These Hilarious DIY Fails Will Make You Cringe

Not Quite Functional

We’ve all been there – whether it’s after an hours-long trip to IKEA, or an unexpected problem at home, sometimes you don’t have the energy or resources to call a professional and you have to be your own handyman. However, it often fails. This attempt was so close, and yet so far. This guy almost did a perfect job of installing a new toilet seat. The key word is almost.

Piece Of Cake?

We’ve all been there – lured in by the photo on the front of the cake mix box or by a particularly appealing Pinterest pic, all of us have tried at some point or another to make the perfect social media-friendly cake. But this attempt to make what appears to be a Peep-shaped cake for Easter has landed flat on its face. At least the baker has a sense of humor, comparing their monstrosity to the cute picture on the box.

Disaster On The Horizon

At first glance, this picture appears to show the perfect backyard party. Cracking open a cold one with the boys while soaking in a pool is every guy’s idea of a good time, and of course, the situation wouldn’t be complete without a nice stereo to play your favorite tunes. However, the host has taken it a little too far, with an electrical outlet floating in the middle of the pool. We definitely don’t recommend trying this at home.

Tight Squeeze

Everyone needs more cabinet space in their kitchen, and installing extra drawers beneath the countertop is sure to please the cook in the family. However, in this case, this DIY handyman ended up making things worse, rather than easier. It looks like there was some sort of miscalculation when measuring exactly how much space the kitchen has, and the two drawers open into each other, rendering them unusable. Next time, we think this guy will call in a professional.

Stairway To Heaven

It’s the newest trend for architecture – all the coolest homes have a garage right at the front of the house, making pulling in from the curb and parking safely an absolute breeze. However, it seems like something went really wrong with the execution of this plan, and we’re going to blame an overeager amateur contractor for this issue. Stairs in front of the garage render it totally unusable. The real question is, how did they keep building without noticing?

George Foreman Who?

What to do when your stovetop isn’t working, but your intense craving for pepperoni just won’t go away? The answer was obvious to this at-home chef – simply plug in your iron, stick it on the stove top, and voila! You’ve got a totally functional instant grill. How hygienic this is – well, that’s a completely different issue. We’re guessing that this person didn’t use the iron on their clothes after this – grease stains are usually tough to get rid of.

All You Need Is Duct Tape

The secret ingredient in many DIY fails seems to be duct tape. We’re not sure why, but it seems like a lot of people consider duct tape to be an acceptable alternative to all kinds of things – concrete, glue, paint, stucco, etc. We are really not sure exactly what the issue was that led to this toilet being solidly duct taped to the wall, but one thing is clear – it’s time to call a plumber or contractor.

Spidey Senses

Children love having a themed birthday party. Whether it’s pirates, cowboys, or in this case, Spiderman themed, there’s nothing more exciting for the birthday kid than the moment when Mom brings out the cake that perfectly matches the party theme. However, in this case, we think the final product could potentially traumatize the kids. Some overachiever decided rather than buying a ready-made store cake, they’d bake their own Spiderman cake. Clearly, it didn’t work out well.

Ice Cold

We’re almost 100% sure that this at-home plumbing job came from inside a fraternity house. Who else, besides a frat boy, would come up with the brilliant idea to simply use an empty beer can, rather than going through the hassle of buying a new shower head at a hardware store? It looks like this DIY job was completely done from things laying around the house – the beer can appears to be held in place by a rubber band.

How Many…To Screw In A Lightbulb?

This picture is basically the embodiment of the old joke: “How many (fill in the blank) does it take to screw in a lightbulb?” Well, according to this snapshot, it takes a clothes hanger. It seems like the guy who did this at-home repair job is also an amateur electrician, judging from the wiring springing from the hole in the ceiling and connecting to the lightbulbs themselves. However, as it does seem to be working, it apparently was a bright idea.

Not Disposable

This design is absolutely brilliant because it unites two disposable things – disposable razors, which are meant to be thrown away after a few uses, and plastic cutlery – into one super item. Two is better than one, and this pic proves it. The truth is, why not create a mutant fork-razor creation if it means you’re actively recycling? Plus, reusing these items is the ultimate step toward going green. It’s better for the planet, and for this brilliant person’s wallet!

Extra Security

Public restrooms are one of the most awkward places on the planet. You fiddle with the flimsy lock, unsure if it will actually keep you safe from a stranger carelessly throwing open the door and catching you with your pants down, literally. It seems like one public restroom supervisor has found a way to ensure extra security in a precarious situation. This strategy kills two bird with one stone – the knife keeps the door closed, and makes you feel even safer.

