The Very Best Of The World Cup Fans From Around The World

Having waited four years for the World Cup, the day is finally about to arrive. Just as the players are excited to show off their skills on the pitch, the ever so excited fans are sure to turn up in full force to show their support.


Germany was a proud nation in 2014 after their phenomenal win at the FIFA World Cup. It is no surprise, therefore, that their fans were all smiles during their time in Brazil, where they watched their country put on a spectacular performance.



The Brazilian fans turned out in thousands when the tournament was brought to their home country for its last ocurence in 2014, but their heartbreaking 7-1 loss against Germany sadly saw them out of the competition in the semi-finals. Nevertheless, the fans proved they were dedicated to showing support for their home country, and the girls are known to be some of the prettiest fans in the world. This lady proved so when she was spotted in the crowd on July 8, 2014.



This Colombian fan was probably not expecting to go viral on the internet when she went to support her home country, but she is now considered one of the most beautiful fans to have attended the 2014 World Cup. The Colombian beauty came out in full force when she sported the colors of her home country, painted their flag on her cheek, and held a flag over her head for good measure. It seems all her effort was all worth it since she certainly caught the eye of onlookers.



It seems that there can be more to the World Cup than just winning a trophy, and this Belgium fan has proven to be the perfect example. Axelle Despiegelare watched as her team was knocked out of the competition when they lost against Argentina, but L’Oreal came calling after this photo went viral. While Belgium came out with nothing from the game, the beauty brand offered the blonde bombshell a contract with their label after she caught their attention from the Brazilian stands.



The United States may not be known for their outstanding performances on the soccer pitch, but that doesn’t mean that Americans won’t fully support their team when they’re in a soccer tournament. Painted in the colors of red, white, and blue, with the United States flag held high with pride, the American fans proved they were up there with the best. After all, they knew the odds were not in their favor to win, so they were going to enjoy themselves as best they could.


Costa Rica

They may have just missed out on lifting the winning trophy when they were knocked out in the quarter-finals of the 2014 World Cup, but Costa Rica fans were there to lend their support regardless of the outcome. After all, this was the first time Costa Rica had made it so far in the lucrative tournament, so it was an achievement nonetheless for the Central American squad. With fans as beautiful as this lady, the players were sure going to give their best to try and impress.


South Korea

What is better than dressing up for an event? Having friends that will dress up with you, of course. Making themselves known were these three South Korean ladies who went for the red and white theme, devil horns, and World Cup merchandise. While we hope everyone was playing nice rather than naughty, these red devils were surrounded by cheering fans, and they themselves looked to be enjoying their day out. South Korea may not have won the trophy, but they would have been pleased with their fans’ support.



She may have come to watch her team play some soccer, but other fans had other ideas. While Messi was busy showing off his talented skills and proving why he is the best player in the world, it seems that there was more interest in this female fan. She seemed to be all for it though, so why not? At this World Cup match, all eyes were on the blonde bombshell, and perhaps a good thing too because Argentina failed to live up to expectation in the previous tournament.



What better way to show support for Australia than bringing an inflatable kangaroo with you to the stadium? Nothing really, in our opinion. This is exactly what this dedicated fan did prior to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Group B match between Chile and Australia. With the extra soccer shirts, hats, scarves, and wigs donned in the Australian team’s colors, these two rocked up to the Arena Pantanal in Brazil ready to show support for their country. We can’t imagine that any other team’s fans came with a kangaroo in tow.



In 1998, France won its first and only World Cup title when they beat Brazil 3-0 on home turf. Such an achievement has not happened again, but they have also been runners-up and third place in previous years. Meanwhile, the country has suffered some serious defeats during its World Cup appearances, so fans are not always sure as to what to expect from their team. Nevertheless, the French supporters are sure to come and cheer their country on from the stands, with some in fancy dress.



The United Kingdom is known for their love for football, so of course, there are going to be plenty of English supporters making their way to the World Cup. While the England team ironically does not have the best reputation, and fans are not expecting much from their home players, the love for the sport is what matters most to these fans. They will still be loud and proud of their British roots and their unity as a nation when it comes to supporting soccer.



When Cristiano Ronaldo is playing for your home team, you are sure going to want to catch sight of one of the best players in the world. It is no surprise, therefore, that the Portuguese fans come to lend their support, in the hope that Ronaldo will prove why he is the best. Proudly sporting the red and green colors from their Portuguese flag, these gorgeous girls showed that the country produces more than just talented and good-looking soccer megastars.



If you’re going to support your country as best as you can, you are surely going to dress up as one of your country’s favorite delicacies – right? Well, it seems that this is exactly what these guys thought of doing when they posed before the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Group C match between Colombia and Greece dressed as Greek yogurts. We doubt many others at the Estadio Mineriao stadium had come dressed looking the same, so they could easily spot one another in the big crowds.



If we did not know any better, we would guess that these two girls are sisters. Perhaps Spanish girls have a particular look, but the similarity of long, brown locks and aviator specs are surely catching the eyes of the cameraman. Of course, the red soccer shirt is a must when watching the Spanish national team play, and we are sure that there were many more ladies with a similar look cheering on their soccer players. With David de Gea as their No.1, we’re sure Spain’s fans are excited this year.



How else does one support Canada besides dressing head to toe in red and white? These girls proved they were every inch the super fans for their North American team, and showed they were there for one reason only – to support their home country. The smiles on their faces prove that regardless of the outcome, lending their support in the World Cup stadium was of utmost importance. That is exactly the kind of support every soccer team needs to give them that extra boost on the pitch.



