This Man Could Not Believe Who Turned Up On His Birthday


Paul Was In Shock

While he was accompanied by his wife and four grandchildren to help celebrate his birthday, he was not expecting any more guests. It was only when he was being served his coffee while dining that he was left in complete shock at who was standing next to him.


Just Like Any Other Birthday

For Paul, celebrating his 71st birthday was going to be a small affair. Spending time with his family and going out altogether for a meal was what he had in mind for his plans. Paul and his family live in Dallas, Texas. However, Paul was born in a little town in North Carolina to a big family. In fact, Paul is the youngest boy of his nine siblings, and is the only sibling to leave North Carolina and set up home elsewhere.


Away From His Family

He originally moved to Texas because of the army, which is what led him to Fort Worth, but Texas would eventually become his permanent home after meeting his wife and starting a family together. Before meeting his wife, however, Paul was without any family for quite some time and lived an independent life away from his parents and siblings. As he spent a great deal of time in Texas, it meant he had not seen his siblings for quite some time.


Making This Birthday Different

To mark his 71st birthday, his wife and daughter thought it was the time for Paul to get the biggest surprise yet, and planned something special for him. While they planned their family dinner in their local town, Paul had no idea that all those years apart were about to come to an end, and slowly but surely, the plan was coming together. This birthday was about to be a truly special one indeed.


A Birthday Meal

What seemed to start off as a normal birthday meal would end up very different from what Paul expected thanks to his wife and kids. In fact, it was Paul’s daughter who had gotten in touch with someone very special to organize an even more special day for her father when they would all be together. The meal started like any other. They took their seats at the diner and once they decided what to order, they waited to be served.


Making It More Memorable

It was at this moment that something completely unexpected happened, and Paul’s 71st birthday was sure to be a memorable one. Luckily the family all decided to order coffee, which was the perfect moment to unveil the surprise. When the coffees were being served to the table, a man strolled over to the table and placed the coffee cup right next to the birthday boy. Once again, a fairly normal thing to expect when being served.


The Unexpected Surprise

It was not until Paul looked up to see that the man serving his coffee was not a waiter as he expected. Taking a moment to register who the man was standing next to him at the table, he suddenly threw his wallet down on the table while in complete shock from realizing who was actually handing him his coffee. At this moment, Paul noticed someone most certainly was not expecting to see in general, much less serving him coffee at a diner.


Leaving Paul In Complete Shock

The surprise planned was finally revealed, and the man standing next to Paul was, in fact, one his brothers. It was his brother Harold, who had come from North Carolina, whom he had not seen in many years, who now was standing just a few steps next to him. This was an encounter Paul was not expecting on his birthday, was for sure to make his birthday celebrations an even greater one this year. His reaction was just as his family had expected.


The Initial Shock

Taking a seat opposite his obviously surprised brother, Harold joined the family meal while Paul let the surprise sink in. Once it had, Paul finally processed that his brother was in physical distance to him. He got up from the table to hug Harold, an embrace the two have most likely been waiting for for a long time. Putting his arm around him, Paul asked Harold, “Is Nancy with you?” Paul shook his head in reply, but the two continued their reunion.


Letting It Sink In

Paul remained confused for a good while, asking “What in the world are you doing here?” Harold had not visited the state of Texas for over 20 years. Paul rightfully never expected for his elder brother to just turn up unexpectedly one day, or be in front of him on the special occasion of his birthday. It was a surprise he was not prepared for, but most likely the best birthday present he could have gotten.


Dreams Coming True

In the footage of the surprise, someone is heard joking that, “He [Harold] heard they had a good breakfast, so he flew in.” Overall, the surprise went off without a hitch. In fact, it was Paul’s daughter who was in contact with Harold, and the two planned this long awaited reunion for her dad’s birthday. Wanting to do this for some time, Harold had gotten in contact with his niece to arrange the surprise, and together they managed to make his dream a reality.


Calling In Assistance

Paul’s daughter continued her part by picking up her uncle Harold from the airport and bringing him to the restaurant earlier than the planned meal. When they got to the restaurant, she told her uncle to sit at the table behind a tall booth so Paul would not be able to notice his brother waiting. The moment the surprise was revealed, she filmed the whole thing on camera, capturing the special moment the two brothers were reunited with one another.


An Emotional Birthday

After thinking his birthday was going to be like any other, Paul had an emotional 71st birthday, but in the best way possible. Watching the brothers together overcome with such emotion, Paul’s daughter expressed, “I loved my Dad’s reaction and they both cried. So sweet.” Just like the story of Paul and Harold reuniting after such a long time, many long-lost brothers have come to be reunited with one another over the years. These reunions also have their own emotional stories that come with their long-awaited reunion.