No Strings Attached

This looks to us like a cheaply installed door handle came out of the frame a few too many times, and the owner of the building decided to say “Screw it!” Instead of fiddling with the door and trying to reinstall something that’s clearly just not working, he’s gone ahead and decided on a simple solution. What’s more secure than a padlock and chain? It gets the job done and provides way better security than a deadbolt.

DIY Visor

We’ve all been there – you leave the house on a beautiful sunny day to watch a sporting event and find yourself a few hours later sweating it out in the bleachers, feeling like you’re in the middle of the Sahara Desert and cursing yourself for leaving your hat at home. Well, this senior citizen has come up with her own creative solution for the heat – she’s simply taken a cardboard drink tray and fashioned it into a DIY visor!

Space Saver

Many young people nowadays are coming up with creative solutions for small living spaces, but you might feel like this person has taken minimalism a little bit too far. Why not just throw a slab of marble on top of the laundry machine, stick a grill on top of it, and call it a day? While at first glance this looks like a pretty sketchy situation, we actually can’t see anything wrong with this, besides being visually unappealing.

Turning A New Page

“Waste not, want not” is a common expression for a reason, but this person takes it a little too far. We’re guessing that the person responsible for this restroom was tired of fixing a constantly breaking sink handle, so they came up with their own creative solution for the problem. Although this might not be aesthetically pleasing, we do admire the thriftiness. Why waste a dollar on a new fixture, when you can just install a rusty key instead of a handle?

No Mechanic Needed

Cars are one of those things that usually require an expert to fix them – but for various reasons, sometimes people end up doing their own personal repair jobs instead of consulting a trained professional. We’re pretty sure we understand what happened in this person’s mind when their tailpipe started dragging on the ground beneath their car. Why waste thousands of dollars at a mechanic who may try to rip you off and end up overcharging you for basic parts?

Stick Shift

Here, we have another case of an amateur mechanic who’d rather come up with his own creative solution than pay a professional to deal with his automotive issues. This clever guy has installed a wrench instead of getting a new gear shift for his car. While it might seem like an ingenious solution for his car woes, we have to say that this looks pretty dangerous to us. No word on whether this is considered stick shift or automatic.

Vehicle Maintenance

We’ve all been there – your beloved car, while it’s served you well for years, is starting to get a bit old. Repairs are becoming more frequent, and it seems like it’s just falling apart at the seems. Rather than take his Ford Escort to a mechanic, this brilliant at-home automotive technician has decided to simply use a rope to keep the parts of his car intact. We’re not sure if it’s the tailpipe or windshield wiper that’s falling off here.

Shock Risk

Water and electrical wiring are never a good mix, but that’s exactly what’s happened here with this at home plumbing/electrician work. To be honest, we’re not even sure how exactly this strange situation happened – is the wiring for the lights overhead? Why was it so close to the shower head in the first place? How dangerous is this? Don’t worry, it’s safe though – someone’s posted a note warning people not to touch, so that should make everything perfectly okay.

A Little Bit Stilted

All parents know how quickly children outgrow things. Socks, shoes, and clothes seem to only last for a couple weeks, and then suddenly they’re way too small for our little ones. It looks like in this case some creative parents decided there was no need to replace their child’s desk as he grew bigger. The solution was obvious – just put the desk on stilts! It’s actually brilliant and appears to be functioning perfectly well, so good for them.

Creative Carpentry

Nowadays, electronics are cheaper than ever. Especially on Black Friday, you can score a sick TV for not so much cash. But in this case, these people got a screen that didn’t quite fit in their living room cupboard. Clearly, this at home carpenter decided that the easiest solution was to just saw all the way through Grandma’s antique boudoir in order to fit the brand spanking new TV in there. Surprisingly, it looks like it’s still on balance.

Soda Stream

What we’ve got here is a major case of “making do.” Rather than deal with getting a whopping two – that’s right, count ’em, two – new faucets, this person decided to take what they had handy and use a 2 -liter soda bottle instead. Ever felt like the cold water was too cold or the hot water was too hot? Well, you’ll never have that problem again with this method, as the water is gonna get all mixed up anyway.

Sink Fail

The sink is pretty much the most important element in the kitchen. It’s the place where you wash your hands before cooking, rinse off fruits and vegetables, and clean dishes and utensils after you’ve used them. So it’s kind of a big deal that this at-home handyman ended up installing a sink that’s just plain not functional. It seems like the faucet was placed directly over the counter and not even in the same general area as the drain.

What The…?

The door handle has only one purpose – to open and close the door. However, some at-home handyman has managed to render this poor door completely unusable. We’re actually at a loss for words to imagine exactly how this occurred – it’s just so wrong. We’re guessing the guy who installed it watched a few too many YouTube DIY videos and figured he could handle the job himself. Sometimes it’s better to call in someone who knows what they’re doing.

