The Most Outrageous Resignation Letters Ever


Jurassic Work

For those who are bored at their current job or having problems with their boss, the only sensible option might be to call it quits and hand in their two weeks notice. Sometimes these resignation letters are pretty hilarious. After drawing a dinosaur, this employee decided it was time for a career change. He then took the illustration and transformed it into a letter of resignation. The other side of the letter revealed the name of the dinosaur: “Quitmyjobosaurus.”

resignation 29

Fast Food, Fast Exit

It should come as no surprise that burger restaurants have some of the highest turnovers of staff in the world. Unless you are a manager, it is difficult to make a decent income at a burger joint. When one staff member of Wendy’s decided that he needed to move on with his life, he took to the neon sign at the store’s entrance and rearranged the letters in order to make the most straightforward “letter” of resignation.

resignation 7

Quit The Job, Drop The Mic

When someone drops the mic, it often implies that they have said everything that needs to be said. According to Elizabeth Young, she said everything that needed to be said in her letter of resignation when she actually drew a picture of a dropped mic. You could say that it is an “Inception mic drop” – as in, a mic drop within a mic drop. A resignation letter that requires no explanation is the ultimate mic drop.

resignation 21

Resign In Peace

At first, it appeared that David Sell was a man who left this world all too soon. However, upon closer inspection, it is clear that these are not traditional dates of “birth” and “death.” There is no way that this fully-grown looking man was only four years old when he passed away. These are actually the beginning and end dates of his employment at his last job. In fact, underneath the pamphlet is his actual letter of resignation. But let’s face it, the actual letter isn’t the funniest part.

resignation 24

‘Tis The Season To Resign

Just because you are handing in your letter of resignation and moving on to new pastures doesn’t necessarily mean that your relationship with your former company is completely over. As far as this outgoing employee was concerned, they were very much looking forward to leaving their position, hence the “I QUIT!” in all caps and an insanely large font size. However, they made sure to include in the small print that they would be coming back for the Christmas party.

resignation 22

This Is Not An Error

When some workers are on their way out, they might want to do something to prove that they still deserve to keep their job. This is what happened when one designer created a letter of resignation masked as an error message. Not only did it clearly demonstrate their skills with a computer, but it also tore their former employer to shreds. However, something tells us that this chapter is not closed and that the boss may have been tempted to click “Renegotiate…”

resignation 6

Resignation? Priceless

While this is probably the only example on this list that isn’t a letter of resignation per se, it clearly demonstrates that this soon to be ex-employee doesn’t give two hoots about his job in retail. With great power comes great opportunities, and this store assistant took this opportunity by the horns, playing with one of the price tags during his last few hours on the job. Customers soon found out how much this oven costs and what he thought of his boss.

resignation 31

So Sincere

Sometimes, a nicely written card goes a long way in life. Moreover, a person’s message often looks so much more sincere when written in a card. So when this person chose to write their two weeks notice in a card, they chose the perfect automated sentence to accompany it. However, it’s impossible to ignore the sharp twist of irony in this message, as well as all that blank space surrounding it. Something tells us that Alex isn’t so sorry after all.

resignation 26

Box Office Bomb

Resignation letters can come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes, when you don’t have a pen and paper at your disposal, you need to use the tools that are available in the workplace. So when this employee got sick and tired of his job at the local theater, he decided to make good use of the billboard sign. To be honest, we don’t like the sound of the upcoming movie My Boss Can Change His Own Damn Sign, I Quit…

resignation 9

Loud & Proud!

In many circumstances, quitting is frowned upon. Depending on the context, quitting a job, a relationship, or some sort of commitment might be considered an act of weakness. However, quitting an addiction or something that causes pain is often the right thing to do. When Bella handed in her letter of resignation, it seemed that she was extremely proud to have quit, having drawn a cartoon of herself with a rainbow (symbolizing the relief of quitting) hanging over her head.

resignation 25

Two Words

Sometimes, it’s not how much you say but what you’re saying that counts. When you quit your job, the one thing that you need to make clear is that you are leaving the company; everything else is commentary. Sometimes it just makes sense to get to the point. A little bit of context goes a long way though. When this person shared the resignation letter on social media, they wrote the following caption: “My ex-manager wouldn’t give me my last paycheck without a resignation letter.”

resignation 27

The Taste Of Resignation

While many letters of resignation on this list are fairly hostile to the companies that each writer is resigning from, not everyone feels bitter when leaving their workplace. Some people are just moving on, despite having the time of their life at their current job. One person wanted to treat each of their co-workers on their way out of the company and thought of a great way to kill two birds with one stone: write your resignation letter on a box of cupcakes.

