These Wild and Wacky Mascots Cannot Be Unseen


Screen Shot Worthy

In spite of mascots just wanting to add a sprinkle of cheer and fun to sporting events, they are still among the least respected figures on the field or court. Because it’s often such a thankless job, we’d like to pay tribute to these guys by providing a hilarious collection of mascot moments featuring our favorites. This rare moment was captured at the World Cup 2018 when the mascot got so hungry, he was forced to eat a cheerleader whole!

Purdue Pete

Purdue Pete is one of the two famous mascots of the University of Purdue in West Lafayette, Indiana. His visible and constant on-field presence traces back to 1940 when university bookstore owners hired Art Evans to create Pete as an advertising logo. Pete, however, didn’t receive his name until four years later, when the school’s yearbook, ‘Debris’ was produced. Editors asked for the cartoon’s name and out of the blue, the principal blurted out “Pete.” So, Pete it was!

Plopping Pepe

Even the almighty frog, Pepe, can sustain injuries from time to time. Though dancing around and wiggling your butt in a field seems like a risk-free job, we have proof that it’s not! After attempting to do a cartwheel, Pepe fell over and injured his shoulder. Thankfully, his loyal mascot friends were there to help and support him through the disaster. Unfortunately, there was only so much they could do, because Pepe ended up on a stretcher and wound up in the ER.

Sparty Party

Michigan State University’s mascot is one of the most notorious among Universities in America. Sparty, as you can see down below, is usually depicted as a muscular Greek athlete. In 1925, Michigan State changed their team name from the Aggies to the Spartans and, since then, different variations of this protruding-chinned character have come about. This mascot is referred to as Sparty (for obvious reasons) and appears at sporting events and other university-related functions. Putting that aside, can we discuss what he is holding? Is that an oversized doll? Barbie? Alien?

King Cake Baby

Meet the Pelican’s King Cake Baby mascot and good luck removing him from your memory. Adult-sized Benjamin’s face may look 35 years old, but his buck teeth, button nose, and baby hairs say otherwise. Once a year, the New Orleans Pelicans bring out the King Cake baby, who wears a bib reading, “I <3 King Cake.”  With his dubious diaper, the creepy baby cheers on the team and hands out King Cake to fans. Although this may seem like a kind gesture, it’s hard not to shiver upon glancing at his ghoulish face.

Run For The Toilet

Right when we thought things couldn’t get much worse, the mascot wearing this ridiculous toilet costume suffered an episode of lactose overdose, right at the start of halftime. With only seconds to spare, one of the stadium officials kindly rushed him to the toilet, as fans wet themselves from laughter. Although the game itself was quite heated, people didn’t remember it for its impressive scores, but rather for the toilet mascot who barely made it to the toilet. Ironic? We think yes!

A Mascot Mess

You can only imagine what happened in this picture. While this mascot was anticipating the first place prize for excellent performance, the guy handing out trophies called out the name of the corny chicken mascot in the back, who could barely even walk around without tripping over himself. Unable to contain his anger and disappointment for not getting the prize he deserved, this mascot went straight for the man’s leg and took him down. How do you think this ended?

Nitanny Lion

Nitanny Lion is the mascot of Pennsylvania State University and even has an original song dedicated to him, which is nicknamed “Hail to the Lion,” although this is not the official name of the song, but what the fans call it. Nitanny was the original creation of Penn State senior Joe Mason and has been around since 1907. Before that, in 1904, while on a trip to Princeton University, someone asked Joe who Penn State’s official mascot was. Thinking fast, Joe fabricated Nitanny Lion, which eventually became an important figure for the school.

Mr. Mets On The Stretch

Mr. Met may be a walking baseball, but underneath it all, he’s still human. After a heated confrontation with a rival mascot, the Yankees longtime mascot wound up in a stretcher and loaded into a New York ambulance. With a seriously fractured leg, no one was concerned about removing his mask and helping him breathe. This was the first and last time this guy ever showed up on the field. Luckily the hilarious moment was captured by a rival fan and has since gone viral.

Chiva, The Fearsome Goat

We once were convinced goats were harmless little grass-eating animals, but then we came across Chiva USA Club’s mascot, Chiva. Based in Carson, California, this club is part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The club was the eleventh MLS team upon its entry into the league in 2004. The Chiva USA was originally intended to play as a ‘little brother’ to its parent’s club C.D. Guadalajara, which is one of the most successful soccer clubs in Mexico. The Spanish word “chiva” translates to goat, which explains this billy mascot.

