McGhee Sextuplets Bounce Back In The Most Beautiful Way


There is something beautiful about having twins. You can see such strong similarities between these two bundles of joy. Then, with time, you see the unique qualities of these two individuals. Imagine how special it must be to have sextuplets. One particular family has shared their experience with the world.

Back With A Bang

Mia Shelby and Rozonno McGhee broke the internet when they posted a photo of their sextuplets online. Six years have passed, and they have bounced back in the most incredible way.

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High School Sweethearts

Mia and Rozonno’s story started way back in high school. From day one, Rozonno was taken aback by his future wife’s style. “I used to see her walking down the hallway, and she always held books in her hands like she was on a mission,” he said. Shortly after they started dating, the young couple realized that they were in it for the long haul. Although they got married when they were just 20, it would be a bit longer before they considered having kids.

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Letting Go Of The Past

One of the reasons for their shared apprehension to start a family was one tragic similarity in their upbringings. Neither Mia nor Rozonno grew up with a father. They only had mothers in their lives. Moreover, they both had dark secrets in their families. While Rozonno’s mother suffered from substance abuse, Mia’s brothers had many run-ins with the law. It was a lot to handle from such an early age, but how did they deal with it?

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Shared Destinies

As a result of their troubled pasts, Mia and Rozonno found strength from each other and were forced to take care of themselves from a very young age. Survival instincts kicked in and with time, it became much clearer that they needed each other to progress in life. Once they were married, they were already mature adults who were able to take care of themselves. This stood them in good stead when more obstacles eventually came their way…

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Years Of Struggle

As time went on, the couple decided that they wanted to start building a family. However, this wouldn’t come without its fair share of challenges. They spent many years trying to have a child, to no avail. They realized that they needed to seek help from external sources. Despite not being the wealthiest couple, they saved up to make their dream come true. After receiving fertility treatment, Mia eventually became pregnant with twins. However, their dreams would soon be shattered…

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Major Setback

After being prematurely delivered, the twins sadly didn’t survive. Naturally, Mia and Rozonno couldn’t believe their luck. They were absolutely heartbroken by the news and for a while, they struggled to come to terms with the loss. After so much excitement and anticipation, their children were snatched away from them by the ugly hands of fate. Despite feeling disheartened by the experience, they tried once again to make their dreams come true. They were not going to give up that easily.

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Time To Rebuild

After lifting each other’s spirits out of the tragedy they had shared, the McGhees went back to the drawing board and made their next move. After more fertility treatment, Mia became pregnant once again. This time, the couple were about to receive good news. However, it was way beyond their expectations. Not only was Mia pregnant with twins, she was pregnant with sextuplets! It was an absolute miracle, as far as the McGhees were concerned, but then they realized something…

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The Price Of Family

Although it’s easy to say that having a family is priceless, the reality is that it actually costs a lot of money. For Mia and Rozonno, having six children at once was certainly going to be an expensive experience. Despite the fact that Rozonno had an upholstery and carpet cleaning business, Mia knew that she would need to quit work to care for the sextuplets. All six babies turned out to be fit and healthy, but the real work had only just begun…

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Hard Work

Although they considered all six kids to be an absolute blessing, Mia and Rozonno were overwhelmed by the work that they faced with their newborn sextuplets. One example of just how much they had to contend with was the staggering amount of diapers they had to use per day. Also, it’s worth noting that the babies would need a lot of milk. Regardless of the amount of blood, sweat, and tears they put in, the McGhees were on cloud nine.

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Kodak Moment

Mia and Rozonno wanted to celebrate the huge family they had built in such a short space of time. So they took their sextuplets and had a stunning photo shoot with them. One of the highlights of the shoot saw Rozonno lying on his belly and all of his kids lying on and around him, with Mia sitting behind them. After sharing the snaps with their friends and family, they eventually shared them with the public, posting them online. They couldn’t believe the reaction they received…

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Viral Family

The photos were so beautiful that the internet went wild upon seeing them. Their photo shoot became an absolute viral sensation. Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter were full of users posting their reactions and sharing the photos in what can only be described as a domino effect. People were in love with the sextuplets. However, it wasn’t just members of the public that expressed their joy for the McGhees. One particular celebrity also shared their love…

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Biggest Fan

One A-list celebrity that was in love with the sextuplets was Oprah Winfrey. The TV superstar invited the family to come on her show and bring the story to an even wider audience. Oprah was so kind to them, she even gave them a $250,000 Walmart gift card. They also received a couple’s retreat to Las Vegas. It was a poignant moment for Mia and Rozonno, especially because they couldn’t afford a honeymoon after getting married. Their luck didn’t end their though…

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Oprah To The Rescue

Their appearance on Oprah’s show created a torrent of kind words and donations from the most unlikely corners of society. Celebrities and brands expressed their support for the family with financial gestures. Oprah even gave them a reality show called Six Little McGhees. As a result of the show’s success, Rozonno also saw the benefits, with his business becoming more profitable. However, a huge question loomed over them: would the fame and fortune end up having a negative impact on their life?

