Startup Turns Appalachia From a Coal Country Into an Agricultural Hub

AppHarvest is a revolutionary startup that aims to restore the economically suffering communities of Appalachia, the former coal country, and reposition it as a thriving agricultural hub. The best part? That plan is already on the way.

Woman doing quality control inside one of the indoor farms

The Kentucky-Based Company With a Mission to Save the Appalachia

AppHarvest is currently building some of the world’s largest indoor farms, with its first harvest already on the shelves of stores like Kroger and Walmart. The company recently went public and managed to attract Martha Stewart herself as a board member. Several of its facilities are already producing fruits and vegetables, and AppHarvest is on its way to becoming the national leader in alternative farming.

Tomatoes growing in AppHarvest's indoor farms

Their three huge indoor farms are located in Appalachia and are able to produce 30 times more food compared to a traditional farm. Those numbers are a result of the cutting-edge indoor technology, space-saving, and rainwater recycling that AppHarvest is using in all of its facilities.

A Sustainable Approach to Food Production

In a recent press release, Martha Stewart praised the successful first harvest of the company, stating that its sustainable approach “is the future of food.” That future consists of nutrient-rich, pesticide-free, and flavorful produce that will really make a difference. The company’s Morehead Kentucky headquarters boast impressive numbers: they can grow about 45 million pounds of chemical pesticide-free, non-GMO tomatoes each year, regardless of the burden of the seasons. Stewart shared she’s already testing the first batch of tomatoes and can’t wait to use them in her famous recipes.

Tomato produce by AppHarvest

Carefully nested in Appalachia, the farms are just a day’s drive from more than 80% of the American population. That way, AppHarvest is both able to keep its promise to help Appalachian communities thrive and make sure its produce is reaching markets fresh and quickly.

Outside one of the indoor farms

The future’s looking bright, too. With over $1 billion secured in financing, AppHarvest is hoping to have a total of 12 indoor farms up and running within the next four years.

Andrea Bocelli Sings Music for Hope in an Empty Milan Cathedral

The city of Milan invited Andrea Bocelli to perform an Easter Sunday concert in Duomo di Milano in order to send an uplifting message and spread healing, love, and hope through music. Due to the lockdown, the concert wasn’t attended by any guests. Rather, it was live-streamed, and millions of people tuned in to listen to this famous tenor sing beloved classics.

Music for Hope

The live-streamed concert was organized by the city of Milan and took place in the beautiful cathedral. Bocelli was accompanied by the cathedral organ player, Emanuele Vianelli. This solo performance included a set of amazing classics including Ave Maria, Sancta Maria, and Domine Deus. The concert was concluded with the 61-year old tenor singing Amazing Grace on the steps of the cathedral. Once uploaded on Youtube, the concert was watched millions of times within hours and quickly became trending.

Andrea Bocelli Sings Music for Hope in an Empty Milan Cathedral

What Bocelli Says About the Event

The famous artist and renowned tenor gladly answered “yes” to the city’s invitation to perform for the Easter Sunday concert. He believes that live-streamed music was an excellent way to bring millions of people around the world together in prayer. The artist claims that he believes in the power of praying together – especially now.

As he explained, the rebirth symbolized in Easter is something everyone needs right now. Bocelli was honored and moved by the opportunity to be the voice of prayer for millions of other voices. The artist gave a stunning performance, inspiring optimism and courage the world certainly needs right now.

Andrea Bocelli Sings Music for Hope in an Empty Milan Cathedral

The artist says that he will cherish the memory of this concert forever as a profound experience. Although this Easter has been made painful by the emergency the world’s facing, he believes it is therefore even more fruitful and valuable. He, as well as the millions of people who enjoyed the performance, express their gratitude to the city of Milan and the Duomo cathedral for making this experience possible.