Man Finds Out That His School Photo Is a Viral Internet Meme

In our modern age, memes have become a staple of online entertainment. Many memes that went viral brought recognition to the people featured on them. However, it’s possible for someone to be a meme without even knowing it. A man from North Carolina, Adrian Smith, only recently discovered that his third-grade school picture was known on the internet as “Grayson.”

Internet meme The Story Behind The Meme

Adrian Smith found out that his school picture from when he was only 8-years old is among the viral internet memes by accident. He was scrolling through Instagram where he came across the account “teenagestepdad.” That’s where he saw his image was used for a meme that was better known to the internet under the name “Grayson.” The image had been used this way since 2017 which means that years had gone by before Adrian found out about it. What’s more, there was even merchandise being sold featuring his image. Smith explains that he himself had shared this picture on Tumblr once, back in 2008 and that, before that, it had only existed in his grandmother’s home.

Adrian Smith and the original photo. Smith’s Reaction

Finding out that his image was turned into a popular meme was a shock to Smith, as it surely would be to most people in his position. But instead of getting upset or taking legal action, he decided to be ok with it. Smith did get in contact with the creator responsible for the memes, who offered to take the images down, but Smith reassured him that it was ok to continue using the picture. However, he is surely not the only person in the world whose image is being used in such a manner without their consent or even knowledge. In the information era, maintaining one’s privacy and even ownership of one’s image has become rather difficult. Whether or not every person would react the same way Adrian Smith did is debatable.

Adrian's meme

Beyonce Gives Back: Donating $500,000 to the People in Need

There have been many people affected by the housing crisis nationwide, and Beyonce is stepping up and giving back, once again. She is giving away a total of $500,000 to people who are facing evictions or foreclosures due to the crisis at hand.

Beyonce and the BeyGOOD Impact Fund

Beyonce Starting January 7, 2021, people can start to apply for the $5,000 grants. 100 people will be selected to receive the grants, and they will be sent out in late January. Beyonce has been known for giving back quite often to those in need, and this is only Phase Two of what the BeyGOOD Impact Fund is doing to help those in need and impacted by the existing housing crisis.

Since the housing freeze ended on December 26th, there will be a rise in mortgage foreclosures and even rental evictions, which will impact many families and even result in job loss as well as an economic downturn.

Homeowners and Renters in Danger

According to Census data conducted by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, there are about 9.2 million renters in the U.S. that have lost their income this year due to the circumstances and are behind on rent payments. Once the housing freeze is lifted, many of those renters will have to pay back their entire rent or agree on a payment plan with their landlord. Some of them can also face losing their homes entirely.

Beyonce and the BeyGOOD foundation helping people in need in Texas after Hurricane Harvey.The people who apply for the grants that will be given by Beyonce will have to submit the necessary documentation to the NAACO (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People by the set deadline.

Beyonce and the BeyGOOD Foundation have also helped Black-owned small businesses that were affected in 2020 by the various circumstances by also providing them with $10,000 grants. Bey and the BeyGOOD Foundation have worked with people in need in previous years like helping with the local Texans after Hurricane Harvey hit and displaced numerous people.