Soccer Stork

Childhood stories may have told you storks are graceful birds who drop off babies on peoples’ doorsteps, but this strange soccer stork has us questioning everything we’ve ever known. So many things about this picture are off, we don’t even know where to start! Firstly, why is the gorgeous Niklas Jakusch pretending to feed it and since when do pelicans eat bananas? Most importantly, what kind of team would choose an ugly pelican for their mascot?! Beats us!

A Brazillian Menace

Although Criciúma’s soccer mascot is nothing but fabric and fake fur, we’re still shivering with fear. The official Brazilian Criciúma Esporte Clube was founded in 1947, but folded due to a financial crisis in the 1960s. In 1976, the club was refounded by some of the original members. The black, yellow, and white theme colors of this team were adopted in 1984 and are the reason why the club is called Tigre. Not much needs to be said about this image, besides from “run!”

Fun With Unicorn

If you don’t know what they say about unicorns, you better get out a pen and paper. Although these white mystical creatures aren’t exactly the epitome of fearsome, be careful because they just may stab you with their head. The person hiding under this mascot was clearly convinced being a human was too complicated, so he decided to become a unicorn instead. And not just any unicorn- a bad @$$ one who doesn’t let anybody mess with him or his horn!

Moustache Bodge

Moustache Bodge belongs to Wycombe Wanderers Football Club, a professional association soccer club based in Buckinghamshire England. With jerseys painted in shades of navy and pale blue, a couple of the club’s nicknames are “The Chairboys” and “The Blues.” The exact tale of how this team emerged is still somewhat of a mystery, but rumor has it, it all started with a group of young furniture trade workers who developed their own personal soccer team in 1984, which they called the North Town Wanderers.

Toby Tyke

Forget about those good-looking English players kicking balls around the grass and scoring impressive goals, Barnsley’s bulldog, Toby Tyke, will always be the center of attention. The star of every show, Toby cheers for the Barnsley football team, a league based in South Yorkshire, which has spent more seasons in the second tier of English football than any other club in history. Just a year ago, founders of the club sold a majority stake in Barnsley Football club to a consortium involving a number of prestigious individuals, who now hold 80 percent of the team’s shares.

Say No To Sunshine

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy… when you disappear! If you ever got a glance at this creepy creation, you’d probably run the other way. This was, in fact, the goal that the artist, David Shrigley, had in mind when he came up with the Patrick Thistle Football Club mascot. Nicknamed the Jags, this professional football club is from Glasgow, Scotland and was originally established in 1876. They have since become very successful, while their mascot remains unpopular.

Dorompa The Great

Meet Dorompa, a Japanese Raccoon dog, born and bred in Tokyo. According to a number of opinions, Dorompa is the greatest mascot of all time. Be sure not to miss out on his halftime show, featuring him doing a set of skillful activities such as rollerblading, unicycling, break dancing, and even chopping bricks! Aside from giving out warm hugs, Dorompa is a talented artist who will give you his signature along with a lovely sketch of his fluffy tail.

Taking Off The Edge

“How you doin?!” is probably what this bird-like mascot was trying to convey in this rare photo. After a tiresome game, full of free hugs and idiotic stunts, this big bird is officially beaten. Thankfully, there was a beverage corner close by where he could take off the edge and chillax with a nice glass of cold beer, while some random families kept him company. We sure hope this mascot didn’t share any of his drinkswith the children.

Banana Gone Bad

One of the bigs secrets surrounding the Amarillo Sox’s team in 2011 was their mascot, whose costume was designed in a short amount of time and under significant pressure. The team put the blame on the costume maker and after an embarrassing show, one of the organizers reported, “It was not the way I wanted it, I’m very disappointed in the lady who did it, and I’ve told her so. She is going to fix it to the changes we want. I want to say on the record if we offended anybody, I apologize.”

Cover Your Eyes

Whoever said a picture is worth a thousand words didn’t know squat because this image is worth at least a billion. When baseball gets boring and all the peanuts run out, all you need to do is take a look at this excited mascot and your day will improve by a longshot. At first, designers wanted to add a little pudge to his costume and make him more endearing, but when measurements were miscalculated, they ended up with a very suggestive mascot instead.

