This Puppy Kept Escaping So Her Owner Set Up A Camera And What She Saw Was Incredible

When you get a new puppy you can’t let it just roam the house freely; there’s a training period in which you have to watch their every single move. One method to handle this is putting puppies in a kennel. The kennel is a little cage where the puppy can walk comfortably and has its’ favorite toys. This pet owner chose to put her new Maltese puppy, Sofie, in a kennel. However, the puppy kept getting out of her kennel and playing with her German Sheppard within mere minutes.

After many times where the little escape artist got out of her kennel, her owner decided to see what was really going on and set up a camera to catch Sofie in the act. Once she set up the camera, it was a waiting game. She brought Sofie the puppy to her kennel and waited. She didn’t have to wait long as the deed unfolded before her eyes.

What happened next was a true testament to the doggy friendship and the loyalty the two dogs shared. Little Sofie was placed in her kennel, and Twitch the German Sheppard was by her side. As soon as their owner got out of sight, the scheme began to unfold. Twitch would soon get to work on the kennel and the covers above it.

This is how it unfolded: Twitch would wait for their owner to get out of sight, and then for the sake of caution Twitch waited just a bit more. Then the covers were removed from the kennel and twitch made quick work of the locking mechanism. Out went the little puppy and they went on to play.

As per usual the owner returned and saw the puppy outside of her kennel, but this time around she had her video to see what has happened in her absence.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so a video must be worth ten thousand words. Check out the video below to see how it all went down. It is truly one of the sweetest things seen on the internet lately and a truly sweet testament to doggy friendship.