resignation 10

5, 4, 3, 2…

Every employee who hates their job enough wishes that they could make their departure as awkward as possible with minimal collateral damage. When Mitch handed in his short, yet devastating, two weeks notice, his boss instantly became paranoid when he read that his fly was unzipped. Not only that, but Mitch also implied that a self-destructive bomb was attached to the letter, making this read even more uncomfortable. And just when things couldn’t get any more awkward, Mitch wrote a P.S…

resignation 20

Perfect Metaphor

People can have such creative minds. When one bored employee was sitting on the toilet one day, he was astounded by the end result and had a huge epiphany: it reminded him of his job. Unable to ignore the many similarities between his trip to the bathroom and the current state of his employment, he found the most relevant theme for his resignation letter and as he put it, was ready to “flush” the job out of his life.

resignation 19

Horrible Bosses

When you are handing in your letter of resignation, you better have a good reason as to why you are quitting your job. Let’s face it, if you are being attacked by a drunk co-worker and your boss is too lazy to do anything about it, then we think it makes perfect sense to pack your bags and move on. If a boss cannot take responsibility for their employees, then you shouldn’t have to work for them.

resignation 28

Well This Takes The Cake

Let’s face it: if the employee in question decided to write their letter of resignation on paper, then there’s a good chance that their boss probably wouldn’t have even read it. Who wants to read three long paragraphs that are not only confirming an employee’s departure but also how bad the company is? However, take that message and write it on the icing of a cake instead, and you may have just caught your boss’s attention. Mr. Cake’s letter was actually pretty pleasant.

resignation 1

Resign For The Stars

When we think of letters of resignation, we normally think of a long, boring paragraph of words, expressing one’s desire to leave the company they had been working for. But then there are certain individuals who like to think outside the box, or more specifically, out of this world. There is no doubt though that his boss will never forget him, especially after leaving behind this epic framed picture. Not too sure what the vacuum cleaner’s for though…

resignation 2

Perfectly Worded

In the workplace, one needs the right amount of courage, strength, and audacity to voice one’s opinion without coming across as inappropriate. This also applies during the closing chapters of one’s employment and for many, quitting a job can be the hardest part. So when this person wrote their letter of resignation on a receipt, they articulated their courage and strength in the crudest way imaginable. In other words, the soon-to-be ex-employee simply had the “cojones” to quit.

resignation 3

Mario Has Left The Building

When a computer programmer decided to throw in the towel on his job, he wasn’t interested in writing a typical letter of resignation. Instead, he chose to go nostalgic, turning to Super Mario Bros and making his own sequence from the classic video game. Every time Mario grabs a mushroom, the words “I QUIT!” appear on the screen. Then, at the end of the level, Mario climbs down the flagpole, never to be seen again.

resignation 4

Resounding Resignation

Sometimes, it only takes a few words to hit your message home. In Matt’s situation, he couldn’t stand one more second in that office cubicle he had spent the last three years in. After so much hard work with such little reward, he felt like his actions over the last few years had said it all. This made his letter of resignation very easy to write. In fact, all it took was a quick trip to the bathroom, a couple of paper towels, and a magic marker.

resignation 13

“F” Stands For…

While the bulk of this letter of resignation is a clear indication that this person is ready to move on, we can’t help but wonder what the word beginning with “F” stands for at the end of it. After someone marked it out, we have a couple of theories as to what it could stand for. If the employee isn’t coming in tomorrow, then maybe they have a “Fever.” Or, maybe they can’t come in because of a “Family event.” Your guess is as good as ours…

resignation 8

Sorry But Not Sorry

Sometimes, passive aggression is a cathartic way of getting some longstanding frustrations off your chest. A resignation letter is a perfect opportunity to express yourself in this kind of way. That’s exactly what this person did, who made it pretty clear that it wasn’t actually him who was the problem. When you are working 47.5 hours a week, not getting paid overtime, and not receiving compassion from your company after losing a loved one, you can be as passive-aggressive as you wish.

resignation 12

You’ve Got Fail

Generally, if you’re going to hand in your letter of resignation, you might consider printing it and giving it to your boss. So if you are planning on sending it in the form of an e-mail, we’ve got a couple of tips for you. Firstly, a “Dear [Boss]” or “To whom it may concern” would be recommended. Secondly, the courteous thing might be to give some context as to why you’re not returning. And thirdly, make sure that it is at least a handful of sentences long.

