Handyman Makes An Interesting Discovery When He Helps Scared Homeowner Open Trap Door


Ever since he’d first purchased his getaway cabin in the woods, homeowner Simon lived with the uncertainty of the trapdoor beneath his kitchen table.

The Cabin In The Woods

Given the eerie nature of the woods, it is no surprise that many scary movies tend to be set there. With no artificial outdoor lighting and not another human for miles, the woods is a perfect place for a terrifying horror scene. Therefore, while Simon loved his new home, he hesitated to explore what was beneath the trapdoor…

Curiosity Never Killed The Cat

Many of us dream of finding a secret room in our house. Maybe a room with hidden treasures or amazing antiques could be discovered that have been there for thousands of years previous. However, despite searching every crevice in your home, it is very likely you end up being empty-handed. While most of us never come across any secret rooms, Simon did. On top of that, he felt it was worth exploring but his curiosity was held back by his fear.

What Was He Hiding?

Simon was delighted to show his new home to his friends and family. He would even prepare tea for them in his new kitchen. Yet when they entered the dining room of his cabin, they couldn’t help but question the odd placement of his table. It appeared as though the table was covering a secret door. When asked what was under there, Simon would just reply that he had never tried to look. This made others suspicious. Was he hiding something?

Nature Lover

Simon moved out of the city to pursue a life surrounded by nature. He spent his days exploring the nature surrounding his cabin and would take his canine companion out for walks in the woodland. He enjoyed his new life and did not want to uncover something that would mean moving to a new location. Instead, he lived in denial and purposely positioned the heavy table over the trap door, hoping he would one day forget about it. However, like all his guests, he could not contain his curiosity.

Help From A Handyman

Eventually, Simon got fed up of the suspicions and curiosity surrounding the trapdoor under his dining table. Additionally, he was having sleepless nights wondering what lurked below him downstairs. He figured it was time to take a look but scenes from horror movies began to flash before his eyes. Could there be a rotting body? Something out of the ordinary? A crime scene? He decided to call upon Handyman John to help him uncover the mystery.

Recording The Journey

When the handyman came round, Simon began to document his journey of the discovered trapdoor on Imgur, an online image sharing community. He used the title ‘Sirbumpsalot’ to record the events. Perhaps he felt safer that in a way the internet would be right there with him. Whatever reason he did it, everyone wanted to know what he found. “Never had the guts to open it… Handyman came by and was all too eager to have a look,” Simon wrote on the site.

Opening The Door

When the handyman slid the table out of the way and propped open the door, he instantly began to regret his decision to help the cabin owner. He thought that perhaps Simon had a point why he had never attempted to go down there. As he stared down he first noticed that the wood underneath was rotten and there were venomous funnel-weaver spiders everywhere. Bites from these arachnids can rot human flesh, so finding a nest of them was not ideal but they decided to discover the hole further.

A Terrible Smell

The cellar beneath the door smelt damp and unpleasant. The rusted ladder and chipped concrete lining the hole suggested it hadn’t been opened in years. There was a tinge of iron and moldy rust, and this combined with whatever was down there had created an awful smell in the air coming out of the hole. While peering down into the darkness, John began to move his flashlight around to get a better look. All of a sudden, he saw something move in the shadows.

The Tale Of The Woods

While Handyman John started to get anxious, the owner began to think about all the stories he had ever heard about the scary woodlands in which he resided. Tales about the many hikers who had vanished without a trace in that particular wooded area was his main train of thought. He thought – when was the last time someone had disappeared? What if the hole had something to do with the mysterious happenings? Perhaps he was right…

Saving The Spiders

Simon, or SirBumpsAlot, did not find it acceptable to kill spiders unnecessarily and considered it to be bad luck. So with care, he and the handyman began to remove them one by one and took them outside to be released. It took a long time but made them feel better about the situation. Finally, once all the venomous and skin-crawling creatures were removed, their view became less obstructive. John grabbed the flashlight and they continued to peer deeper down…

The Descent

Feeling anxious and holding their breath to avoid the foul odor, the men found the ladder to descend into the hole. John took hold of the rusty old ladder and, step by step, made his way into the dark room below. Making his way past a few missed spiders, his feet touched down on the damp earth. He looked around the room, “Yeah, creepy…” he wrote in his post. “There seems to be a faucet. And ventilation. A bomb shelter maybe? Or a cistern?” Moments later, he saw something so repulsive that he froze…

Unidentified Gnarliness

SirBumpsALot described what he saw as “Unidentified gnarliness.” In the corner of the room, John’s flashlight revealed something which caused even the deadly spiders to escape the room. There was a concrete trough filled with what seemed to be gelatinous slime. Big enough to hold a human body, the trough was filled with the unidentifiable ooze which looked as though it had been there for years. But what was causing this disgusting slime? And what was it covering?