Frightening Pierre

Although New Orleans’ NBA mascot is not a lovely sight, he still does a great job grabbing the attention of both the audience and the players – and when we say attention, we’re not talking about the good kind. This nightmarish bird, Pierre, has been frightening children and adults since he was unveiled and ridiculed for a number of reasons. Firstly, for his frightening appearance and secondly, because he looks nothing like a pelican. All we can say is, fly away bird!

The Legacy Of Uga

Over the past 100 years of intercollegiate football, The Georgian bulldog, Uga, has established itself as the nation’s most famed mascot. The line of pure white English bulldogs representing Georgia University has been owned by the Frank W. Sonny Seiler family. Aside from having a live, furry mascot, the school also created a fake version of the dog, which is rather disturbing. Epitaphs about the canines who passed are inscribed in bronze and, right before each home game, people gather at the memorial plot and place flowers on their graves.

Arti The Fighting Artichoke

No matter which college you attend, you’ll always be able to find a group of passionate people standing up for what they believe in. Whether it be advocating for women’s rights, banning plastic, or protecting the outcasts, its all part of the college culture. In 1970, students were angry that university officials at Scottsdale Community College were bribing athletes with scholarship funds that were originally set aside for Native American students. Their big protest involved this mascot, Arti The Fighting Artichoke, who has been kept until this day.

Grizz The Shizz

The Memphis Grizzlies messed up big time when they allowed this ghastly version of Grizz onto their court. The design of the Memphis mascot has evolved significantly and, in 2011, Grizz was named NBA Mascot of the Year. You can always count on Grizz to electrify the audience with his dramatic dunks and signature shenanigans. A hybrid of an angry grizzly bear and Chewbacca from Star Wars, the fury guy was spotted here taking a joy ride on his very undersized bicycle.

A Leafy Life

Every year, a competition is held where students design their own tree costumes and then perform stunts in them. It doesn’t matter if you’re an oak, a pine, or sugar maple, all trees are welcome. While many of the contestants took this challenge as a joke, there were some serious candidates who sewed every seam with precision, hoping to win the trophy. Whoever wins the most votes gets the honor of representing the school’s football team for the entire year, along with their rickety homemade tree costume.

Williams’ Purple Cow

The Purple Cow became the official mascot of Williams College in 1907. He was given this name after an already existing student humor magazine on campus, also called The Purple Cow. In the summer of 2010, the Purple Cow was spotted for the first time on TV, standing next to the mascots of UPenn, Texas Tech, and Ohio State in an ESPN College Football GameDay commercial. The purple mascot has since appeared in numerous ESPN College Football Gameday commercials.

The Tackiest Shell

In an attempt to look fearsome, Evergreen State College chose the largest burrowing clam in the world as its mascot. With its long green neck and shiny exterior, we think this guy may have been inspired by some type of Pokemon character. The last time this little green thing was seen was when he was rallying the students to chant his theme song, “Siphon high, squirt it out, swivel all about, let it all hang out…” No comment…

Gangster WuShock

A big, bad, muscle-bound bundle of wheat is how Wichita State University describes its odd and creepy mascot. WuShock’s name is based on the name given to people who harvest wheat (shockers). Over the years, WuShock went through hefty cosmetic changes and was inevitably redesigned countless times, all in an attempt to make him look more intimidating and “shock-some.” We hate to break it to you Mr. WuShock, but you’re more harmless than a stock of dry wheat.

Izzy The Islander

Call the ladies over, because the hottest thing in town just arrived (please don’t mistake this weirdo for a woman just because of the green hula skirt). Meet Izzy the Islander, the official mascot of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. Since 2004, Izzy has been a major improvement from the school’s previous mascots, such as Tarphie the Tarpon, which was so bad, we’d rather not discuss it. With his towering figure, creepy brows, and cheerleader sidekicks, Izzy is the best part of the games.

The Troll of Trinity

Among the most hideous characters on our list of mascots is the notorious the Troll of Trinity Christian College. The story of how this mascot came to life is ambiguous and for quite some time now, students have been speculating on how it became their school’s trinket. One popular story tells the tale of a big troll who was sighted one night near the 123rd street bridge. True or not, this story might explain the number of Christian College student who dropped out that year.