage. Each guy took their turns hopping onto the quad bike and riding around the block with pure joy and excitement. Soon enough, Sean needed to plan his next move. Was he going to keep the quad, or sell it?

storage 51

One Happy Boy

As of August 2018, Sean hadn’t confirmed if he had taken the quad to Chad. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that ItsYeBoi will post a video update on his YouTube channel as soon as he finds out the quad’s exact value. Until then, Sean can enjoy riding around in his impressive ATV and who knows, maybe he will plan a third storage unit purchase in the upcoming months. After all, you know what they say: third time’s the charm. We will keep you updated as soon as it happens.

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