Brothers Reuniting Continues

Brothers being reunited have long been documented, as many people tend to enjoy seeing the emotional reunions. After the story of Paul and Harold being reunited many years after being apart for so long, more stories followed with similar premises – brothers being apart for so long and the happiness they experience at finding one another. Some, however, have unfortunate endings where the ending of the story is not as sweet and Paul and Harold’s story.


Twins Reuniting

Another story sheds light on two twin brothers who were reunited with one another in Montreal after years apart. After an unfortunate falling out, the Brodeur twins had not seen each other for 20 years. The identical twins reconnected after one of the brothers, Eric, thought it was time to bury the hatchet. He reached out to his twin bother, and the two reconnected once again. But, there was a reason he was so desperate for this reconciliation with his twin.



Calling In For Help

Sometimes finding lost-lost family members is not as easy as calling them up, as was the case with Harold and Paul. Eric had lost contact with his twin brother 20 years before, and he needed to find him quickly. He decided to recruit the help of a third party in helping find his twin brother. It was with a message that he would send out and he hoped would reach his brother. It was an emotional message, nonetheless, but Eric needed his brother to see.


Sending Out A Message

Unfortunately, Eric became ill. Having been a cancer survivor twice already, Eric found out he was diagnosed with cancer for the third time. At this time, he thought it was also time to find his brother. He approached Global News for assistance in finding his twin, Stephane. The message sent out by Global News in hope to find Stephane was successful. On hearing the message just two days later, Stephane knew he had to see Eric. The brothers finally had the opportunity to be reunited.


News Travels Fast

Stephane first heard of Eric’s search from a mutual friend who showed him the footage that was shown on Global News. He recalled that “I watched it and I was so taken aback by it.” Also devastated to hear of his brother’s illness, he knew he had to be there for Eric during this time. “He needs me now more than ever, so I have to be there for him and I’m going to be there for him, that’s for sure. We met each other two days after the newscast.”


Brothers Meeting For The First Time

The emotional reunions between long-lost siblings have long been documented. People connect to the chance to see family members reuniting after so long apart. This is often a joyous and emotional time in their lives when it all goes well. However, at times there are obstacles and timing issues that produce different outcomes for these reunions. This was the case for brothers Steve Balshaw and Rob Hall. The two brothers were filmed after finally being brought together after many, many years.


Playing Catch-Up

A documentary following long-lost family members showed how two brothers were reunited in the U.K. after having never met. The two brothers shared the same biological mother. Rob Hall and his half-brother, Steve Belshaw were seen on camera meeting each other for the first time. The reunion between the two is an emotional one for several reasons. While they may share the same mother, Steve was in fact put up for adoption when he was born.


He Never Got To Know His Family

Belshaw’s mother fell pregnant with her son at the young age of 17. Unfortunately, the father of the child who was her boyfriend at the time had tragically died in a motorbike accident. At the time, the young teen thought it was best to give Steve up for adoption after he was born. Belshaw then never met his mother, but had discovered she had more children. Knowing he had half-siblings, Steve wanted to know more about his biological mother. This is when he reached out to find his brother, Hall.


Finding Out About His Biological Family

Belshaw believed that by meeting up with Hall, he would gain insight into the family that could have been. When the brothers were reunited with one another, it was, of course, an emotional moment. Belshaw was getting to spend time with his half-brother, and their emotional ride was documented for others to see. But just as this tale was looking to have a happy ending in store, another twist came in the way. The story then took a turn for the worse.


Tragedy Strikes Again

Three weeks after the documentary aired, there were unfortunate news announced.  While the brothers had began to form a relationship, the newly formed bond would come to a sharp end. Belshaw had unfortunately suddenly passed away, and the brief time the brothers had together was cut short. Belshaw’s long awaited hope to develop a relationship and friendship with his brother was going to be an exciting time in both their lives, but it was not meant to be.


A Sad Ending

It can only be hoped that Belshaw passed away happy having achieved his dream of meeting his brother, Hall. By getting to know more about the family he once belonged to, Belshaw had the information he had always longed for. He got the opportunity to meet his half-brother and together they got to experience a brief relationship. Some people never get to have the same opportunity in their lifetime. Their short time together was been precious for both of them.


Showing Appreciation For What You’ve Got

Though there may have been some sad endings to the family reunions, these reunions show the importance of family. Spending time together when possible is important, regardless of the time apart. Being reunited is a special moment, and a time for siblings to redevelop the bond and connection they share as family. These reunion stories have show that we must appreciate the time we have with one another because we may never know what obstacles might come in the way.