Precious 3-Year-Old Questions Easter Traditions And The Result Is Hilarious

3-year-old Isla has a bright future in investigative journalism ahead of her and we will tell you why. This precocious girl from Scotland is the star of a video that has gone viral thanks to her quick witted questions and her father’s somewhat awkward responses.

While her father casually paints a face on a hard boiled egg little Isla takes him to task and demands to know what the story is behind Easter. Her straightforward cantor will crack you up, pun intended!

easter- isla

“Are Easter Bunny and Jesus best pals?” quips Isla. “Is Easter Bunny in the Bible?” Her poor dad stumbles over himself trying to find the appropriate answers and she just won’t quit.

“Does he carry a large basket of eggs?” Isla asks. “Does Jesus totally love chocolate then?” My favorite line might just be when Isla pipes up with “The country is gripped by obesity but all our celebrations have loads of chocolate.” And all her stunned father can manage to say back is, “I suppose you’re right”.

easter- bunnie

Ok, so there is a chance the video and the questions might have been just a tad bit staged. But even that fact doesn’t detract from the comedic value in little Isla’s responses. Somehow, we don’t think she’ll say no to a basket of chocolate eggs no matter who brings them this holiday.