Denver Police Department Is Handing Out Broken Parts Repairing Gift Cards to Pulled-Over Drivers

Colorado traffic police department has come up with a unique endeavor to ensure the driving safety of motorbike riders in Denver. Through a new partnership with ‘Advance Auto Parts’, Denver police is helping out the motorists, who might not be able to spend money in repairing their damaged vehicle parts.

The Endeavor

Advanced Auto Parts store has provided the Denver Police Department with 100 each worth $25 for handing out to the pulled-over motor drivers. Driving with a broken or damaged vehicle part is considered a traffic rule violation and motorists are often pulled over by cops due to this very reason. Then they are either given a warning or a ticket to pay a fine. But from now on, the Denver police will have the option to give a $25 gift card instead, if they pull over any motorist for a defective headlight, bad taillight, or any other broken parts. This money will help them in fixing the damaged part and back on the road with further safety.

The Vision Behind the Effort

According to Paul Pazen, the Denver Police Chief, this Advanced Auto Parts donation has helped the police department in getting better compliance with the motorists and also strengthening social relationships with the community. The officers have already issued few cards and have enjoyed the sigh of relief and smiles on the pulled-over drivers’ faces.