Military Women Who Completely Transform When They’re Off Duty


Even when women spend the vast majority of their day in their uniforms, they still haven’t plenty of opportunities to let loose and wear what they want. These ladies know that the best thing they can do for their well being is to leave their work in the office. Some of them find that their second lives are particularly glamorous, while others are just happy to share the workout routines that keep them ready to take on any challenge their job may throw at them. Let’s take a look at a number of ladies who wear uniforms in their day to day lives, before seeing just how much they transform when they come home at the end of the day.

Meagan Michele In Uniform

Meagan Michele works as a Law Enforcement Officer for the sheriff’s department in Southern California. The job might not sound like the most stressful, but don’t let the title fool you.

The area has one of the biggest populations in the country, and even if her uniform is a little different, she still finds herself facing plenty of danger on the job. When she heads home for the day, however, Meagan is always ready to let her hair down.

Meagan Michele At Home

In a stretchy black top, Meagan is ready to relax after a hard day of work, before possibly heading out for an evening with her friends.

At 25, it’s easy for her to throw on a minimal amount of makeup, as her sheer pink gloss shows that it’s no time to be dramatic. Meagan’s crazy long lashes really show with the bright pink eyeshadow she’s chosen, both of which amplify the crystal clear hue of her icy blue eyes.

Katherine Carney In Uniform

Having enlisted in the United States Navy, Katherine Carney is another woman who shows that being in the military is not quite what it seems.

She works hard at her job, but that doesn’t mean she can’t show off just a little bit of individuality while she’s in uniform. Of course, there isn’t much leeway when it comes to changing your look when you’re on the job, as there’s a strict dress code even down to hairstyles and makeup.

Katherine Carney At Home

However, at the end of the day, Katherine still has a life outside of work.

When you’re forced to keep your personality and stylistic flair all tied up in a uniform all day, it can be refreshing to come home, do your hair, and put on some fabulous makeup. Katherine has chosen to accentuate her big blue eyes with the clean look of liquid liner, plus the pop of extra lashes. A neutral pink lip completes the look.

Charissa Littlejohn In Uniform

It may be hard to tell from just a photo, but Charissa Littlejohn has quite an impressive resume. During her military service, she served as a medic, which was aided by her Master’s degree in healthcare.

Even when she finished her last tour of duty, Charissa was inspired to continue helping others, as much as she would have liked to do it while still a member of the armed forces. Here she’s pictured in uniform while on a trip to Japan.

Charissa Littlejohn At Home

Saving lives is not the only thing Charissa is good at. She also has since become a model, though this gorgeous shot was snapped while she was on a vacation in Thailand.

Even off duty, Charissa doesn’t mind pining her long locks up, especially when hanging around in the tropical heat. Charissa’s knitted bikini top certainly looks more comfortable than being covered in a thick and heavy uniform all day. With work far behind her, she looks completely relaxed.

Adrienne Koleszar In Uniform

German police officer Adrienne Koleszar was spotted by a passerby one day while she was on duty.

Standing proudly in the middle of this public square, Koleszar looks as if she’s taking in the antique buildings surrounding her, which is quite likely a relief from chasing after criminals, or worse, ticketing cars for the most mundane of parking violations. The biggest difference between the German and American dress codes, however, seems to be in the hairstyle, as Koleszar is allowed to wear a free-flowing ponytail.

Adrienne Koleszar At Home

When Adrienne Koleszar is off duty, she has a second job as an Instagram fitness personality. Millions of women check her page in order to get fitness tips or inspiration from her posts, as she clearly knows what she’s doing.

Her routines have led to the impressive results she can consistently post on her page, showing off her well-defined abdominal muscles, while also showing that she may look small, but she’s one police officer you definitely shouldn’t bother messing with.

Gunn Narten In Uniform

Hailing from the beautiful fjords of Norway, Gunn Narten is one of the rare female firefighters who is known to the wider world.

Why she’s stopping to take a selfie while in the middle of her work is certainly a headscratcher, but even dressed up for some serious fire combatting, Narten manages to look graceful. Being a firefighter means she has several different layers of uniform, from standard to her heavy emergency fire suit as seen in the picture below.

Gun Narten At Home

When she isn’t on the job saving lives and homes, Narten has also gained a following on Instagram for her fitness posts.

Anyone who needs to be able to lift other people should definitely have a solid routine to keep up their strength, but there’s another element to the content that Narten posts. Many of her photos have the unique advantage that she comes from a place with endless natural beauty, and fans all over the world can’t get enough of the Norwegian landscape.

Shannah Williams In Uniform

When Shannah Williams decided to join the United States Navy, she probably didn’t consider the true value of her uniform: it’s a perfect match for her eyes.

The Navy Corpsman comes from the great American state of Missouri, and even in a static photo, her smile oozes Southern charm. During her service, it didn’t matter that Shannah was a woman, she and her fellow soldiers trained all together, men and women alike. No matter how difficult it was, Shannah gave her all.

Shannah Williams At Home

At home, however, Shannah can finally relax. Outside of base, Shannah’s life is similar to any other young adults’ in America.

She has a boyfriend who is also in the military, which helps them to understand the unique challenges they face day to day, but she also spends plenty of time cuddling with her cats, going to the beach, and even testing out all sorts of exciting food you can only come by at summertime fairs.