resignation 103

Back To The Drawing Board

When someone’s letter of resignation is color coordinated, you know you just lost a good one. However, when someone does leave the company, you’d hope that they learned some positive things, unlike this guy. Instead, he simply threw everyone else under the bus! We can imagine the administration singing in unison right now, “Good Riddance.” P.S. We have a feeling that this guy might not be getting that reference. If you’re going to ask for one, make sure you deserve it.

resignation 30

Bye Everyone

Depending on who you are, you might have had such a huge impression during your time working at a company that co-workers are just so sad to see you leave. As a result, they could organize a leaving party for you or maybe even write a goodbye card to you. However, if people aren’t lining up to wish you farewell, you might want to inform people about your departure without going through the awkwardness of explaining why you’re leaving. Exhibit A.

resignation 111

World Of Work-Craft

When his boss picked up his resignation letter and started reading, he did really understand the references. He wasn’t sure whether his employee was intoxicated while writing it or simply didn’t care enough to write something serious. It appears that the ex-employee in question was veering more towards the latter. However, there’s no denying that he takes his new line of work in “the broken realm known as Outland” very seriously. If you’ve ever played World of Warcraft, you’ll get this one.

resignation 102

That’s A Bit Strong

Ever seen the movie, Horrible Bosses? In short, the movie is about a group of friends who all hate their bosses and make a pact to kill them to make their lives easier. As far as we can see, Andrew wasn’t completely inspired by that movie while writing his resignation letter. However, we would hate to imagine what his boss did to warrant such a hostile letter. We’re surprised that we could still read this message after blurring out so many expletives.

resignation 101

Too Late, I Quit

While it might not be the most formal letter of resignation, it is clear that the member of staff in question will not be coming back any time soon. As a boss, how can you expect your workers to maintain high standards if you are always late for work? With no one in attendance that day, it was apparent that the store was in desperate need of not just new employees, but also a new boss.

resignation 5

Vicious Cycle

Most jobs revolve around strict routine and repeating the same things each day. However, for some employees, working at the same company long enough can become more like a downward spiral. Take this person, for example, who made it clear that their poor salary had caused something of a domino effect of negativity in their life. Not only did it cause them to eat a lot, but it also caused other people in the company to eat a lot as well, for some strange reason…

resignation 16

One Last Drink

As previously mentioned, not every letter of resignation needs to be scathing and hostile. Believe it or not, but some people thoroughly enjoy their jobs and simply end up moving on to bigger and better things. So when this person gave their two weeks notice, they saw a great opportunity. They peeled the standard label off a bottle of Jack Daniels and printed off a similar looking label with a personalized message on it. Bourbon has never tasted so good.

resignation 32

Twitter Quitter

Letters of resignation don’t always need to be tangible. In this day and age, where the internet and social media are integral to so many jobs, it makes perfect sense that many areas of work are conducted online. So why not write your two weeks notice on Twitter, like this guy? However, this person is an exceptional case, seeing that he was the CEO of a company that was on the verge of bankruptcy. To end things on a light note, he wrote his resignation in the form of a haiku.

resignation 17

Shakespeare Quits

Upon first glance, it’s unclear as to whether the following note is a letter of resignation or a passage from one of the many works of Shakespeare. You have to seriously read between the lines to get any indication that this is someone who is quitting his job. It only becomes clear once the writer uses the phrase “the end of all ends to my employment.” Make no mistake about it though, this soon to be ex-employee could win the next Nobel Prize in Literature.

resignation 23

This Printer Has A Mind Of Its Own

Apparently, it’s not only humans who become sick and tired in the workplace. From time to time, even the office equipment express their eagerness to move on to new pastures. This is exactly what happened when one day, a printer spewed out its very own letter of resignation, apologizing for its incompetence and inability to deal with a paper jam. Or, it could have just been an employee who was bored and wanted to have some fun. We’ll never know.

resignation 18

How Eloquent

When you are articulating the date in letters instead of numbers, you know you are writing something very important. This outgoing store associate finally got around to writing his letter of resignation and was inspired to write the most eloquent message of his life. You can tell that he took his job very seriously and we can imagine that the letter would’ve brought a tear to the eye of his boss. This is one of the classiest resignation letters you will ever read.

resignation 15

Reddit? Neither Did We

Reddit is a strange corner of the internet, but if you use it wisely, you can do some truly remarkable things with it. Take this person, for example, who opened up the floor for members of the public to write a resignation letter for his imminent departure. Surely enough, one creative individual, who must have been either divinely inspired or somewhat inebriated, came up with a stonker of a letter. However, it gets a bit too surreal halfway through and quite frankly, we don’t buy it.

resignation 14