Organic Ooze

The handyman tried to figure out what this ooze was that was causing such a stench. There was one thing he did know, it was not chemical. The ooze had to be alive and organic. Perhaps it was mold, fungus, stagnant water, or worse; human remains from a murder? The walls of the trough itself were also covered with the mold and slime. John witnessed an even more stomach-turning sight, the slime had black, tentacle-like roots growing out of it.

A Second Attempt

Unsure whether there were liquefied human remains within a meter of him, John panicked and rushed back up the ladder. He and Simon were terrified, but something inside of him allowed him to go back down to find out what he just saw. He went back down to find out more. Swallowed by the pitch-black darkness, he shone this flashlight around the walls, to the floor, and then back to the trough where the slime grew…

Breaking The Gooey Mass

Simon wondered perhaps whether there was a person in the trough, maybe it was someone who had gone missing years ago. Without sharing his thoughts with his handyman, he watched him descend the ladder, heading back beneath the floor. He grabbed a stick from the ground and began to prod at the goo inside the trough. He sensed some resistance but carried on. “Broke up the unidentified gooey mass,” he wrote in his post. All of a sudden, something floated to the top…

Relief, For Now

The men felt a huge relief, for now. “Turns out it was just a tangle of roots soaking in the rusty water,” he later wrote on Imgur. “But we also seem to have some of the Super Mario movie fungus. Looked pretty sinister, dotted with gooey drops of who-knows-what sort of nope-erry.” Although the roots had managed to survive, John was struggling. He really wished that he had brought a mask down to the basement with him.

Guessing Game

While the spiders, fungi, and frightful-smelling mold and water were enough to make the men reach their breaking point, they had a lot more to discover. SirBumpsALot later guessed on Imgur what the room could have been used for. “Built as a cellar for cleaning game maybe? Cold storage? A bunker?” he speculated. It made sense given the shape and size of the room, but why would it be so deep underground? Then, John noticed a small opening in the back of the cellar. Something peculiar was lurking.

Hole In The Wall

“The back wall had a little opening,” wrote SirBumpsALot. This seemed very strange, as if their findings were not already strange enough. What was this dark hole? Where did it lead? What was its purpose? The two men questioned approaching the hole, unsure whether they would start to have more regrets. Perhaps there was another secret room, or maybe something indescribable. The pair hesitated before realizing they had to continue their journey.

Finding Remains

John shone his flashlight into the room to reveal something very unexpected. There was no dead body or fascinating ancient artifact. Instead, there was a pile that looked like the charred remains of… something. Without a furnace, boiler or apparatus there, it was not clear the reasoning of why someone would have lit a fire in the basement, especially with a narrow escape route. Looking at the pile of ash, they wondered; what exactly could have possibly been burning down there?

An Eerie Sense

With nowhere else to explore, John was ready to come out of the dark underground hole and share with the homeowner, Simon. There was still a constant eerie sense that something terrible happened in the basement once upon a time. Climbing up the rustic ladder and brushing off the cobwebs, John sat down in Simon’s kitchen, accompanied by his faithful dog who was waiting anxiously, also curious about what was below. The pair decided what they should do next.

Keeping Out

The homeowner, SirBumpsALot decided to close and reinforce the door for good “so no one falls through into the underworld.” He added to his post, “Looks like we’re just going to leave that closed for now and brainstorm possible uses for when the time is right…” Despite gathering the courage to investigate and sharing his journey on Imgur for the world to see, Simon decided to lock the trapdoor and pull the table back over it. He wanted no part of whatever was down there.

The Secret Of The Secret Room

Although Simon did not uncover any specific evidence that would make him fear to live in his house, there were still many unanswered questions. But for the meantime, that “secret room” turned out to be just that — a space under his floorboards! While he still had many suspicions, he didn’t find anything too sinister and was finally able to sleep in peace knowing that nothing was creeping around below him. He was also able to answer the numerous questions from guests.

Repurpose The Hell Room

SirBumpsALot’s story was updated on Imgur on November 2016, when he announced that he would be going back into the hole soon to gather more info. Luckily for the homeowner, he won a free trip to India and so decided to postpone the “Repurpose the Hell Room” project again to enjoy his vacation. Whether it was an excuse or not, he swears he’s going to go back down there again, and possibly without the help of his handyman.