People Who Definitely Got Fired From Their Jobs


No Exit

If you get caught between these doors, you may never be able to exit. One would think whoever applied the signage to these doors would have noticed the that the two instructions cancelled each other out. We just hope no one was stuck here for eternity trying to find their way out.

Obstacle Cycling

You may have thought you were going for a leisurely ride through this city without realizing you were actually volunteering yourself to participate in a bicycle obstacle course. While it may look like there’s at least one direction you can ride in without worry, the truth is that most impatient riders will choose to share the lane as they make their return trip, forcing any cyclist to choose between avoiding the tragically placed polls or dodging their fellow cyclist as they barrel down the lane.


The Rains Down In…Asia?

Either the person making this shirt worships at the feet of the god of irony, or they’re just terrible with geography. Mistaking one continent for another is a pretty big mistake to make, especially when there are only five of them. While Asia may have the least distinctive shape out of all of them, it’s still pretty easy to remember that it’s the biggest. Mislabelling what’s clearly Africa is as bad as labeling North America as Europe.


Back To Jail

In a grave error, this display of excitingly sharp kitchen knives was labeled “Back to School”, which could be construed as a tool for busy moms who need sharp knives at the ready for preparing and cutting sandwiches. It could also be referring to culinary school students, though it seems likely that if any of them tried to by a knife from the likes of a discount superstore, they’d probably be laughed out of the classroom  until they showed up with a better knife.


Super Bat

Meet the newest incarnation of Batman, he looks just like Superman until he needs to access his Bat Powers, which is when he transforms. Of course, having to consistently explain this to other precocious kids who just learned how to read will probably get annoying for any kid, likely leading to a lot of tantrums at home. It’s probably better for mom to just leave the mislabelled backpack on the shelf and buy her kid something less confusing.


The Eyes Have It

If any parent wanted to give their kid a good scare, they should pick up this lopsided stuffed lion. Clearly whoever was doing eyes that day must not have been able to see very well, considering how badly they messed up here. Instead of being adorable stuffed animals, these dolls will certainly scare even the toughest children. Hopefully the store caught the mistake early, thus avoiding many scarred childhoods.


Cheese On The Side

There are many ways in which it could be said that this order was wrong. If this customer had ordered cheese and lettuce on the side, well, clearly the Taco Bell employee took that a little literally. If they were trying to put the lettuce and cheese inside the taco, they might want to get their eyes checked, just to make sure their depth perception is ok. Either way, this newbie could really use some more training.


Side Striped

How the stripe painter managed to climb this truck in order to obnoxiously paint may remain a mystery, even if it’s obvious that it was a purposeful move on the painter’s part. Given that this was likely a government contract, they probably should have just towed this truck, but then again, releasing an impounded car is only a one time deal. Paint on your windshield is definitely a more lasting reminder to be careful where you park your car.


Sink Or Swim

Well, this  is certainly a great way to demonstrate just how ineffective this product is. We wonder if even the “techsperts” can explain what’s going on here, aside from the fact that physics is just not on the side of this phone. Your money is probably better spent on an Otterbox phone case for your smart phone, which will at least protect it from water damage, so long as you use it properly. A dumb phone that sinks is pretty much just an old fashioned phone.


Dontcha Wanna?

It must get boring, working on a factory line, just making sure every can that goes through the labeler is facing the right way. It doesn’t take away from the soda if the label is upside down, and who knows, customers with upside down labels may even learn a new reading skill. Even more peculiar though, is that this was not a factory error, but a graphic design mistake, as demonstrated by the fact that some of the text is right side up.


Sawed In Half

Like some sort of magic trick gone wrong, the workers hanging this billboard are apparently in the midst of realizing the grave error they made. Really, each piece of the billboard should have been appropriately labelled in the first place, so the men stretching this board from such great heights wouldn’t have to go back to fix the mistake. Of course, even cut in half, it’s possible to see what this woman is wearing, which seems to be the point of the ad.


Double Roll

This unfortunate toilet paper mishap gives new meaning to the phrase “double roll”. Most expect it to mean that they’re getting double the length of toilet paper on one roll, but this company decided it should mean that you get same length of toilet paper, but with two cardboard rolls inside. It’s just like the surprise hidden in the cereal box, only much less exciting. No matter, the squished cardboard will be released from its quilted prison soon enough.


Bad Sense Of Direction

Maybe whoever manufactured this remote was looking in a mirror while they did it, though it’s unlikely since everything else seems to be printed correctly. This mistake can probably be chalked up to the designer having a terrible sense of direction. One can only imagine how road trips go, you tell them to make a left, only to see them turning the other way, leading to a situation where they’re perpetually lost. Probably better this designer stays away from the drivers seat.


Chocolate Dipped Cone

We all know the feeling of purchasing a chocolate dipped ice cream from the ice cream truck. We’ve been anticipating the crunch of the chocolate shattering as we bite into it, with the cool, smooth vanilla ice cream sneaking in underneath. The chocolate melts slowly in our mouths, mixing with the delicious ice cream, the perfect blend of flavors, punctuated by the cone. That is, until, you open the ice cream pouch to discover this. Sure, it’s still delicious, but it’s still all wrong.



Look, it’s ok for all of us to have different skills. Some of us are good at spelling, and others are better at math. Some go into construction hoping to never write another paper again, only to discover they got put on road painting duty. The working may have been hoping to simply get to paint the parking lot lines and felt his stomach sink when he realized that he messed up “stop” even with the recognizable hexagon in front of his face.


Safety First

If there’s one thing this architect learned during his training, it was that safety must come first. As he designed his first ever staircase, he was determined to ensure there was an optimal amount of railing, perfectly placed so that any pedestrian climbing or descending this staircase would have no doubt that their footing was secure. Somehow, his plans didn’t translate, and someone overdid it just a bit with the extra railing, cutting off access to an entire half of the stairs.