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Power In Numbers

American society loves stories about large families. For whatever reason, having a lot of kids is an idea that has fascinated people since the dawn of man. Reality TV shows such as 19 Kids and Counting and Jon & Kate Plus Eight are so popular that it seems to be a winning formula for TV networks. People just can’t get enough of large families, so when Mia and Rozonno had sextuplets, the public was ready to eat up their story too.

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Six Little McGhees

The sextuplets seemed like they were born to be stars even after Six Little McGhees hit TV screens. After debuting in December, 2012, the show ran for three seasons and gave an accurate portrayal of Mia and Rozonno’s day-to-day life with their sextuplets. The couple is the first in Columbus, Ohio, to have had sextuplets and they were not afraid to share every little detail of their past and present life. In 2014, the show won Best Reality Show at the 20th Annual NAMIC Vision Awards.

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Not The First Time

Although Mia and Rozonno’s story is truly special, this was not the first time that a couple has had sextuplets. On record, there have been about 20 cases of sextuplets being born. The first case can be traced back to October, 1968. Sheila and Barry Thomas from Birmingham, England are the first couple known to have had sextuplets. However, tragedy turned its ugly head when one of their babies died shortly after being born. Another pair died just two weeks later.

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Still Happy

Six years have passed and it turns out that life is still going great for the McGhees. The family has only had happiness since they blew up on the internet. They ended up getting a bigger house to cater to their ever-growing needs. The sextuplets also got the privilege of moving to another city, and attending a bigger school, so that they could all study separately. Because of their long-lasting success, the family has celebrated in a way that you won’t believe…

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Recreating The Magic

As it was that stunning photo shoot that put the family on the map in the first place, they decided that there was only one way to celebrate the sextuplets first six years in the world. A recreation of the iconic photo was how they did it. This time, it was Rozonno who wore the black shirt, with the sextuplets wearing tank-tops to evoke their purity from the first photo. How exactly though did the parents get their kids to pose so calmly?

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Man Behind The Camera

In short, the answer was a technique performed by one man: Brian Killian. This was the man behind the camera the last time the family got their photos taken. It only seemed fitting for Killian to finish what he started six years ago. This wasn’t the first time Killian had taken such a heartwarming photo shoot of a family. He seemed to have a winning formula when it came to capturing the perfect shot, but there was something special about the McGhees…

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Special Experience

In all his time spent as a photographer, Killian has never had more fun than the time he photographed the McGhee family. “We knew that one was special,” he said in an interview with Today. “I think people still remember seeing it six years ago. To have six little babies asleep on their dad — that’s a unique portrait.” Amazingly, it only took Killian 15 minutes to do the photo shoot. What exactly was the secret behind Killian’s awesome vision?

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Winning Formula

All Killian did was make sure that the parents were positioned exactly where they were last time. Then, he placed two kids at a time into position. After taking multiple images with each pair with Mia and Rozonno in the same place, Killian then photoshopped them all together. That’s right, the end result is something of an illusion. Although Killian tricks people with his images, one thing is for sure: these images look so real and are bound to make people happy.

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Talented Sextuplets

Killian doesn’t want to take all the credit for the incredible images. He admits that Rozonno Jr., Josiah, Issac, Elijah, Madison, and Olivia are probably accustomed to being in front of cameras after having so much experience in reality TV. They were born to be stars. “They just want to hug you,” Killian said. “They’re full of love and full of joy. They were great.” Now, the sextuplets look like they’re ready to move to the next level with their latest career endeavor…

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Back On TV

After the third season of Six Little McGhees came to an end, the show had somewhat of an upgrade. It changed its name to Growing Up McGhee and was aired under UP TV. This network has a huge religious, African American following and seemed to be the perfect one for the show to be broadcasted through. Even though the first show came to an end, it seemed like people wanted to carry on watching. Then, something happened with Mia…

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Money Issues

In one of the episodes of Growing Up McGhee, Mia goes to the store and tries to do some extreme couponing in order to save money. However, she ends up having some issues with some of her coupons and exceeds her original budget. It’s times like these that demonstrated just how hard it can be to provide for such a large family. Despite the rise in fame and fortune, having sextuplets is going to pose its unique set of challenges.

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The Power Of Family

Then you get times like the Season 5 finale that show how worth it Mia and Rozonno’s journey has actually been. They decided to renew their vows, but this time, they went to Turks and Caicos with the sextuplets to do it. As they looked out to the horizon, they held their kids’ hands and confessed their undying love for each other. It goes to show that not only has this family grown considerably, but so has their love.

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