Sammy Sepulveda In Uniform

With roots in the Dominican Republic, Sammy Sepulveda decided to serve her new country in the great state of New York, where she works as a police officer in the city that never sleeps.

Being a New Yorker means that officers need to have a particularly tough exterior in order to handle the city’s population, but Sepulveda is always ready to rise to the challenge. There’s a good reason that the officers of the New York City Police Department are called New York’s finest.

Sammy Sepulveda At Home

By day, Sepulveda may be roaming the streets to keep the citizens safe, but by night, she’s always ready to let her hair loose and enjoy a good cocktail.

The feisty officer has plenty of options when it comes to nightlife, and she certainly has a wardrobe to match! In a dress with a watercolor like pattern, Sepulveda shows off her personality with a bright pink lip and smokey eyes. The elegant watch and bracelet complete the look perfectly.

Haley Drew In Uniform

Haley Drew might look like the sort of police officer you can sweet talk out of giving you a ticket, but behind her gentle look is the toughness required to be an officer of the law.

Drew is actually a detention officer down in Texas, where she has to contend with those who get locked up in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Being a detention officer is one of the toughest jobs on the force, but Drew knows to leave her work in the office.

Haley Drew At Home

At home, Haley can finally let her guard down and be the sweet Southern belle she always knew she was.

Though she loves sharing pictures of her and her family on her Instagram, she has done even more to give back to her community in her off hours. In a recent post on her social media channels, Haley explained her emotional decision to give away her dog to a woman who was in far greater need of his company than she was.

Bayley Deputy In Uniform

Though all of the women who have appeared on this list so far are admirable for their service to their homes, Bayley Deputy’s job goes above and beyond in a different way.

She’s one of the few female paratroopers in the force, and she’s exceptionally good at her job. So good, in fact, that she holds the position of crew chief, making her not only responsible for her own safety, but also the safety of others.

Bayley Deputy At Home

Bayley may love jumping out of her helicopter on a regular basis, but that doesn’t mean she’s all work and no play.

Like any other young woman, Bayley enjoys date nights with her husband when she has the chance, though she also sometimes pulls double duty and travels back in time as a pinup model. There’s nothing like shifting gears by throwing your hair up in some victory rolls after being buttoned up in a uniform day in and day out.

Anna Paulina In Uniform

Anna Paulina is a proud veteran of the United States Air Force, a position which she loves to post about on social media.

Serving in the military has long been an important aspect of Anna’s identity, where she spent most of her time working as a medic, which inspired her to study medicine when she finished her service. Upholding the integrity of her position as a servicewoman is one of the most important ideals that Anna holds.

Anna Paulina At Home

When she’s off duty, Anna Paulina still likes to share her pride for her work and for her country on her Instagram page.

Using the values instilled in her during her time in the military, Anna has learned to never shy away from her beliefs, even when others might find it unpopular. She often draws inspiration from her Mexican heritage, though more than anything else, she’s proud to be an American who had the opportunity to serve her country.

Shannon Ihrke In Uniform

When Shannon Ihrke joined the military, she was yet another young American in college who had no idea what to do with her life.

As a personal challenge, she decided to join the United States Marine Corps because she heard it was the most difficult branch of the military. Through her training, she discovered just how hard she could push herself, and she developed considerable leadership skills. After her discharge, Shannon was ready to forge a new path.

Shannon Ihrke At Home

In the years since she completed her military service, Shannon discovered that her physical skills weren’t limited to obstacle courses, but also to runways.

Even as she began a career in modeling and working as a radio host, Shannon decided she was ready to return to her studies. Out of uniform, Shannon prefers soft girly dresses like this one, which are a sharp contrast to what she was required to wear during her days in the Marines.

Cassandra Jedlinski In Uniform

Serving in the United States Marines, Cassandra Jedlinksi has dreams of shifting her role within the military to the Air Force.

Though she’s currently in training at Camp Lejeune, she hopes by the time she finishes up with the preparatory program she’ll be accepted into the Air Force. It can be difficult to serve in the military, even when you’re not stationed overseas, but for Cassandra, she completely transforms when she heads home at the end of the workday.

Cassandra Jedlinski At Home

Cassandra’s at-home look proves just how big of a difference a uniform can make. With voluminous blonde hair and sparkling eyes, Cassandra hardly looks like the same person once she’s changed into something more comfortable.

To complete her look, she opts for natural makeup, choosing a nearly nude lip color and just a touch of eyeliner and mascara to make her baby blues shine. After spending her days with her hair tied tightly back, it must feel good to let it all free.

Jazzi Jessica In Uniform

Jazzi Jessica is far more than just a soldier in the United States Air ForceBefore switching to a different military branch, she previously served in the US Navy for five years.

In addition to her service, however, Jazzi Jessica also manages to find time to give back to her fellow veterans with a nonprofit whose aim is to help those who have been wounded in the line of duty. Even while serving, Jazzi Jessica has managed to build up quite the following.

Jazzi Jessica At Home

She might be a military woman for her day job, but Jazzi Jessica has a lot going on on the side.

Even off-duty, it seems she favors army green, the better to show off the matching color in her eyes. Jazzi Jessica loves to show off her workouts on Instagram, and we have to say, her strength is certainly impressive. Given the high intensity of many military jobs, it’s definitely a good idea for Jessica to keep up her fitness.