Bugs Are Gross

Animal Planet of all companies should be keenly aware of the differences between roaches and tarantulas. As if the real ones weren’t bad enough, some kids seem to want fake ones to play with, or for pranking their poor, unsuspecting mothers. While this fake roach was certainly mis-packaged, we shutter to think what interesting fact would be included on the proper roach packaging. A plastic tarantula that scurries “up to six feet” is more than scary enough, we don’t need jumping plastic roaches too.


Gender Is A Construct

Perhaps the sign printers were trying to make a statement that gender is a construct, and little boys can like jewelry and princesses. Otherwise, they just made a big mistake. Historically though, their choice of color palette wouldn’t have been that off base, as baby boys used to be dressed in pink, while baby girls were dressed in blue, but sometime after the second World War, that trend switched, and by the mid 1980s pink  for girls and blue for boys was set in stone.


A Suggested Barrier

Someone is not good at measuring. While this gate was clearly intended to control the entrance or exit of this parking lot, set this far back from the street, it’s entirely ineffective. The mechanism however doesn’t look new enough for it to have been just placed, so it seems the workers who installed it realized they messed it up, then left it where it was anyway. It clearly wasn’t an important enough gate for anyone to care if it was fixed promptly.


Make Dijionnaise

It’s hard to a imagine a person who didn’t recognize the difference between mustard and mayonnaise, but it could be an easier mistake to make if you come from a culture that doesn’t make extensive use of the two condiments. The real problem here is not unsuspecting customers getting a condiment they didn’t want, but those who suffer from allergies mistakenly eating mayo because someone didn’t pay attention while serving them. Then again, if you need to be that careful, hopefully you’d notice which condiment you dispensed.


Wasted Space

When redesigning a space, a kitchen in particular, one may want to optimize the storage space, and so, it’s not entirely illogical to have considered putting two drawers in the corner of the counter. However, the designer of the space clearly didn’t think through the implications, namely that one drawer would consistently block the other from opening fully. At least without handles they were able to put some things in the drawer, but it’s still useless if they can’t remove it.


Identity Theft

Well, we hope Teresa Kennedy wasn’t too upset when she noticed that whoever formatted the yearbook not only forgot her picture, but managed to print Ben Kisila twice, once labelled properly, and once labelled as her. If they really wanted to have a laugh, Ben should show up to one of Teresa’s classes after students received their books, pretending to be her now, like some sort of Freaky Friday switch took place. The alternative is that next year Teresa should be printed in Ben’s place.


Hard To Hold

This mug mishap is pretty inexplicable. The work of inserting the handle inside the mug, rather than adhering it to the outside would seemingly take so much work that it would be more than obvious to whomever was manufacturing them. Even if the mug did manage to sneak its way through the factory line, quality control should have spotted the difference immediately. There’s only one conclusion we can draw; this mug was purposely made handle in as some sort of silly prank.


A Job Well Done

The pat on the back offered by this fortune cookie seems to have been a bit preemptive, since the fortune never made it inside the cookie. This is definitely a preferable situation to opening your cookie and discovering that there is no fortune at all, but the enticement of the cookie is not just a light and sweet finish to your meal, it’s the excitement of discovering the hidden wisdom tucked carefully within the crispy, folded pastry.


Mustache Front And Back

Always one for bucking convention, this guy thought it would be prudent to ask his barber to shave his mustache on the back of his head, but he never bargained for sunglasses shaped hair as well. When he was showed the results of the cut, the man flung the mirror away in a fit of rage, but that wasn’t before the barber had time to snap this pic. Just kidding, this man totally asked his hairdresser to do this.


A Tropical Winter

In an ironic twist, someone at Payless Shoestore thought advertising a display of flip flops under the guise of “get ready for winter” was a good idea. Perhaps if you assume that all of your customers can afford tropical vacations it’s an appropriate campaign, but considering Payless isn’t exactly known as a bastion of the rich and famous, the assumption may be a little overblown. To counterbalance this campaign, they should probably advertise snow boots in the summer.


Actually, Open There

While it must have been clear for the customer who purchased this carton of soup where they should be opening the box, since they obviously managed, they may still have wondered what was under the plastic spout. Was it truly a door to no where, or did scrupulous manufacturers hide an alternative carton spout underneath? Alas, they opened it to discover it was simply a manufacturing error, pointlessly adhered to the wrong side of the soup carton.


3st Is The Worst

You know what they say, if you can’t come in first, come in 3st; or in thirst, though competing in any sort of physical or mental challenge is probably difficult when you’re dehydrated. Whoever made these medals must have had a total lapse in thinking to not have realized what a grave error they’d made prior to production, or even after productions. It’s possible they figured that whoever received the 3rd place medal would still understand whether or not the suffix was correct.


A Veggie Big Mistake

There are some vegetables that are incredibly easy to mix up, especially when they aren’t seen all that often or they’re both large green leaves. Corn and onions, however, both ubiquitous enough that it’s pretty hard to mistake one for another, and yet, this produce wholesaler certainly managed to do just that. Nevertheless, if you were looking for 50 lbs of onions, you’ll have to look elsewhere, but if you happened to be in need of 50 lb bags of corn, its seem like you’re in luck.


Hairdryers Only

One parking lot painter got a little bit confused when it came to painting this handicapped spot, mixing up the head and the wheel. As a result, it looks a lot like the parking spot is reserved for either a beauty salon patron, daintily perched on a stool while her hair dries, or maybe an astronaut, helmet on and ready for lift off. While it’s still obvious this is a handicap spot, it shouldn’t have been so difficult to get right, or at least fix.