Soccer is known to bring countries together; it is a sport where fans come together to show the love and support of their home nation, and all focus is on the game. This Iranian lady has proven her love for her home country, sporting the colors of their flag and offering a heart to the cameraman. Should the final results not go as fans had hoped, then at least there are pretty fans in the stands to focus your attention on.



South Americans have a reputation for producing talented soccer players, who make being a fan of the sport that ever bit more easier. While Paraguay is not to the same standard as Brazil and Argentina, that is not to say their fans won’t be as loving and supportive as their Latin American counterparts. Sadly, we won’t be seeing Paraguay fans this year in Russia as they were unable to qualify for the tournament, but that is not to say that none will be watching anyhow.



The Japanese team will be making their way to Russia this year to once again represent their country in hopes of bringing home the winning trophy. While it may take Japanese fans nearly 10 hours to travel to Moscow, they will undoubtedly be turning up in their red and white colors to offer their support to the soccer team. With Japan being one of the most successful soccer teams in Asia, they will once again be hoping to prove exactly why.



South American girls have a reputation for being some of the prettiest in the world, and we can see why. Their warming and bright smiles are enough to catch anyone’s attention, and will undoubtedly be found in the stands of the soccer World Cup. After all, South America also has a reputation for having some of the best soccer players, so their fans will be all smiles watching their home countries take to the pitch during the competition. Ecuador’s best World Cup performance was in 2006.



Italians are known to express their love for many things. Their passion and excitement make them a romantic nation, so it is no surprise their soccer fans will be lending their love and support during the World Cup competition. While ‘Italian Stallions’ are easy to spot out in the middle of a crowd, Italian ladies’ poise and elegance are like no other. Italy is also one of the most successful national teams in the history of the World Cup after winning four titles, the most recent in 2006.



Trust the Dutch to really stand out in the crowd when they all turn up to any soccer tournament sporting the bright orange color of their team. While many even go all out with a neon colored wig, dressing head to toe in their national color, there are also the blonde beauties who prove why the Netherlands has a reputation for producing some very gorgeous girls. Fortunately, their country can also produce some good soccer skills, so they are always in for a good time when showing their support.


South Africa

When South Africa hosted the World Cup in 2010, they proved exactly why they were the perfect country to be given the honor. You would have heard the vuvuzelas loud and proud during most games, and their fans joined in true South African style. With their bright colors, warm smiles, and energetic vibes, they played host in the best possible way. The South African Football Association have now confirmed they will be making a bid for 2026 World Cup to be held in their country once again.

south africa


Visiting Croatia, you are likely to see beautiful views, experience great weather, and see some beautiful locals. It helps that they have a soccer team that qualifies for the World Cup because the locals then come out in the thousands in the hope their country will bring home the winning trophy. This year, Croatia will start the tournament by going head to head with Nigeria, and we’re sure that their beautiful fans will be there, like every year, to show their support.



Sweden is known for their blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauties, and noticing a Swede is quite an easy task. Their soccer team colors also help them stand out from their crowd, as their bright yellow and blue shirts are sure to catch the eye of any passerby. When thousands of Swedish fans stand together, meanwhile, they are sure to be the brightest group in the stadium, so there is no missing them. This Scandinavian country will be competing against its European neighbors in the hope of taking the No.1 spot.



They are set to play host in just a matter of days, and Russia is undoubtedly going to prove that their country is the place to be this summer. In previous years, the Russian fans have traveled far and wide to support their country in the World Cup, and nothing shows off their love more than a hat stating ‘Russia is my life.’ Russia will be hopeful that their team can win the entire tournament on home turf this year, making it an even more exciting time for the country.



Mexicans know how to represent their country, and they certainly did during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. This female supporter hopped down south to Mexico’s fellow South American Country to support her team and made sure she was the most decked out fan in the crowd. With that giant sombrero that says “Viva Mexico,” which is a cry that fans shout which means “long live Mexico,” there’s no doubt that she had a lot of pride for her country and team.


They reached third place at the World Cup in 1962, but Chile has failed to ever lift the winning trophy at the end of the tournament. Nevertheless, their fans have continued to support their home country in the hopes that each World Cup they will secure that winning spot. Just like their South American counterparts, Chilean fans are sure to bring the fire and energy to the soccer stands, providing a great atmosphere if all else fails with the actual soccer!



If you’re not going to go all out with your dressing up then why bother at all? Must have been exactly what was going through these three fans’ minds when they were getting ready to cheer on Ghana in the World Cup. While many fans come to the stadiums sporting the colors of their nation, these fans went all out painting themselves head to toe in the colors of Ghana. As they say, “Go Hard or Go Home,” and we can see which way these fans chose to go.


Bosnia and Herzegovina

With cameras on every angle of the World Cup tournament, you are going to want to make sure you are camera ready. These girls caught sight of the camera zooming in on them, and they were sure to show their love and smiles back. While Bosnia and Herzegovina are not likely winners in the World Cup, it has not stopped fans from turning up to the stands dressed head to toe in Bosnia and Herzegovina merchandise, and we are sure to see them once again in Moscow.



The guys in the background may have decided to just wear everything blue and white on the day they were going to support Honduras in the World Cup, but this lovely lady just brought her beauty. While, of course, she was wearing the Honduras soccer shirt, she brought the glam alongside all the fancy dress. Perhaps the guys behind her were disappointed that not all the fans had face paint on, but we can’t really blame her for choosing to come au-natural.