Too Close For Comfort

Men are very particular when it comes to spacing while doing their business at urinals. There is nothing worse than another guy coming along and using the urinal next to you when there are plenty others to choose from. However, in this case, the sink is the one that has not discovered personal boundaries. Whoever made this may have thought they were being space-efficient, but certainly did not think about the hygiene implications. Let’s just hope there is no backsplash!

Care For A Seat?

I can’t even bear to look at this! When hanging out in a crowd at a mate’s house, no one wants to be stuck on the chair and shotgun is called for the best view of the TV from the sofa. However, on this occasion, the phrase “Make yourself comfortable,” has never felt so, well, uncomfortable. Rather than heading out to buy a new sofa, this genius couldn’t let his guests down and improvised by offering a chair in prime position so no one would feel left out.

Take A Chill Pill

It is very important that a laptop does not overheat to prevent damage or even destruction. This idea by a student to cool down their laptop while writing an essay is arguably genius. Although, this may not be the best way to cool down one’s laptop and it will certainly create extra work, as you will need to pin down all your papers. While this method looks like it has taken a lot of thought, if you want your laptop to last, it is not the most advised approach.

The 2-In-1 Car Entertainment System

This device is every parent’s dream! Not everyone can afford a swanky car with leather seats, pop-out drinks holders, and screens behind the headrests for kids to endure long journeys. This parent has won the award for mom-of-the-century. Not only has she created a magnificent contraption to hold up their makeshift version of a TV screen, she has also managed to keep the kids quiet in the meantime. Despite this looking like a form of bad parenting, you can’t blame her! Get ready for a peaceful ride.

Flexibility Is Key

When considering where to place the toilet roll holder, it makes the most sense for it to be in easy reach, at most arm’s length, from the toilet. The classic debate about which came first – the chicken or the egg – comes to mind. Was the toilet roll holder in place first or the cupboard under the sink? Whatever the answer is, you would have to be some sort of acrobat to grab a slither of that white roll while sitting on the toilet.

An (Almost) Perfect Fit

When you inherit a shiny antique dresser for your room, you keep it no matter what. So when this lovely dresser does not fit, what do you do? You make it work! There was no way this owner was sending this dresser to the dump, and so rather sacrificed a wall in his house to create space. We think the dresser looks great there, just try to ignore the large hole in the wall and messed up wallpaper that goes with it.

Certainly Not A Light Bulb Moment

The building of this cupboard was almost complete. The builder had managed to put all the parts together from floor to ceiling with one part left, the top cupboard door. Aside from being a great builder, it took this smart alec until the finishing touches to realize that his plan was not efficient. Having detailed furniture instructions is great for those DIYers, but we can’t expect the companies to advise where to put it too!

No Jet Ski Required

This guy is the definition of making the most of a bad situation. It looks like his neighborhood is flooded, and instead of getting upset, he’s trying his best to enjoy it. And what better way to make use of a flood than to do some water activities? Instead of using a jet ski, it seems as though this guy has simply taken an air mattress and roped it up to his buddy’s bumper. Safe sailing, dude!

Why Not?

Everyone knows that car repairs can cost an arm and a leg. If you’re living in a place with narrow roads, there’s a good chance that at some point or another you’ll get clipped by a passing car and your rearview mirror will come flying off. Well, this person had enough of paying exorbitant fees to replace their mirror. This clever person has simply taped a hand mirror used for applying makeup to their car door and called it a day.

Not A Fan Of The Situation

Ceiling fans – a cheap, easy, and effective solution to cool down a room without bothering with the hassle of installing an expensive central air system. However, it looks like in this case the person installing the fan wasn’t exactly a professional. Once they flipped the switch, instead of cooling down the room, the fan’s blades smashed into the wall, creating major damage. This picture proves that sometimes, it’s better to leave the dirty work to a professional.

Cooling Down

Old meets new in this photo. Everyone’s familiar with the new streamlined air conditioning units, which sit on the wall and take up far less space than their boxy, older counterparts. However, this genius at-home engineer decided he didn’t want to waste the perfectly good wall unit, and decided to get double the chill. Somehow, he’s managed to warp the two cooling systems into one single one. From this pic though, it’s not clear if it’s actually functioning.

Creative Outlet

One of the most annoying things about traveling internationally is that your plugs won’t fit in other countries. Or perhaps you ordered something from the Internet, expecting a standard plug for your country, but it ended up having a plug meant for a completely different part of the world. This genius decided that buying a bulky converter just isn’t necessary – they’ve fixed the problem with a complicated contraption involving a key and what appears to be a paper clip.